Introduction about Maven Tool and Wicket Framework for Java Web Development - ToanTD

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Introduction about Maven Tool and Wicket Framework for Java Development

Introduction about Maven Tool and Wicket Framework for Java Development

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  • 1. Introduction aboutMaven Tool and Wicket Frameworkfor Java Web Development
  • 2. Apache Maven● Apache Maven, is an innovative software projectmanagement tool, provides new concept of a projectobject model (POM) file to manage project’s build,dependency and documentation. The most powerfulfeature is able to download the project dependencylibraries automatically.
  • 3. Apache Wicket●Java Web Application Frame Work●Designed to be able to take full advantage of object-oriented language Java●Originally written by Jonathan Locke in April 2004.●Version 1.0 was released in June 2005.●Become an Apache top-level project in June 2007
  • 4. Features ofWicket Frame Work1.Object Oriented2.Use HTML as it is3. Component Oriented4. Stateful
  • 5. 1. Object Oriented➔ For Wicket, a webpage is an object➔ Textfield, label, select list, etc.. are also objects➔ Developer can freely extend or inherit
  • 6. 2. Use HTML as it is➔Use the HTML page created by the HTML PageDesigner as it is➔What you see is what you get➔Add the “wicket:d” to the HTML file so the developer canuse in the program
  • 7. 3. Component Oriented➔ WebPage is an object of multiple combinedcomponents➔ TextField, Label, Radio button are also components➔ Login Form, Comment Form that combined multiplecomponents, are also components➔ Can reuse in multiple screen
  • 8. 4. Stateful➔Wicket is object oriented framwork➔Object is “state” and “behavior” packaged➔The state of the pages is stored by the wicketframework.➔The change of input value or page are also stored asstate.