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FBT AeroSpace is your partner for SMS implementation, the leader in providing Aviation safety management solutions.

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FBT Aerospace - SMS

  1. 1. S A F ET Y M A N A G EM E N T S Y S T EMKey elements of SMS compromises a set of documented corporate policies, practices,procedures, software systems and reports. However, there is more to an effective SMSthan documentation - it is an approach that drives and guides the organization day today and outlines who we are and what we do.As directed by DGCA, vide CAR SECTION 1, SERIES C, PART 1, DATED 20th July 2010,establishment of a Safety Management System (SMS), in a phasedmanner over 3 years is mandatory for: I. An applicant for, or a holder of, one of the following approvals/ permits/ license: a. An approval issued to a maintenance organization for the maintenance of air craft engaged in scheduled/ non-scheduled operations; or b. An air operator’s permit issued in accordance with rule 134; or c. An Aerodrome license; or II. An air traffic services provider. Safety on PRIORITY FourBridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Registered office: FourBridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Tel.: +91.206.675.0605 201-Animish, Ramnagar Colony, sms@fourbridgetech.com Bavdhan, Pune – 411 021, www.fbtaerosoace.com India. - www.fourbridgetech.com Contact@fourbridgetech.com Pune | Mumbai | Kochi | Australia FourBridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM I N T R OD UC T I ON TR A IN ING A safety management system as laid down by for continuous assessment of the system through internal We also offer a Non Technical Skills ICAO is a systematic, explicit and comprehensive and external audits, and promoting safety through various Training program tailored to all levels methods and mediums. of an organization from senior man- process for managing safety risks that includes (as agement (CEO, COO, head of flight a minimum) the following four components: operations, head of maintenance,  Safety Policy and Objectives Acknowledging that most accidents result from human er- head of ground operations, etc ) down  Safety Risk Management ror and the human is but one part of an organizational sys- to the frontline pilots, technicians and other crew.  Safety Assurance and Internal Evaluation tem, we will not prevent accidents by changing people; we  Safety Promotion will only prevent accidents when we address the underlying These components are linked together and create causal factors. a culture that promotes safety by setting policies, identifying and reducing risks, providing a meansA VI A T I ON S OL U T I ON S• GAP ANALYSIS. FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS FOR F OUR B RIDGE T ECHNOLOGIES PROVIDES A TOTAL END - TO - END SOLUTION SOF T W AR E S OLU T IONS IMPLEMENTING SMS• SMS ROADMAP. FourBridge has tied up with industry• TRAINING. leaders and provides to its clients software solutions for online data• SMS IMPLEMENTATION. C OM P L ET E L I F E C Y C L E M A N A G EM EN T capturing, risk analysis, investigation, B EN E F I T S OF A N SMS audit management etc. which ensures• MANAGED SERVICES. At FourBridge we pride ourselves on being able to that you have all the data required  Improved safety awareness• FOQA SERVICES. offer our clients world class training from our when you want it.  Assurance to the all aviation companies & its instructor pool spread over the globe, so that you• SAFETY AUDITS. Executives that formal safety management get maximum practices are in place.• HAZARD IDENTIFICATION. out of our  Identification of higher risk areas to facilitate instructor’s• RISK ANALYSIS. improved utilization of resources based on experience & significance.• EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLANNING. knowledge.  Elevating the standard of safety management, Apart from which may result in lower insurance premiums. training, we hand hold you right from MA NA GE D S OL UT IONS RISK MANAGEMENT initial Gap Small and medium sized organizations Analysis till can benefit from a range of managed Aviation companies must manage a vast array of complete SMS implementation and includes safety programs that provides them potential risks. The SMS approach ensures that support for preparation of SMS manual, with the benefits of a professional they: Emergency Response Plan, ancillary training, safety management program without Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and the expense by using safety manage-  Understand operational risks on a daily basis. provision of software tools to bring them all ment software, to capture, manage  Identify hazards and risks when/if things go together in your company. and analyze safety, hazards and risk wrong and manage these risks. We understand that every operator is unique data.  Reflect on lessons from other industries and and pride ourselves on being able to customize organizations. our solutions as per client requirements.