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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 DECEMBER 2012
  • 2. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Background Our Track Record Our Things to Watch in 2013 WHAT WE’LL COVERWHAT WE’LL COVER
  • 3. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 In addition to our 10 Trends for 2013 forecast, JWT presents 100 Things to Watch in 2013. – Intelligent Objects: Appcessories and . – Predictive Personalization: Data Scientists hotshots, marketers offering and consumers focusing on . – Everything Is Retail: Shopping is shifting from an activity that takes place in physical stores or online and . – Peer Power: Food Sharing services and the rise of Trust Ratings. BACKGROUND
  • 4. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 – Anywhere, Any-‐Way Shopping: (as highlighted in this list). – Crowdsourced Learning: Skillshare points to a future of more open education and opportunities for lifelong learning.” – Smart Clothing: OUR TRACK RECORD
  • 5. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Our Things to Watch from last year included (cont’d.) – All Things Military-‐Inspired: The New York Times Xers,” said the Times – P-‐to-‐P Experiences: – Unwrapping the Process: OUR TRACK RECORD (cont’d.)
  • 6. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 OUR TRACK RECORD (cont’d.)
  • 7. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 1. 3D Bioprinting 2. 3. African Tech Stars 4. Alternative Brand Currencies 6. Appcessories 8. 9. 10. Bee Venom 11. Biometric Authentication 12. Blocking Social Media Bores 13. Chia Seeds 14. Shopping 16. Coaching Brands Cool Techie Camps 18. Translation 19. Cutting out the Middleman 20. 21. Dads in the Aisles 22. 23. Decline of Chinese Bling 24. Desalination Detoxifying Life 26. Digital Ecosystems Drones 28. ecoATM 29. 30. Emotion Recognition 31. The End of Voicemail 32. Faux Meat 33. Fitness Beyond the Gym 34. Food Sharing 36. Frontier Markets G20 Devolves to 38. 39. Geofencing 40. 41. Hieroglyphics 42. Hotels in Africa 43. Tech 44. Humane Food Customer Service 46. Impact Sourcing Imperfection 48. Individual Attention 49. JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) Charging Media That Gets to Medical Smartphones Midcalorie Foods Mindful Living Goes Mainstream 60. MOOC Stars 61. Nature As Antidote 62. Neurotechnology 63. 64. NFC Tags 66. Offset Thinking 68. Online Groceries 69. Second Screen Design Recycling River Cruising 80. 81. Fiction 82. Set Jetting 83. Shopping Hotels 84. Social Media Hacks Standup Desks 86. Apps Sugru 88. 89. 90. Teff 91. Trade School 92. Trust Ratings 93. 94. 96. Vertical Farming Video Games As Art 98. 99. Wireless Charging 100. OUR THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013
  • 8. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 like heart valves and cells applied directly to TED BACK TO 100 1
  • 9. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 of us. Taking inspiration from similar playgrounds in China and parts of Europe, these spaces BACK TO 100 2 ADULT PLAYGROUNDS
  • 10. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Internet access, tech entrepreneurs and engineers are emerging around the continent, innovation center,” as part of its development BACK TO 100 3 AFRICAN TECH STARS
  • 11. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 found that as many as 1 in 12 American children to manufacturing foods free of allergens like BACK TO 100 4
  • 12. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Anthon Berg For instance, chocolatier Anthon Berg created accepted generosity (a promise to do something nice for a loved one) instead of money. Nike’s share on social media. BACK TO 100 ALTERNATIVE BRAND CURRENCIES
  • 13. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 mulling physical stores. BACK TO 100 6
  • 14. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 speakers and small screens that provide users and RFID tags in BlackSocks help ensure the socks are correctly paired. BACK TO 100
  • 15. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 there’s rising incentive as this region of around BACK TO 100 8 THE ARABIC WEB
  • 16. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 existing consumer segment to consider the venture capital arm, BMW holds a minority stake to spare. BACK TO 100 9
  • 17. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Manuka Doctor involves systematically stinging patients suffering and MS, is thought to help improve circulation, company told The Wall Street Journal in June over the past year. BACK TO 100 10 BEE VENOM
  • 18. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 |Chris| For smartphone security, Android 4.0 has a Face BACK TO 100 11 BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION
  • 19. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 out to more categories, offering lighthearted BACK TO 100 12 BLOCKING SOCIAL MEDIA BORES
  • 20. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Dole out 11 products, including Coconut Chia Granola. BACK TO 100 13 CHIA SEEDS
  • 21. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 collect” melds digital and physical commerce Tesco and Asda in the U.K. and Ahold in the eBay are getting into the pickup game too. Look categories, such as home improvement. Tesco BACK TO 100 14
  • 22. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 services that help them temporarily hide from The New York Times next three hours.’” BACK TO 100 ‘CLOAKING’
  • 23. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Mint and suggested solutions. With consumers sharing more data, and marketers passively collecting expenses (BillShrink), managing their money BACK TO 100 16 COACHING BRANDS
  • 24. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 iD Tech Camps SWEappcademy that offer everything from game creation to BACK TO 100
  • 25. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Duolingo multilingual talks, education and popular entertainment. Duolingo, a startup launched in international entertainment site Viki, fans have BACK TO 100 18 CROWDSOURCED TRANSLATION
  • 26. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 rates. We’ll see a range of upstart challengers as BACK TO 100 19 CUTTING OUT THE MIDDLEMAN
  • 27. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 [1], [2], [3] and planes falling out of the sky at the click of state to penetrate another nation’s computers or disruption”). We’ll see a shift in armed BACK TO 100 20
  • 28. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 on moms. Men are taking on more cooking and cleaning, parenting duties and shopping. As they populate the aisles of supermarkets, drugstores, taking the male perspective into account, goods retooled for male appeal and messaging that BACK TO 100 21 DADS IN THE AISLES
  • 29. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 With governments and corporations starting to demand explode for the scientists needed to cull insights from the analyses gleaned through analytics platforms. What may sound like a dull into the spotlight. And they’ll command heady planning processes. BACK TO 100 22
  • 30. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 understated luxury goods and products not among the most selective shoppers. Gucci, for sales in China did not prominently feature its Group chief executive Helen McCluskey has category” in China. Gucci BACK TO 100 23 DECLINE OF CHINESE BLING
  • 31. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Water For Good Australia, Algeria and Israel. The latter is aiming BACK TO 100 24 DESALINATION
  • 32. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Greenpeace various chemicals from their products. Johnson harmful chemicals and reformulating its personal care range. Walgreens has introduced Ology, a line of nontoxic personal care and cleaning products. out of their supply chains, thanks largely to BACK TO 100
  • 33. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Apple Google create or expand ecosystems that lock customers into an array of devices, tools and services. The as The New York Times has put it, or serve as The Wall Street Journal says. Initially operating content streaming and cloud services. BACK TO 100 26
  • 34. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Wired checking on crops or damaged roofs to assisting BACK TO 100 DRONES
  • 35. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 ecoATM electronics, the company markets kiosks that and model of these devices and assess their the end of 2012 and planning on international expansion in 2013. BACK TO 100 28 ecoATM
  • 36. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 years. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine changed its position on the practice in M. Johnson BACK TO 100 29
  • 37. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Theo Gevers Researchers and programmers from Egypt to computers to read human emotions through a education tools or help people on the autism BACK TO 100 30 EMOTION RECOGNITION
  • 38. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 or leaving messages is coming to feel like a much faster. Internet phone company Vonage BACK TO 100 31 THE END OF VOICEMAIL
  • 39. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Beyond Meat as faux meat gets tastier and more convincing. lauded faux meat products to outlets across Holland. An imitator, Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher, has opened in Sydney. And Like Meat is an EU BACK TO 100 32 FAUX MEAT
  • 40. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 MovNat alternatives that are more fun or functional. and focus on strengthening the muscles needed up luggage or children. BACK TO 100 33
  • 41. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 herald a revolution in consumer electronics,” said NextGadgets Samsung FLEXIBLE SCREENS BACK TO 100 34
  • 42. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Mealku One of our 10 Trends for 2013 outlines the services that offer the promise of community, BACK TO 100 FOOD SHARING
  • 43. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 into the middle class and vast natural resources rather than trade. Investing giants BlackRock and Guggenheim Investments have launched index funds tied to these markets. BACK TO 100 36 FRONTIER MARKETS
  • 44. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 World Economic Forum Every Nation for Itself economy and trade relations. BACK TO 100
  • 45. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 playtime. Lego and Mattel are tackling gender a doll carriage and a girl driving a toy tractor. In Leklust BACK TO 100 38
  • 46. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 RetailMeNot store specials and other relevant information. BACK TO 100 39 GEOFENCING
  • 47. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 The Economist the idea that economic development need not mean environmental degradation. The European development plan. BACK TO 100 40 nakae GREEN GROWTH
  • 48. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 as hieroglyphics to digital age consumers. BACK TO 100 41 photosteve101
  • 49. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Marriott to expand their portfolios. Marriott plans to open next three years. BACK TO 100 42 HOTELS IN AFRICA
  • 50. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Microsoft more intuitive, integrating more seamlessly into design, shaped around people and their existing told Fast Company BACK TO 100 43
  • 51. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 the humane treatment of the animals they eat, food retailers including McDonald’s pledged to push suppliers to phase out gestation stalls for farms for animal treatment. Watch for animal mainstream consumers to pay close attention. BACK TO 100 44 Niman Ranch HUMANE FOOD
  • 52. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 individual consumers. Restaurants are logging programs, then catering to various preferences several years collating passenger data from many customer on a personal trip. BACK TO 100
  • 53. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Samasource Impact sourcing involves outsourcing relatively of poverty. A 2011 study forecast that the BACK TO 100 46
  • 54. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 from products and services, and increasingly prevail today and the smooth, shiny surfaces of our digital devices. For instance, the lumpy form of an heirloom tomato or gnarled carrots at a farmers market are coming to have more appeal than the prettier produce on supermarket BACK TO 100
  • 55. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 More mass market retailers and hospitality chains are replacing local vendors, consumers are individual needs. For instance, Target is testing recently relaunched personal shopper program, for free at all stores. More supermarkets are hiring dietitians to help shoppers make nutritious choices. And more restaurants are pampering BACK TO 100 48 INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION
  • 56. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 TigerText Snapchat see more apps and other services that help people guard or instantly delete things they may later regret. Snapchat, for example, is a photo takes a screenshot of the image. TigerText is a similar app. BACK TO 100 49
  • 57. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 out of the endless social media stream, the countless other distractions and demands. and entrepreneur Anil Dash coined the acronym JOMO). They’re consuming information on a BACK TO 100
  • 58. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Users can also control the camera remotely using a smartphone app. BACK TO 100
  • 59. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 the factory. BACK TO 100
  • 60. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Nokia Charger for use in places such as Nigeria and into electricity to charge devices. BACK TO 100
  • 61. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 media that’s tailored to the individual consumer. BACK TO 100
  • 62. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 caretakers, physicians, etc., via email or text. The phone also reminds users to take medication and includes a pedometer application and diet apps. LifeWatch is seeking approval as a medical diagnostic device in the EU and the U.S. LifeWatch BACK TO 100
  • 63. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Brooklyn Fare a multitude of dietary restrictions and food for restaurants like Torrisi Italian Specialties and BACK TO 100
  • 64. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 looking for healthier choices, it’s a potentially BACK TO 100 The Hershey Co. MIDCALORIE FOODS
  • 65. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 from electronics and even conversation. Mindful running pays careful attention to form. Mindful Once the domain of the spiritual set, mindful distractions and focusing on the moment. HarperCollins MINDFUL LIVING BACK TO 100
  • 66. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Kolin Toney BACK TO 100
  • 67. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 As more people sign on to MOOCs (Massive instructors emerging. Whereas teaching skills are have predicted. One rising star is Duke philosophy Duke University BACK TO 100 60 MOOC STARS
  • 68. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 city. We’ll also see this urge manifest in other entertainment programming. BACK TO 100 61 NATURE AS ANTIDOTE
  • 69. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Nature neurotechnologies promise hope for spinal cord BACK TO 100 62
  • 70. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Kate Middleton BACK TO 100 63
  • 71. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Summly As smartphones proliferate, more people are for consumers to adopt apps that use algorithms BACK TO 100 64 NEWS BITES
  • 72. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Sony open up apps. Brands including Sony (Xperia SmartTags) and Samsung (TecTiles stickers) are or even making a purchase. BACK TO 100 NFC TAGS
  • 74. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 of encouraging people and corporations to act harmful activities is taking hold. The ecologically BACK TO 100 OFFSET THINKING
  • 75. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 mainstream as more consumers start purchasing 2010. In the U.S., IBISWorld is forecasting annual BACK TO 100 68 Fresh Direct ONLINE GROCERIES
  • 76. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 The days of telling students to put pencil to Bunches and Bits {Karina} BACK TO 100 69
  • 77. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 LaunchKey Wired hacking and email phishing rising dramatically, voice patterns, is already coming to smartphones. BACK TO 100
  • 78. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Forbes the phenomenon is only gaining steam as Etsy Kickstarter BACK TO 100
  • 79. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 data as currency. We’ll see consumers adopt services like’s upcoming data money generated from selling the data is then directed to designated charities. BACK TO 100 Enliken
  • 80. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 legitimacy for its original programming. In April, Arrested Development BACK TO 100
  • 81. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 intimate occasions. BACK TO 100
  • 82. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 demand for a retreat from noise. In the U.K., the Quiet Mark, a seal of approval for products that Quiet Mark RLA BACK TO 100
  • 83. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Snap Infusion Consumers can have their cake and eat it too and preservatives, corn syrup or hydrogenated in mainstream outlets like CVS and Target. Supercandy, from a company called Snap Infusion, BACK TO 100
  • 84. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Jack Daniel’s The proliferation of online platforms BACK TO 100
  • 85. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 ramping up efforts to keep clothing out of can deposit used clothing and shoes (of any similarly start collecting used clothing. And BACK TO 100
  • 86. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 River cruising is slated to make a splash in the travel industry. In 2012, for instance, cruises. Other companies are adding river cruise Voyages of Discovery RIVER CRUISING BACK TO 100
  • 87. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Retalix Ltd. prefer to take the reins. BACK TO 100 80
  • 88. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 a digital revival. It’s a good match for readers as Mad Men, Lost and Breaking Bad. Digital New York Times Kindle Serials program. BACK TO 100 81
  • 89. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 visits since The Lord of the Rings The Hobbit locations around the U.K. in 2012. In 2013, Life of Pi The Lone Ranger BACK TO 100 82 SET JETTING
  • 90. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 In Middle Eastern countries including the U.A.E., BACK TO 100 83
  • 91. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 and employers to potential dates routinely have created alternative online personas. Watch for more people to game the system as privacy concerns multiply. CNN BACK TO 100 84 SOCIAL MEDIA HACKS
  • 92. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Steelcase BACK TO 100
  • 93. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Neumitra opening up a market for tools that help people manage their stress. Recent examples BACK TO 100 86
  • 94. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Time Sugru SUGRU BACK TO 100
  • 95. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Google Apple ASUS Samsung Maylong apps (like Catalogue) that let shoppers scan multiple catalogs simultaneously. In a 2012 of merchants surveyed reported higher average from online retailers as shopaholics develop a BACK TO 100 88
  • 96. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Farmigo Technology is stepping in to help farmers, channels. A crop of startups is seeking to operates in the San Francisco Bay Area), Mint and Ireland. BACK TO 100 89
  • 97. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Consumed for thousands of years in Ethiopia, this the Horn of Africa, due in part to its exceptional essential amino acids, high in protein, calcium incorporate the tiny grain. BACK TO 100 90 TEFF
  • 98. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 graduation and the cost of higher education soaring, more people are turning to trade schools or apprenticeships instead. In the U.S. especially, as demand for certain skills outpaces supply, this training path is regaining its appeal. Manufacturing programs, for one, are seeing a dramatic rise in enrollment among young people, BACK TO 100 91 TRADE SCHOOL
  • 99. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Consumption guru Rachel Botsman. Repify BACK TO 100 92 TRUST RATINGS
  • 100. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 rates on information such as speed, distance traveled and time of travel, collected directly device that links to a car’s computer system, or they can let the insurer access data from a car’s telematics system, such as Ford’s Sync or General Motors’ OnStar. State Farm, Allstate is among those offering it in the U.K. In Oregon, each month. BACK TO 100 93
  • 101. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Airlines and hotels have long charged different prices for the same seat or room, a practice spenders and the savers. kennymatic BACK TO 100 94
  • 102. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 popular in the U.K., to pop up in more markets and mostly organic produce and sometimes meat and dairy products. They appeal to consumers and sometimes unfamiliar ingredients. In the BACK TO 100 Soil and Seed VEGETABLE BOXES
  • 103. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 each 30 feet tall, produce more than 1,000 agricultural production. Watch for this practice to BACK TO 100 96 VERTICAL FARMING
  • 104. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 MoMA than entertainment. In March 2012, the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, everything from Atari classics like Pac-‐Man to contemporary epics like BioShock and Uncharted 2 of video games to its collection, including Tetris, Myst and The Sims. BACK TO 100 VIDEO GAMES AS ART
  • 105. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Adidas platforms via technologies like interactive touch And in Germany, shoppers outside one of Adidas’ them for later purchase. BACK TO 100 98
  • 106. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Duracell BACK TO 100 99 WIRELESS CHARGING
  • 107. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 in the U.S., as consumers seek healthier snacks BACK TO 100 100
  • 108. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 466 Lexington Avenue | | @JWTIntelligence | @AnxietyIndex Director of trendspotting Ann M. Mack Editor/writer Senior trends strategist Jessica Vaughn Trends strategist Trends associate Nicholas Ayala Senior brand planner Contributors Aaron Baar Alec Foege Geraldine Kan Design Ann M. Mack @annmmack JWT: . JWTIntelligence: © 2012 J. Walter Thompson Company. All Rights Reserved. 100 THINGS TO WATCH IN 2013 Contact