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Fortune Affiliates has recently launched a sister branch, namely, Fortune Affiliates Casual Games. Here is a short guide about how to sign up and use the new system. As an affiliate for Fortune Affiliates Casual Games you will exclusively be able to market two new Casual Gaming brands: Wintingo and DizzyWin.

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Fortune affiliates casual gaming

  1. 1. Fortune Affiliates Casual Gaming
  2. 2. Who we are? • Fortune Affiliates Casual Games is a sister branch to Fortune Affiliates. • The Fortune Affiliates Casual Gaming platform has been launched so that you will be able to promote two new brands to a whole new segment. • The two brands are Wintingo an industry veteran, and the new and innovative brand DizzyWin.
  3. 3. HOW TO SIGN UP? • Go to • Click the sign up button
  4. 4. Fill in the Registration form
  5. 5. When done hit the register button
  6. 6. Thank you for registering
  7. 7. Select Member Login
  8. 8. Drop Down to sign in • Fill in your username & password • Click Login • Note you will only be able to login once your account has been approved
  9. 9. Dashboard Upon Login • Menu to the Left to easily navigate • Stats in the middle once you start bringing some players in & monthly summary to the right • Latest promotional news to the right
  10. 10. Reports: Campaign • Here you will be able to see a overview of all your campaign Data but also the raw data, and you can filter the search.
  11. 11. Reports: Trackers • Here you will be able to see an overview of all your campaign Data specified by tracker ID but also the raw data, and you can filter the search.
  12. 12. Media • This is where the money starts! Pull creative material for your site – its simple!! • Filters to the right allow you to search by brand and the creative material sizes, currency’s etc. that you want to promote.
  13. 13. Actual Media Item • There are three tabs at the top of each media item. • In order to select the media that you want click the code tab.
  14. 14. Media item Code • Click code • Click Show Code
  15. 15. Media Details • Under the third tab “Details” you can see all the details of the creative item as seen below.
  16. 16. Trackers • Trackers allow you to create links so that you can identify where your traffic is coming from • If you have 2 sites for example and want to promote us on both sites, you can create a tracker for Site 1 and a separate tracker for site 2. • Then take the links you created for site 1 and site 2 and put them up on each site. • When you looks at this reports you will see traffic for site 1 and site 2 separately. So you know what traffic & results were received from each site.
  17. 17. Payments: Pending Commissions • Here you will be able to see what earnings/payments you have pending for the next payment run. • You will also be able to see an overview
  18. 18. Payments Overview • Here you can have a historic view of all payments made out to you in the past. • You can also change/update your payment details • Or get your account managers contact details.
  19. 19. Settings: Personal information • If you need to update any of your personal information this can be done under settings
  20. 20. Settings: Change Password • If you would like to update/change your password this is also where it can be done.
  21. 21. Settings: Payment Information • You can check what payment methods you already have listed here. • Or edit/add a payment method by clicking the configure a new payment information tab.
  22. 22. Add a payment Method • Select configure a new payment information • Select payment method from the drop down
  23. 23. Add Payment Method • Select the add payment information • And fill in your payment details. • And submit
  24. 24. Any questions? Contact us at