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The Catalyst Registry Manager, our dedicated registry platform incorporates much of the know-how and learning accrued in the development of the New Zealand platform, including a library of pre-configured registry templates.

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  • A Domain is a logical representation of a set of data relating to the same concept. This may be implemented as a number of physical tables including extensions and versioning tables.Examples of Domains are Entities, Roles, Individuals, Documents.A Domain may be Abstract (e.g. Role). In this case there will be a number of Concrete domains extending the Abstract Domain (e.g. Director/Shareholder) and a Discriminator column is used by the system to differentiate.
  • A group of related Domains form a Dataset, and Catalyst allows this Dataset to be Versioned which means that after any change to any data in the Dataset a “snapshot” is taken and stored providing a full history of changes.
  • The term “Form” comes from the legislative forms which were used in paper-based registers to collect the data. In Catalyst a Form is a lot more dynamic and powerful than it’s static namesake.A Form is a tree-structure defined in the configuration used to map the data to the presentation. It is made up of FormItems of various types including records, repeaters, attributes, text, boxes, and others.Display Options can be applied to for nodes in the configuration to control how the presentation is generated. For example a Display Option of “Tab” can be applied to a section or box form item resulting in a separate tab for each child form item.
  • A business service is a function within the register. It may be to create, update, view, or search register data, or it may be associated with a non-data related function like manage scheduled jobs. Business services are associated with security roles and control access to the various parts of the application. Data centric Business Services have an associated Form which presents the screens applicable to the service. Forms can be shared between business services.
  • A business Service may result in the generation of one or more filing documents (which show up in the Filing Document History section).Within the Form configuration, attributes are associated with the various Filing Documents and these are automatically generated when the Business Service is applied to the register.
  • Security Roles can be applied in two ways within a Catalyst application. Firstly a role can be associated with a user within the security service (as is common practice) and the user has that role the entire time they are logged in.The second way a user can be allocated a security role is by inheriting it within Catalyst based on the business roles they play in the context of the data they are accessing. For example a user who is viewing a company for which they play a business role of “director” may be allocated the role to update the company details. However another user who plays no business role against that company will have no additional role allocated so can only view the data. This is referred to as inherited security and is a feature of Catalyst.
  • The Catalyst Configurator is a GUI tool for creating XML configuration data in an intuitive graphical manner. Based on java Swing it can run stand-alone, or in conjunction with a live Catalyst application.
  • Foster Moore Catalyst The Registry Manager

    1. 1. Breaking down barriersbyFoster Moore Limited<br />31 May 2011, Auckland<br />Joel Foster, CEO & Managing Director<br />Steve Sutton, Catalyst Architect<br />Philip Long, Catalyst Development Lead<br />Stephen Robb, Development Manager<br />Nick Dalton, Registry Solutions Manager<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />Introductions<br />Best Practice<br />Catalyst Concepts<br />Demo.<br />
    3. 3. Harmonized registry and legislative design;<br />Configuration of online forms;<br />Usability studies to test interface design;<br />Fully configurable, electronic workflows;<br />Role-defined attributes and security;<br />User input of data;<br />Automated legal document history;<br />Stakeholder engagement & training.<br />‘best practice’ - registry design principles<br />
    4. 4. Catalyst – The Registry Manager enables;<br />Single platform for multiple registries<br />Access to shared services;<br />Cascading & linking information;<br />Smart logic and streamlined processes;<br />Improved data security & integrity;<br />Rich Search Engine;<br />Value add services;<br />Reduced operational costs.<br />‘best practice’ - registry function <br />
    5. 5. Catalyst business register (BR)<br />
    6. 6. DESIGN PRINCIPLES for<br />catalyst – The registry manager<br />Enabling statutory forms on the web<br />Form workflow and business process support<br />Information flow<br />Usability<br />Interoperability <br />Reduced cost<br />Auditability and History<br />Data sets and data versioning<br />Document filing history<br />Configuration<br />Support of multiple languages.<br />
    7. 7. Catalyst concepts<br />DOMAINS<br />A domain is a logical representation of a set of data relating to the same concept<br />Typically a domain is implemented as a number of physical tables<br />Entity<br />Role<br />(Abstract)<br />Entity Versioning<br />Entity Data<br />Entity Extension<br />Director<br />(Concrete)<br />Shareholder<br />(Concrete)<br />Address<br />
    8. 8. Entity<br />Role<br />(Abstract)<br />Entity<br />Role<br />(Abstract)<br />Entity<br />Role<br />(Abstract)<br />Entity<br />Role<br />(Abstract)<br />Director<br />(Concrete)<br />Shareholder<br />(Concrete)<br />Address<br />Director<br />(Concrete)<br />Shareholder<br />(Concrete)<br />Address<br />Director<br />(Concrete)<br />Shareholder<br />(Concrete)<br />Address<br />Director<br />(Concrete)<br />Shareholder<br />(Concrete)<br />Address<br />Catalyst concepts<br />DATASETS & VERSIONING<br />Version 1<br />Entity Dataset<br />Version 2<br />Version 3<br />
    9. 9. Catalyst concepts<br />FORM TREES<br />Form Tree Structure<br />(Configuration)<br />Resulting Screen<br />(Presentation)<br />Record (Entity)<br /> Attribute (Company Name)<br /> Attribute (Registered)<br /> Box<br /> Text (“Contact Details”)<br /> Attribute (Contact First Name)<br /> Attribute (Contact Last Name)<br />Record (Address)<br /> Text (“Address Details”)<br /> Attribute (Line 1)<br /> Attribute (Line 2)<br /> Attribute (Line 3)<br /> Attribute (Line 4)<br />Co. Name<br />Registered<br /> Contact Details<br /> First Name<br /> Last Name<br />Address Details<br />Line 1<br />Line 2<br />Line 3<br />Line 4<br />
    10. 10. Catalyst concepts<br />WIDGETS<br />View Node Tree<br />Presentation<br />Box -> TabWidget<br />Tab 1<br />Tab 2<br />Tab 3<br />Box -> BoxWidget<br />Name<br />Grace Jones<br />Date<br />?<br />Record -> RecordWidget<br />Attribute (Name) -> TextAttributeWidget<br />Attribute (Date) -> DateonlyAttributeWidget<br />
    11. 11. Catalyst concepts<br />BUSINESS SERVICE/FUNCTIONS<br />These are typically the business functions of the registry.<br />Business services are the glue that binds all the forms, domains and business processes together.<br />Includes all the workflow configurations.<br />Business Services<br />Form Tree<br />Record (Entity)<br /> Attribute (Company Name)<br /> Attribute (Registration Date)<br /> Box<br /> Text (“Contact Details”)<br /> Attribute (Contact First Name)<br /> Attribute (Contact Last Name)<br />…<br />Register a Company<br />[ Roles : Logged In ]<br />Record (Director)<br /> Attribute (First Name)<br /> Attribute (Last Name)<br /> Box<br /> Text (“Address”)<br /> Attribute (Line 1)<br /> Attribute (Line 2)<br />…<br />Maintain a Director<br />[ Roles : Executive Authority, Delegated Authority ]<br />
    12. 12. Catalyst concepts<br />FILING DOCUMENT HISTORY<br />Filing Document History<br />Form Configuration<br />Filing 1<br />Company Name : Wonders Ltd<br />Registered : 23 Feb 2010<br />Contact <br />First Name : Jim<br />Last Name : Henderson<br />Record (Entity)<br /> Attribute (Company Name) - Filing1/Filing2<br /> Attribute (Registered) - Filing1<br /> Box<br /> Text (“Contact Details”)<br /> Attribute (Contact First Name) –Filing1<br /> Attribute (Contact Last Name) -Filing1<br />Record (Address)<br /> Text (“Address Details”)<br /> Attribute (Line 1) -Filing2<br /> Attribute (Line 2) -Filing2<br /> Attribute (Line 3) -Filing2<br /> Attribute (Line 4) -Filing2<br />Filing 2<br />Company Name : Wonders Ltd<br />Address<br />Line 1 : 23 Great South Street<br />Line 2 :Toronto<br />Line 3 : Ontario <br />Line 4 : Canada<br />
    13. 13. Catalyst concepts<br />INHERITED SECURITY<br />Catalyst<br />Bob Smith<br />Jim Green<br />Director => Executive Authority<br />Agent => Delegated Authority<br />Full Access<br />Limited Access<br />Entity Data<br />Director : Bob Smith<br />
    14. 14. Catalyst CONFIGURATION<br />