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IPR Collateral 4bridge
IPR Collateral 4bridge
IPR Collateral 4bridge
IPR Collateral 4bridge
IPR Collateral 4bridge
IPR Collateral 4bridge
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IPR Collateral 4bridge


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Published in: Technology
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  1. Bridging Technologies World Wide Patent Search | Trade Marks & Copyright | Patent Alerts | Competitive Intelligence Patent Filing | FTO Searches | Invalidation Searches | Bridging Technologies World Wide FourBridge Technologies Corporate Profile Copyright © FourBridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd., 2009-2010 Page 1 of 3 Confidential Document
  2. Got an Idea? Share it, Patent it! FTO Searches Our technical experts look out for issued patents or pending applications for a specific geographical region to ascertain that whether the given product, process or service are infringing existing patent(s) owned by others. Deliverables include an analysis table where in each independent claim of the identified patent is analyzed and interpreted with respect to your invention, product, process or service. Invalidation Searches Invalidation search is done to identify documents (patent and non-patent literature) that may reduce the claim scope for one or more claims of a granted patent. Deliverables include a claim chart with mapping of our target patent claims with the identified prior art. Chemical/Markush Structure Searches Chemical structure searches are conducted primarily to identify pharmaceutical patents (product) disclosing a structure in the patent either in the structure or keyword format. Our resident chemical experts are well trained in conducting full structure or Markush structure searches in databases such as Surechem, MARPAT, CAPlus etc., Deliverables include a word or excel report with images of structures cited in the patent or non-patent literature. We specialize in following areas of technology: Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Telemedicine Electronics and Telecommunication Software/Information Technology Chemical Mechanical Page 2 of 3 Confidential Document
  3. Quality is never an accident it is always the result of intelligent effort.” Trade Mark Search & Registration A trademark may be a word, symbol, logo, slogan, or any combination thereof that is used to identify and distinguish one person’s goods or services from the goods or services of another, and serves as an indicator of source of the goods or services. Trademarks serve as a vehicle for the creation and retention of custom by their use, as they indicate the origin of goods and services. The purpose of a trademark is to focus attention on the origin of goods, not the proprietor of the goods The "TM" or “SM” notation is merely a means of informing third parties that the person claims trademark rights to the word, slogan, or phrase associated with "TM" or "SM" notation. The same can be used only once the application is made for registration of a Trademark. After the grant the symbol ® is used Deliverables include an analysis table where in each independent claim of the identified patent is analyzed and interpreted with respect to your invention, product, process or service. At Fourbridge Tech we offer the following type of trademark related services: Trademark and Service mark searches for the following regions USA,Canada, India, UK, European Community, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Madrid Protocol Applications filed with WIPO Trademark and Service mark filing for the following regions India, USA, UK, Australia Page 5 of 7 Confidential Document
  4. Perfect Fusion Of Innovative, Intelligence Technology FourBridge Tech is highly focused on Knowledge oriented services such as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The company provides a range of high-end research services, which are targeted towards global clients in North America, Europe and APAC. “Technology and Intelligence” is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. The company is on a constant endeavor to provide its clients innovative solutions at competitive prices through a combination of tools, platforms and business processes.. Patent Landscape & Analysis Competitive Intelligence Studies Our team of patent professionals are well qualified in conducting primary and secondary r esearch, and are trained in basic aspects of patent laws to churn out valuable market research reports from the data collected over the world wide web, Journals, patents, non- patent literature, product manuals etc., Our market- IP reports attempts to provide the following solutions to our clients: w IP portfolio Mapping to identify the strengths, gaps and formulate appropriate strategy to invest or divest in specific technologies for major Companies w Analysis of retrieved data with graphs, charts or maps representing the strength of patents, patent trends across various technologies, patent filing pattern and top assignees in relevant technology w Indication of emerging trends in R&D and Product Development through Competitor Patents Analysis w Correlates R&D investments to patent filings for competitor portfolios w A complete SWOT analysis with comparison to Competitor's IP portfolio w Report on legal status of patents and expected legal action of a particular patent w Inference from final analysis Page 3 of 7 Confidential Document
  5. Coming together is a begining; Keeping together is a progress; Working together is Success. Patent Alerts & Summaries Patent Alerts Get periodic updates on patents published worldwide on a specific area or domain of interest based on w Keywords w Patent classification (IPC, USC, and EPC) w Assignee names w Inventors w Compound name w Change in legal status etc. Keep updated on latest trends and developments in your subject area of interest Get your updates delivered in e-mail, MS-Excel, MS-Word Access to industry standard databases such as Delphion, Derwent WPI, CAplus, IMS etc. Prior art analysis & Summary writing: w Our subject matter experts can provide a summary or an abstract for your patents of interest, stating the novelty of the invention and its advantages over the prior art w Expertise in the field of Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Engineering and Chemistry w Our subject matter experts can help you out in writing a summary of the prior art identified for PCT applications at a nominal cost, as your attorneys can focus on the core job of drafting the specifications. Page 5 of 7 Confidential Document Page 6 of 7 Confidential Document
  6. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle Contact Us Tel: +91.206.675.0605 I Mobile: +91.915.899.7796 Write to Us Visit Us Page 3 of 3 Confidential Document