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CLIF Notes (Aug 2012)

  1. 1. CLIF NOTES FOR THE FORT DRUM COMMUNITY August 20121. AMERICAN RED CROSS (ARC) LEANNE WEATHERFORD NEED! We are currently on an urgent need for blood. Please donate at one of our Blood Drives:Donors needed for our 2-3 August Blood Drives at the USO. Please call our office to make an appointment.315-772-6561 or go online to, (We will take walk-ins but preferappointments). To donate blood, you need to be able to answer no to the following: 1. Have you been outsidethe US in the last year other than Canada? 2. Have you had a piercing or tattoo in the last year in the state ofNY? 3. Are you pregnant or just had a baby within the last 6 weeks? 4. Has it been less than 56 full days sincethe last time I donated blood? COPING WITH DEPLOYMENTS CLASS - FREE - Class will be held on Friday,19 October 2012 at the USO. With the upcoming deployments, we would like to offer this class to help thosegoing through, or awaiting a deployment. This class will give you advise and guidance on what to expect duringand after deployments. Even if you have been through a deployment before, you may learn something new.We encourage couples to take this class together. The class will be on a first come first serve basis. (Cut off forregistration is October 1, 2012 - to allow us time to order materials and book the instructors from Albany, NY)We can only take 12 max in the class. If you would like to register, please call Fort Drum American Red Crossat 315-772-6561 to reserve your spot. The class will be from 0930-1430. New Volunteer Orientations: Will beheld on 1 August 2012 in the American Red Cross Office, RM B1-35 in Clark Hall at 1300, please call to sign upor stop by our office. Key Volunteer Opportunities- Specifically we are looking to fill our Station Chairman andBlood Drive Chairman leadership positions. If interested in one of these volunteer positions please call 315-772-6561. Get to Know Us: Do you know how to start an emergency communication message for your lovedone? To find out these answers and more, call the American Red Cross office to request a "Get to Know Us"brief for your next FRG meeting! Like us on Facebook: American Red Cross Fort Drum!2. ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE (ACS) CATHERINE FERRAN www.drummwr.comResilience Training: Module Five: 20 August, 0930–1230, ACS. To make a reservation, please call 772-0470/2848. Class is open to all Family members and DoD / DA Civilians. Family Wellness Support Group BookClub: Last Thursday of every month, 1000-1100. Group meets at the Rhicard Hills Community Center. Group iscurrently reading, Karen Pavlicin’s, Life After Deployment. Join any time! 2A. ARMY EMERGENCY RELIEF (AER) DIANE HUPKO unit/FRG looking for classes or more information is more than welcome to contact AER at 315-772-6560/2855and they will be happy to accommodate their requests. A Spanish speaking AER slide presentation has been createdto ensure that all members of the community have access to the AER program information. Assistance is alsoavailable with the help of a Spanish speaking translator. 2B. ARMY FAMILY TEAM BUILDING/ARMY FAMILY ACTION PLAN 772-6710/9229 to make reservations for Army Family Team Building (AFTB) classes: Level II: 21-22August, 0900-1600, ACS. Level I: 5-6 September, 0900-1600, ACS. Remember AFAP issues can be submittedyear round. Look for the AFAP issue boxes throughout post and submit your suggestions today! 2C. ARMY VOLUNTEER CORPS (AVC) KIM HILL Management Information Systems (VMIS) -- The Army has designed an online volunteer managementtracking system. If you are a volunteer, by AR 608-1, you MUST be registered with this system prior tovolunteering. Visit and click on Volunteer Tools and you will be guided through thesystem to register Volunteer of the Month Ceremony: August 23, 1030, the Commons. Please come out andshow your thanks and support to our wonderful Fort Drum volunteers. 1
  2. 2. 2D. EMPLOYMENT READINESS PROGRAM (ERP) AMANDA THOMPSON Your Own Business: 8 August, 0930-1130. Employment 101 Workshop: 9 & 23 August, 0930-1130.Federal Employment Workshop: 30 August, 0930-1130. ERP has teamed up with Jefferson Express to offercomputer workshops. ―Facebook for Marketing Development‖, 15 August, 0930-1130. Basic Excel: 15 August,1300-1500. Intro to Word: 29 August, 0930-1130. RSVP required as space is limited. To reserve your spot forany of the above classes please contact the Employment Readiness Office. All classes will be held at the ArmyCommunity Service. For assistance with employment issues please call to make a one on one appointment.Employment Readiness can assist you with: Employment orientation, resume writing, cover letter writing,Federal Employment System, interviewing skills and job searches. Please call for more information or to makean appointment. 2E. EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY MEMBER PROGRAM (EFMP) SHARON CHAPLE is designed to assist Soldiers and Families with Family members that have special needs. These needs can befor any Family member and may include educational, continuous medical, physical and/or mental disabilities. EFMPSupport Group: 2nd Tuesday of each month, 1130-1300. EFMP Autism Support Group: 2nd Friday of each month from0900 – 1100. Respite Care: Please call EFMP for information on this program that provides Families support serviceto all Family members enrolled in the program. 2F. FAMILY ADVOCACY PROGRAM (FAP) MARTILA SEALS, ACTING FAPM Her Shoes: 10 & 24 August, 0900-1130. Conflict Resolutions: 28 August, 1330-1530. Stress Management: 7August, 1330-1530. Anger Management: 21 August, 1330-1530. From Victim to Survivor Support Group: 7, 14,21 & 28 August, 1130-1300. ScreamFree Parenting: 14 - 15 August, 0900-1500. To register for FamilyAdvocacy Program classes please contact Dani Reed at 772-4244 or Nicole Bellinger at 772-5605. All classesare at ACS unless otherwise noted. 2G. FINANCIAL READINESS PROGRAM (FRP) KENT THOMPSON next iteration of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is now open for registration! It starts inSeptember and is sponsored by the Chaplain’s Office, supported by FRP. This class is 13 weeks long andrequires 2 hours per week. Go to, click on the ―classes‖ tab and search within zip code13602. Other classes to look for: Home Buying: 7 August, 0900-1100, ACS. Budget & Account Management:20 August, 0930-1200, ACS. Car Buying Class: 23 August, 1000-1130, ACS. As always, we have the 1st TermSoldier Financial Readiness Training every Wednesday from 0830-1600. You may attend the whole day or anypart of the day as a walk-in. ALL spouses are welcome to any of our training events or classes. 2H. MILITARY AND FAMILY LIFE CONSULTANT (MFLC) MFLC LEAD 212-6919mflcftdrum@gmail.comMilitary and Family Life Consultants (MFLC) offer problem solving, solution focused counseling to Service members,civilians, Families, couples, and children. Consultants help military service members cope with normal responses tostress resulting from Army life, deployment and reintegration. Among other topics, MFLCs address communicationskills, stress management, grief and loss, workplace stress, decision-making skills, and forming strong Families. Theyanswer their phones from 0800-2000 and offer same day appointments. MFLC conversations are off the recordexcept for the mandate to report and secure help for those in danger. No referral is needed, they meet after dutyhours, and it’s free. Walk in appoints are available at ACS Mon.-Fri. from 0730-1630. 2I. MOBILIZATION AND DEPLOYMENT (MOB/DEP) JENNIFER EICHNER 772-2848/ call to make reservations for classes and to reserve childcare for the following: Event Planning: 13August, 1030-1200, ACS. OPSEC & Social Networking for Family Members: 13 August1300-1430. Key CallerTraining: 16 August, 1000-1100 or 1400-1500, ACS. CARE Team Training: 28 August, 0900-1200, ACS. 2
  3. 3. 2J. OUTREACH SERVICES OFFICE (OSO) SARAH LYNCH Outreach focuses on three main areas to help Soldiers and Families develop a sense of self reliance aswell as a sense of belonging to the community. The focus areas include education, prevention and directservices. Outreach evaluates the unit’s needs, coordinates services and delivers ACS programming to Soldiersand Families. Outreach Information Tables: National Night Out, 11 August, Adirondack Creek CommunityCenter. Exchange Food Court: 15 August, 1130-1330. Outreach is available to conduct personalized briefingsfor the Commanders, Rear detachment and FRGs per request. 2K. RELOCATION READINESS PROGRAM (RELO) SCARLETT SHARKEY Family Welcome Tour: 7, 14, 21, 28 August. Leaves from Army Community Service Building (P-4330)at 0930 and returns by 1400. Children Welcome. Reservations required by calling 772-6556/6557. NewcomersOrientation: 6 August, 0930-1200, ACS. Lending Closet: Borrow basic household and infant/toddler safety itemsat no cost for up to 30 days. Hearts Apart: 3 August, 0930-1200. Citizen and Immigration Assistance: Availablefor spouses and children of Active Duty Service Members, DoD Civilians and Retirees. Call 772-6553 toschedule an appointment. Overseas Orientation Brief: 16 August, 0930-1200 at ACS. Mandatory Briefing forSoldiers PCSing to an overseas assignment. Spouses encouraged to attend. International Spouse SupportGroup: 17 August, 0930-1200, ACS. Call 772-5475/6902 to RSVP. 2L. SOLDIER & FAMILY ASSISTANCE CENTER (SFAC) JOHN DIETRICH Fort Drum SFAC provides priority non-medical services to Soldiers and Families assigned to the 3rd BN, 85th INWarrior Transition Unit, Soldiers, and Families enrolled in the Medical Evaluation Board, and Families who have aSoldier being cared for at Walter Reed/Brook Army Medical Center or other Military Treatment Facilities that still live inthe Fort Drum area. The SFAC provides services on-site at the SFAC facility (Room B1-40 and B1-32, Clark Hall), bringforward services on a part-time basis, or establish priority appointments on behalf of these Warriors and Families toassist in this transitional time. For more information, please call the SFAC at 772-7781. 2M. SURVIVOR OUTREACH SERVICES (SOS) THOMAS CLEGG 772-6357 Fort Drum Survivor Outreach Services honors Soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for the security of ournation by supporting and caring for their survivors. The Army is committed to providing sustained support to survivingFamily members to ease their loss and help them through a very difficult time. The Fort Drum SOS Service areaencompasses the North Country through the Northern Adirondacks to the Vermont Border and has identified 160surviving Family members to date. Efforts are ongoing to verify the contact information and outreach to theseFamilies. SOS facilitates support groups where Families and individuals can share feelings, concerns, thoughts,resources, and information in a safe and understanding setting. Maintain personal contact with Survivor Families withphone calls, cards, and mailings as well as other forms of electronic media. Offers onsite professional financialcounseling to assist Families in adjusting to their unique monetary circumstances following the loss of a loved one.Coordinates and provides information on special memorials, grief camps, special events and opportunities forSurviving Families to gather together with others.3. BETTER OPPORTUNITIES FOR SINGLE SOLDIERS (BOSS) MICHELLE RODEN Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS), Bldg T-2190 Nash Blvd. BOSS hours of operation are 1100-2300, Wednesday through Sunday, closed Mondays and Tuesdays. 5K Runs will be conducted 4, 11 and 18August. Runs will start at Magrath Sports Complex and are open to active duty military assigned/attached to FortDrum, Family members, retirees, reservists and DoD civilians employed on Fort Drum. Register at race sitestarting at 0730 the day of the event until beginning of race at 0800. Dogs are welcome. Please remember tobring your NYS registration and leash if you bring your four-legged friend. Outdoor Movie Night will beconducted 10 August at the BOSS building. Movie will start at 2100 with free popcorn. Whitewater Rafting Tripdown the Black River in Black river will be available for 36 BOSS Soldiers. This is a FREE event partnered withAdventure Training. Sign up at BOSS 772-7807. Meet at Parks & Recreation at 0800. UFC Fight, Hendersonvs. Edgar II, at the Winner’s Circle on their big screens hosted by BOSS. Doors open at 2100 with game time at 3
  4. 4. 2200. Hike to Mount Marcy which is one of the highest peaks in the Adirondack Mountains will be conducted 11August. Cost is $15 per person with a limit of 15 participants. Soldier must be an admin hiking as Mount Marcyis a difficult mountain. Call BOSS to reserve your seat. 2012 BOSS Conference will be conducted 23-24 Augustin the Ballrooms at the Commons. This two-day event is to enhance Better Opportunities for Single Soldierscommunication skills and become better representatives for their units. Throughout the conference Soldiers willlisten to lectures on ways to improve their unit BOSS meeting program and perform practical exercises on what agood BOSS meeting would look like as well as learn what opportunities they have as a Soldier. On the last daythere will be a Pt War where each BOSS representative will compete in seven physical events which will be allabout teamwork. End your summer right with Ride the River which will be conducted 30 August in Clayton.Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children 6-12 and free for children younger than 5. Each ticket includesadmission to the world-famous Antique Boat Museum where visitors will be given a chance to take a boat ride onthe St. Lawrence River, a guided tour of the museum, and explore the 106-foot houseboat ―La Duchesse‖, and abarbecue picnic lunch at the museum river shed. Visitors may also hitch a ride on the trolley to explore the villageof Clayton and its many shops, galleries, museums and restaurants. This is an opportunity for the militarycommunity to enjoy and end the summer on the beautiful St. Lawrence River. Call the BOSS Center at 772-7807 for more information.4. BOY SCOUT TROOP 26/CUB SCOUT PACK 26 ERNEST SCRIBNER/ RHONDA PITTS 222-3153/ Scout Pack 26 accepts boys ages 5-10 to join the ranks all year round. If you have questions please do nothesitate to contact Rhonda Pitts at 757-620-1768 or send an email to CHAPEL CHAPLAIN DARRELL THOMSEN Command Chaplain 772-5591: A chaplain is always as close as a phone call away. After duty hours,call 772-5647 and ask for the duty chaplain. Family Life 772-5540: Daytreat is a day long workshop for couples thatis held quarterly. Call the Family Life Chaplain to see when the next one is scheduled! POC CH (MAJ) Rick Cantrell.Military Council of Catholic Women 772-0160: MCCW is on summer vacation! Join us in the fall, onWednesdays at 0930. The First Friday of the month we meet at the chapel for Adoration & Mass. Rosary forPeace meets Wednesdays at 1130 in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Child care is available. Protestant Womenof the Chapel 772-5591: All military women and/or spouses and their children are invited to join PWOC (ProtestantWomen of the Chapel) as we meet during August. We will meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month from 1000-1300 at the Adirondack Community Center for a potluck lunch and playtime for the kids. Just bring the kids, any dishto share and come for a fun time getting to know other in the military family. Contact info: Judy West atdrum@pwoc.org6. CHILD, YOUTH & SCHOOL (CYS) SERVICES KARIN S. SIKIRICA Services Summer Programs: SAC and Middle School Camps, Sports Camps, Skies programs, SpecialEvents – find all information in the CYS Services Summer Booklet available at all CYS Services facilities andFMWR window at Clark Hall or online ( Sports: Start Smart Baseball is designed to teachthe basic skills necessary to play organized baseball. The program focuses on teaching children and theirparents hitting, throwing, catching, and agility skills. Registration is ongoing until 7 September. Soccer –registration continues until 17 August for ages 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. Season starts 5 September – 26 October2012. Youth Center: 24 August – PSAT assistant from 3 – 6pm; 25 August - Women’s Equality Day Event from2 – 5 pm; 27 - 31 August –Table Tennis Tournament from 5-7pm, register by 15 August; 30 August – New YorkState Fair from 9 am – 6 pm, cost $40, register by 18 August. Parent and Youth Orientation are required of allmembers within 30 days of member registration. Orientation will be conducted on 13 and 27 August from 6-7pm. For additional information and to schedule your orientation, contact the Youth Center at 772-6719. 6A. SCHOOL LIAISON SERVICES (SLS) MICHELE CARLTON/TERRI SPENCER 772-3214/ month of August means summer is quickly coming to an end. It also means time for August New York StateRegents Examinations. Examinations will be held 16 & 17 August 2012. Contact your school district for 4
  5. 5. registration information. Check out your school websites for back to school supply lists. Wal-Mart usually has thelocal school district lists available as well. If you are new to Fort Drum, contact your School Liaison Office at772-3214/1311 to receive information regarding school registration. If you are unsure what school district yourchild will attend, please contact the School Liaison Office for guidance. If you live on post, you will need to knowwhat housing community you will be residing in for us to determine which school district your child will attend.The Kindergarten age requirement for New York State is 5 by 1 December to be eligible to enroll in Kindergarten.(SEE School Dates following VSF CLIF NOTES).7. COMMAND SAFETY OFFICE (CSO) ERIN THOMPSON couple of safety tips for those families who are enjoying all this beautiful summer weather: If your Family is playingin grassy or wooded areas, don’t forget to check for ticks. Under the arms, between the legs, waistline, and navel aresome of ticks favorite spots. They like warm, moist areas! At playgrounds, check the temperature of the equipmentbefore you let your kids climb on. Metal and dark colored plastic can heat up very quickly in the summer sun. Also,remove strings, such as drawstrings or other loose material (especially around the neck) to avoid possiblestrangulation. Finally, everyone, regardless of age, should wear a properly fitted safety helmet while riding bikes,skate boards, roller blades, etc. to avoid head injuries. Helmets with air vents are a good choice for reducing heatinjuries. If you have any questions, please call the Command Safety Office at 772-0310.8. COMMISSARY PATTY MUSHTARE, ASSISTANT STORE DIRECTOR Commissary has "BACK to SCHOOL" sale items as you enter the store for the kids going back to school.We have a drop off box by the courtesy desk for donations for FEDS FEED FAMILIES. Halloween will be ondisplay in aisle 7 with a blow up display unit as you enter the aisle. Come in to see the display. Enjoy the rest ofthe summer9. COMMUNITY RECREATION DIVISION KENNETH LOPEZ 9A. PARKS & RECREATION EUGENE SPENCER August 2012-Free White Water Rafting Trip on the Black River. Two trips one at 0745 and second trip at12:45. 10-12 August 2012-Cranberry Lake overnight hiking trip. 11 Miles, $25 per person, kids 12 and under arefree. Transportation and logistics provided for food and water. 15-16 September 2012-NY Yankees BaseballGame, $150 per person, includes lodging and transportation and ticket to the game. Hours of operation areMonday-Saturday, 0900-1700. Equipment rental and outdoor gear is available for rent. Daily, weekend, and weeklyfee schedules are available. Plan your out of state vacation at Parks & Recreation. Discounted tickets are offered toinclude hotel accommodations. Plan your cruise or foreign vacations at a discounted rate. RV/trailer/camper storagelots are available for $20 per month. Lots may be rented with a six month payment up front, or full payment ifdeployed. If you’re having a party Parks & Recreation has inflatable bouncers and popcorn, snowcone, and cottoncandy machines for rent. Walt Disney World’s Military Salute 2011; four theme parks, four days for only $138. Joinour Hiking Club as we hike some of the biggest peaks in the Adirondacks. Look for more trips to New York City andoff Broadway plays in Syracuse and local theme parks. Reserve one of our brand new campers for rent. Boats arenow ready for rent and the water. Call 772-8222 for more information. 9B. ADVENTURE TRAINING EUGENE SPENCER Range is open for the season. Range fee rental is $5/hour for $100 for 12 months. Shotguns areavailable for rent at $20 per day. Archery Range (Indoor/Outdoor) is now open for the season. Range fee rentalis $5/hour or $100 for 12 months. Bows are available for rent at a cost of $20. Woodsball/Paintball locatedbehind Parks & Recreation is open. Cost is $30 for equipment and $40 for 2,000 rounds of paint. Units wishingto use the paintball field during duty hours must schedule through Adventure Training, 772-6568. Call Parks &Recreation for upcoming Adventure Training classes and trips. Call 772-4010/8222 for more information. 5
  6. 6. 9C. REMINGTON PARK EUGENE SPENCER Vehicle (RV) Campground and Cabins are available. The RV campground has campers in placeavailable to rent as well as open spaces for visitors to bring their own campers. Adirondack style cabins are alsoavailable and are fully equipped with a kitchenette, sitting room, and sleeping accommodations for up to six. Whilethere check out scenic Remington Park with its wilderness hiking and biking trails, playgrounds, beach and picnicareas. Dog Park Kennel Play Area is located at Remington Park just before Hillside Lake Lodge. The large fenced inarea is designed to give pets a place to run with adult owner/handler. Open daily from sunrise to sunset. Beacharea is open Monday-Friday, 1100-1900 and Saturday and Sunday 0900-1900. Call Remington Park at 772-4765 formore information and reservations. 9D. MCEWEN LIBRARY ALLEN GOUDIE hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 0900 – 1800; Friday and Saturday, 1030 – 1800. Closed Sundays andFederal holidays. Join the McEwen Library for ―Reading is Sooooo Delicious― Summer Reading Club. This summerlong self-paced program is designed to work around family vacations block leave and the rest of your family’s busysummer schedule. This year to go with the theme we’ll be doing a cookbook. Each participant will get to contributeone favorite family recipe. The Summer Reading Program will run through 18 August. Open to kids from preschool to12th grade. Call the Library at 772-9099 for more information. Children’s Story Time for Preschoolers is offeredTuesdays and Fridays, 1000-1045. Materials checked out from another local public library, or another Army library,can be returned here. We will ship them back to the library you borrowed them from. Spanish language books arenow available for children and adults. Large print books are now available at the Library. The Library offers faxservices, photocopiers, and printing for the public. Fax is $1 per page (International fax is $2 per page). Photocopiesare 10 cents per page and printing is 5 cents per page. CASH ONLY. Boxed paperback books are available for unitson maneuvers, exercises or deployments exceeding 10 days. Call 772-47235 for an appointment to pick-up. Call772-9099/6005 for more information on many great programs. 9E. AUTOMOTIVE SKILLS CENTER MIKE GRAVELINE of operation are Tuesday-Friday, 1100 - 1900, and Saturdays, 0800 – 1600. Equipment/Services available areregular bays, vehicle lifts, paint booths, body bays, welding bays, wheel balancing, tire changing, and towing.Propane Service is offered with all tanks meeting applicable safety requirements, Tuesday-Friday, 1100 – 1800,Saturday, 0800 – 1500. Center reserves the right to refuse filling any tank that does not comply. Safety OrientationClasses are free and is required to use the Automotive Skills Center and is offered Tuesday-Friday, 1200 -1730.Wrecker Service is available for on and off-post towing to and from housing. Off-post towing costs are determined bydistance, Tuesday-Friday, 1100- 1800, and Saturday, 0800 – 1500. On post jump starts and lock services are alsoavailable. Services are offered Tuesday-Friday, 1100- 1800, and Saturday, 0800 – 1500. Spring/Summer hours forthe Car Wash located on Memorial Drive and First Street is 24 hours daily. Resale Lot is open through November.Proof of current registration and insurance is required. Monthly fee is $10. Call 772-5785 or 783-5784 for moreinformation. 9F. SPORTS BRANDON DOHERTY LOCATION !!. The Sports Office has moved and is now located at Bldg. M430A, corner of Lewis Avenueand MWR Drive on South (old) post, Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 0800-1630. Rosters for all sportingevents are to be turned in to the Sports Office by the cut-off dates. Softball Tournament will be conducted 4August on the Magrath Sports Complex softball fields. Open to active duty military assigned/attached to FortDrum. Rosters due NLT 1 August. Flag Football Tournament will be conducted 18 August on the Monti multi-purpose fields. Open to active duty military assigned/attached to Fort Drum. Rosters due NLT 15 August. Two-person Captain & Crew Golf Tournament will be conducted 25 August at Willowbrook Golf Club, Route 37,Watertown. Open to active duty military assigned/attached to Fort Drum, Family members 19 years and older,retirees, reservists, and DoD civilians employed on Fort Drum. Sign-up at the Sports Office NLT 24 August.Contact the Sports Office at 772-6661/6663 for more information. 6
  7. 7. 9G. MAGRATH SPORTS COMPLEX FRANK ROMANO Gym is closed for renovations except for the gymnasium area which is now theexercise/cardio/weight room and the pool. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 0530-2200, Saturday,0900-2200, and Sunday, 0900-2100. 300/500 Club (Bench Press), Swim for your Life, and Run for your Life,Monday-Friday, 0900-1100. Health Management Program is an assessment to get individuals into a fitness,lifestyle and nutritional program. Cost is $10. Receive a personal exercise and nutrition report. ConditioningCenter Instruction is offered, first come, first serve basis. Orientation offered on every piece of equipment inConditioning Center covered on a weekly rotational basis every Tuesday at 0900. Ab concentration, circuittraining, free weights, stretching and core training. Fitness Instruction includes equipment skill qualification, freeweights, cardio respiratory equipment, body composition, exercise prescription and programming. Call 772-4584for an appointment. 9H. MAGRATH SPORTS COMPLEX POOL AGNES CURRIER of operation are Monday-Friday, 0600-1330, Saturday and Sunday, 0900-1600. Call the Magrath SportsComplex for reservations and more information. 9I. MONTI FITNESS CENTER TERRY BUCKLEY of operation are Monday-Friday 0600-2100, Saturday and Sunday, 0900-1700. Staff are available toassist in weight and cardio equipment usage upon request. Please make inquiries at the front desk. AerobicsFitness Classes are free and are Monday-Friday, morning and evening classes. Classes offered are, Zumba,Zumba Toning, Cardio Fit, Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Piloxing, Spin, and Spin Sculpt. Call 772-4936 for class schedule.Battalion and Brigade Level Organizational and Family Days can be reserved at the Monti Physical FitnessCenter. Personal Trainers are now available, initial consultation to include goal setting and basic informationcosts $10. After initial consultation each one hour session will cost $25, specials and promotions will also beoffered. Trainer will focus on strength training, cardio, weight loss, pregnancy, and post pregnancy. Participantsmust be ID card holders and 18 years of age and older. Trainer is available Monday-Friday, 1730-2100, andSaturday and Sunday, 0900-1700. Pavilion Rentals are $25 plus $25 cleaning deposit per pavilion rental.Monti Fitness Pool Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 0830-2030, Sunday, 0900-1600. Lap Swim: Mon –Thu 0630-2030, Fri 0630-1200 & 1530 – 2030, Sat Closed, Sun & Holidays 0900–1100. PhysicalTherapy/Pregnancy PT Swim: Mon – Fri 0630 – 0830. Open Swim: Mon – Fri 0830–2030, Sat Closed, Sun &Holidays 0900-1600. Wave pool and slide will be offered on Sunday afternoon based on manpower. Please Callon Sunday Morning 772-4807/4936 for hours. Free swim lessons are offered to Soldiers only by appointment.Please call for information about American Red Cross Lifeguard certifications. 9J. FUNCTIONAL FITNESS CENTER MONICA SMITH Functional Fitness Center is closed for renovations.10. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) ELIZABETH DEJESUS CINTRON ICE Is your opportunity to tell Ft. Drum how we are doing- what you like or what you dislike about our products and services or just to say thanks for a job well done. Use your Smartphone to visit the Ft Drum ICE Site with the above QR code. Or log on directly at and type ―Drum‖ in the search box at the top of the page to tell us what you think because your voice will make a difference Today! 7
  8. 8. 11. DIRECTORATE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES (DES) JOSEPH MARGREY CHECK YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS! DES Emergency and Non-Emergency Phone Numbers: Foremergencies on the installation – dial 911 from any land-line. That call will go directly to the DES Dispatch Center. Ifyou dial 911 from your cell phone, that call will go directly to the Jefferson County Dispatch Center. Advise thedispatcher you are calling from Fort Drum and they will redirect your call to the DES dispatch center. Currenttechnology does not allow for the separation of cell phone calls on or off the installation. For non-emergency calls forservice – Police 772-5156/5157; Fire Prevention/ Training - 772-3372/4420/4702; Director - 772-5721; Police Chief -772-4483; Fire Chief - 772-3547/ 4420; Physical Security Chief – 772-3105. TIP Line: DES, in cooperation with theAntiterrorism Officer, operates an anonymous tip line, 774-8477 (TIPS). This line allows personnel to reportsuspicious activity in an anonymous manner. Please ensure community personnel are aware of this phone line.CURFEW - Garrison Policy Memorandum #11-18, Fort Drum Curfew for Minor Children. The curfew applies tominors, defined as 17 years of age or younger, who live or work on, travel to or visit Fort Drum. The curfew hours arefrom 2200hrs - 0500hrs Sundays through Thursdays and from 2400hrs - 0500hrs Fridays and Saturdays. This meansthat minors meeting the age defined in the policy cannot be outside the home unsupervised during the timesmentioned above. The Directorate of Emergency Services Law Enforcement Division will be enforcing this Policy.Violation of the policy may result in an appearance before the Juvenile Disciplinary Control Board. Bicycle Safety –Make sure children are riding their bicycles using the proper safety equipment and following the rules of the road. Allpersonnel riding bicycles on Fort Drum are required to wear an approved Safety Helmet. Contact DES at 772-9090for assistance conducting bicycle safety checks or Bicycle Rodeos.12. DIRECTORATE OF HUMAN RESOURCES JIM SWORDS 12A. ARMY CAREER AND ALUMNI PROGRAM LORRIE GULER 772-3284 ACAP services are available to Family members if the sponsor is registered with ACAP. Service members are eligible for services when within 18 months of ETS or 24 months of retirement. Service members may register for services by visiting the ACAP Center in Clark Hall or by calling 772-3434/3286. In addition to offering pre- separation counseling, Department of Labor Employment Workshops, and VA counseling, the following events are scheduled for August. Watch the ACAP bulletin board,, or LIKE us on Facebook at for changes. Federal Application Seminar—6 Aug, Advanced Resume Seminar—13 Aug, Small Business Development Center—13 Aug, Advanced Interviewing Seminar—27 Aug, Financial Planning Seminar—20 Aug, Education Seminar—21 Aug. Remember, spouses may use ACAP services while the Service member is deployed if he/she is registered with ACAP. Although sponsored by ACAP, these seminars are open to all (space-available basis for those not ACAP clients). The resume and interview seminars build on the basics which are presented in the DOL Employment Workshop. Spouses are encouraged to accompany the Service member to the preseparation counseling, employment workshop, and VA brief. Call the ACAP Center at 772-3434 or Lorrie Guler at 772-3284 for information or to reserve a seat. 12B. EDUCATION CENTER JOE AGRESTI Upcoming College visits to the Fort Drum Education Center for Soldiers and Spouses August 29- Bryant & Stratton-0930-1400. On 14 August 2012- The Annual Education Fair will be held at the Commons from 1400-1800. Over 45 college representatives, Veterans Affairs, ROTC and West Point personnel will be here to speak with Soldiers, Spouses, and college-ready Family Members. Drawings held for college gifts and prizes. Refreshments will be served. All are welcome! Spread the word! The Education Center Office closed the following days: 14 August 2012 - after 1400 for Education Fair and 3 September 2012. Also, look for the opening of our new ANNEX at P10450 after 1 Aug 2012. Jefferson Community College and Education Counseling offices will be housed there. The Annex will be available for limited classroom instruction. Coordination for all Education Center classrooms will be centralized though the Facility Manager, Room 134, The McEwen Center Building P4300, 772-6881 or National Test Center at the Education Center: Columbia College at Fort Drum is the sponsor for academic credit by examination through their National Testing Center. For schedule and fee information contact Columbia College at 315-775-0128. 8
  9. 9. 13. EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (EEO) OFFICE BARRY DUBOIS EEO Office provides services to current Civilian employees, former Civilian employees, and applicants foremployment. Complaints: If you feel you have been discriminated against in an employment matter based on yourrace, sex, age (40 or over), national origin, color, religion, genetic information, disability (mental or physical) and/orreprisal for previous EEO activity, please contact the EEO Complaints Manager at 772-6565. ReasonableAccommodations: If you are an individual with a disability (physical or mental) who needs an accommodation toperform the essential functions of your job, to overcome architectural barriers, or to apply for federal employment,please contact the EEO Special Emphasis Program Manager at 772-4090. Schedule A – Special Hiring Authority:If you are an individual with a targeted or more severe disability, you may apply under Schedule A for non-competitiveplacement into a Federal position at Fort Drum or other Department of the Army installations. To qualify underSchedule A and be considered for employment, you will need to submit a Resume or RESUMIX application, alongwith a Certificate of Disability. For more details, you may contact the EEO Special Emphasis Program Manager at772-4090.14. EXCHANGE (PX) ELIZABETH BEHAN 772-6103BehanE@aafes.comMain Exchange: 4 August Back to School Fashion Show Main Exchange starting at 1500. Gear up for Back To Schoolwith weekly saving from the Main Exchange. Check out our weekly tabloid for the latest Back to school Fashions andschool supplies. Find a better price on your school supplies and we’ll match it! $10 or less and we’ll match it on thespot. If the price difference is more than $10 bring in the local competitors ad and we’ll match the price. College 2012ad is out now with all the essentials for setting up a dorm room in the coolest styles at the best prices. Pick up yourcopy in the Exchange. Our Autumn catalog is now out and this year it’s FREE! Pick up your catalog in the MainExchange. Each catalog comes with $35 in coupons towards catalog purchases. Food Court: Anthony’s Pizza –Anthony’s Pizza 2 medium 3 topping pizzas for $5.99 each. August sees the introduction of our Italian Classic Pizza.This pizza features pepperoni, salami, beef, Italian sausage, tomatoes, onions and green peppers, topped with Italianseasoning and a garlic crust. Charley’s Grilled Subs – August Charley’s will feature the All-American Bacon BBQRanch Chicken sandwich; this grilled chicken sandwich has the tangy/smokey flavor of BBQ ranch topped with whiteAmerican cheese. Round out this All-American grilled sandwich with gourmet fires and ice cold lemonade.15. FAMILY AND MORALE, WELFARE AND RECREATION HAL GREER www.drummwr.com30 August 2012 – Fort Drum Rides the River in Clayton, NY. Tickets are available at the McEwen Library andMagrath Sports complex to Military ID card holders and their guests through August 29. Adult tickets are $5each, tickets for children 6 to 12 are $3 and children under 5 are free. Your ticket includes admission to theworld famous Antique Boat Museum where you will be given the chance to take a boat ride on the SaintLawrence River, enjoy the guided tour of the museum , and explore the 106 foot houseboat, ―LaDuchesse‖. Aleisurely barbeque picnic lunch is included for you and your friends or family at the museum river shed. Hitch aride on the trolley to explore the village of Clayton where you will find many quaint shops, galleries, nationallyrenowned museums, and fine restaurants. This is a great opportunity for the Military community to enjoy and endthe summer at the beautiful Saint Lawrence River. At the Pine Plains Bowling Center for the month of August upto three children 12 years of age and younger can bowl up to two free games per day with a regular paying Adult.4 August 2012 at 1500 DPAO will host the children’s show The Doodlebops and Calliou at the WatertownFairgrounds. Tickets will be distributed through Child, Youth and School Services. 14 August 2012 at 1900DPAO will host Journey and Loverboy at the Watertown Fairgrounds. FMWR will be the host of the tailgate party.16. FORT DRUM MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY HOMES (FDMCH) MEGAN KLOSNER www.fortdrummch.comLittle to no wait for 2 or 3 bedroom homes on post! Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes has availability for 2 and3 bedroom homes exclusive to PVT-SSG. Soldiers newly arriving to Fort Drum can move right in with no securitydeposit or first/last month’s rent making it a great option for Families looking for the convenience of living withMountain Community Homes. On post living boasts unique amenities including bark parks, splash parks, destinationplaygrounds, extensive trail networks and so much more. These homes also include: all utilities, air conditioning,garage with automatic door opener, private fenced in yard or balcony, privacy window blinds, Time Warner servicediscount, Renter’s Insurance, 24/7 maintenance, lawn care service and an exclusive invitation to all Resident events. 9
  10. 10. For more information or to apply for one of these homes, please contact the Welcome Home Center in Clark Hall at315.955.6644. We invite our Residents to come to the biggest event of the year. National Night Out will be held onTuesday, August 7 at the Adirondack Creek Community Center beginning at 1700. A parade kicks off the event at1700 followed by a night of food, games, bounce houses and safety focused activities. Families can also enjoy a dayof fun at the Crescent Woods Community Center for Mountain Community Homes Field Days on Saturday, August18 from 1100-1300. Feel free to visit our website or give your community center a call for details.17. FORT DRUM-WATERTOWN SQUADRON 406 CIVIL AIR PATROL 1LT ROBERT ORMSBEE 921-5348rormbsbee27@frontiernet.netThe Civil Air Patrol is open to boys and girls (cadets) ages 12-20 and adult members 18-up. The squadron cadetslearn leadership, customs and courtesies, drill and ceremonies, and emergency services. Adults can teach andmentor cadets or perform emergency service missions, primarily search and rescue. The squadron meets in buildingM431A, South Post, Fort Drum, every Friday 1800-2000. There are also various activities throughout the year such asfield exercises and training events that take place on the weekends. Anyone that is interested can stop in and visit orrequest information by email.18. HOUSING BILL BAMANN off-post housing rental market now has approximately 1.5% vacancies in available rentals being reported from thearea’s largest apartment complexes. As of 17 July 12, there were 64 adequate rental units available for rent off-post.These apartments range from one to four bedroom units available. We are seeing an extraordinary number ofSoldiers departing the area in June, July and early August, so check back often as apartments are opening up daily.Check our apartment guide found on the Fort Drum web page for contact information: Also, you can check online at Housing Referral Network) to see current listings of rental homes and apartments. Due to the highmarket dynamics, check back often for changes and be prepared to move fast when apartments becomeavailable. Fort Drum continues to work closely with off-post officials in getting new housing projects started. Thereare currently some 250 new apartment units under construction and another 340 that will start in the spring. Anadditional 700+ units are in the final planning stages, with incentive financing provided by State and Localgovernments, and should also start next spring. We expect over 1,300 new units will be opened in late 2012 through2014. Information on available homes for sale can be found at: There continues to be hundreds ofhomes for sale from $50,000-$175,000 in a 30 mile radius of Fort Drum in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrencecounties. With an unusually large number of Soldiers expected to PCS or ETS this summer, expect delays inscheduling the available movers with the Transportation office. Plan ahead, get your orders as soon aspossible, and schedule your move early. The Home Affordable Modification Program, also known as HAMP, isa federal program of the United States set up to help eligible home owners with loan modifications for their homemortgage. The target of the program is 7 to 8 million struggling homeowners at risk of foreclosure by working withtheir lenders to lower monthly mortgage payments. The Program is part of the Making Home Affordable Programwhich was created by the Financial Stability Act of 2009. The program was built as collaboration with lenders,investors, securities, mortgage servicers, the FHA, the VA, FHLMC, FNMA, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency,to create standard loan modification guidelines for lenders to take into consideration when evaluating a borrower for apotential loan modification. Under recently announced changes to HAMP, which will go into effect June 1, militaryhomeowners and other families who are permanently displaced by a job-related move may still qualify as owner-occupants, which means they may still qualify for a HAMP mortgage modification. The new criteria states that aborrower may qualify if he or she: Is displaced due to an out-of-area job transfer such as PCS orders and wasoccupying the home as a principal residence immediately prior to the displacement; Intends to return to the home atsome point in the future; and does not own any other single-family real estate. Military and other families who do ownother residential properties may still qualify for a HAMP modification under expanded opportunities available for rentalproperties announced by Treasury in January. They also may qualify for a short sale through Treasurys HomeAffordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA). Our service members deserve our full support. We dont wantany member of our military to be forced by financial challenges to leave their family behind. This would be aheartbreaking decision for any family, but its especially tough for military families, who often face long periods ofseparation during deployment. These changes to HAMP are one way Treasury and the CFPB are working together tosupport military families and the many other hardworking families struggling to maintain homeownership. 10
  11. 11. 19. MEDDAC COL THOMPSON PHYSICALS SATURDAY PLANNED AT GUTHRIE CLINIC – A school/camp/sportsphysicals Saturday for school-age children K-12 will be held August 4 from 8 a.m. to Noon at Guthrie Clinic byappointment only. To make an appointment, please call 315-772-2778. (Note: This event does not include preschool,college or CYS enrollment physicals). Q-FLOW SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION -- Efforts continue to implement the Q-Flow system throughout Guthrie and to all ancillary services within USA MEDDAC-Fort Drum. Q-Flow is a real-time, web-based customer flow and queuing platform that helps organize and optimize the throughput of patients andcustomers within the USA MEDDAC Fort Drum. The system is being scaled across the MEDDAC to diverse locations,to optimize the speed at which care is provided to the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum patient population. It ismore than just a ticket system; it is a patient tracking and routing system for the entire facility. Last fall, Q-flow wasrolled out to Conner Troop Medical Clinic’s Pharmacy, Laboratory and Radiology departments, and began movementinto the Guthrie Pharmacy. This spring that effort continued at the Patient Service Center, as well as at the PhysicalTherapy, Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic and Musculoskeletal Departments. And recently, the Family Medicinelobby began using Q-flow to manage patient check-in and reduce / eliminate the risk for HIPAA violations due tocrowding at check-in desks. In the near future the Guthrie Laboratory, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Radiology and FamilyMedicine will begin the final phase of implementation. This will mark the culmination of several years’ work obtaining,testing, configuring and methodical implementation of a system the will take the MEDDAC to the next level of patientsupport - knowing where a patient is at a glance, tracking the patient as he / she is passed from department todepartment, and ensuring they are guided to the appropriate next step in their clinic visit - while saving valuableclinical staff time and resources. The MEDDAC Command extends is appreciation to the community for its continuedpatience while the Q-Flow implementation is finalized. APLSS REMINDER – Please take time to complete ArmyProvider Level Satisfaction Surveys (APLSS) when you receive them! The Command wants you to ―voice youropinion‖ concerning overall visits to Guthrie. Your feedback is important! WI-FI ACCESS NOW AVAILABLE ATGUTHRIE PHARMACY -- Wi-Fi / wireless service is now available at the Pharmacy area in Guthrie Clinic! This newoffering at the MEDDAC stems from patient comments that the service be made available; an example of yourfeedback, which MEDDAC-Fort Drum takes seriously!20. OFF THE BEATIN PATH GIFTS CHRIS RYAN 774-0253OTBPGiftshop@gmail.comSummer Hours Tuesday 1000-1400, Wed 1000-1800, Thursday 1000-1400. New item in shop – cutting boardthat can be personalized. We are on Facebook: otbpgifts.21. PARENT TO PARENT ALISON FISHER 777-4496Ptop.drum@militarychild.orgThe Parent to Parent program provides FREE, informative and interactive parent workshops to groups ororganizations in the local community. Workshops run from 20 minutes to an hour. We can tailor workshops to meetyour group’s needs. Participants receive high quality resources and materials which will assist them in their role astheir child’s best advocate. Parent to Parent is now booking workshops for August 2012 – June 2013. We can workwith any group that contains military parents: Coffee Groups, FRGs, PTOs, PTAs, Parent Support Groups, Mommy &Me’s, Literacy Nights, Steering Committees, etc. Call now to make a reservation for your group! Hurry spots arelimited!! Available Workshops: Baby Sign, Growing Great Readers: Birth thru Six, Shake, Rattle, and Roll: ExploringRhythm and Music, Early Explorations: Math Early Explorations: Science, Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten,Parent/Provider Communication, Avoiding Homework Hassles, Post it Note Portfolios: A Tool to Motivate andOrganize Your Child, Preparing for Successful Parent Teacher Conferences, Growing Great Readers: Learning toRead and Reading to Learn, Learning Styles, Elementary School Transitions, Back to School Basics, TimeManagement for Kids, College Admission Portfolios, The College Application Process/Financial Aid, Middle and HighSchool Transitions, Academic Portfolios: A Tool to Assist You in Advocating for Your Child and School Transitions22. SPOUSES’ CLUB AT FORT DRUM (SCFD) MARY JANSEN, PRESIDENT www.fdosc.comThe Spouses Club of Fort Drum invites you to join us for new beginnings! This club is a great way to makefriends and stay involved! (PLEASE SEE FLIERS FOLLOWING CLIF NOTES). 11
  12. 12. 23. SWIM STRONG AQUATIC CLUB (SSAC) POC: PAM OESCHGER 315-405-8540www.swimssac.orgSWIM STRONG AQUATIC CLUB (SSAC) is a Level 2 USA Swim team located right here on Ft Drum. OurSSAC Swim Team is open to swimmers ages 5-18. Our certified swim instructors can help your child work onimproving basic strokes and technique or help the advanced swimmer work on endurance and speed. Mostswimmers can be assessed during a FREE two week trial. SSAC offers four levels of swim instruction withpractice times on Monday-Friday evenings, 2-4 times a week. Please visit our website for detailed informationand employment opportunities. Contact our coaches at: www.swimssac.org24. THRIFT SHOP MELISSA REXROAD 772-7189thriftshopfd@hotmail.comSATURDAY OPENINGS ~ 4 August 0930-1400. Summer Operation Schedule ~ Open every Tuesdays,Wednesday & Thursdays 0930-1400; CLOSED 7-16 August. BAG SALE DAYS ~ 1-2, 4, 28-30 August. WEWANT YOUR LEFT OVER YARD SALE ITEMS!! Drop off donations 24hrs a day in our front lobby or duringbusiness hours to receive a tax receipt. (Please No Mattresses or car parts, all other items accepted). Are youPCSing?? Are your closets and storage rooms busting at the seams?? Do you just have too much Junk in thehouse that you want to remove? Would you like to make some extra MONEY while clearing it out?? If you saidYES to any of these questions, then you need to head on over to the FORT DRUM THRIFT SHOP!! Or Call315-772-7189 to set up a PCS appointment! The Fort Drum Thrift Shop is your one stop shop to get rid of allyour Unwanted Items or Acquire more Treasures! We take donations 24hrs a day in our front lobby or we offerconsignments daily from 0930-1230. We also offer PCS appointments to anyone who is within 90 days ofPCS/ETSing on or off of post. What is a PCS appointment you ask? A PCS appointment allows you to do 1LARGE Consignment Drop OFF and youll be assured your consignment check will be forwarded to you!! Areyou looking for a Formal Gown for the Ball? Stop by & check out our large selection of gowns! The Thrift Shopis OPEN Tuesday, Wednesdays & Thursdays 0930-1400 we are located on old post, Building P55 First St. &Quartermaster Rd. For Sale Specials, Consignment Info or Donation Info call 315-772-7189 or visit us on theWEB @ **25. USO - FORT DRUM KAREN CLARK -or- USO Fort Drum served over 19,000 patrons in the month of June thanks to the generosity of donors and a greatteam of dedicated volunteers. USO Fort Drum is private organization whose only mission is the lift the spirits ofthe Troops and their families. Interested in Volunteering? Attend a Volunteer Orientation on 14 August at 1400or 29 August at 1800 at USO Fort Drum. Questions? Please contact Molly Manning, Volunteer Coordinator, People have been asking if the JC Penney million dollar donation will support our localUSO Fort Drum. The ONE MILLION dollars will all be used to support the Warrior and Family Care facilitiesbeing built in the Washington DC area (Bethesda & Walter Reed). Fort Drum Soldiers and families who arereceiving medical services in the DC area will enjoy these new state-of-the-art facilities. If you, or someone youknow, would like to donate to our local USO checks can be mailed to USO Fort Drum, PO BOX 454, Fort Drum,NY 13602. Credit card donations are accepted at, and federal employees candonate through the Combined Federal Campaign. The USOs CFC number is 11381.26. VETERINARY CLINIC CPT JULIE PAIGE BROWN 772-4262 of operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 0830-1600. Closed on Thursdays. Internal andexternal parasite prevention is strongly recommended year-round, but it becomes even more importantduring warmer months, when insects are more active. Fleas and ticks (which carry Lyme and other diseases)are prevented with a monthly topical medication. Heartworms (carried by mosquitoes) and intestinalparasites are prevented with a monthly chewable medication. For especially active/outdoor animals, we alsooffer Leptosporosis and Lyme Disease vaccines. REGISTRATION / LICENSING: All dogs and cats living on FortDrum MUST be registered with Fort Drum Veterinary Services, within 45 days of arrival at Fort Drum. Dogs must alsobe licensed with the State of New York, with the town clerk where the animal lives. Pets living on Fort Drum must belicensed with the city of LeRay. This requires proof of a current rabies vaccination. MICROCHIPPING: Fort Drumrequires that ALL dogs and cats living on post must be microchipped. This ensures the return of your pet if lost (on 12
  13. 13. post or off). Walk-in microchip clinics are held on Friday mornings from 0900-1100. MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS:You MUST have an appointment for vaccination, ―sick call,‖ and health certificates. We are normally booked 3-4weeks in advance. As soon as you find out you are traveling OCONUS, please contact us to ensure your pet meetsthe requirements for your destination. For medical conditions requiring immediate care, we encourage you to pursueoff-post treatment with a civilian practice. SURGERY: We offer spays, neuters, mass removals, and dental cleanings.Surgeries can be scheduled starting on the 15th of each month. LOST PETS: If you lose your pet on Fort Drum,please check this website (updated daily): To arrange pick-upor drop-off of lost/found pets, call the Stray Facility (NOT the Vet Clinic) at 772-2072, or the MPs after hours. FOOD MISSION: Veterinary Services ensures food safety for all Dining Facilities, MWR facilities, AAFES vendors, the Commissary, and TISA. If you have any questions regarding this portion of our mission, please contact SFC Christopher Lovrien at 772-4276.27. VOLUNTEER SUPPORT FUND (VSF) KARYN MINTZ 646-7080volsupfund@gmail.comWondering who we are? The Volunteer Support Fund provides reimbursement of childcare costs so people likeyou can volunteer within the Fort Drum community! Check us out on FaceBook: search Volunteer Support Fundfor Fort Drum. 13
  14. 14. (Open to all Families) BERRY PICKING (blueberries and long blackberries) st August 1  9:00 - 2:00 …Picking, Eating, Sharing & Laughing…Wednesday, August 1st 9:00 am ~ Arrive at ACS 9:20 am ~ Bus leaves ACS 2:00 pm ~ Arrive back at ACSWe provide transportation to Mexico, NY. You need to bring asack lunch and money to purchase the berries you pick. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED by 30 JULY To RSVP email or call 315-772-6566/6553/6902 If we do not meet a 20 person minimum the event will be cancelled. Please RSVP with the number in your party and if you need car seats 14
  15. 15. EFMP FLIERS 15
  16. 16. School Liaison Additional Notes IMDR-MWC 25 July 2012 INFORMATION PAPERSUBJECT: 2012-2013 School Year School District Schedules1. PURPOSE: To provide information regarding the 2012-2013 school year, first day of school and school districtvacations.2. INFORMATION: a. The first day of school for the 2012-2013 school year is 5 September 2012 all schools except: Carthage District starts 4September, grades 10-12 in the Watertown District will start 6 September. b. The holiday/vacation schedule for the 2012-2013 school year is as follows: School District Holiday/Vacation Dates Augustinian Thanksgiving 21 – 23 November 12 Beaver River Belleville Henderson Christmas 24 Dec 12 - 1 Jan 13 Carthage Copenhagen Winter 18 – 22 February 13 Faith Fellowship General Brown Spring 1 – 5 April 13 Gouverneur Harrisville Immaculate Heart Indian River LaFargeville Lowville Lyme Sackets Harbor South Lewis Thousand Islands Watertown Alexandria Thanksgiving 21 – 23 November 12 Christmas 24 Dec 12 - 1 Jan 13 Winter 18 – 22 February 13 Spring Undetermined3. CONCLUSION: For additional school information, please contact your school directly.Any questions and/or concerns pertaining to your child’s school, please contact the School Liaison Office, at 772-3214/1311. Harold E. Greer/772-5685 16
  17. 17. Chapel Additional Notes 17
  18. 18. Spouses Club of Fort Drum 18
  19. 19. The Lake Ontario Playhouse (Community Information)The Lake Ontario Playhouse offers a military discount. $2 OFF a regular ticket with military ID. We offerStand-Up Comedy every weekend, plus summer theatre and a holiday family musical. Our comedians comefrom the national comedy circuit and all of our headliners have national television credits. Most of our featureacts do as well. Some of the comedians that have appeared at the Playhouse include TV and movie starsKEVIN JAMES and MARTIN LAWRENCE, Late night TV host and "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE" alum JIMMYFALLON, and too many others to mention. We are celebrating our 25th year in business. Our regular tickets are $15 pp. Plus, on Thursdays we have 1/2 price tickets ($7.50 and Friday ticketsare $12pp). Shows are every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the summer and Fridays and Saturdays therest of the year. Weve also done hundreds of Hail & Farewells and other military functions, plus meetings,weddings, receptions, birthday parties, etc. Please check out our website for more Wed love to include you in our email list if youre interested. We appreciate the Military and their familiesWe look forward to your replay and KEEP ON LAUGHING!Mike KinnieLake Ontario Playhousewww.playhouseocmedy.comBox Office (315)646-2305 19