How to Succeed in Workplace Transitions


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  • These are the slides from a recent webinar we did on our new leading through transitions program. We co-presented with our great clients, Sherwin Williams Paint Stores, and they talked about their organizational shifts and the importance of enabling people to make speedy transitions. Check out for the replay of the webinar.
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How to Succeed in Workplace Transitions

  1. 1. Leading Through Transitions © 2010 IIR Holdings, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Maggie Walsh Ellen Stephens Head of Leadership Director of Human Practice, Forum Resources- Training and Management Development, The Sherwin-Williams Paint Company Steve Barry C.J. DiBattista Director of Strategic VP of Sales, The Marketing, Forum Sherwin-Williams Paint Company 2 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  3. 3. A transition is … … a high-stakes turning point. 3 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  4. 4. Transition PATHs Place Assignment Heading Team 4 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  5. 5. Poll Question Which type of transition do you think is most prevalent in your organization? 1. Place: Role transition—leaders new to the organization, or existing leaders with a new role, moving to a different business Ask the Audience unit, or experiencing a significant leap in the scope responsibilities. 2. Assignment: Leaders engaged in special limited-term assignments on a focused project or initiative to address a specific business issue. 3. Team: No change to leaders’ jobs, but their teams change significantly or altogether. 4. Heading change: Leaders have a new boss, or the organization has new management/ownership, or a significant new heading or strategy. 5 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  6. 6. Transition Decelerators 1. Neglecting to align expectations 2. Racing to get a lot done 3. Ignoring what you don’t know 4. Relying too heavily on past experience 5. Devoting energy to the wrong people 6. Believing there is an answer 7. Focusing on process more than people 6 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  7. 7. Poll Question Think about your own transitions: which of the seven decelerators are you most susceptible to? 1. Neglecting to align expectations Ask the Audienceget a lot done 2. Racing to 3. Ignoring what you don’t know 4. Relying too heavily on past experience 5. Devoting energy to the wrong people 6. Believing there is an answer 7. Focusing on process more than people 7 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  8. 8. Transition Accelerators Align interests Identify Build strategic alliances Unity relationships Clarity Agility Align action Align expectations Create the agile environment Clarify the business Build ambiguity situation tolerance 8 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  9. 9. Business Terrains Renew rm - Te h ng t Lo r ow Fall S G oo p L orth Plateau Cr isi Rescue s Succeed Accelerate Launch Succeed 9 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  10. 10. The Sherwin-Williams Company Overview Largest producer of paint and coatings in the U.S. Professional painting contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners 3,500 company owned stores and 1,800 sales rep territories Market segmentation growth strategy 10 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  11. 11. Key Drivers for Change Centralized our Marketing function to support market segmentation growth strategy Need to drive sales and profit growth Increased need for leadership and execution on key PSG initiatives: – Sales excellence – Operational excellence – New store growth and identifying emerging markets – Residential Repaint/ Commercial and DIY marketing programs – Talent acquisition and development 11 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  12. 12. Strategic Plan Invest in four (4) net new Vice President of Sales positions for PSG Increase communication, direction, execution, and leadership for districts, stores, and territories Invest in new VPS leadership development experience that would deliver results with greater speed 12 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  13. 13. Questions? 13 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  14. 14. About Forum Global professional services firm that mobilizes your people to embrace the critical strategies of their organizations and accelerate results Senior leaders turn to Forum when they need their people to rise to meet an important challenge or opportunity without fail Since 1971, we have partnered with clients to create and implement large-scale, customized, people-driven solutions that accelerate business performance, change, and growth 14 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  15. 15. A Final Thought on Leading Through Transitions Critical now more than ever 15 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  16. 16. Watch for Our Book: Harvard Business Press, June 2010 16 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT
  17. 17. For More Information To talk to Forum about our solutions on Leading Through Transitions or to find out more about anything you’ve heard today: Call: 1 800 FORUM 11 (North America) 44 (0)20 7017 7183 (EMEA) Email: Visit: Blog: For our latest research and to check for upcoming webinars, please visit 17 Leadrshp.LTT.Webinar LTT 03-22-10.PPT