Halloween for ESL students
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  • 1. Celebrating Halloween in the USA This year, on October 31st, many American children and adults will continue a national tradition of celebrating Halloween.
  • 2. Halloween History    In the 17th century, the first English settlers brought their celebrations of Halloween to America. They honored the dead. When the Irish came in the 1850’s they brought the idea of dressing up in costumes to ask for food and money from their neighbors. In the 1920’s America defined Halloween as a non-religious time for community gatherings with parties and trick or treating.
  • 3. How to Trick or Treat 1. Dress up
  • 4. 2. Ring a Doorbell
  • 5. 3. Say Trick or Treat (to get some candy)
  • 6. 4. Say Thank You then Go to the Next House
  • 7. 5. Show Off Your Collection
  • 8. Other Ways to Celebrate: Parades  NYC Parade in Greenwich Village
  • 9. Carving Pumpkins
  • 10. Haunted Houses
  • 11. Yard Decorations
  • 12. Dress Up Your Pets
  • 13. Halloween Eve: Mischief Night
  • 14. How Much Money is Spent on Halloween Each Year?  Approximately 1.376.550.000 Euros for 272.000.000 kilograms of candy is sold during the Halloween season (Nielsen Research)  Total national spending is around 7 billion US dollars or 5 billion Euros (Newsweek)  Halloween is the second biggest holiday for national spending.