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Low-carbon transportation: urban experiences and market solutions

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Charge drive kth 20131203

  1. 1. 1 Low-carbon transportation: urban experiences and market solutions Seminar at KTH together with the French Embassy 3rd December 2013 Birgitta Resvik,Vice President, Corporate Relations Sweden Fortum Corporation
  2. 2. Fortum – a utility company with broad geographical presence 2 TGC-1 (~25%) Power generation ~7 TWh Heat sales ~8 TWh OAO Fortum Power generation 19.2 TWh Heat sales 26.4 TWh Russia Poland Power generation 0.8 TWh Heat sales 4.3 TWh Baltic countries Power generation 0.4 TWh Heat sales 0.9 TWh Nordic countries Power generation 51.6 TWh Heat sales 14.5 TWh Distribution customers 1.6 million Electricity customers 1.2 million Nr 3 Power generation Electricity sales Nr 2 Nr 1 Heat DistributionNr 1 Key figures 2012 Sales EUR 6.2 bn Operating profit EUR 1.9 bn Balance sheet EUR 25 bn Personnel 10,400 Great Britain Power generation 1.1 TWh Heat sales 1.8 TWh
  3. 3. Utility sector has a long way to go to meet the decarbonisation target: Big gap overall - Fortum still some way to go 3 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 DEI Drax RWE CEZ SSE Edipower Vattenfall Enel EDP E.ON GDFSUEZ Dong UnionFenosa EnBW Iberdrola Fortumtotal Verbund PVO FortumEU EDF Statkraft 88 g CO2/kWh electricity, 2012 2012 68% of Fortum's total power generation CO2-free 93% of Fortum’s power generation in the EU CO2-free Close to 100% of the ongoing investment programme in the EU CO2-free Average 338 g/kWh 192 Note: Fortum’s specific emission of the power generation in 2012 in the EU were 42 g/kWh and in total 171 g/kWh. Only European generation except “Fortum total“ which includes Russia. Source: PWC & Enerpresse, Novembre 2012 Changement climatique et Électricité, Fortum Industrial Intelligence EU2050 target at 20gCO2/kWh by 2050 -~95 %
  4. 4. Transition towards Solar Economy Solar Economy Solar based production with high overall system efficiency Resource&systemefficiency Finite fuel resources Large CO2 emissions Infinite fuel resources Emissions free production HighLow Geothermal Hydro Wind Sun Ocean Bio Coal Gas Oil Nuclear today Nuclear tomorrow CHP CCS Traditional energy production Exhaustible fuels that burden the environment Advanced energy production Energy efficient and/or low-emission production Copyright © Fortum Corporation All rights reserved by Fortum Corporation and shall be deemed the sole property of Fortum Corporation and nothing in this slide or otherwise shall be construed as granting or conferring any rights, in particular any intellectual property rights 4
  5. 5. Charge & Drive - a platform for the future infrastructure • Derived from Fortum’s EV experiences since the 90-ties with the Charge & Drive platform operational since 2011 • Full service Smart Charging operator with turn-key installations, customer operations and payment solutions • Nordic Fast Charging network with 60 stations in the making and a leading service provider in the no1 EV market Norway • The Charge & Drive platform is operating charging stations in three countries as a Service Provider also for other Utilities 5
  6. 6. Charge & Drive – easy to use 6 Infra- structure Customer service Installation / operation / maintenance IT Charge & Drive is a platform designed to meet the requirements of smart charging business of an electrical vehicle Including both the business side with billing as well as the technical life cycle management of charge points and daily operations The C&D business system currently processes more than 2 billion transactions per year Continues development and release of new features to meet new market demands
  7. 7. Charge & Drive - Fast charges • Connecting the Nordic capitals – 50 fast charges will be installed • 20 in Sweden • 20 in Finland • 10 in Norway • Partners Fortum, McDonalds, Nissan, Preem – Strong brands that offer EV owners charging at prime locations that makes it easy to travel – Charge and eat in 25 minutes! 7
  8. 8. Charge & Drive - Norway 8 • Fastest growing market in Europe – Importante to be there! – The best sold car in Norway in October was Nissan Leaf ! • User driven! – We are developing services and hardware that we know the customers want and need • EV Market – 14.500 EV (August) – 1.000 EV sold in August
  9. 9. 9 Thank you!