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Stephen Fox-Portfolio-Harcourt Social Studies



Social Studies Student Edition for Grades 3–4, with state specific for Oklahoma

Social Studies Student Edition for Grades 3–4, with state specific for Oklahoma



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Stephen Fox-Portfolio-Harcourt Social Studies Document Transcript

  • 1. StephenFox UNIT OPENERS Oklahoma’s Geography Digital Samples Portfolio and Early People foxdesigns@gmail.com HARCOURT SOCIAL STUDIES CLIENT Harcourt Schools (2006) DESCRIPTION Social Studies Student Edition for Grades 3–4, with state specific for Oklahoma MY ROLES WITHIN THIS PROJECT • Project management • Page concept development • Page layout with input from Senior Unit 1 3 Design staff ■ • Design implementation and continuity SXEOK07ASE4X_U1TM.indd 1 6/7/06 1:16:12 PM SXEOK07ASE4X_U1TM.indd 2 6/7/06 1:16:27 PM • Template clean-up • Page composition Settlement • Direct input into image selection • Technical artwork and Change • Image manipulation • Directing freelance Photoshop experts in image manipulation • Image scanning • Montage creation • Preflight and Prepress • Creation of final digital files (PDFs) 53 SXEOK07ASE4X_U2TM.indd 1 6/7/06 1:17:38 PM SXEOK07ASE4X_U2TM.indd 2 6/7/06 1:17:52 PM The Twentieth Century Unit 3 ■ 109 SXEOK07ASE4X_U3TM.indd 1 6/7/06 1:22:29 PM SXEOK07ASE4X_U3TM.indd 2 6/7/06 1:22:42 PM
  • 2. StephenFox LESSON OPENERS Lesson Early People of present-day Native Americans, or American Indians. North America Digital Samples Portfolio About 11,000 years ago, groups of Big Game Hunters The Clovis people were the first foxdesigns@gmail.com hunters lived in Oklahoma. How did to leave signs in Oklahoma. They they get here? How did they live? traveled the land, using long spear WHAT TO KNOW How did life change for the early people of The Earliest Paleo-Indians Many scientists say that people points to hunt. Some spear points were found in a mammoth skel- People Oklahoma? eton near Stecker, in southwestern first reached North America by cross- Oklahoma. A mammoth was a HARCOURT SOCIAL STUDIES ing a land bridge that once connected VOCABULARY huge elephantlike animal that is North America and Asia. Those early ancestor p. 33 now extinct, or no longer living. people are now called Paleo-Indians, extinct p. 33 YOU O A ARE The hunter next to you raises his which means “old” or “first” Indians. Scientists tested the bones and agriculture p. 34 THERE H arm and points to a spot in the Over thousands of years, these found that they are about 11,000 CLIENT Harcourt Schools (2006) earthwork p. 34 ceremony p. 34 distance. You look where he is pointing and people spread throughout North and South America. They were the years old. MAIN IDEA AND DETAILS see a mammoth down in the canyon. For PEOPLE ancestors, or early relatives, of What is an ancestor? Paleo-Indians the first time in weeks, you have a source DESCRIPTION Social Studies Student Clovis people Mound Builders of meat. This animal will feed all of you for days. You and the other hunters move slowly MOVEMENT Groups of Paleo-Indians in what is now Caddo County used spears to Edition for Grades 3–4, with state toward it, spears in hand. hunt mammoths (below). From which continent PLACES might early people have walked to North America? Stecker Spiro Mounds specific for Oklahoma Le Flore Washita River MAIN IDEA MY ROLES WITHIN THIS PROJECT Focus Skill AND DETAILS • Project management • Page concept development • Page layout with input from Senior 32 Unit 1 Unit 1 33 Design staff ■ ■ • Design implementation and continuity SXEOK07ASE4X_U1L4.indd 1 6/7/06 SXEOK07ASE4X_U1L4.indd 33 11:43:33 AM 6/8/06 8:58:09 AM • Template clean-up • Page composition Lesson War over Land Near the end of the war, Spain joined France in the fight against • Direct input into image selection The French fought the Spanish for land west of the Mississippi. At the Britain. To repay Spain for its losses in the war, France gave Spain most of its lands west of the Mississippi. • Technical artwork same time, the French struggled with the British for control of the land east France Loses the War • Image manipulation WHAT TO KNOW How did the Louisiana Purchase affect what is The Early 1800s of the Mississippi. The French and Indian War After eight years, the French lost the war. In 1763, the French signed now Oklahoma? In 1754, the conflict between the the Treaty of Paris with the British. • Directing freelance Photoshop VOCABULARY YOU O A ARE The sunrise wakes you. As you stretch, French and the British led to war. A treaty is a written agreement between groups or countries. The THERE H This conflict became known as the experts in image manipulation treaty p. 67 frontier p. 70 you look around. You see plants and animals that you have never seen before. French and Indian War. Many Native Americans fought as allies of the Treaty of Paris gave Britain most of Canada, Spanish Florida, and all territory p. 71 French lands east of the Mississippi. • Image scanning PEOPLE For the past year, you have been exploring Louisiana, the land first claimed by La Salle. French. The Native Americans fought with the French because they were The French had lost nearly all their lands in North America. Thomas Jefferson trading partners. Also, the French • Montage creation Napoleon Bonaparte Meriwether Lewis Yesterday, you reached the Red River. In your journal, you record what you see. You know did not build as many settlements or farms on Native American land as CAUSE AND EFFECT How did the Treaty of Paris affect that President Thomas Jefferson will be • Preflight and Prepress William Clark Richard Sparks Zebulon Pike interested in learning about this land. the Spanish did. France? • Creation of final digital files (PDFs) James Wilkinson THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR During the war, the only major battle George C. Sibley fought in Oklahoma was the 1759 Battle of Twin Villages. Stephen H. Long John R. Bell PLACES Great Salt Plains Missouri Territory Arkansas Territory Focus CAUSE AND Skill EFFECT 66 ■ Unit 2 SXEOK07ASE4X_U2L2.indd 1 6/13/06 1:07:18 PM SXEOK07ASE4X_U2L2.indd 2 6/13/06 1:07:36 PM Lesson Cities Grow sure the pumps and the oil pipelines worked. After World War II, the Oklahoma People worked in many industries. economy kept growing. An economy Some built and repaired airplanes. is the way people in a state, a region, Others made machinery, electronic or a country make and use goods equipment, or food products. Some Into Modern WHAT TO KNOW and services to meet their needs. worked for natural gas companies. How did Oklahoma Angie Debo was an author and change after World Job Opportunities teacher from Marshall, Oklahoma. Times War II? Before World War II, most people She wrote about what Oklahomans in Oklahoma lived on farms. After experienced during the twentieth VOCABULARY the war, there was a migration, or century. Today, Debo is known as economy p. 135 movement, of people to cities. People migration p. 135 YOU O A ARE It’s 1964. Your mother is reading the moved to cities in search of jobs. the First Lady of Oklahoma history. civil rights p. 136 THERE H newspaper. She says, “Congress has Thousands went to work for oil SUMMARIZE segregation p. 136 companies. Some drilled new wells. Why did people in Oklahoma move after dam p. 138 just passed the Civil Rights Act. This means Some pumped oil. Others made World War II? lock p. 138 that separating people by race is now illegal.” TULSA Workers, shoppers, and theatergoers crowd the corner Your mother tells you that two Oklahoma PEOPLE of Fourth and Boulder in downtown Tulsa. Angie Debo women helped make this possible. You hope Ralph Ellison that one day you can make a difference in Ada Lois Sipuel the world, too. Clara Luper Robert S. Kerr PLACES McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System Focus Skill SUMMARIZE 134 ■ Unit 3 Unit 3 ■ 135 SXEOK07ASE4X_U3L4.indd 1 6/14/06 2:25:01 PM SXEOK07ASE4X_U3L4.indd 2 6/14/06 2:25:16 PM
  • 3. StephenFox LESSON PAGES Regions in Eastern Prairie Plains The Prairie Plains region lies to the Ozark Plateau In the northeastern corner of the the state. It is also the most rugged. Lumber from the mountain forests is Oklahoma east of the Sandstone Hills. A plain is state is the Ozark Plateau. A plateau an important product of this region. Digital Samples Portfolio Eastern Oklahoma has grasslands, a large area of flat or rolling land. In 1832, the author Washington Irving (pla•TOH) is an area of high, flat land with lower land around it. The Ozark Coal is found here, too. foxdesigns@gmail.com hills, mountains, and lakes. The soil Red River Region and climate there make much of the described the prairie as Plateau has hills and steep bluffs, or The Red River Region forms part area ideal for farming. There are five cliffs, that are cut through by several of the border between Oklahoma and natural regions in eastern Oklahoma. “ rolling country, with here and there a clump of trees, streams. Small farms in this region grow mostly fruits and vegetables. Texas. The sandy soil of these flat plains is good for growing vegetables Sandstone Hills dimly seen in the distance Many people visit this part of the and peanuts. This region is where the HARCOURT SOCIAL STUDIES The Sandstone Hills region is named for its hilly land and sandy like a ship at sea. ” state to enjoy the outdoors. Ouachita Mountains lowest point in Oklahoma is located. It is about 287 feet high and near a soil. Most of the Sandstone Hills are The mostly level land has fertile, The Ouachita Mountains are in bend in the Little River. covered with Cross Timbers wood- or rich, soil. Many farms that lands. This region has farms. Oil, gas, produce hay are in the Prairie southeastern Oklahoma along the COMPARE AND CONTRAST CLIENT Harcourt Schools (2006) and coal are found underground in some parts of the region. Plains region. There are also many cattle ranches. border with Arkansas. This region has the most mountainous land in How is the Prairie Plains region different from the Ouachita Mountains? DESCRIPTION Social Studies Student Edition for Grades 3–4, with state Sandstone bluffs above the Cimarron River Bison grazing on the Prairie Plains Osage Hills and Sand Creek on the Ozark Talimena scenic byway in the Ouachita Sandy soil along the Red River specific for Oklahoma Plateau Mountains MY ROLES WITHIN THIS PROJECT • Project management • Page concept development • Page layout with input from Senior 16 Unit 1 Unit 1 17 Design staff ■ ■ • Design implementation and continuity SXEOK07ASE4X_U1L2.indd 3 6/13/06SXEOK07ASE4X_U1L2.indd 4 12:54:43 PM 6/13/06 12:56:12 PM • Template clean-up • Page composition The Fur Trade Setting Up Trading Posts The French set up trading posts Conflict over Land The Spanish did not want the • Direct input into image selection The Spanish came to Oklahoma looking for gold. The French wanted along Oklahoma’s rivers. The French and the Native Americans exchanged French moving onto Spanish land. As a result, the Spanish and the 1. WHAT TO KNOW Why did the Spanish and the French explore what is now Oklahoma? goods at these trading posts. In 1796, French began to fight. Some Native • Technical artwork fur to sell in Europe. Becoming Partners Major Jean Pierre Chouteau set up Salina, the first permanent European Americans fought as allies of the Spanish. An ally is a friend or 2. VOCABULARY How are the words explorer and expedition related? 3. GEOGRAPHY In which part of North • Image manipulation In the 1600s, fur was popular in Europe. People there used fur to settlement in what is now Oklahoma. A settlement is a new community. partner, especially in times of war. Other Native Americans sided with America were the earliest French settlements? • Directing freelance Photoshop make hats and clothing. The French explorers knew that the Native A person who lives in a settlement is called a settler. the French. CAUSE AND EFFECT 4. CRITICAL THINKING How do you think European goods changed the daily lives of Native Americans in Americans were skilled hunters. The French did not want to trade experts in image manipulation The French wanted the fur of the animals that the Native Americans with only the Native Americans. They also wanted to trade goods What caused the conflict between Spain and France? 5. Oklahoma? WRITE A LETTER Imagine that you are an early European • Image scanning hunted, such as buffalo and beaver. In exchange, the French gave the with the Spanish who had built settlements along the Rio Grande. Summary explorer in Oklahoma. Write a letter to a friend back home in France or Spain describing what you have seen. • Montage creation Native Americans iron, tools, cloth, paints, mirrors, guns, and other The French used Oklahoma’s rivers to reach the Spanish settlements in The Spanish were the first Europeans to explore Oklahoma. 6. Focus Skill CAUSE AND EFFECT On a sheet of paper, copy and complete this goods from Europe. the Southwest. The French came later to trade with graphic organizer. • Preflight and Prepress FUR TRADE Native Americans in Oklahoma traded goods with Europeans. the Native Americans and with the Spanish. Conflicts over land led to • Creation of final digital files (PDFs) Usually, the two groups traded along the riverbanks. fighting between Spain and France. 62 ■ Unit 2 SXEOK07ASE4X_U2L1.indd 5 6/7/06 1:50:51 PM SXEOK07ASE4X_U2L1.indd 63 6/7/06 4:18:09 PM Linking Oklahoma In 1943, Robert S. Kerr became governor of Oklahoma. He wanted In 1970, the 445-mile navigation system was completed. It made to the World to connect Oklahoma with the transportation along the Arkansas 1. WHAT TO KNOW How did Oklahoma Mississippi River and the Gulf of River faster and more reliable. change after World War II? Oklahoma is a landlocked state Mexico. He wanted to build a navi- SUMMARIZE 2. VOCABULARY Use the terms lock in the middle of the United States. and dam in a sentence to explain gation system. What is the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Still, it is connected to the rest of the the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River In 1957, work began on a series of Navigation System? Navigation System. world by its rivers. dams and locks called the McClellan- 3. ECONOMICS How does the McClellan- McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Kerr Arkansas River Navigation Kerr Arkansas River Navigation Navigation System System. A dam is a structure that Summary System help people in Oklahoma sell Before the Civil War, small boats stops water from flowing. A lock is what they make? After World War II, many people traveled on the Arkansas River. a part of a canal in which the water 4. CRITICAL THINKING Why do you think in Oklahoma moved from farms to Clara Luper and Ada Lois Sipuel took However, large boats could not use level can be changed to bring ships cities, looking for jobs. People, such part in the Civil Rights movement? the river or its connecting systems. to the next section of the canal. Locks as Ada Lois Sipuel and Clara Luper, 5. WRITE A PERSUASIVE LETTER The river also flooded its banks at were needed because the land eleva- worked for civil rights. The McClellan- Imagine that you have just times. Floods caused a lot of damage. tion changes along the waterway. Kerr Arkansas River Navigation joined a civil rights group. Write a System improved transportation letter persuading a friend to join you. MOVEMENT The McClellan-Kerr Arkansas in Oklahoma. 6. Focus SUMMARIZE On a sheet of paper, Skill copy and complete this graphic River Navigation System follows the path of organizer. the Arkansas River. At which port does this system begin? The diagram below shows how a ship is raised or lowered in a lock. What causes a ship to lower when it is in a lock? 3 Gates open in front of the 2 Water is pumped into the lock ship, and it leaves the lock. to raise the ship or pumped out of the lock to lower the ship. 1 A ship enters the lock and gates close behind it. 139 SXEOK07ASE4X_U3L4.indd 138 6/14/06 2:23:55 PM SXEOK07ASE4X_U3L4.indd 139 6/14/06 3:24:28 PM
  • 4. StephenFox FEATURE PAGES Digital Samples Portfolio foxdesigns@gmail.com HARCOURT SOCIAL STUDIES CLIENT Harcourt Schools (2006) DESCRIPTION Social Studies Student Edition for Grades 3–4, with state specific for Oklahoma MY ROLES WITHIN THIS PROJECT Civil War begins at Fort Sumter, 1861 • Project management The Land Run • Page concept development of 1889 • Page layout with input from Senior Cattle drives The Trail of Tears 56 Unit 2 Unit 2 57 Design staff ■ ■ • Design implementation and continuity SXEOK07ASE4X_U2PL.indd 1 6/13/06 1:14:19 PM SXEOK07ASE4X_U2PL.indd 2 6/13/06 1:14:35 PM • Template clean-up • Page composition Will Rogers HISTORIC PHOTOGRAPH AND LASSO Will Rogers performed amazing rope tricks with his lasso. • Direct input into image selection Memorial What can you tell about Will Rogers by studying this photograph? • Technical artwork • Image manipulation Museum • Directing freelance Photoshop Background The Will Rogers Memorial Museum is in Claremore, Oklahoma. Opened in 1938, the museum houses experts in image manipulation a collection of artifacts and objects from the life and career of Will Rogers. Rogers is known for his work as an actor, author, • Image scanning reporter, and humorist. Document-Based Question Study these primary • Montage creation sources, and answer the questions. TYPEWRITER • Preflight and Prepress As an author and news reporter, Rogers spent much of his time working on this CLOTHING • Creation of final digital files (PDFs) typewriter. How are typewriters similar to the Will Rogers often dressed as a cowhand, wearing a hat and boots such as these, computers you use today? during performances. As a star of western movies, what other items do you think Rogers wore? What does each of these items tell you about the life of Will Rogers? Write a paragraph describing how each item was a part of his career. MOVIE POSTER Will Rogers starred in the comedy In Old For more resources, go to www.harcourtschool.com/ss1 Kentucky in 1935. What do you think the movie was about? 132 ■ Unit 3 Unit 3 ■ 133 SXEOK07ASE4X_U3PS.indd 1 6/13/06 1:23:23 PM SXEOK07ASE4X_U3PS.indd 2 6/13/06 1:23:31 PM http://www.harcourtschool.com/ss1 READ ABOUT The Oklahoma City National Memorial honors Visitors leave notes and other the lives changed by the items at the Survivor Wall to bombing of the Murrah remember those who died. The Survivor Tree is a Federal Building on April 90-year-old tree that 19, 1995. On the fifth anni- survived the bombing. versary of the bombing, President Bill Clinton dedicated the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial. The Memorial Museum was dedicated on February 19, In the Field of Empty Chairs, Visitors enter and exit the memorial through The Children’s Area has 2001. Its exhibits retell the each of the 168 chairs bears the Gates of Time, which represent the tiles hand-painted by events leading up to and the name of a person who moment before and after the bombing. children in response died in the bombing. to the bombing. after the bombing. Written in ten chapters, the sto- ryline ends with “hope.” THE REFLECTING POOL stretches the length of the The memorial serves both memorial. The calm water symbolizes the healing of as a reminder and as a wounds and provides a quiet place for visitors to think. challenge to never let such an event happen again. FIND A VIRTUAL TOUR For more resources, go to www.harcourtschool.com/ss1 148 ■ Unit 3 Unit 3 ■ 149 SXEOK07ASE4X_U3FT.indd 1 6/13/06 1:17:29 PM SXEOK07ASE4X_U3FT.indd 2 6/13/06 1:17:45 PM