January 2013 CLIF Notes


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The January 2013 Community Leader's Information Forum didn't actually take place due to block leave but that doesn't mean you can't get all the information!

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January 2013 CLIF Notes

  1. 1. CLIF NOTES FOR THE FORT DRUM COMMUNITY January 2013 Table of Contents1. AMERICAN RED CROSS (ARC) 13. FAMILY AND MORALE, WELFARE AND RECREATION (FMWR)2. ARMY CAREER & ALUMNI PROGRAM (ACAP) 14. FAMILY READINESS PROGRAM3. ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE 15. FORT DRUM MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY HOMES (MCH)4. CHILD, YOUTH & SCHOOL SERVICES (CYSS) SPORTS 16. HOUSING5. CYSS YOUTH CENTER 17. NORTH COUNTRY SPOUSES’ CLUB (NCSC)6. CYSS SKIES 18. McEWEN LIBRARY7. CYSS SCHOOL LIAISON SERVICES (SLS) 19. MEDDAC8. COMMISSARY 20. OFF THE BEATIN PATH GIFTS (OTBP)9. COMMUNITY RECREATION SPORTS 21. PARKS AND RECREATION10. DIRECTORATE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES (DES) 22. SAFETY11. EDUCATION CENTER 23. USO - FORT DRUM12. EXCHANGE 24. VOLUNTEER SUPPORT FUND (VSF) Click the above hyperlinks to go directly to Agency Section in CLIF Notes1. AMERICAN RED CROSS (ARC) Section in CLIF Notes 315-772-6561 CHERYL DEAN,• NEW VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION: Will be held on 6 February, 1:00 pm in the American Red Cross Office, RM B1-35 in Clark Hall,please call to sign up or stop by our office.• BLOOD DRIVE: Due to a shortage of blood, we will be hosting another blood drive at the USO on Fort Drum, 14 and 15 March. Ifyou would like to donate, please call our office or go online to www.redcrossblood.org to sign up online. To donate blood, you needto be at least 16 years of age (with parental permission), be home from deployment for at least 1 year, have been at least 57 dayssince your last donation, not pregnant or given birth in the last 6 weeks, and no tattoos in the state of NY in the last year. (If you aredeploying in Jan or Feb, you cannot donate)• GET TO KNOW US BRIEF: Do you know how to start an emergency communication message for your loved one? To find out theseanswers and more, call the American Red Cross office to request a "Get to Know Us" brief for your next FRG meeting! NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.redcross.org Click the hyperlinks Email Address: drum@redcross.org Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/American-Red-Cross-Fort-Drum/2537058113353402. ARMY CAREER & ALUMNI PROGRAM (ACAP) LORRIE GULER, 315-772-3284• ACAP AND FAMILY MEMBERS: ACAP provides transition assistance and services to those Service members and Family memberswithin 24 months of retirement or within 18 months of separation. Services include: preseparation counseling, Department ofLabor (DOL) Employment Workshop, VA information briefings, employment seminars, education seminar and small businessseminar. The ACAP staff, DOL and VA all offer individual counseling to assist with the career transition process.• ACAP CAREER FAIR: The quarterly Fort Drum ACAP Career Fair will be held on 7 February from 10:00 am-2:00 pm, in TheCommons. Local, national and global employers will offer employment opportunities across the U.S. Schools will provideinformation about educational programs for those interested in furthering their education.• ACAP SEMINARS: Call the ACAP Center at 772-3434/3286 to reserve a seat in the seminars. The following seminars arescheduled for February: Small Business – 11 February, 9:00 am-11:00 am Education – 14 February, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm Advanced Resume – 13 February, 9:00 am-11:00 am Advanced Interview – 20 February, 9:00 am-11:00 am Federal Resume – 13 February, 1:00 pm-3:00 pmJanuary 2013 CLIF Notes 1
  2. 2. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? ACAP: www.acap.army.mil Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrumACAP Email: lorrie.s.guler.civ@mail.mil3. ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE CATHY FERRAN, 315-772-4979• RESILIENCE TRAINING: Module Four: 11 February, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, ACS. For more information, call 772-0470/2848. Class isopen to all Family members and DoD / DA Civilians.• VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH CEREMONY: 21 February, 10:30 – 11:30 am, The Commons. For more information, call 772-2899.• BUILDING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: 13 February, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, ACS. All couples are welcome to attend and learn usefultools to guide them into a successful future. For more information, call 772-5914.• DEPLOY YOUR RESILIENCE LUNCH CHAT GROUP: 20 February, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm, ACS. Deployment support group. Pleasebring a bag lunch. For more information, call 772-0470/0509.• ACS CALENDAR: including all February events can be found online at ACS February Calendar. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drummwr.com/ArmyCommunityService.htm Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/FortDrumACSOutreach4. CYSS SPORTS JON BURNARD, 315-772-4102 ***PLEASE NOTE: CYS SERVICES IS CLOSED ON 19 FEBRAURY 2013 FOR STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY***• SPRING CLINICS REGISTRATIONS: Now through 1 March, Ages: 7-13 Baseball Hitting & Defensive Clinics and Golf Clinic.• START SMART GOLF: Youth for ages 3 – 5 years old. Registration starts 27 February; Fee $20. Parent Interaction program thatallows participants to work on the fundamentals of golf. For additional information, please visit the Sports Office at Bldg M435A orcall 772-6718. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drummwr.com/YouthSports.htm Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/FORT-DRUM-MOUNTAINEER-CYSS-SPORTS/214490878183 Email: Jonathan.m.burnard.naf@mail.mil5. CYSS YOUTH CENTER STEVE FERGUSON, 315- 772-6717• DRY HILL SNOW TUBING TRIP on 16 February. The cost is $15.00 per person.• STEEL HEAD FISHING PROGRAM. Program is open to youth 13-18 years of age and runs from 20-22 February. Cost is $10.00 perperson. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drummwr.com/YouthServices.htm Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-CYSS-YouthProgram/370723860409 Email: steven.a.ferguson.civ@mail.mil6. CYSS SKIES DEB KENNEDY, 315- 772-6551• TEACHING OUR TODDLERS(TOT) MUSIC: every Monday. Cost per month for the program is $20 – parents must remain in theclassroom with their child and assist as necessary.• WORLD DRUMMING LESSONS - 28 February with an 8 week program for 5th grade and up. Fee is $60 per student.• GLASS FUSION: Mondays from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm. Class fee is $15 per class, and is open to youth in grades 6-12.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drummwr.com/SKIES.html Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/FortDrumSkies Email: deborah.l.kennedy14.naf@mail.milJanuary 2013 CLIF Notes 2
  3. 3. 7. SCHOOL LIAISON SERVICES (SLS) MICHELE CARLTON/TERRI SPENCER 772-3214/1311• SCHOOL WINTER BREAK: 18 – 22 February. Third Quarter Marking Period begins, look for school report cards in the mail.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drummwr.com Click the hyperlinks Email: michele.l.carlton.naf@mail.mil or terri.l.spencer6.naf@mail.mil8. COMMISSARY PATTY MUSHTARE, 315-772-6185• CHILI COOK-OFF: The Commissary is having a Chili Cook Off on 22 February at 5:00 pm. The patrons will be judging the best Chilifrom 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. There are First, Second and Third place prizes to be given away. You can pick up your entry at the courtesydesk. Valentine candy will be on display.• FISHER HOUSE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS: The Commissary is accepting applications for FISHER HOUSE FOUNDATIONscholarships. You can pick up an application at the courtesy desk or apply online militaryscholar@scholarshipmanagers.com or call (856) 616-9311.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.commissaries.com/stores/html/store.cfm?dodaac=hqcney Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/YourCommissary9. COMMUNITY RECREATION SPORTS BRANDON DOHERTY, 315- 772-6661• CHIEF OF STAFF OF THE ARMY (CSA) COMMANDER’S CUP PROGRAM: Units will be competing in basketball, flag football, soccer,volleyball and softball to vie for the Fort Drum top seed in each sporting event and a chance to compete with other installations.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drummwr.com/PhysicalFitnessCenters.htm Click the hyperlinks Email: brandon.f.doherty.naf@mail.mil10. DIRECTORATE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES (DES) CHIEF JULIAN, 315-772-4483• EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS: dial 911 from any land-line. That call will go directly to the DES Dispatch Center. If you dial 911from your cell phone, that call will go directly to the Jefferson County Dispatch Center. Advise the dispatcher you are calling fromFort Drum and they will redirect your call to the DES dispatch center. Current technology does not allow for the separation of cellphone calls on or off the installation. For non-emergency calls for service: Police 772-5156/5157 Fire Prevention/Training 772-3372/4420/4702 Director 772-5721 Police Chief 772-4483 Fire Chief 772-3547/4420 Physical Security Chief – 772-3105 TIP Line - DES, in cooperation with the Antiterrorism Officer, operates an anonymous tip line, 774-8477 (TIPS). This line is allows personnel to report suspicious activity in an anonymous manner. Please ensure community personnel are aware of this phone line.• SCHOOL BUS SAFETY: Drivers must use caution when approaching school buses and be prepared to stop. New York State lawrequires all drivers to stop when the school buses red flashing lights are activated and remained stopped until the flashing red lightsgo off. There are no exceptions and this includes drivers behind and approaching the school bus.• WINTER PARKING: From 1 November to 1 April parking on the roadways in the housing areas is prohibited. This is important dueto snow removal operations and also for providing adequate room for Emergency vehicles during the winter months.11. EDUCATION CENTER JOE AGRESTI, 315-772-8580• TRANSFER OF POST 9/11 GI BILL BENEFITS - END OF REDUCED ADDITIONAL DUTY SERVICE OBLIGATION (ADSO): The benefit ofno or a reduced ADSO for senior Service members transferring their Post 9/11 education benefits will run out 1 Aug 2013. After thatdate, all Service members will be held to a four year ADSO regardless of their qualifying years on 1 Aug 2009. Requests for transferJanuary 2013 CLIF Notes 3
  4. 4. of benefits are made through MILCONNECT on their website. Service members who previously transferred their benefits canconfirm their ADSO at the same site.• UNAUTHORIZED VENDOR, CLEP STUDY GUIDES: Soldiers have reported being approached in their quarters by a AmericanEducation, Inc. or The United Educators, Inc. and selling a “study guide” package consisting of commercial study guides for theCollege Level Examination Program (CLEP) and other reference materials. These representatives have not been approved on FortDrum, and door-to-door sales are prohibited. Anyone approached should notify the Military Police; Individuals who have contractedwith either should meet with their SJA to discuss options.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-Army-Education-Center/321867727827654 Click the hyperlinks Email: joseph.a.agresti.civ@mail.mil12. EXCHANGE KEN LIMTIACO, 315-773-5631• MAIN STORE: The Main Store will be operating under winter hours until March 2013: Monday-Saturday 9:00 am-9:00 pm;Sunday 9:00 am-6:00 pm.• MAIN FOOD COURT: Subway: Captain D’s: New delicious fish tenders, a four piece of our hot flakey golden brown fish tendersand 2 side items (excludes drink) is only $4. Manchu Wok: New Cashew Chili Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas. Anthony’s Pizza: NewBoneless Buffalo wings- huge chunks of premium white meat with our spicy buffalo sauce baked on to them. Add bleu cheese orranch to the side to add a cool splash to this spicy meal. Charley’s: Coming soon the new Hot Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich!• EXCHANGE MALL: February will be the month of “Love the Deals.” Various vendors will have specials at different times toprovide savings all month long to the customers.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.shopmyexchange.com Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/AAFES.BX.PX13. FAMILY AND MORALE, WELFARE AND RECREATION HAROLD GREER, 315-772-5685• SUPER BOWL PARTY W/ FREE HALF-TIME BUFFET: 3 February at the Common’s Winner Circle)• BLACK HISTORY MONTH LUNCHEON BUFFET: 7 February at The Common’s Winner Circle)• VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL DINNER MENU: 14 February 2013 at the Common’s Busters)NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drummwr.com Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrumFMWR Email: erin.k.barrett.naf@mail.mil14. FAMILY READINESS PROGRAM CARRIE TATE-MEYER, 315-772-0084• FAMILY READINESS TEAM SYMPOSIUM: will be held 12 February from 9:00 am- 3:30 pm. Topics include but are not limited to:volunteers, informal fund and FRSA roles and responsibility. Lunch will be provided free of charge to FRG volunteers and $10 forcivilian and military personnel. Childcare is provided on a first come, first serve basis and children must be registered. Registrationfor the event and for childcare is due by 25 January. Click here for a copy of the Family Readiness Team Syposium Registration Form.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: carrie.d.tate-meyer.civ@mail.mil Click the hyperlinksJanuary 2013 CLIF Notes 4
  5. 5. 15. FORT DRUM MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY HOMES (MCH) MEGAN KLOSNER, 315-955-6810• HOMES AVAILABLE: Brand new four bedroom homes for Junior NCO (SGT-SSG) available now. All Soldiers and Families are encouraged to contact the Welcome Home Center for details 315-955-6644. JENL (PVT-SPC) three and four bedroom homes also available to newly arriving Families. Contact the Welcome Home Center for details 315-955-6644. The Timbers has one and two bedroom apartments available today for unaccompanied Soldiers (SSG and above)! Contact the Timbers Leasing Office 315-777-8000.• WINTER FUN WEEK: Looking for some excitement during the upcoming school winter break? From 2:30 pm- 4:00 pm on 18-22February you can visit one of our community centers for Winter Fun Week!• MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY HOMES BABY SHOWER: We also invite our new and expecting mother’s to the Mountain CommunityHomes Baby Shower on 28 February from 1:00 pm-2:30 pm at the Adirondack Creek Community Center. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.fortdrummch.com Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/fortdrummch16. HOUSING BILL BAMANN, 315-772-7256• OFF-POST HOUSING RESOURCES: The off-post rental housing market continues to have less than 2% available rentals beingreported from the area’s largest apartment complexes. Click link, www.drum.army.mil/PublicWorks/Pages/Housing.aspx to go toFort Drum housing website for information and links to resources. There are some 1,200 new market rental housing units in variousstages of construction that will be available starting in now through 2014.• COMMUNITY HOUSING OFFICE CAN HELP: The Army Community Housing Office at Clark Hall (Rm A2-54) is always available toassist Soldiers with any off-post housing issues. Stop in or call 772-6883/772-9397 to speak to a counselor.• NEW 2013 BASIC ALLOWANCE FOR HOUSING (BAH) RATES: On 1 January, the new BAH rates for Fort Drum will go into effect.Every pay grade will see an increase in their BAH; there was an overall increase of 5% for the installation. Click here for flier- 2013Fort Drum BAH Rates.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drum.army.mil/PublicWorks/Pages/Housing.aspx Click the hyperlinks Email: william.l.bamann@us.army.mil17. NORTH COUNTRY SPOUSES’ CLUB (NCSC) MARY JANSEN, PRESIDENT• MONTHLY LUNCHEON: The February monthly luncheon will be held on 13 February at 10:45 at The Commons. A Spa Day is thetheme.• COMMUNITY OUTREACH TO DATE: Back to School Bingo, Operation Kid Comfort, SPCA Jefferson County, VSF donation from Craftfair proceeds, Tree and Wreath Auction to benefit future scholarships, Baby-less Baby Shower to benefit local womensorganizations and ACS Baby bundles. NCSC is always looking for Community Outreach ideas, new members, volunteers and partiesinterested serving the 2013-2014 board elections in April. Contact us on the below email for additional information.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: SpousesClubFD@yahoo.com Click the hyperlinks18. McEWEN LIBRARY ALLEN GOUDIE, 315-772-9099• ARE YOU CRAFTY? Come to Cocoa Corner, the McEwen Library crafts group will meet Friday, 8 February, from 11:30 am – 3:00pm. We will be crafting Melt & Pour Soap. Please contact the Library for a list of supplies you will need to bring (772-9099 ask forKathy Walsh).January 2013 CLIF Notes 5
  6. 6. • "READING IS SOOOOO DELICIOUS!": Winter Reading Club for Grownups. Runs through 28 February. Open to adults 18 and older.Why let the kids have all the fun? Read, do crafts, earn fun prizes. Register at any time by calling 772-9099.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drummwr.com/library.htm Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Robert-C-McEwen Library/269047099442 Email: allen.r.goudie.naf@mail.mil Online Card Catalog: www.mylibraryus.fmwr.net/search~S24. Blackberry or iPhone Access: www.mylibraryusmobile.fmwr.net/19. MEDDAC COL THOMPSON, 315-772-4024• GUTHRIE FMC TO BECOME APPOINTMENT-BASED CLINIC IN JANUARY; NEW URGENT CARE PROCEDURES OUTLINED: InJanuary, (tentatively set for Jan. 14, 2013), the Guthrie Family Medicine Clinic will be an appointment-based clinic only, from 8 a.m.to 6 p.m., Monday-Friday. It will no longer offer walk-in urgent care services. Beneficiaries enrolled to the Fort Drum MEDDAC mustfirst seek urgent care services from their Primary Care Manager (PCM). If an appointment cannot be provided within 24 hours, thebeneficiary will either be telephone triaged or see a triage nurse to assess their health concerns. What to do for Urgent Care Issues: During clinic hours: Call (315) 772-2778 to speak with an Access Center Clerk or Triage Nurse. After Clinic Hours: Call (315) 772-2778: You will be transferred to our answering service that will take your information and contact our primary care manager (PCM) of the Day. The PCM of the Day will return your call within 30 minutes and address your health concerns. ST• NATIONAL WEAR RED DAY IS FEBRUARY 1 : Red is always in fashion, but there is no better time to wear your favorite red dress,red tie, or pair of red shoes than on National Wear Red Day. Each year, the first Friday of February is a day when we call attention tothe #1 killer of women: heart disease. It is also a day when we celebrate the women who are taking action to protect their hearts.Taking good care of your heart means: controlling your risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, high blood ®cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, physical inactivity, and being overweight. On February 1, join The Heart Truth and wear red! Help uspromote the Red Dress as the national symbol for women and heart disease awareness. Click here for more information:http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/educational/hearttruth/• FLU HOTLINE & VACCINES: Protect yourself against influenza! Take the first and most important step: get a flu vaccine! For moreinformation on days/times, please call the Flu Hotline at (315) 772-5044.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/US-Army-Medical-Department-Activity-Fort-Drum- NY/29107684423966520. OFF THE BEATIN PATH GIFTS (OTBP) CHRIS RYAN, 315-774-0253 th• 10 MTN DIVISION ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIPS- National Assoc of 10th MTN Division will be awarding $5000.00 scholarshipsagain this year in May. Applications can be found on the association website, www.10thmtndivassoc.org beginning in January.Most importantly to qualify for a scholarship, you must be a member of the association.• NEW ITEMS: Like us on Facebook to see our many new items that arrive monthly. Start thinking about yearend volunteer giftsnow for April ceremonies as we continue to get new items in monthly.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/otbpgifts Click the hyperlinks Email: OTBPGiftshop@gmail.comJanuary 2013 CLIF Notes 6
  7. 7. 21. PARKS & RECREATION EUGENE SPENCER, 315-772-6568• SARANAC LAKE WINTER CARNAVAL TRIP: All day event on 2 February leaving Parks and Recreation at 8:30 am for $10.00 perperson and $5.00 to age 14. Many exhibits and events. For additional information on the events visit the Saranac Lake WinterCarnival Website.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drummwr.com/ParksandRecreation.htm Click the hyperlinks Email: eugene.w.spencer2.naf@mail.mil22. SAFETY JOHN DROZD, 315-772-3022• SLIPS, TRIPS AND FALLS: Most winter falling accidents happen in parking lots. To ensure your safety make sure your feet arefirmly planted when exiting your vehicle. If uncertain of surface conditions, shuffle your feet and keep your arms close to your sidesuntil you determine it is safe to walk normally. If carrying packages, carry them close to your body. Over the ankle shoes or bootswith slip resistant soles and stretch slip-on over-the-boot studded walking aids are always appropriate during the winter months.• REDUCING WINTER DRIVING ACCIDENTS: The most important thing is to slow down and drive according to conditions. Just asimportant is see and be seen. Clear all glass and lights of snow before starting out. Dont hesitate to use emergency flashers if youfeel uncomfortable about the vehicles behind you. Using your low beams at all times, even during daylight hours can reduce yourchances of an accident by 20%. Have situational awareness of weather conditions where you are departing from, your destinationand all points in between can help you avoid accidents or being stranded alongside the road way. Monitor weather reports, pull upthe weather channel on your computer or utilize the New York State Department of Transportation or dial 511 on your phone toreceive local and regional driving conditions. Pack a survival kit with items presented at the November CLIF in sufficient quantitiesfor all passengers to keep them comfortable for 8-12 hours, until roads can be plowed/cleared.• PREVENTING COLD WEATHER INJURIES: Cold weather injuries can happen in less than five minutes if the temperature and windchill combine to drop temperatures to dangerous levels. The wind chill chart located on the NOAA website can help you and yourFamily to dress accordingly when venturing outside on cold North Country days.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: john.drozd@us.army.mil Click the hyperlinks23. USO - FORT DRUM KAREN CLARK, 315-774-0356• FEBRUARY EVENTS AT THE USO: Super Bowl Party- 3 February, USO Birthday Party- 4 February, the 2nd Annual Stupid Cupid ChiliCook-Off- 14 February and the GWNC Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours- 20 February. Watch the USO Facebook Page fordetails, or call 315-777-8006.• PLAN YOUR OUTFIT NOW: USO Big Band Bash - 18 May, at the Watertown Elks Lodge Tickets go on sale in April. Vintage dress ishighly encouraged.• SUPPORT THE USO: USO is a 501(C)3 charity that relies on volunteers and donations. To support us locally register to volunteer atUSO Volunteer Website. The USO is CFC#11381 through the Combined Federal Campaign.NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Facebook: www.facebook.com/USOFortDrum Click the hyperlinks Email: kclark@uso.org -or- usoftdrum@uso.org24. VOLUNTEER SUPPORT FUND (VSF) KARYN MINTZ, 315-646-7080• REIMBURSED CHILDCARE: The Volunteer Support Fund provides reimbursement of childcare costs so people like you canvolunteer within the Fort Drum community! Thank you to all of you that supported us and the North Country Spouses’ Club at theCraft Fair last month!• FESTIVAL OF FOODS: Mark your calendars, the International Festival of Foods is 3 May!NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: volsupfund@gmail.com Click the hyperlinksJanuary 2013 CLIF Notes 7