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For both private companies and public organizations, it is a crowded, noisy marketplace. Customers and stakeholders are bombarded with messages, images and impressions. Without an organized …

For both private companies and public organizations, it is a crowded, noisy marketplace. Customers and stakeholders are bombarded with messages, images and impressions. Without an organized marketing and communications strategy, brands become diluted and marketing messages become unclear and inefficient. Fourth Economy examines the big picture surrounding our clients marketing and communications needs by placing ourselves in the most important position relative to your organization… your customer. We stay on the cutting edge of emerging marketing techniques, new and social media and creative information design practices to offer a fresh outlook to your business. We are not a marketing firm. We are strategists considering the big picture of your organization.

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  • 1. PORTFOLIO: Information & Marketing ArchitectureInformation & Marketing Architecture ePortfolio March, 2011
  • 2. ABOUT OUR SERVICES For both private companies and public organizations, it is a crowded, noisy marketplace. Customers and stakeholders are bombarded with messages, images and impressions. Without an organized marketing and communications strategy, brands become diluted and marketing messages become unclear and inefficient. Fourth Economy examines the big picture surrounding our clients marketing and communications needs by placing ourselves in the most important position relative to your organization… your customer. We stay on the cutting edge of emerging marketing techniques, new and social media and creative information design practices to offer a fresh outlook to your business. We are not a marketing firm. We are strategists considering the big picture of your organization. Many public organizations fail to recognize that, although they have differing missions, their business progression should be very similar to that of private industry. Fourth Economy takes into consideration each client’s growth stage and creates a customized plan using the services below for optimal marketing results. Each of the services listed below can be applied in any growth stage, however, generally are weighted differently for each stage and depend on desired needs/results.
  • 3. Brand Development & ManagementSERVICES We assist in developing key concepts necessary to build a strong brand from the ground up. This service includes creative design and ongoing management of image assets to build a consistent identity across multiple channels. Message & Content Development Massaging a message for distribution and the medium used to communicate play important roles in desired effect. Understanding both ends of this spectrum, Fourth Economy remains on the cutting- edge of marketing and communication trends to create innovative strategies for implementation, analyze existing plans and/or manage campaigns to ensure information falls on attentive ears. Customer Service Analysis We work to understand our clients’ approach to customers and provide a detailed analysis of complete customer experiences, noting areas of improvement against industry best practices. We help our public sector clients develop clean messages that articulate the value of the services being provided in both qualitative and quantitative ways. Competitor Strategy The reality of the economic recovery is that the strong have survived and the competition going forward will be intense. While we cannot eliminate the competition, we can gain a better understanding of how your competitors operate and provide solutions to strengthen market position. Relationship Building The cost to retain a customer is significantly cheaper and more valuable than finding new clients. Fourth Economy analyzes clients’ existing climate and recommends customer retention strategies to reinforce your credibility. Similarly the cost to maintain a primary funder of an organization is equally important. The message may be slightly deeper but the methods and frequency of communication should be the same for an organization-funder relationship as it is for a business- customer relationship. Product Innovation Strategy Stale bread can either be thrown out, or you can use it to make croutons. Products and ideas are the same way. We provide a quality analysis of client products and ideas and recommend innovation strategies and techniques to decommission an old idea, breathe life into a stale idea or launch a new idea. Unbiased Advice At our core, the Fourth Economy team is an economic strategy firm and we offer Information & Marketing Architecture services because our clients need the assistance. We are not a big design firm or a print, video or web development firm, so we are not focused on recommending those types of services to our clients. Instead, we work with clients to tailor the best communications and messaging tools and identify the resources needed to execute on those plans.
  • 4. Stylesheet For additional information on the Mylan Classic identity, please contact: Chase McClain, Tournament Director (724) 746-3535 Name & Logos Colors In text format, the “Mylan Classic presented by CONSOL Energy” should always be represented as shown. In graphic format, any of the images below are appropriate, with preference given in The following colors should be used to the order shown. The Consol Energy mark should be used in all instances, unless directed/approved by Tournament Director. Reversed and single color marks should be used when necessary represent the Mylan Classic, where appropriate. based on dictated design. Spacing around all aspects of the logo should be greater than or equal to the thickest portion of one of the swooshes. PRIMARY COLORS Red - Pink PAN. 193 C HEX. #c72044 RGB. 199 . 32 . 68 CMYK. 16 . 100 . 72 . 4 Aqua PAN. 298 C HEX. #00b5e6 RGB. 0 . 181 . 230 CMYK. 70 . 6 . 2 . 0 Gold PAN. 457 C HEX. #c6a62e RGB. 198 . 166 . 46 CMYK. 24 . 31 . 100 . 1 SECONDARY COLORS Light Blue PAN. 5493 C HEX. #8cabb0 RGB. 140 . 171 . 176 CMYK. 47 . 23 . 28 . 0 Dark Aqua PAN. 5473 C HEX. #106470BRANDING & IDENTITY RGB. 16 . 100 . 112 CMYK. 89 . 47 . 46 . 18 Neutral PAN. 482 C HEX. #ddcfb8 RGB. 221 . 207 . 184 CMYK. 13 . 15 . 27 . 0 Fonts The Mylan Classic logo is designed using the standard Mylan logo identity and Phoenix Script FLF with standard tracking. Phoenix Script FLF Mylan Classic Event Identity Logo development, color palette, font treatment
  • 5. TechBelt Stylesheet Name & Logos Colors In text format, TechBelt should be referenced as one word with Belt Aqua capitalization as shown. In graphic format, any of the images below PAN. 627 C are appropriate, with preference given in the order shown. Vertical HEX. #023334 Primary and reversed marks should be used when necessary based on dictated RGB. 2 . 51 . 52 design. CMYK. 91 . 58 . 64 . 59 Tech Green PAN. 371 C HEX. #5C6C2F RGB. 92 . 108 . 47 CMYK. 63 . 39 . 100 . 25 Steel Gray PAN. 446 C HEX. #444444 RGB. 68 . 68 . 68 CMYK. 67 . 60 . 59 . 44 Secondary Cleveland Blue PAN. 433 C HEX. #112220 RGB. 17 . 34 . 32 CMYK. 81 . 62 . 67 . 74 Akron Blue PAN. 5477 C HEX. #4E696A RGB. 78 . 105 . 106 CMYK. 71 . 46 . 51 . 20 Pittsburgh Gold Accent Only PAN. 143 C HEX. #EAB024 RGB. 234 . 176 . 36 CMYK. 8 . 32 . 98 . 0 Youngstown Gray PAN. 424 C HEX. #727272 RGB. 114 . 114 . 114 For sizing, space should be CMYK. 56 . 48 . 47 . 14 maintained of at least 1/2 of the orb width completely surrounding the entire mark. In the example to the right, Fonts no text or portions of any other mark should appear The TechBelt logo is designed with Walkway within the box shown. Black using tracking of 50 and Walkway Semi Bold. The suite of Walkway fonts is suitable for use BRANDING & IDENTITY in materials. For those without the Walkway suite, or, for cross-functional use, Century Gothic and Elements Trebuchet are adequate functional fonts when used alongside the TechBelt logo and identity. The three bars seen below and at the top of this page may be used as an additonal identity element. Only the three colors represented here (Belt Aqua, Tech Green, Steel Gray) can be used, however it does not matter the order in which they appear. The bars must always appear horizontal and maintain a horizontal bleed off either the page or an object. They Walkway Black can be any size, but they must be in equal thirds (1:1:1 ratio). The area of this bar element (all three colors together) should be less than 1/10 of the Walkway Semi Bold object from which they bleed. Century Gothic Trebuchet For questions regarding the TechBelt identity, or appropriate design usage, please contact GSP Consulting Corp. at 412-765-1180 or Project IdentityLogo development, color palette, font treatment, element design
  • 6. CORPORATE COLLATERAL My-Registrar Software Collateral Graphic design, layout, brand development, copy writing, photo assets
  • 7. capture t Green Economy Solutions: Building the Green Future of Businesses, Nonprofits and Communities First-movers and early adopters always capture a larger share of new and emerging markets. GSP Consulting believes that there are significant opportunities for businesses, nonprofits and governments in the green economy. However, the benefits will only be awarded to those who understand the green marketplace, what funding sources are available and where their niche or competitive advantage exists. GSP’s multi-disciplinary approach and unique public and private sector perspective allows us to help our clients successfully navigate this emerging and ever- changing environment. The GSP team works with a range of clients including: companies, nonprofits, associations, universities and governments every day to navigate the green marketplace. GSP designs sustainable development strategies, creates ground-breaking public policy and seeks sources of non-dilutive funding from federal, state and local governments to support clients. GSP professionals are entrepreneurs by nature and bring creativity and passion to work with your organization. GSP helps clients by:  Funding acquisition for green initiatives and innovations  Securing federal and state discretionary draw-downs  Writing strategic federal and state grants  Facilitating incentive development and negotiation  Building partners and aligning assets  Planning place-based, green economic development strategies  Analyzing how industries and strategies fit into a regional green economy  Incorporating sustainable best practices as part of comprehensive strategic plans  Creating public-private partnerships to support green economic development CORPORATE COLLATERAL  Public policy development and implementation  Designing policy and leveraging political relationships  Building relationships between traditional businesses and green economy leaders  Spearheading grassroots lobbying to elevate clients’ issues GSP is a trusted advisor having worked in a variety of green economy sectors including:  Advanced Manufacturing  Clean and Alternative Energy GSP Consulting Corp.  Economic Development Collaboratives 100 West Station Square Drive  Higher Education Landmarks Building, Suite 500  Nonprofit Organizations Pittsburgh, PA 15219  Real Estate Development Main: (412) 765-1180  State and Local Governments Fax: (412) 765-1480 Grow Your EnterpriseGSP Corporate Service CollateralGraphic design, layout, brand development, copy editing, photo assets
  • 8. WHITE PAPER GSP Consulting Corp. 1-877-GSP-CORP 12 Tips for Submitting Grant Proposals: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act By Tim Hindes, Grants Manager & Creative Director 100 West Station Square Drive Landmarks Building, Suite 500 GSP Consulting, November 2009 Pittsburgh, PA 15219 1-877-GSP-CORP www.gspconsulting.comWHITE PAPERS ARRA Grant Writing White Paper Graphic design, layout, copy writing, photo assets
  • 9. WHITE PAPERSParks & Recreation White PaperGraphic design, layout, photo assets
  • 10. COMPLEX INFORMATION DESIGN Economic Architecture Graphics Concept sketches, illustration, illustration manipulation, graphic design, logo development
  • 11. Green Product Labels & Certifications To download this latest version of this chart, visit us online at CERTIFICATION INFORMATION CERTIFICATION PROCESS OUTSIDE NUMBER OF COST TO COMPLIANCE WITH STANDARDS GENERAL INFORMATION AUDIT GENERAL PRODUCT CATEGORY CREATED BY PRODUCTS CERTIFIED MANUFACTURER GENERAL ANSI ASTM CHPS ISO LEED NSF Other* Cool Roof Rating Council Roong Cool Roof Rating 1,300+ $1,000 to $6,000  Third-Party Certication E903, & E1918 C1371, C1549, Attribute: Roof Coolness Council  Public Access to Method  Public Comment SS ROOFING System: Rating Acronym: CRRC Multiple Levels: Score from 0 to 1 Energy Star Appliances, Building products, Commercial food U.S. Environmental 44,000+ No cost  Third-Party Certication Attribute: Energy products, Home electronics, Ofce equipment, & Other Protection Agency  Public Access to Method commercial products SS & System: Label  Public Comment  EA ENERGY Multiple Levels: None FloorScore® Ceramic ooring, Laminate ooring, Linoleum, Rubber Resilient Floor 44+ Not available  Third-Party Certication Attribute: Indoor Air Quality ooring, Vinyl, Wall base, & Wood ooring Covering Institute  Public Access to Method IEQ 140 & System: Label   Public Comment  332 Multiple Levels: None www.scscertioorscore.php GREENGUARD® Bedding, Building products, Cleaning & maintenance GREENGUARD 200,000+ $10,000 to  Third-Party Certication products & systems, Electronic equipment, Furniture, Environmental $40,000  Public Access to Method Children & Attribute: Indoor Air Quality Schools Ofce equipment, & Visual display products Institute IEQ System: Label   Public Comment    Multiple Levels: Children & Schools; Indoor Air Quality Green Label Carpet Carpet and Rug Not available Not available  Third-Party Certication Attribute: Indoor Air Quality Institute  Public Access to Method IEQ System: Label  Public Comment  Multiple Levels: ® Label & Label Plus Indoor Advantage™ Furniture & seating systems & components Scientic 290+ Not available  Third-Party Certication BIFMA X7.1 Attribute: Indoor Air Quality Certication  Public Access to Method Systems IEQ System: Label  Public Comment Multiple Levels: INDOOR AIR QUALITY None www.scscerti Indoor Advantage™ Gold Adhesives & sealants, Composite wood & agri-ber Scientic 490+ Not available  Third-Party Certication Attribute: Indoor Air Quality products, Doors, Flooring underlayment, Furniture & Certication  Public Access to Method System: Label seating, Paints & coatings, Textiles & ber, & Windows Systems  Public Comment  IEQ Multiple Levels: None www.scscerti Recycled Material Content Building products Scientic 350+ Not available  Third-Party Certication Attribute: Recycled Content Certication  Public Access to Method RECYCLED Systems MR System: Label  Public Comment Multiple Levels: Percentage SINGLE ATTRIBUTE CONSIDERED www.scscerti WaterSense ® Residential & commercial plumbing products U.S. Environmental 1,000+ Determined by EPA  Third-Party Certication Attribute: Water Protection Agency licensed certifying  Public Access to Method CONTENT bodies IEC WE System: Label   Public Comment  WATER Guide Multiple Levels: None 65 Sustainable Attributes Verication and Evaluation™ All products International Code 2+ $5,000  Third-Party Certication Attribute: Varies Council  Public Access to Method Varies System: Claim Verication  Public Comment VARIES Acronym: SAVE Multiple Levels: None Sustainable Choice™ Carpet Scientic 110+ $15,000 to  Third-Party Certication Attributes: Multiple Certication $25,000  Public Access to Method System: Certication Systems  Public Comment 140 CARPET Multiple Levels: Silver, Gold & Platinum www.scscerti Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool Desktop & laptop computers, Integrated systems, & Green Electronics 1,000+ $1,500 to  Third-Party Certication ELECTRONICS Attributes: Multiple Monitors Council $90,000  Public Access to Method System: Certication  Annually  Public Comment Acronym: EPEAT Multiple Levels: Bronze, Silver & Gold Forest Stewardship Council Certication© Wood, Paper, & Other wood products Forest Stewardship 13,000+ $2,000 to $4,000  Third-Party Certication COMPLEX INFORMATION DESIGN Attributes: Multiple Council certicate holders per location per  Public Access to Method MR System: Certication  year  Public Comment Acronym: FSC Multiple Levels: Forest Management, Chain of Custody, & Controlled Wood Sustainable Forestry Initiative Wood, Paper, & Other wood products Sustainable 700+ Not available  Third-Party Certication Attributes: Multiple Forestry Initiative certied locations  Public Access to Method System: Certication   Public Comment Acronym: SFI Multiple Levels: Forest Certication, Chain of Custody, & Fiber www.s Sourcing CSA Sustainable Forest Management Wood Canadian 79.3 million Not available  Third-Party Certication Attributes: Multiple Standards hectares  Public Access to Method System: Certication Association (CSA) (out of 134.1  Public Comment WOOD Acronym: CSA/FSM International million hectares of Multiple Levels: Canadian forest) Chain of Custody California Gold Carpet California 18+ Not available  Third-Party Certication Attributes: Multiple Department of  Public Access to Method General Services ID 140 System: Certication   Public Comment Multiple Levels: Gold & Platinum Cradle to CradleSM Building products McDonough 250+ $5,000+  Third-Party Certication D5116 & D6670 Attributes: Multiple Braungart Design  Public Access to Method System: Certication Chemistry  Public Comment ID Acronym: C2C Multiple Levels: Approved Ingredients, Basic, Silver, Gold, & Platinum EcoLogo M Covers product sectors: Automotive, Building & TerraChoice 7,000+ $1,500 to $5,000  Third-Party Certication Attributes: Multiple construction, Cleaning & janitorial, Consumer, Environmental  Public Access to Method 14024 System: Certication  electricity, fuels & lubricants, Ofce furniture, Business, Marketing Inc.  Public Comment packaging & containers, & Paper; & Services in the Multiple Levels: Automotive and Printing sectors None Eco Options Commercial & residential building & home products Home Depot 3,700+ $1,500  Third-Party Certication Attributes: Multiple  Public Access to Method System: Label   Public Comment Multiple Levels: None www.scscerti Environmentally Preferable Products Adhesives & sealants, Cabinetry & casework, Carpet, Scientic 16+ Not available  Third-Party Certication 14024 & 14044 Attributes: Multiple Composite panel products, Doors, Electric power Certication  Public Access to Method System: Certication generation, Flooring, Furniture, Paints, Renewable Systems  Public Comment ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERABLE Acronym: EPP energy, Wall coverings, & Wood treatment Multiple Levels: technologies Yes. Inherent to LCA basis, EPP considers a variety www.scscerti of impacts. Green Seal® Building products, Cleaners, Fleet vehicle maintenance, Green Seal 2,500+ $3,000 to  Third-Party Certication 14020 & 14024 Attributes: Multiple Lodging properties, & Paper & products $10,000  Public Access to Method IEQ System: Certication  Public Comment  MULTIPLE ATTRIBUTES CONSIDERED Multiple Levels: None National Sanitation Foundation Carpet, Furniture, & Resilient Flooring National Sanitation 220+ Not available  Third-Party Certication Foundation  Public Access to Method ID BIFMA e3 Attributes: Multiple 140 & System: Certication  Public Comment (for 332 Acronym: NSF Multiple Levels: Carpet) Conformant, Silver, Gold, & Platinum SMaRT© Consensus Sustainable Product Standards All products except airplanes & vehicles The Institute 16+ $7,500 to  Third-Party Certication Attributes: Multiple for Market $10,000  Public Access to Method 14040 Transformation to ID System: Certication   Public Comment   Acronym: SMaRT Sustainability Multiple Levels: Sustainable, Silver, Gold, & Platinum Printed with vegetable-based ink on recycled paper. LEGEND:  Yes  No  Can Comply with Third-Party Certification, But Not Required  Partial Via Standards *Others Listed Here Copyright 2009 © Green Building AllianceGreen Building Alliance Labels & CertificationsConcept sketches, table development, image assets, information architecture, graphic design
  • 12. A Proposal to: THE MARYLAND-NATIONAL CAPITAL PARK AND PLANNING COMMISSION To Provide Consulting Services for the Prince George’s County Planning Department Countywide Visioning Initiative Envision Prince George’s Request for Proposal 29-166 GSP Consulting Corporation Corporate Headquarters 100 West Station Square Drive Landmarks Building - Suite 500 Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (412) 765-1180 Washington, D.C Office 209 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington, DC 20003 (202) 454-5278 Richard Overmoyer Principal Key Experience The GSP Consulting team consists of GSP Consulting, Gannett GSP Consulting Fleming, the University of Pittsburgh Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR), Clear View Strategies and Liquid Interactive GSP Consulting will serve as the lead consultant on this project Media. and coordinate the efforts of the consulting team. GSP enables the growth of organizations, companies, communities, and GSP Team members have worked extensively with regions that economies through a suite of innovative government and economic present both urban and rural economic and social dynamics. We development consulting services. Founded in 2001, GSP relies on understand the complexities this can present and have effectively a revolutionary business model to provide world-class support and worked to guide and develop asset based strategies designed to value at a responsible price. GSP’s Economic Architecture practice avoid and overcome inherent conflicts. is unique in that it is embedded within a government affairs firm, not a planning or architecture firm. We focus on guiding policy and We are confident that the depth of experience featured on this action from day one. Team in the areas of comprehensive planning, research, economic development, survey design and analysis and information systems Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, GSP has grown to is ideally suited to conduct the countywide visioning initiative for include several office locations around the country with offices Prince George’s County. in four states and 30 employees. GSP Economic Architecture experts approach projects with an extensive background in economic development, non-profit management, industry attraction, and site selection. GSP’s experience in growth strategy formulation, research, and public/private funding programs, encompasses local, state and federal levels. Extensive market research is the starting point for GSP’s economic development strategies, so that they can provide a strong andPROPOSALS tailored Strategy and Business Plan that is customer driven. GSP Economic Architecture not only specializes in designing, building, and implementing economic development initiatives, but also in securing funds to support them. Their diverse team has served on the front lines of economic development and has pioneered groundbreaking initiatives. 14 Envision Prince George’s | March 2009 GSP Proposal to Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission Graphic design, layout, complex concept design, photo assets
  • 13.   Presented to [Name or Logo of Proposed Client] For [RFP Name or Subject of Proposal] 1.7.2010 PROPOSALSGSP Proposal TemplatesGraphic design, template-building, photo assets
  • 14. GRANT MATERIAL TechBelt E-RIC Grant Proposal Photo manipulation, map design, complex concept design, graphic design
  • 15. Since 2001, Matt Light has been working with at-risk children in distinct regions across the United States through The Light Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing America’s youth through education, character-building and work ethic. The Light Foundation works with students in rural Ohio, urban Rhode Island and native american Montana, bringing together adolescents from all three cultural spans. Together, these early-teenagers, identified by teachers as having significant potential but at-risk due to gang involvement, drug abuse or violence, are hosted at a two-week long summer camp on a 600-acre facility in Greenville, Ohio. The Foundation makes a commitment to follow these youth for a four year period. Counselors and instructors are on-hand to teach the very basics- teamwork, unity, trust- while also cultivating these kids on more complex issues- cultural divides, socioeconomic gaps and personal goal-setting. These principals serve as the foundation for the camp, and the teens are required to work together on life-skill lessons, outdoor experiences and problem-solving in a very hands-on, tangible style. The youths then continue to be monitored throughout the year by Foundation representatives to prevent the youth from simply falling back into prior habits. The approach is one that has been highly lauded by both school administrators and parents, as this hands-on method has proven to be effective in post-camp attitudes, grades and personality-development. The camp participants are equipped with decision-making logic, an understanding of true work ethic and insight into cross-cultural lifestyles. The overwhelming demand for this program is both encouraging and telling, as more and more middle-aged students fall prey to at-risk behavior. Currently, the camp facility is primitive, at best. Renovations to the site are needed to accommodate the growing number of camp participants and to facilitate those students with physical disabilities. Building renovations are needed to provide safe and reliable sleeping and bathroom amenities. The Light Foundation has proven to be both effective and instrumental in changing the paths of kids of varying backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses and cultural origins, creating a stronger and better- GRANT MATERIAL educated youth for a stronger and better-educated future. The Light Foundation PO Box 749 Greenville, OH 45331 (781) 635-4448 www.mattlightfoundation.orgMatt Light Foundation Pepsi Grant OverviewIllustration manipulation, graphic design, layout
  • 16.  RESEARCH REPORTS Altoona Area Public Library Report Graphic design, layout, complex concept design, photo assets, photo manipulation
  • 17. ad so Cou ty C a be Economic Development Analysis Report July 2009 Compiled and prepared by GSP Consulting Corp. 100 West Station Square Drive | Landmarks Building, Suite 500 | Pittsburgh, PA 15219 877-GSP-CORP | FUTURE community improvement corp. Community Capacity Analysis & Evaluation The findings resulting from the statistical data gathering, site visits, stakeholder discussions The findings are represented in a simple “traffic light” model indicating what community and survey tool all build toward the overall community capacity analysis and evaluation. GSP factors are either an advantage (green), a disadvantage (red), or are neither a major employs a “community evaluation model” for industrial site selection clients to assess locations advantage nor disadvantage (yellow) for the community relative to their overall development and by economic developers to determine their location’s overall capacities and assets. goals and objectives. Three key elements define the GSP model; 1) The ability for a location to support innovation QUALITY OF “PLACE” and generate new “ideas;” 2) The amount of public and private “investment” available to fuel business and community development; and 3) The capacity, quality and functionality of Place the built environment or “place.” Certain findings and data are then associated with each of Critical Observations: these three elements. Depending on the development goals of the client, these factors are examined and emphasized to varying degrees.  Located within a 25 mile radius and sharing a border with the City of Columbus, Madison County is a characterized primarily as a rural community with a rich history in This approach positions the data within a framework designed to reveal a community’s agricultural based industries. advantages and disadvantages and the degree to which “gaps” may exist between the desired economic development goals/objectives and the programs, resources and asset base available to help achieve those goals. Recommendations then can be strategically  Madison County is served by two major interstates – I-70 and I-71 – along with several key state routes bisecting the county north to south. Average commute times are less targeted toward closing gaps, strengthening successful programs or altering the goals and than 30 minutes. objectives. RESEARCH REPORTS  Madison County does not offer a centralized water and sewer system, but is served by COMMUNITY EVALUATION MODEL water authorities and networks at the local municipal level. Some communities are not willing to support industry sectors requiring larger water consumption demands. Talent Base University Resources Research Patents  Most locations within Madison County support managed growth patterns and policies, Educational Partnership Activity directing new development within already developed areas while preserving high-value Infrastructure Technology Transfer green space for agricultural purposes and recreation. Secondary Education Ideas Market Drivers Business Start-ups & Attractions Utilities Growth Plans Economic Health  Broadband infrastructure is available within Madison County and efforts are underway New Urban Designs to improve access in underserved locations and speed of transmission generally. Housing Options Green Infrastructure Open Space  Madison County’s housing stock consists mainly of single-family detached homes. Few Historic Preservation “Human Connectivity” Drive Times Wealth Creation other options exist either in new developments or within the smaller urban centers such as London, West Jefferson or Sterling. Adaptive Reuse Projects Place Investment  Currently there are 1.7 million square feet of industrial space and more than 3,900 acres being marketed as ready or developable within Madison County. There is limited Venture Capital to no class-A/B office space available. Public-Private Funding Partnerships Economic Development Programs Economic Development Service Delivery  No transit options exist within Madison County, although a rail line connecting Community Leadership/Ownership downtown Columbus and Madison County is in place. Governance  Madison County does have freight rail access provided by multiple operators – CSX and Norfolk Southern and a short-line owner/operator. GSP Consulting Corp. | Madison County Chamber Report | July 2009 9Madison County Chamber ReportGraphic design, layout, template-building, complex concept design, photo assets
  • 18. Identify the region’s strengths,gaps and opportunities for the water- related industry sector and sustainable water development Assess existing capabilities and how they align for regional strength Identify & eliminate gaps in the industrial mix/supply chain Provide input to the year-long planning process to create the Water Innovation Consortium Water (H2O) is the most abundant compound on Earth’s surface,constituting about 70% of the planet’s surface. In nature it exists in liquid,solid,and gaseous states. It is in dynamic equilibrium between the liquid and gas states at standard temperature and pressure. At room temperature,it is a nearly colorless with a hint of blue,tasteless,and odorless liquid. Many substances dissolve in water and it is commonly referred to as the universal solvent. Because of this,water in nature and in use is rarely pure and some of its properties may vary slightly from those of the pure substance.There are many compounds that are essentially,if not completely,insoluble in water Water is the only common substance found naturally in all three states of . matter Water is essential for life on Earth and usually makes up 55% to 78% of the human body. . WATER ECONOMIC INDICATORS Treatment Transportation The market for technologies designed to help extract the value from wastewater sludge is expected to grow (nationally) from today to in 2020 $25B $45B The Port of Pittsburgh is the 2nd busiest inland port and the 17th busiest port of any kind in the nation Conservation Recreation 15,000 kayaks were rented in 2009 compared to just 2,500 a few years previous The Bassmaster Classic had an estimated $45 million According to Riverlife, economic impact on Pittsburgh nd tion a In SWPA port we use more Recrea rvation sup ide se w on state than 1.6 billion Since 1999,about $4 billion has been Con gallons of water per day for 8 billi PA’s $2 industr y. 7 the $3.4 billion invested in Pittsburgh’s riverfronts. tourisim generated in electric power . Groundwater is Calgon Carbon $6 Million estimated to be Duquesne University twice as The average house, with a 1,000 square Media & Process $464,760 Technology Inc. abundant as foot roof, will experience $464,760 Carnegie Mellon University more than 17,000 It is e ct S W the amount of to pro $8.5 Million gallons of rain st i m water that flows University of Pittsburgh te runoff per $9.4 Million ate PA’s Percipience Group, Inc. annually in PA’s illion by 2 020. Global wat year. d 10 b er t $150,000 $ th ate to re atm streams. at ow en gr w it w s ou ill t is up ld yw a $25 Million r pl take str $5 $4 yf u in active 85 ind rom po o t $ 1 0 b illi o That’s b il n nt lluta RESEARCH lio me nts a ne nd runoff. enough water t rea xpe Global ballast water t for the average cted households’ total to grow to $770 bi daily use (160 gallons) for 110 days if treated. i on ll by Every industry NEEDS water 016 2 .Th some more than others... e gl Costing only ob = $90 = n. rec al illio yc 3b led t$ sa wat market currently stand er to treat it. If bottled,it would be Enough drinking water for 90 people for an entire year We spend approximately $1.3 billion each worth about $210,000 year to treat water in Southwestern PA out of nearly $1.7 billion collected for that purpose. Driven by public safety and environmental “Regulation is a double-edge regulations Green Water & growth and concerns Waste Water sword. It drives potential in the industry,but also greatly $ Management Limited by Top Water-Using have the highest increases water treatment costs growth potential lack of for companies. ” in SWPA financing - PA WaterTreatment Proprietor and increased costs Industries associated with regulations in SWPA $ Grain Farming 18.35 billion gallons used per year Dog & Cat Food Manufacturing 16.96 billion gallons used per year $ { Fluid Milk Manufacturing 57.75 billion gallons used per year Paint & Coating Manufacturing With the largest 74.75 billion gallons used per year impact to... Components Components Cattle Ranching & Farming 50 Firms 21.09 billion gallons used per year 3,275 Employees $617.9 Million in Sales SWPA Water Supply Chain ...resulting in a Services 240 Firms Services $1.12 billion outputSPECIAL MEDIA Transportation Transportation COST OF WATER 1,520 Employees $1.58 Billion $49.2 Million in Sales 50 Firms 793 Employees $108.3 Million in Sales Plumbing & HVAC 185 Firms Plumbing & HVAC 4,933 Employees $641.3 Million in Sales Security 28 Firms Treatment & Supply Security Treatment & Supply 20 Firms 494 Employees $59.7 Million in Sales + + = Quality Time Location Retail Cost 817 Employees $101.5 Million in Sales Water Industry Economic Assessment Sponsored by: Positioning the Pittsburgh Region as a Global Alcoa Foundation The Heinz Endowments Bayer Corporation Hillman Foundation Provider of Sustainable Water Solutions Bayer USA Foundation LANXESS Buhl Foundation Richard King Mellon Foundation Presented by: Pittsburgh World Environment Day Partnership Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation H2Opportunity Poster Logo development, color palette, font treatment, complex concept design, illustration, illustration manipulation, photo assets, graphic design
  • 19. GREATER PITTSBURGH COUNCIL rdinator :: Jacque Schultz, Administr gent Coo ator :: ontin tant C Tim H ssis indes ht, A Senior Patrol Leader :: Troop 450 :: Pau rig , Cr eati w Hall, in B l Clark re ve D Kev :: And , Sco irec r :: aster utma tor utm ato t As st. Scoutmaster :: Pia I. Ca ster :: B din st. S co . Bell, Firs rilli, Sec :: R oor As ic hard S ond A oge ruc eM tC hird r :: R sst. S rD g en T utm aste cout ick cD ntin a, Sco mas han ow o e cal la, ter s, ell, :: P n/C nC eca atri Firs tA St aff ma ya nC ck air :: R : Ala Jon ss t. S Ad h ste r 3: es, vis ,C a 44 Th co utm or sh utm p ird :: lta o roo As as M o Sc :T ter ich .K t. r: st. ae J ss de Sc :: v id A ea ou Sc lS lL tm ot ur Da o nd tro as tH ba :: ec a ter ar u S io rP :: di am s, ng en Ju gh st , Te rm S ,S a l, in co n o Sc Se Ne tio W ut h co tra x A. Ex nd inis m le ck ec :A ied As m tri ut r: el, st Pa Ad ive te .S Se as :: co nio tm ter utm rP ou as Sc at utm as ro ter st. lL co As ea :: A t. S de d n hir ss tho r :: ,T tA ny Tro Hill Firs Ve op ric r., rdu :: E 44 ,J ce, 4 :: lsh er ast We Thi Will utm rd iam hn Sco Ass :: Jo L. F t. S sst. len ter co nd A mas nike utma n, S Seco cout ster cou kin, S Carilli, :: Ga tmas k” Get vin Ca Marc ter :: L Patrol Leader :: Troop 449 :: John “Jac Trevor Davis, First Asst. Scoutmaster :: rrigan, Se awrenc e Brown, First Asst. Scoutmas nior Patrol Leader :: Troop 447 :: ter :: Ra aster :: , Senior Richar y Shu m lley Scout er Ke d Ho make uer, toph lbert, r, Se ul La hris Sco con : Pa :: C dA u : tma 46 ster sst. p4 ster a Sc utm roo :: R o ut co :: T ma oy t. S er ste Bro s ad As r :: l Le si, rd Jo F tro hi irst sh ll, T a ua rP As e ow nio st. hill P Se H Sc ip ate s, , ou alk Th :N tm W ird as r: a s ter te As om as st . :: Th m W Sc ut :: ar o ou er Sc en r tm a st t. a st Ch ss tm er A am ou :: d on Sc An p, ec st. ew dr Se ,S As nd co r d ir Os ye Th he As Ba , z ka st. Ed ult h ,S Sc :: Sc ior en ou ter rek as tm :: D e er l Le tro Pa ter as tm SPECIAL MEDIA ou st a :: H Sc tma der arr st. s u co :: T ro iso tA t. S op nT ,F irs Ass 445 rne u rry ond c :: Ve r, T ld C u t, Se on S rn hird ona Brigh vin , Scou mith Ass :: R r :: Ke tma t. S ster outmaste ster :: Paul H. Wain, First Asst. Sc utma co tma u ster , Sco ar :: Kev g Tok Bunce, in Senior Patrol Leader :: Troop 448 :: Gre ® 2010 National Scout Jamboree 07.26.10 - 08.04.10Greater Pittsburgh Council, National Scout Jamboree Patch Set & MaterialsLogo development, color palette, font treatment, element design, illustration, illustration manipulation, graphic design,brand management
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  • 21. Adding the Government Link Your Supply Chain  Government Affairs  Coalition-Building with Key Constituencies  Government Procurement & Contracting  Legislative & Regulatory Lobbying  Federal & State Appropriations Funding  Strategic Communications  Professional Grant Writing  Economic Impact and Feasibility Studies Pittsburgh Harrisburg Minneapolis/St. Paul Washington, DC Columbus Philadelphia Capitalizing on Government Assets Amplify Your Investment  Government Affairs  Professional Grant Writing  Federal and State Government Contracting  Strategic Communications for Start-Ups  Technology Transfer & Entrepreneurial  Economic Impact and Feasibility Studies Development Consulting ADVERTISING Pittsburgh Harrisburg Minneapolis/St. Paul Washington, DC Columbus PhiladelphiaGSP AdvertisingGraphic design, layout, concept
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  • 23. PRESENTATIONSCapturing the Storm PresentationElement design, photo assets, graphic design, layout
  • 24. SOCIAL MEDIA Pittsburgh Technology Council Social Media/Marketing Strategy Asset development, Twitter, blog, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube
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  • 26. ABOUT USFourth Economy Consulting is a nationaleconomic development solutions providerspecializing in market analytics, strategic planning,community assessments and organizationbuilding. Our team of experienced practitionershelps businesses, communities and non-profitorganizations achieve their market potential. TheFourth Economy Consulting team is committed toinvesting in the communities where we live, workand play.Fourth Economy experts, collaborators andpioneers represent diverse backgrounds and skillsets. Together, we endeavor to share with clientsand colleagues our thinking on a variety of topics.
  • 27. Tim HindesOUR TEAM Director, Information & Marketing Architecture Tim has presented regionally and nationally on topics surrounding social media, marketing and branding and has worked with some of the country’s top brands throughout his career. He comes to Fourth Economy from GSP Consulting, where he served as Grants Manager & Creative Director. Coupled with finding funding opportunities for clients, he built communications and marketing strategies for public and private organizations alike. Prior to joining GSP, Tim oversaw all aspects of marketing and communications efforts for the Pittsburgh Technology Council, focusing primarily on electronic media and strategic communications. In addition, he was responsible for project management of the Council’s new Web site, dedicated to highlighting membership benefits, member profiles, case studies, new products and added services. Strategic planning, brand development and marketing partnership relations were additional areas of Tim’s responsibility. While at the PTC, he developed other viral marketing media, including social marketing channels, blogs and interactive networking groups. His communication plan helped earn the Council the ASAE Gold Circle Award – Honorable Mention, in 2007, for electronic communications.
  • 28. Creating innovative growth strategies for the modern marketplace.