Real Estate Social Media Business Planning and Time Blocking


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Frances Flynn Thorsen shares a social media engagement plan to help real estate agents build a powerful social media presence in an hour a day using Facebook and Trulia.

  • Thanks that was more fun to watch than blogs! Twitter is my most effective tool. I will share this article and tell you to read it if you're a beginner tweeter:
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Real Estate Social Media Business Planning and Time Blocking

  1. Social Media Planning:<br />Time Blocking for Real Estate Success<br />One Hour A Day!<br />Frances Flynn Thorsen<br />Socialebb Strategies and Solutions<br />
  2. Social media planning is not an EXTRA plan!<br />Build it into your daily and weekly calendar schedules.<br />Block half an hour each work day for Facebookengagement and half an hour for Trulia.<br />(This plan assumes you already have a presence on Trulia and Facebook.)<br />
  3. 7:00 am<br />Home <br />Page<br />Link<br />Log into Facebook.<br />Check requests on your Home Page<br />
  4. NOTE: I was online at 5:37 PST … there were already 71 Facebook friends online. I am happy to receive their chats at hours when my job is engaging people and I do not have other projects underway.<br />
  5. Consider a new friend request.<br />Sandy and I have 23 mutual friends.<br />Click on her name and check her out!<br />
  6. Cool!<br />I will accept this request using the button at the top of the page.<br />
  7. I will add her to my REALTOR list.<br />(During initial Facebook setup, you will set up lists for buyers, sphere of influence, family, friends, colleages, etc.)<br />
  8. 6:03 am<br />I never add a new friend without sending a personal note.<br />
  9. 6:04<br />Check out event invitations. Say “Yes” if they look interesting and click, click, click, to clear the board.<br />
  10. 6:05<br />There are lots of requests to join new groups and “fan” new pages. I will select some and IGNORE most.<br />IGNORE is useful … a wonderful button on Facebook!<br />
  11. NOTE: Privacy settings control the items that appear on your Facebook Wall. All of my selections for pages appear on my Wall and in my News Feed.<br />
  12. 6:09<br />Back to the Home Page … right column lists events and BIRTHDAYS.<br />Birthday greetings are GREAT engagement tools. <br />I will say “Happy Birthday to everyone on my list.<br />
  13. It is my brother-in-law’s birthday. (He lives in Denmark)<br />I have a choice of sending a link, making a video, or just writing a message.<br />I will keep it simple and write a short note!<br />
  14. It’s Callie Sinkinson’s birthday. She is a GREAT lady!<br />OMG, I cannot write on her wall. Her privacy settings do not let people post on her wall. Hmmmm..<br />
  15. No problem! I will send her a private note.<br />She will not escape my good wishes today!<br />
  16. It’s Donna Stevens’ birthday … time for another wall post.<br />NOTE: If you have a webcam, create a 30-second video greeting for even more FUN!<br />
  17. 6:15<br />Michelle Lind is also a Birthday Girl … lots of people have already been to her page … lots of them arrived before the morning sun! Arizona’s leading legal eagle is a loved lady!<br />
  18. Back to the Home Page to check News Feeds for some of my lists. Click a list to select. <br />
  19. My “Project Blogger” list includes people who participated in a national Blog Coaching Contest a few years ago. (Mary Pope-Handy and I were the winners, BTW.)<br />
  20. 6:21<br />Jeff Turner has some good “shares” today … Jeff is one of the most generous guys on the Net. <br />Jeff is playing with a photo program from his iPhone. I comment. Done!<br />
  21. 6:24<br />There is a little box in the lower right corner of the page for “Notifications.” <br />Click and check to observe new engagement that follows your tracks.<br />
  22. 6:26 am<br />Joe is a former colleague in PA … He had a funny note.<br />I engaged.<br />
  23. Check Fan Page<br />If you have a Facebook Fan page, you need to check it for engagement … notifications about comments and links are not automatic yet.<br />
  24. 6:30<br />Time to switch gears and move over to our plan of engagement at<br />
  25. NOTE: If you are a real estate professional and you do not have a presence on Trulia yet , contact me for resources. I do FREE Webinars and private Trulia training. <br />Trulia is a no brainer!<br />
  26. 5 Million Unique Monthly Users<br />Trulia—the Best Place to Start Your Real Estate Search<br /><br />
  27. Engage consumers on Trulia Voices Q & A … It is EASY!<br />
  28. You can see what questions people are asking in your market area … review the most recent questions and select one.<br />
  29. 7:03<br />This is a good question … a 1st time home buyer is looking for advice. I will share some advice that will help him select an agent.<br />
  30. I am going to suggest that this buyer check out the HUD Homes for Sale business. I wrote a blog post about that.<br />I will copy the link from that blog post and plan to use it as part of my answer.<br />
  31. My answer was the 14th answer to the question … I was the first to suggest that the buyer look at HUD Homes options. <br />
  32. NOTE: Every time you answer a question on Trulia, the post appears in a bank of content on your Trulia profile. How cool is that?<br />
  33. 7:10<br />I have time to write answers to TWO more questions or write a blog post on Trulia!<br />At this rate, I will have 90 answers within a month and consumers will find me very easily here.<br />This is TOO easy! What’s the catch?<br />NOTE FROM FRAN: No catch! <br />
  34. Learn More!<br />Attend my social media retreat in Williams AZ!<br /><br />Enroll for my Social Media Skill Builder!<br /><br />