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fdfdfd   Salient Features of our Datacenter Services   Highest hosting uptime in the industry - 99.995% uptime SLA guarant...
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FourBridge Technologies - Company Profile


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FourBridge Technologies pvt ltd. is a IT Solutions Super market having association with worlds leading IT giants for industry specific solutions. It specializes in Aviation Safety Management solutions. Has experts to offer Data analysis services on FDM, CVR, FDS.

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FourBridge Technologies - Company Profile

  1. 1. The Company Profile Software Development Aviation Safety Management DataCenter Services Intellectual Property Services QA & Testing Marketing & Branding Staffing & Consulting FourBridge Technologies Pvt Ltd Bridging Technologies WorldwideFOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES - CORPORATE PROFILE | COPYRIGHT © FOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
  2. 2. People Power People who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they cant find them, make them. - George Bernard Shaw What’s FourBridge? FourBridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading global IT solution company providing services to enterprises across globe. Established in 2005 & formerly known as 4eMarkets. Years of our existence, we have carved out a niche for ourselves in core areas of Outsourcing, Vision Product Development, Aviation Safety Management, “To become the leading technology Datacenter Services, Professional Services, Onsite solution’s SuperMarket across all the Consulting, Intellectual Property Services, QA & industry verticals” Testing, Marketing & Branding We are specialized in industry-specific solutions for Aviation Safety , Intellectual Property, Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, Internet Security & Encryption, Warehousing and Logistics, Tourism and Entertainment, Workflow Management, ecommerce & N-tier Internet Applications with strategic Core Values outsourcing and integration services with global - Quality partners. We are able to deliver world-class solutions - Commitment because of highly experienced Technical team which has - Customer Satisfaction and decades of experience working on emerging technologies - Associate Satisfaction FourBridge Techs concept is not about changing your business but transforming key business processes to leverage advantages of technologies. “Its not just about converting your ideas into a reality, but also about helping you DREAM BIG!” Key Success Factors  We focus on Delivering Quality and On time Solutions  We believe in building long-term relationships  We partner with our customers to meet their goals  Our Account executives strive for the best customer satisfaction.  We know that associates are our greatest assets, we reward them!  We invest in sourcing and retaining Quality Talent  We conduct Active Training, Knowledge Management & Continuous Process Improvement ProgramsFOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES - CORPORATE PROFILE | COPYRIGHT © FOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
  3. 3. Bringing Software Innovations to life! Perfect Fusion of Innovation, Intelligence & Technology Software Development FourBridge specializes in providing Offshore Software Development Services & solutions with services such as Web Development, Product Development, Strategic consulting & Training, Offshore Product & Application development, Multimedia & Design Solutions, and WAP Development. Web Portal Development IT Services Networking & Community portals, web-shops Application Migration and web portals, media streaming, ecommerce Client Server Application engines, remote consulting systems programming on Application Development & Maintenance all modern development platforms, like PHP, Ruby, Product Re-Engineering .NET, J2EE. E-Business Enterprise Application Enterprise Solution Development IT Outsourcing Solutions System Upgrades & Integration CRM, ECM, VoIP and wireless software solutions, Custom Software Development payment and billing systems, backup software, Software Testing & Quality Assurance regulatory solutions development, C/C++, C# (.NET), IT Project Management and Java. BPO & KPO Services Technology Expertise Business Solutions Java / J2EE, V isual C++, V isual Basic, .Net Aviation Safety Management technologies (C# and ASP.NET), Joomla, Drupal Aviation Data Analysis Services Solutions, PhP, CGI, Perl, Oracle, MS SQL server and Banking Solutions MySQL Datacenter & Hosting Solutions School/College/ University Campus -Management ERP Solutions Intellectual Property Services Staffing & ConsultingFOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES - CORPORATE PROFILE | COPYRIGHT © FOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
  4. 4. FBT Aerospace Safety on Priority! Safety Management System [SMS] TRAI NING A safety management system as laid down by ICAO is a systematic, We also offer a Non Technical Skills Training explicit and comprehensive process for managing safety risks that program tailored to all levels of an organization includes (as a minimum) the following four components: from senior management (CEO, COO, head of flight operations, head of maintenance, head of · Safety Policy and Objectives ground operations, etc ) down to the frontline · Safety Risk Management pilots, technicians and other crew. · Safety Assurance and Internal Evaluation SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS · Safety Promotion FourBridge has tied up with industry leaders and provides to its clients software solutions for These components are linked together and create a culture that online data capturing, risk analysis, promotes safety by setting policies, identifying and reducing risks, providing a means for continuous assessment of the system investigation, audit management etc. which through internal and external audits, and promoting safety ensures that you have all the data required when through various methods and mediums. you want it. Acknowledging that most accidents result from human error and MANAGED SOLUTIONS the human is but one part of an organizational system, we will not prevent accidents by changing people; we will only prevent Small and medium sized organizations can accidents when we address the underlying causal factors. benefit from a range of managed safety programs that provides them with the benefits B ENEFITS OF AN S M S of a professional safety management program without the expense by using safety · Improved safety awareness. . management software, to capture, manage and · Assurance to the all aviation companies & its Executives analyze safety, hazards and risk data. that formal safety management practices are in place. · Identification of higher risk areas to facilitate improved utilization of resources based on significance. · Elevating the standard of safety management, which How we do it! may result in lower insurance premiums. • GAP ANALYSIS. • SMS ROADMAP. RISK MANAGEMENT • TRAINING. Aviation companies must manage a vast array of potential risks. • SMS IMPLEMENTATION. The SMS approach ensures that they: • MANAGED SERVICES. • FOQA SERVICES. · Understand operational risks on a daily basis. • SAFETY AUDITS. · Identify hazards and risks when/if things go wrong and • HAZARD IDENTIFICATION. manage these risks. . • RISK ANALYSIS. · Reflect on lessons from other industries and organizations. • EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLANNING.FOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES - CORPORATE PROFILE | COPYRIGHT © FOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
  5. 5. S Got an Idea?? Share it! Patent it! Intellectual Property Rights FourBridge Tech is highly focused on Knowledge oriented services such as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The company provides a range of high-end research services, which are targeted towards global clients in North America, Europe and APAC. “Technology and Intelligence” is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. The company is on a constant endeavor to provide its clients innovative solutions at competitive prices through a combination of tools, platforms and business processes. Our current IP services include: Competitive Intelligence studies:  Intellectual Property Search  Technology Due diligence  Prior art search/State-of-Art Search  Patent Portfolio analysis  Validity / Invalidity Search  Patent Mining  Freedom to Operate/Clearance Search  Legal Status Search  IP Landscaping studies  Novelty Search  Patent Mapping  Family patent Search  Trademark searches  Patent Infringement Search Prior art analysis & Summary writing: Patent Alerts & Summaries Get periodic updates on patents  Our subject matter experts can provide a published worldwide on a specific area or summary or an abstract for your patents of domain of interest based on: interest, stating the novelty of the invention and its advantages over the prior art.  Keywords  Expertise in the field of Life Sciences, Medical  Patent classification (IPC,USC, & EPC) Devices, Engineering and Chemistry  Assignee names  Our experts can help you in writing a  Inventors summary of the prior art identified for PCT  Compound name applications at a nominal cost, as your  Change in legal status etc. attorneys can focus on the core job of drafting the specifications. Keep updated on latest trends and developments in your subject area of We also do: interest. Get your updates delivered in e- - Patent filing and Drafting (US, India and PCT) mail, MS-Excel, MS-Word. Access to - Provisional patent applications as per USPTO industry standard databases such as and Indian Patent law Delphion, DerwentWPI, CAplus, IMS etc. - Patent drawingsFOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES - CORPORATE PROFILE | COPYRIGHT © FOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
  6. 6. fdfdfd Salient Features of our Datacenter Services Highest hosting uptime in the industry - 99.995% uptime SLA guarantee 100% uptime record since inception. That is not one second of downtime in over 5 years. What the industry only tries to achieve, we do every day. Every second of the day. Tier IV Infrastructure We have invested a lot of time and effort in creating a fault tolerant datacenter built on Tier IV standards, which can guarantee an SLA commitment is 99.995% uptime. This means a potential downtime of only 20 minutes in an entire year against 4 hours 22 minutes for 99.95% uptime SLA. Scalability: >20,000 racks We invest in our business regularly. In people, In relationships, In software and hardware technology. With more than 20,000 racks being set up across India, you can rest assured of scalability. As your business grows, we grow with you. Six Zone Security™ Our datacenter is a fortress, keeping your mission-critical data away from the perils of the outside world. Six impenetrable zones of security stand between your data and unwanted visitors. Biometric access, man-traps, and an armed watch force are just some of the methods we employ. Carrier Neutral Independent of any one network carrier, we employ multiple service providers to ensure that your data transfers are not vulnerable to the sensitivities of any one provider, keeping you online and your business up and running at all times. What’s more, our strong relationships with these carriers we ensure that we get the best of service and speed. Core Business Focus Datacenters are a complex web of technology and bandwidth. Network Carriers, Servers, Power cables and humans must come together like clockwork to ensure smooth operations. And do this, everyday. Running a datacenter can be a nightmare for companies, taking away time and precious resources which could be better utilized for core business. That’s why it makes good sense to outsource your enterprise datacenter to us. We invest in the technology and people to make your datacenter worries go away.FOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES - CORPORATE PROFILE | COPYRIGHT © FOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
  7. 7. Core Banking & Total Branch Automation Solution An Overview Core Banking Solution (CBS) is networking of branches, which enables Customers to operate their accounts, and avail banking services from any branch of the Bank on CBS network, regardless of where he maintains his account. The customer is no more the customer of a Branch. He becomes the Bank’s Customer. Thus CBS is a step towards enhancing customer convenience through Anywhere and Anytime Banking. All CBS branches are inter-connected with each other. Therefore, Customers of CBS branches can avail various banking facilities from any other CBS branch located anywhere in the world. These services are:  Make enquiries about the balance; debit or credit entries in the account.  Obtain cash payment out of his account by tendering a cheque.  Deposit a cheque/Cash for credit into his account.  Deposit cheques / cash into account of some other person who has account in a CBS branch.  Get statement of account anytime.  Transfer funds from his account to some other account – his own or of third party, provided both accounts are in CBS branches.  Obtain Demand Drafts or Banker’s Cheques from any branch on CBS – amount shall be online debited to his account.FOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES - CORPORATE PROFILE | COPYRIGHT © FOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
  9. 9. S gdfgd Contact Us We are here to serve you! Registered Office: Kochi Office: FourBridge Technologies Pvt.Ltd. FourBridge Technologies Pvt.Ltd. 201-Animish, Ramnagar Colony, #2A , C-Block, Chakola Habitat, NDA-Pashan Road, Bavdhan, Wellingdon Enclave, Thevara Ferry Road, Pune 411 021. Kochi 682 013. India India Tel.:+91.206.675.0605 | +91.915.899.7795 Tel.: +91.949.528.7068 ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Mumbai office: Overseas Office: Australia FourBridge Technologies Pvt.Ltd. FourBridge Technologies Pty.Ltd. G2, A Wing, Om Madhusadan, #355 Dandlion Drive, Rowville, Chitrakar Ketkar Marg, Vile Parle (E), Melbourne, Victoria 3178. Mumbai 400 057. Australia. India. Tel.:+91.206.675.0605 | +91.080.733.5169 Tel.: +61.3.9755.8130 fourbridgetechFOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES - CORPORATE PROFILE | COPYRIGHT © FOURBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.