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HealthShare : The Strategic Informatics Platform by Josep Solé
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HealthShare : The Strategic Informatics Platform by Josep Solé


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HealthShare : The Strategic Informatics Platform by Josep Solé …

HealthShare : The Strategic Informatics Platform by Josep Solé

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. 1HealthShare :The Strategic InformaticsPlatformJosep SoléSales
  • 2. 2Customer PerspectiveHealthcare Providers Regional, State, National HIESoftware Companies GovernmentSince 1978, InterSystems has been committed to serving as a creativetechnology partner with a passion for excellence and customer success2
  • 3. 3Growing Pressures in HealthcarePersistent gaps amongst caregiversImperative to better manage costsNew / changing payment modelsNeed to measure and improve outcomesDesire to both satisfy and engage patients
  • 4. 4Health Information Technology ChallengesEven comprehensive clinical systems don’t do itallMultiple important and urgent projectsSystem transitions, consolidations,upgrades“Big” data and the need to report, measure, useit
  • 5. 5The JourneyShareCaptureUnderstandActStrategic Informatics PlatformFoundation Dimension Breakthrough Dimension“What’s next?”
  • 6. 6Interfacing- Inside the walls- Point-to-point outsideStrategic Interoperability• Connect all the data, systems, and users• Bridge the enterprise with the environment• Establish the foundation, grow value over time
  • 7. 7Health InformationExchange- Message-based- Transactions- Packaged solutionsCoordinating Community Engagement• The community, as you define it• Flexible engagement options• An enabling, open product platformStrategic InteroperabilityInterfacing
  • 8. 8Analytics- Retrospective- Focus on the toolsThe Active Dimension of Analytics• Harness all the data• Population analysis to patient level improvement• Timely actions to drive outcomesCoordinating Community EngagementHealthInformationExchangeStrategic InteroperabilityInterfacing
  • 9. 9AnalyticsCoordinating Community EngagementHealthInformationExchangeStrategic InteroperabilityInterfacingThe Active Dimension of Analytics
  • 10. 10Strategic InteroperabilitySpectrum Health• Nine hospital IDN in Western Michigan offering a full continuum of care• And a statewide health plan, Priority Health, with 600K members• Preparing to launch mySpectrum web portalwith patient and consumer functionality, anddata needed from 6 systems• Prototypes with legacy messaging enginewere not progressing- needed somethingmore• Converted 200+ interfaces in 13 months within-house staff, handling 12,000 web servicecalls per day• Established the foundation of strategicinteroperability to pursue analytics in an activeway to address readmissions and carecoordination challenges
  • 11. 11Coordinating Community EngagementSweden’s National Patient Summary• Nationwide summary record linking all providers to improve clinical results, patientsafety, efficiency, and patient influence• First county council live in 2009, all (21) counties live in 2012• National patient safety focus regardingmedication adverse events andinappropriate utilization• Sought an informatics platform for asecure health record for 9 million citizens• Accessing medication data• Specialists accessing other regions fortransfer/referral• Home care, elder care, dentistsaccessing for safety & quality• Pursuing national initiatives for PersonalHealth Accounts, Quality Registries,Image Management
  • 12. 12The Active Dimension of AnalyticsRhode Island Quality Institute• State level HIE for 1 million residents of RI, 11 hospitals and 3,800 physicians• Focus on chronic disease management• Address the most challenging healthcareproblems including chronic diseasemanagement and readmissions• The information connector for Rhode Island• Evolve from static reporting to to createvalue with living, breathing metrics anddashboards that trigger action Improving management of diabetespatients Awareness of events that clinician may notbe a part of, but care about• Began with strategic interoperability=>coordinating community engagement andnow into the active dimension of analytics
  • 13. 13Strategic Informatics Platform ApproachStrategic InformaticsPlatformCustomer Solutions• All the key technologies in one platform• No assembly required• Speeds solution creation,reduces operating costs• Simpler, cost-effective, rapidlydeployed, controllable
  • 14. 14A Versatile Product PlatformAn enabling product platformAdaptable as you modify processes, implement, learn, and adjust
  • 15. 15Industry RecognitionLeaderCategory
  • 16. 16Customer RecognitionIn 8 Countries, including 2nationwide and 4 USstatewide efforts13 States,Regions,Countries32 AdvancedHealthcareOrganizationsPrimarily softwarecompanies8 ApplicationPartnersSpring, 2011 Today6 HealthShare Customers 53 HealthShare CustomersHealth systemsHospitals, trusts, nursingservices, and others
  • 17. 18Delivering ValueInterSystems HealthShare is a strategichealthcare informatics platform thatdelivers value at every step along thejourney of providing better careStrategicInteroperabilityCoordinating CommunityEngagementThe Active Dimensionof Analytics