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  • 1. Scheme of Work: The Tempest Lesson Objectives Content Resources 1 Walt Identify who’s who in Starter: Tempest, magic, slaves, father, daughter, king, Family Tree the play. fairy/spirit, jester, sea. Would could happen in a play, Story Board with these ingredients. Wilf Main: Read Act 1. Whilst reading play, fill out family You to fill in the family tree. Draw story board of this act. tree. Plenary: In groups act out what has happened so far. You You to explain what must have a narrator who is a voice over. It must only happened in Act 1 last 30 seconds. 2 Walt Explain the differences Starter: Read to the bottom of page 60 and fill in Divided page. in the characters and the family tree. settings they are in. Main: Read Act 2. Divide a page in half. Draw the characters that are on one part of the island, what the Wilf island is like, what happens. Do the same on the other You to fill in the family half. Label and write brief notes about what happens. tree. You can include speech/thought bubbles. You to explain what Plenary: Swap work. Explain what you liked about their happened in Act 1 work. How are the two sets of characters, parts of the island, different. 3 Walt Describe the love Starter: Fill in family tree work sheet Blank family tree work sheet between Ferdinand and Main: Read Act 3. How is it love between Ferdinand and Love worksheet Miranda Miranda? Draw a story board of what happens in this Story board act. Wilf Plenary: The ideal companion plenary sheet Ideal companion worksheet Able to explain your opinions about characters HomeworkCopyright © 2006 +
  • 2. Scheme of Work: The Tempest Lesson Objectives Content Resources 1 Walt Identify the different Starter: Character card sort starter. Character card sort story lines within the play. Main: Read Act 4. Watch animated tales. Animated tales Plenary: Match the plot plenary activity. Match the plot Wilf You to be able to summarise the plot. 2 Walt Identify the Starter: What did we do? starter What did we do? Starter characters’ roles in the Main: Read Act 5. What has Ariel done in the play? Draw Happy ending worksheet play. all the characters at the end. Underneath each one explain how Ariel/Prospero has made it a happy ending. Wilf You to explain the Plenary: In groups act out what has happened in the different endings of the play. You must have a narrator who is a voice over. It play. must only last 1 minute. 3 Walt Starter: Main: Plenary: Wilf HomeworkCopyright © 2006 +