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Fire prevent Fire prevent Presentation Transcript

  • Fire - A friend and a foe
  • 70% Fire Deaths in Pakistan are in homes
  • Fire is man’s best friend & worst enemy
  • It is a source of heat and light It illuminates our homes, drives our automobiles, flies our aircraft, etc.
  • Fire when out of control has no friends no moral values respects no barriers & recognizes no boundaries
  • Learn
    • Learn
    • Not
    • to
    • Burn
  • Heat Fuel Air TRIANGLE OF FIRE
  • Aftermath
  • Your Friends
    • "Buzzy“ the Smoke Detector
    "Reddy“ the Fire Extinguisher "Squirt“ the Water Drop & their Friends want to share some easy Tips with you and your family
  • HI, I'm "BUZZY" the Smoke Detector Smoke alarms detects fire at their earliest stages & sound a loud warning to help you & get your family out safely
  • Fire Extinguishers GO EVERYWHERE!   Your Family's Kitchen; the Garage; the Car, Boat or Plane!!!!! "Every Home Should Have One or More!!!"
  • Tips for Kids Leaving toys or clothes close to or on fire and heaters is hazardous
  • Fire Kills – You can prevent it Playing or standing close to fires and heaters is hazardous Tips for Kids
  • Tips for Kids Playing with matches is dangerous
  • Tips for Kids Forgetting to unplug things when you have finished using them is hazardous
  • Could you imagine, how a fire can start in your home?
  • Beware Keep your Escape Route clear of toys and anything else that might block your way
  • If there is a fire...
    • Shout Fire – Fire
    • Get out of the home
    • Tell an adult
  • Dial 16 for Fire Brigade from a neighbours house
  • Remember Get others out if you can
  • Never go back in. Your life is more precious than toys or even pets
  • Now some tips for elders
    • Make your fire action plan with every one in your house especially children or elderly or disabled people
    Make your plan. Get out alive
  • Plan together now
    • Your best escape route is your way in and out in your home
    • Decide on a different route as well, in case the normal one is blocked
    • Keep all escape routes clear
    • Tell every one where you keep door and window keys
    • Every one should be able to easily open the doors and windows
    Plan together now
    • Discuss
    • With
    • Family
    • Members
    • Including
    • Children
    • and make
    • an escape
    • plan
  • Practice Home Escape Plans
    • Use stairways in multi story buildings
    • Never use lift during fire emergencies
  • Crawl low in smoke
    • Designate an Assembly Area
    • and practice head count during the drill
  • When it is safer to stay in your home?
    • If your escape route is blocked, it may be safer to stay and protect yourself until the fire brigade arrives
    • Find a suitable room now with a window that opens out and a phone as well to
    • call 16
    If your escape route is blocked
  • If your escape route is blocked
    • If you can’t open the window – break the glass in the bottom corner
    • Make jagged edges safe with a towel or blanket
    • If you’re on the ground or first floor, go out of a window. Use bedding to cushion your fall
    If your escape route is blocked
    • Lower your self
    • Don’t jump!
    If your escape route is blocked
  • If your escape route is blocked
    • Get every one into the room and close the door. Smoke and fumes can kill people quickly.
    • Put bedding round the door to block smoke.
  • If your escape route is blocked Open the window and call for help
  • If your clothes catch fire
  • Tips to save life Install and test smoke alarms
    • Fit one on each floor at least 12 inches away from any wall or light fitting. If you have only one alarm, fit it in a place where it can be heard throughout your home – particularly when you are asleep.
  • The reality A family saved because their smoke alarm did well
    • If your smoke alarm sounds while you are asleep, don’t investigate to see if there is a fire. Shout to wake everyone up, get everyone together, follow your plan and get out.
    Tips to save life
    • Keep doors closed at night
    • This will help delay the spread of fire and smoke
    Tips to save life
    • Switch off all electrical appliances
    • Check / Switch off Gas Appliances
    • Check the Ashtrays and cigarette buts
    Do safety checks before you go to bed each night
    • Never leave the pan unattended with the heat ON not for a few seconds
    • Never work in kitchen while you are in loose and long sleeve clothing or in dupatta. Use apron and scarf
    • Never work in kitchen while you are in loose and long sleeve clothing or in dupatta
    • Use apron and scarf
  • Never fill a pan more than one-third full of oil
    • Keep
    • Matchboxes
    • in drawers
    • at higher
    • levels/ out
    • of children
    • reach
    • Don,t allow small children to enter into the kitchen
    • Never put electrical wires near the burners
  • Don’t dry the towels / clothing near the burners
  • Don’t keep metallic objects inside the Microwave Ovens
  • Always use right size Plugs
  • Electrical Safety Leads to Fire Safety
    • Replace any worn or taped-up cables and leads
    • Check for signs of loose wiring and faulty plugs or sockets
    • Don’t put cables under carpets or mats
  • Don’t overload Electrical Circuits
  • Keep a Fire Blanket in the Kitchen
  • How to use a Fire Extinguisher? P A S S P ull the Pin A im the Nozzle at Fire S queeze the Lever S weep
  • Blanketing a pan fire
  • Keep Heaters 3 Feet Away from All Combustibles
  • Smoking is dangerous
    • Always use
    • Ashtrays
    • Keep Ashtrays
    • filled with Water
  • A telephone must be kept in the elder’s room
    • Naked lights shouldn’t be left alone un-attended
    • Put them out completely at night
  • Keep Candles away from any thing that can catch fire, like furnishings, fabrics, curtains and so on
  • Candles can melt plastic surfaces like tops of television or wash basins Place them on heat resistant surfaces
    • Check sofas for cigarette butts after parties
    • Hair spray, a hair dryer & a lighted cigarette-----------
    • a dangerous combination
    • Never
    • smoke
    • while
    • at rest
    • Good
    • Housekeeping
    • is
    • Good
    • Fire Safety
  • Join hands to save our people and property from the ferocity of ruthless fires
  • Fire Protection Association of Pakistan Cherry House, 239-C, C.C. Area Block 2, PECHS Karachi [email_address] www.fpap.org.pk