Life Beyond Likes


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Advertisers cannot just look at digital as a place to gain media impressions. It has to be synced in with pushing consumers to purchase, putting them into loyalty loops and creating advocates.
This presentation discusses how various brands can, should and have leveraged their user base for generating brand loyalty.

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Life Beyond Likes

  1. 1. DIGITAL IS EVOLVING AS AN ECOSYSTEM Or at least that's how we've got to start viewing it.
  2. 2. Advertisers cannot just look at digital as a place to gain MEDIA IMPRESSIONS
  3. 3. It has to be synced in with pushing consumers to purchase, putting them into loyalty loops and CREATING ADVOCATES
  4. 4. The signs are clear and that's where we have to go DATA… GATHERING THE RIGHT DATA… MAKING SENSE OF IT… To make the consumer’s life easy
  5. 5. In the context of LIFE BEYOND LIKES there are a few trends and paradigm shifts we’ve noticed:
  6. 6. COMMUNITY Co - creators in • Advertising • Product development • Large scale brand projects
  7. 7. COMMUNITY Maybelline Colossal Kajal Fans help bust the fakes The Colossal Kajal encountered fakes in the marketplace. To counter this, the brand enlisted the help of the Facebook community. Over 250 locations where the fake Kajals were being sold were sent in by the fans with pictures and exact addresses. That's powerful stuff.
  8. 8. BRANDS = MEDIA Brands have large scale communities which • • Dictate trends Educate and alter perceptions Brands will now start nudging this media to move towards Transaction
  9. 9. BRANDS = MEDIA The Cast My Girls campaign by L’Oreal Paris A Facebook app encouraged the user to fill in a unique code which was found on the Casting Creme Gloss pack purchased. Once the code is filed in the user had to upload an image of her with her two best girlfriends. This then, gave them a chance to star in an ad with Sonam Kapoor. This in turn created intrigue and pushed fans to go ahead and purchase Casting Creme Gloss. This added a two way streak between offline purchase and online engagement.
  10. 10. BRANDS = MEDIA Faasos lets you simply tweet your order • By registering 1 time on their website, you can simply tweet your order and they reply using an automated CRM tool with the amount of time it will take for your order to reach you along with the bill amount. • In essence, they've successfully integrated their business into their social media and marketing. • The ability to order via Twitter is great because it makes life easier for the consumer who is prone to order but also prone to spending his life on Twitter. • Further, every order generates word of Mouth because the users' friends see it and have an incentive to order again. • View Current Orders
  11. 11. MAPPING DATA Like Data = Consumers are interested in our products Purchase Data = Consumers buy our products Like Data + Purchase Data = Help Create Targeted Messages
  12. 12. MAPPING DATA Maybelline Baby Lips Kiss Song Maybelline also used its community to go beyond likes in the creation of its advertising - both ATL and Digital. The Baby Lips 'Kiss Song' was crowd sourced and created stitching together the 6,000+ kisses sent in as audio uploads on its Facebook Page. The result led to an impactful communication that resonated with consumers and catapulted the lip balm to No. 4 in terms of market share and the No. 1 Lip Balm on E - commerce in less than a year. View Song | View Case Study
  13. 13. MAPPING DATA Garnier Men PowerLight a Village Garnier Men used its Facebook community and its power to literally ‘Do Good’ At the beginning of the year, the brand created an initiative to 'PowerLight Villages' with solar electricity with the campaign 'PowerLight A Village'. The idea was to leverage the voice and collective social clout of the community to help spread awareness about the fact that 400 million people in India still live in darkness. The buzz generated created social currency that helped light up these villages. Close to 800 households across India have benefited via the process of rural electrification with over 1,487,426 watts generated online. The initiative has so far received 7589 tweets and the total user engagement has increased by almost 900 per cent on social media platforms. View Video | View Case Study
  14. 14. Talk To Billions – 1 on 1 In the next 25 years, we will have the ability to talk to a billion people one on one. That in itself tells you that we've got to stop looking at digital as a 'media' and start looking at it as an ecosystem
  15. 15. Talk To Billions – 1 on 1 Hyper Personalisation
  16. 16. Talk To Billions – 1 on 1 Kuliza rewards you for every like, comment or share • Bangalore based company Kuliza has created an application framework wherein one can go to a Facebook page, add the loyalty program and as a result of adding the loyalty program, you can get rewarded for every like, comment and share you make on a brand's page. • Further, this can also be taken offline where you can redeem your points and then also get more points added for purchasing new products using a card and a phone equipped with near field technology.
  17. 17. So in a sense, loyalty is coming around in a full circle. You get rewarded not just for buying a product but also for creating advocacy around a product.