Castrol Case Study


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FoxyMoron creates India's Biggest Biker Community for Castrol Power 1.

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Castrol Case Study

  1. 1. Relaunch Power 1Create India’s Castrol Establish Largest Brand Biking Presence Community Tie-Ups
  2. 2. • My Bike, My Story Application- Get users to share their biking experience and gratify the most impactful story.• Biker Chain- Get users to tag their biker friends and the influential from the biker community. This creates a strong online community of the brand’s required target.• Pixel Application- Allow users to unlock a pixel on an application and try their luck at winning Castrol merchandise to spread brand presence & association.• Connect with the biking community and bike aficionados in the country via Facebook & Twitter content.
  3. 3. Objectives SolutionsRe-launch Castrol Power 1 Castrol Pixel Application Facebook & Twitter Contest My Bike, My StoryCreate India’s largest online biking My Bike, My Storycommunity Castrol Biker ChainSpread brand awareness & Facebook & Twitter Contentassociation Castrol Pixel Application Castrol Biker Chain My Bike, My Story
  4. 4. Fly with Castrol Power 1 My Bike, MyPixel Application Biker Chain Story 2 Winners 4 Winners 1 Winner Fly to Portugal to watch the World Superbike Championship with John Abraham
  5. 5. Objective- Spread brandawareness & leveragebrand presenceFunctionality- The userclicks on a pixel to unlockit & if lucky, they wineither merchandise or aticket to the Super BikeChampionship. Amandate was to tag 3friends to reveal a pixel
  6. 6. User clicks on a pixel to unlock it. If lucky, they win either merchandise or a ticket to the Super Bike ChampionshipOnce all thepixels arerevealed, thehidden image isdisplayed
  7. 7. Number of pixel contests- 2Total tab views- 1,450Number of participants- 1,600Time taken to unlock all pixels-Pixel contest 1- 2 hours (approx.)Pixel contest 2- 5.5 hours (approx.)
  8. 8. A mandate for each user to unlock a pixel was tagging 3 friends.2 pixel applications amounted to 1600 pixels unlocked. Via the taggingmechanism, 4,800 people were induced to join the page resulting in aspurt of organic growth.The first pixel application was completed within 4 hours and numerousrequests lead to the second pixel contest being conducted.The contest was a success. The brand’s presence on social mediachannels was highlighted and product awareness was spread bygratifying users with merchandise.This could thereby result in potential customers.
  9. 9. Objective- Induce users to share their bikingexperience and stories with us. Connect with thetarget consumers & hunt for the mostpassionate ones.Functionality- Users submit a picture of theirbike, type out their story and share it. Every usergets an individual profile and needs to get voteson their submission
  10. 10. The user lands on theapplication tab and is askedto submit his/her story
  11. 11. The user enters detailssuch as his name, thename of his bike and thepicture of his bike The user then enter their story and submit their entry to our database where it is put to vote.
  12. 12. The user’s submission isput to vote , open for oneand all to cast theirdecision. A leaderboard displays the most voted entries and the entry which scored the highest votes wins.
  13. 13. Total tab views- 73,624Number of participants- 3740Daily new page subscriptions- 97,443(During period of contest)Average monthly active users- 85,561Period of contest- September through October
  14. 14. Objective- The prime objective was to createIndia’s largest biker community. In doing so, thebrand could connect with the desired targetconsumer by inducing organic growth. Functionality- The application worked on asimple tag functionality, making the interfacesimple an undemanding yet captivating.
  15. 15. ‘Every biker knows a biker’Keeping this philosophy in mind, the biker chain application was created.‘A chain for a change’ was the concept that wasimplemented via an application. The end result was the biker community of India landing on a platform where they could share their passion with others!
  16. 16. The user lands on theapplication tab beforecommencing
  17. 17. The user needs to tag the most number of people be it biker friends, biker aficionados, influential, aspirational biker et all The user can also be tagged by his friends and everyone who he has tagged.The user with the highest consolidated scoreof the number of tags he has made and thenumber of times he has been tagged wins
  18. 18. Total tab views- 12,763Total participations- 5,309Conversion of tab views to entries- 41.6%Daily new page subscriptions- 86,920(During the period of the contest)Average monthly active users- 69, 357(During the period of the contest)Contest conducted in the month of September.
  19. 19. Period of analysis- 15/8/2011 – 15/10/2011
  20. 20. MAU Maximum- 1,14,186 (5/10/2011)MAU ( as on 15/8/2011) - 2,457MAU (as on 15/10/2011) – 1,07,614
  21. 21. Maximum likesAverage likes during campaign- 1,896Maximum likes recorded- 8,652Sum total of likes- 1,15,677
  22. 22. 2,213 likes (max value) 419 comments (max value)
  23. 23. Growth of Monthly Active Users- 1,05,157 Average Daily Interactions- 1,434 Total Page Subscriptions- 1,15,677 Total Post Views- 31,54,777Total Posts on Page’s Wall by Users- 293
  24. 24. Xbhp ran the same My Bike. My Story application on their website andgot about 300 entries on the same
  25. 25. Miss Malini came to interview John Abraham during the pressconference where the actor was introduced to the winners of the contest
  26. 26. Winners with John Abraham