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Nonprofitpromotioncannedcontent final-110401160248-phpapp01


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See how you can help Gettin' Home, LLC and The Gettin' Place Ministries through your selling and buying on Ebay.

See how you can help Gettin' Home, LLC and The Gettin' Place Ministries through your selling and buying on Ebay.

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  • 1. Get the Word Out: Ideas for Promoting Your eBay Campaign Feature
  • 2. Promote Your Feature
    • Your involvement in the eBay Giving Works campaign should provide your organization with great exposure to the eBay Community.
    • We hope you will use this opportunity to let your own community know about your feature in our campaign and how they can support you on eBay. Here are recommended methods of promotion:
    • Permanent Link on your website
    • Homepage promotion
    • Email to your listserv and past eBay donors
    • Includes in other campaigns running during this time
    • Social Media
    • Direct Selling
    • Press Release after the promotion
    • The following slides will provide examples of messaging for each suggested method of promotion.
  • 3. 1. Add a permanent link to your website
    • Make sure that there’s an easy-to-find link to “buy and sell on eBay” as part of your site navigation.
      • Most organizations locate this in an “Other ways to help” section.
      • This link should live on beyond your feature so it should link to your About My Nonprofit page
    • Below is content to help you explain how your community can support you on eBay
      • You can also use this content as a start for a newsletter or email article.
    Support [Nonprofit Name] on eBay today Do you use eBay? Did you know you can help [nonprofit name] when you buy and sell? Here’s how: Sell your unwanted items on eBay and donate 10-100% of the final sale price to [Nonprofit Name]. You’ll get a tax deduction and a credit on your basic eBay selling fees and we will get a donation. Buy items listed on eBay to benefit [nonprofit name]. You’ll get a great deal on whatever you’re looking for, and [nonprofit name] will get funds from your purchase. Give at checkout , too. When you shop on eBay you may see us featured in checkout when you pay with PayPal. If you do, donate $1 to help our cause. Get started today by visiting our dedicated page on eBay [insert URL to About My Nonprofit page].
  • 4. Example
  • 5. 2-3. Promote your involvement in an eGW campaign
    • This text can be used on your homepage, in emails, newsletters, and posted to your blog.
    • Support [Nonprofit Name] on eBay
    • Whether you buy or sell on eBay, you can support [nonprofit name] and this week it is easier than ever. Here’s how you can help:
      • Do your shopping on eBay and bid on items listed to benefit our cause. You will get a great deal and [nonprofit name] will receive funds.
      • In addition, when you shop anywhere on eBay and pay with PayPal this week, you can donate as little as $1 to our cause when you see us in checkout .
      • When you sell on eBay , you’ll also see [Nonprofit Name] featured when you create a listing this week . You can donate 10-100% of your final sale price to benefit our organization, too.
    • Do your part to help [Nonprofit Name] and make the world a little bit better through eBay today.
  • 6. Example
  • 7. 4-5. Promote Give at Checkout & SYI
    • Use this text to talk specifically about your features in checkout and SYI. This text can also be used on your homepage, blog, or in other promotions with complementary messages. You can also use parts of it for Facebook/ MySpace posts and messages on Twitter.
    This week, eBay shoppers will be given the opportunity to make a donation to [Nonprofit Name] when they checkout using PayPal. This is not limited to [Nonprofit Name] items but all eBay transactions. Donate as little as $1 when you see us in checkout and you can help [Nonprofit name] [mission descriptor (feed/educate children, etc)] today. If you’re selling on eBay this week, you’ll also see [nonprofit name] featured when you create a listing. Shop and list today to help our cause! [link to campaign page]
  • 8. Example
  • 9. 5. Promote through Social Media
    • Talk about your feature on eBay, cool auctions supporting your cause, how other people can get involved on eBay, and be sure to link to the campaign page.
    • Here is an example schedule of topics you may want to post about during your feature:
    • Day 1: Announce it is [nonprofit name] week on eBay
    • Day 2: Check out hot item listed to benefit [nonprofit name]
    • Day 3: Announce how much has been raised so far through checkout – encourage others to donate and help reach your goal
    • Day 4: Announce how many listings have been created for your organization
    • Day 5: Highlight items that your organization is selling on eBay
    • Day 6: Checkout another neat item listed to benefit your cause
    • Day 7: Final push to meet fundraising goal – help for as little as $1
  • 10. Examples
  • 11. 7. Thank Your Donors in a Press Release or Email
    • It is very important to thank your eBay donors after the campaign.
    • Get the word out by posting a thank you on your homepage and blog.
    • Turn this text into a press release and distribute it to any free PR or news sites.
    • Send to donors who have shared their contact information in your MissionFish nonprofit account.
    • Remember that all the rules of donor recognition apply and be sure to thank the eBay Community, not eBay or MissionFish.
    • See examples:
    • Dear [Donor], You know eBay is not just about buying and selling – when you choose to support [Nonprofit Name] through eBay Giving Works , you also [action/mission descriptor]. [Nonprofit Name] was recently featured on eBay and thanks to the generosity of the eBay Community, [statement about how much was raised and how funds will be used]. Here is just a sample of how your generosity is helping [Nonprofit Name] [action/mission descriptor]:
    • Action #1
    • Action #2
    • Action #3
    • Thanks again for choosing to support [Nonprofit Name] through eBay – we hope you will continue to think of us when shopping and listing future items .
  • 12. Example Thank You Message - Email
  • 13. Example Thank You Message – Homepage Promotion
  • 14. Share Your Promotion With Us
    • Most importantly, send us your own examples of promotion - we are happy to help edit (especially if you are using the eBay Giving Works logo) or provide direction. We also want to share how you are spreading the word with other nonprofits.
    • Send your samples to :
    • Lisa Marvin
    • [email_address]
    • After your campaign, we’d also appreciate any data on traffic and click through rates for your promotion.