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April elmorro 2012_web


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  • 1. El Morro Make that PCS as smooth as possible, Page 20 Earth Day Expo to be held April 20, Page 8 Fort BuchananCommunityimages nowavailable onVol. 47 issue 9 The Sentinel of the Caribbean April 2012Rearing children through love and respectBy Wilda Díaz to reflect for one moment on many other feelings that they cipline. Helping children to that when they are being dis-Family Advocacy Program Manager ciplined they are also receiv- the day in which your baby probably brought tears and/or learn good discipline skills at During the month of April, was born. Try to recall the smiles to your face. every stage can help them be- ing an explanation for theirthe Family Advocacy Pro- thoughts and warm feelings As parents we know, chil- come mature and successful wrong action or behavior. Igram (FAP) launches an you felt the first time you held dren grow in a fast manner. adults. The basics are Love highly recommend to parentsawareness campaign for the your new born. Perhaps, you As they grow up they need to and Respect. It is essential and/or caretakers to have aPrevention of Child Abuse. felt: Love, tenderness, peace, learn good behavior through that children know that theyAs in prior years, I invite you fear, preoccupation and/or so constructive and effective dis- are loved no matter what; CHILD Page 9 News Hero to hired , Page 5 AER The theme of this year’s Campaign is “A Strong Tra- dition of Soldiers Helping Soldiers.” The contribution cam- paign will run through May 15 so community members able to make donations should do so through their chain of command Soldiers requiring AER assistance should contact their unit chain of command or go to their local installa- tion AER office. The AER Photo by Luis Delgadillo office here is located at Col. John D. Cushman, commander of Fort Buchanan, P.R. and Col. Edwin C. Domingo, the former garrison commander affix the ASUA streamer to the gar- Army Community Service rison Colors March 28 while garrison Command Sergeant Major, Command Sgt. Maj. Derrick T. Simpson keeps the flag from touching the ground. office Building 390, Crane Loop, Suite 101. For more information about the an- nual campaign or to contrib- Garrison Awarded Superior Unit Award ute, please contact Fort Bu- Story by Luis Delgadillo lion. civilian work force gathered er Oct. 23, 2009, when in the chanan’s Army Emergency Fort Buchanan Public Affairs March 28 to watch Col. John early morning hours a powerful Housing residents and guests Relief Campaign coordina- For the first time in it’s histo- D. Cushman, garrison com- explosion measuring a magni- at El Caney Lodge were startled tor is Chief Warrant Officer Marlene Rivera from the ry U.S. Army Garrison Fort Bu- mander and the previous Gar- tude of 2.8 on the Richter scale, awake and as they ventured out- installation’s Legal Office. chanan has been honored with rison Commander, Col. Edwin shook the installation, injured side to see what was going on (787) 707 - 5154, or by e- the Army Superior Unit Award. C. Domingo place a the Army 14 people who were working the were met by first responders mail: marlene.a.rivera@ In a ceremony at the Com- Superior Unit Award streamer at the time, and caused wide- from the Directorate of Emer- munity Club, Soldiers and on the garrison colors. spread damage to the installa- members of the Fort Buchanan Domingo was the command- tion totaling more than $6 mil- ASUA Page 6
  • 2. 2April 2012 The Command Group The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort Buchanan Commander’s Commentary The following commen- selfless service and personal chanan family – Soldiers of us. It’s enduring physical tary is an excerpt from Col. courage. First you put the and Civilians – during many duress and even sometimes John D. Cushman’s speech welfare of others before your emergencies - from natural risking personal safety to during the Army Superior own. Second, you faced fear, disasters to those caused by continue on the right path. Unit Award ceremony held danger or adversity enduring man like CAPECO. That takes courage, personal El Morro last month on March 28. physical duress and at times I was not the Garrison courage. Garrison Commander Good morning and wel- risking your personal safety. Commander at the time but It is an honor for me to be Col. John D. Cushman come to all our distinguished These two Army Values con- I’ve seen the resilience of here in this moment in time Deputy to the Garrison Commander guests for today’s event. A verged during the emergency this community that pulled to be part of this significant Gunnar G.F. Pedersen Jr. warm welcome back to my that represented the explo- together through these tough ceremony as we recognize Deputy Commander predecessor and Garrison sion of the CAPECO fuel times and came out stronger. the Soldiers and Civilians Lt. Col. Kenneth M. Hammond Commander during the event farm adjacent to our installa- That’s the Fort Buchanan I who honored the United Garrison Command Sergeant Major we commemorate today, tion. know and I am proud to serve States Army by their acts of Command Sgt. Maj. Derrick T. Simpson Colonel Edwin C. Domingo. Those two values imme- as their Commander. It is the courage and selfless service. Public Affairs Officer Most of all, a special wel- diately evoke a connection commitment of each member You, the brave men and Grissel Rosa come to the members of the with “teamwork”. If you of this family to go a little women I see before me and Command Information Luis Delgadillo Fort Buchanan family who see closely they all have further, endure a little longer others that could not be with El Morro Contributors will soon be recipients of the something in common, the and look a little closer to see us today exemplify the honor Capt. Taylor Opel Luis Salazar Army Superior Unit Award objective is – to serve. You “How I can be of help.” and commitment to our na- for outstanding meritorious served outstandingly under That’s selfless service. tion. Your legacy will live 1st Mission Support Command Public Affairs Officer service. extraordinary dangerous cir- That’s larger than one person. forever in the history of the Maj. Carlos M. Cuebas Two of the Army values cumstances. That’s the spirit It is the multiplying force of United States Army Garrison Mailing address — Public Affairs Office that I treasure the most are that epitomizes the Fort Bu- you and me to become all Fort Buchanan. Thank you. Building 390 Crane Loop Ste. 311 The Army’s Backbone Fort Buchanan PR, 00934-4616 Story submissions — E-mail to: Command Sgt. Maj. Derrick T. Simpson Telephone numbers — (787)707-5762/4486 Fax: (787)707-3362 1st MSC submissions — In many ways April is the this community who is com- sometimes the reasons they ‘act tributions of family members. E-mail to: month for new beginnings. mitted to the welfare of our out’ are because there are un- The important thing is to make 1st MSC telephone number — (787)707-4988 No, these days it doesn’t bring population I want to emphasize derlying issues. As the Month amends while you can and if in the New Year but did you the importance of these two of the Military Child I want your children are young it’s know that a few hundred years observances. First, it is never all service members and their important to build those rela- El Morro is an authorized publica- ago April 1st was considered OK to strike a child. Physi- families to carefully consider tionships now as your children tion printed in accordance with Army New Year’s Day? The reason cal violence should never be the thoughts and feelings of are still developing. Regulation 360-1. Contents of El Morro are not neces- was that most of the modern used when trying to discipline your children. Use this month Additionally please keep an sarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, the Depart- world marked a new year by a misbehaving boy or girl. As as an opportunity to reconnect eye out for the Army Commu- ment of Defense, Department of the the beginning of spring, or the Ms. Wilda Díaz eloquently with your children if you’ve nity Services class and event Army or U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Buchanan. growing season as opposed to puts it in her front page article been away on a deployment. schedule found in the Direc- El Morro is published monthly by a date in the middle of winter. this month, “... parenting is an The religious holidays many of torate of Family and Morale, the Public Affairs Office, U.S. Army Garrison. Circulation 5,000. Season are non-factors here imperfect journey.” us celebrate such as Easter and Welfare and Recreation’s pub- All editorial content of El Morro at Fort Buchanan but the sense Many of us perhaps remem- Passover, afford us opportuni- lication, the Live and Explore. is prepared, edited, provided and ap- proved by the U.S. Army Garrison of a new beginning still perme- ber our own parents’ missteps ties to begin new relationship It is the best resource for ac- Public Affairs Office. For guidance on how to submit items for publication e- ates throughout the installation in how they raised us and may- building behavior that we can tivities and events occurring mail the garrison Public Affairs Office. in the month of April. One of be you’ve even said to your- carry into the rest of the year. here at Fort Buchanan. Before The Editor reserves right to edit all submissions and to determine the suit- the signature events of the year self, “When I’m a parent there Taking of advantage of these I close I’d like to thank all of ability for inclusion in El Morro. will be occurring this month, is no way I’m going to ...,” fill opportunities to become better the members of the Fort Bu- Every effort will be made to publish submissions in a timely manner. How- the Fort Buchanan Earth Day in the blank. acquainted with our families chanan work force who were ever, time, layout, style and editorial Exposition, on April 20th will Because parenting is an im- creates the resiliency we need present for duty when the Ca- considerations, as well as determina- tions for publication, are made by the feature dozens of information perfect journey it us up to us as in a Profession of Arms. ribbean Petroleum Corpora- Commander or the Public Affairs Of- ficer. booths and presentations and adults to stop and think about As we serve so do our chil- tion’s fuel farm exploded on will feature theme of “Net Zero our actions when we consider dren, though obviously in a Oct. 23, 2009. Your historic Energy & Water for Resources physically disciplining our different capacity, I implore work on that fateful day repre- Conservation.” It is surely to children. The Army Values you to spend more time with sents “outstanding meritorious be an event you can’t miss and teaches us about Respect. Col. you children this month. If performance of a difficult and if it is anything like last year’s John D. Cushman has often your days in the Army are over challenging mission carried out you’ll be kicking yourself for spoken about this and said that, and you’ve long retired call under extraordinary circum- not attending. to him, it is the most important your children and tell them stances,” as the award citation April is known for two other value. I tend to agree and even you love them. Tell them you reads. Let us carry the pride of important observances, It is the more so when you think about appreciate the sacrifice they a job well-done into the future Month of the Military Child it in terms of our young chil- made for you while you served as we serve our customers, our and also Child Abuse Preven- dren. in the military. Since 1983 the nation and the future of our tion Month. As a member of We must remember that Army has recognized the con- children, Army Strong!
  • 3. El MorroFort Buchanan From The Top The Sentinel of the Caribbean 3 April 2012Army Reserve-Puerto Rico 90th Anniversary The brilliant history of the U.S. the world, through humanitarian mis- All Volunteer Force.Army Reserve in Puerto Rico goes sions and also supporting the operat- As we celebrate the 90th anniver-back to 1922. Since then, our troops ing force during the current conflicts. sary of an organized Army Reserveand families have answered the Na- I want to encourage everyone in in Puerto Rico, we recognize thetion’s call in every critical moment the command to reflect about the fu- extraordinary history of accomplish-of our history, both in the combat, ture of this wonderful organization. ments, devotion to duty, and sacrificeas well as the humanitarian fronts, Let’s use this historical juncture to of our Soldiers and their families. Wedisplaying an unmatched strength of ensure that the US Army Reserve- must also remember the service andcharacter and determination. Today, Puerto Rico continues supporting sacrifice of our fallen comrades, whoour forces continue moving forward, the Nation’s needs during the next have paid the ultimate sacrifice whiledelivering critical capabilities to the 90 years. Together, we must strive to serving our Nation. They will foreverArmy, the Nation, our communities maintain our level of professionalism remain in our hearts and minds.and our families. and excellence in every endeavor that I also realize that each generation The US Army Reserve in Puerto we are tasked to perform. of Army Reserve Soldiers servesRico of 2012 has thousands of Citi- Since 9/11, nearly 95% of the with honor and distinction. However,zen Soldiers with highly technical, Army Reserve-Puerto Rico units on this significant moment, I am veryspecialized and professional skills have mobilized and deployed in sup- proud to serve with a very specialin logistics, personnel management, port of overseas contingency opera- generation of Army Reserve Soldiers Brig. Gen. Fernando Fernández,training, engineering, information tions; today there are approximately who are bright, able and willing to Commander, U.S. Armytechnology, communication network- 200 troops from our command mobi- serve the Nation and their communi- Reserve in Puerto Ricoing and law enforcement, among oth- lized around the world. To each one ties in a moment’s notice.ers. In addition, Soldiers from the of them and their families, thank you During the last several decades mission. The next 90 years will be noUS Army Reserve-Puerto Rico con- for your commitment to our country the US Army Reserve-Puerto Rico different. US Army Reserve-Puertotinuously perform their jobs around and for your selfless service in this has consistently succeeded on every Rico, 90 years serving the Nation.Thoughts from the Chaplain’s office Duke University Medical School said, “Anger kills. “A fool gives full vent There is a strong correlation to his anger, but a wise between hostility and death man keeps himself rates. The angrier people are under control. and the more cynical they are, ”Proverbs 29:11 the shorter their life span.” This study reminded me of when a golfer was asked In 1994 there was study why he bought a new putter,conducted by the Gallup Or- he said, “The old one didn’tganization that reported Phil- float.”adelphia ranked first among What about your anger?U.S. cities on what was called Do they call you “Old Faith- Assistant Chaplain,the “hostility index.” ful” at work – not because Maj. Timothy Stansberry The hostility index was you show up everyday but that, “A fool gives full vent advice would be to get goodbased on a nine-question because you blow up every tire place. Both of those re- to his anger, but a wise man and angry but be sure youscale that asked people how week? You may say, “I re- sponses to anger are inappro- keeps himself under control.” control and channel your an-they felt about such things ally don’t have a problem priate and both will get you As the summer months ap- ger so others will get the goodas loud music, supermarket with anger.” Are you sure? into trouble or keep you from proach your “hostility index” and not the anger.checkout lines, and traffic Sometimes the stoic, silent being successful in life. An- may increase with the long Blessings,jams. Other cities in the top people are the ones that have ger can be similar to a fire in lines and heavy traffic. My Chaplain Stansberryfive were New York, Cleve- the most trouble with anger. a fireplace in a remote cabinland, Chicago, and Detroit. They stuff it on the inside. during a winter blizzard. If it Fort Buchanan Chapel ScheduleAt the bottom of the hostility As a chaplain I have noticed gets out of control it can killindex were Des Moines, Min- over the years that you can the inhabitants either directly Roman Catholic Masses Protestantneapolis, Denver, Seattle, and substitute the word “hurt” for by the heat and smoke, or in- Sunday mornings — 11:30 a.m. Collective Protestant ServiceHonolulu. Medical experts “anger.” directly when they are forced — Post Chapel Sunday morning — 9:00 a.m.looking at the results felt it One of my favorite writ- to flee the burning house and Confessions: Sunday mornings — Post Chapel.was no coincidence that the ers, Charles Lowery, notes then are exposed to the freez- –11:00 a.m.—Post Chapel 1st Sunday of every Month — 3cities that rated high on the that some people handle an- ing temperatures. On the oth- Weekdays, call 244-4981 or 707- p.m. —Youth Ministry—Chapelhostility index also had high- 3904. Annex, Bldg. 292 ger like a turtle; they just pull er hand, if the fire goes out,er death rates. Preparation for Confirmation, their head in and go pout. the occupants will freeze to First Communion, Counseling: Call the Chapel of- Commenting on the study, Others handle anger like death within the cabin. RCIA, etc. call 707-3904. fice at 707-3904 or 238-7668.Dr. Redford Williams of skunks; they stink up the en- Proverbs 29:11 reminds us
  • 4. 4April 2012 News The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananSenior enlisted leaders meet to tackle troop, family issuesBy Elaine Sanchez Leavitt, Command Chief Mas-American Forces Press Service ter Sgt. Denise Jelinski-Hall WASHINGTON – The mili- of the National Guard Bureau,tary’s top enlisted leaders and and nine combatant commandtheir spouses gathered here to- senior enlisted to discuss the most press- Earlier today, the spousesing issues affecting service broke away to meet with Firstmembers’ lives, and to identify Lady Michelle Obama at thepossible solutions. White House to discuss issues On the first day of the De- impacting military families.fense Senior Enlisted Leaders Seated around a table in theConference, leaders touched on Pentagon, the leaders focuseda wide range of issues includ- their attention on suicide pre-ing pay and benefits, suicide vention.prevention, community aware- Battaglia stressed the needness and outreach, and transi- to combat this universal prob-tions from military to civilian lem. “We need to work extralife, Army Master Sgt. Terrence hard and put in some midnightHayes, public affairs chief for oil just to try to crack the codethe senior enlisted advisor to on it and where this is comingthe chairman, told American from,” he said, stressing theForces Press Service. need for a “significant reduc- “This conference brings our tion” in suicides.senior leaders’ experience and Navy Fleet Master Chief Pet-knowledge to the table,” he ty Officer Roy M. Maddockssaid, noting the venue serves as Jr. of U.S. European Com- Courtesy photoboth an idea exchange and an mand noted a need to addressavenue for practical solutions. the three primary behavioral from the time they come into families. His staff, he said, trav- communities -- people who can The Defense Department’s health risk factors: broken re- service, but haven’t, tradition- els across the nation to support assist them in translating theirmost senior service member, lationships, financial problems ally, done it that well for en- community-based efforts to aid skills, knowledge and attributesMarine Corps Sgt. Maj. Bryan and legal issues, which he said listed,” Maddocks said. “We’re troops and their families with into civilian life and organiza-B. Battaglia, is leading the con- often overlap. starting to do it more, but I transition and reintegration. tions.ference. Battaglia serves as the The military should be get- don’t think we’re doing it well Troops don’t come home Government programs can’tsenior enlisted advisor to Army ting ahead of these problems enough.” to government programs, he do it alone, but independent or-Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, starting from a service mem- Later in the day, the focus stressed -- they come home to ganizations working together atchairman of the Joint Chiefs of ber’s first day of service, Mad- shifted to community aware- their families, neighbors and a community level can, he toldStaff. docks said. They need educa- ness and outreach. Army Col. communities. the leaders. Joining him for a series of tion on retirement planning, David Sutherland, special as- Communities must step up to The leaders and their spousesroundtable discussions are Sgt. financial management and sistant to the chairman of the embrace troops and veterans, will continue their discussionsMajor of the Army Raymond F. investments, such as the mili- Joint Chiefs of Staff for warrior particularly once their battle tomorrow at the Pentagon,Chandler III, Chief Master Sgt. tary’s Thrift Savings Plan, he and family support, explained buddies are no longer by their Hayes said, and will follow upof the Air Force James A. Roy, said. the DOD’s efforts to raise com- side, the colonel said. They throughout the year to discussMaster Chief Petty Officer of “We have, traditionally, munity awareness and support need new battle buddies, he progress and steps toward solu-the Coast Guard Michael P. taught these things to officers for troops, veterans and their added, but this time from their tions.
  • 5. El MorroFort Buchanan News The Sentinel of the Caribbean 5 April 2012Different ways to measure growth, developmentBy Educational & Developmental The developmental mile- tone of your voice or when you • Does your child crawl up the • Does your child run well with-Intervention Services stones listed below can give you say “no-no?” stairs? out falling or bumping into a general idea of what is expect- • Does your baby bang toys up • Does your child point to what things? Did you know there are differ- ed for each age range. We en- and down on the table or floor? he wants? • Does your child speak sen-ent ways to measure how well courage you to take time to ob- • Does your baby pick up small • Does your child have 5 words tences 3-4 words long?your child is growing and devel- serve your child and complete toys with only one hand? in addition to “Mama” and • Does your child know theoping? Besides monitoring your the checklist. If you answer 12 Months “Dada”? prepositions of “on” and “un-child’s height and weight, it is “NO” to 3 or more items in any • Does your baby stand alone • Does your child throw a small der”?just as crucial to keep an eye on age range, let your pediatrician and start to take a few indepen- ball? • Does your child turn door-how he plays, learns, speaks, be- know. If your child is a military dent steps? • Does your child drop small knobs, twist tops or screw offhaves and moves. A delay in any dependent, please contact the • Does your baby take a few toys into a container (such as a lids?of these areas could be a sign of Fort Buchanan Early Interven- steps with you holding his hand? box or bowl)? • Does your child get a chair ora developmental problem. tion (EDIS) office to request a • Does your baby follow sim- 24 Months box to stand on if something is The good news is that the ear- free developmental screening. ple commands such as “Come • Does your child walk up at out of her reach?lier you recognize a delay, the For more information call EDIS here”, “Give it to me” or “Give least 2 stairs by himself? 36 Monthsmore you can do to help your at (787)707-2165. me a kiss”? • Does your child jump? • Does your child go up thechild reach his/her full potential. Developmental Checklist • Does your baby say a few • Does your child name pictures stairs alternating feet (right footThe first step is to ask for a de- 9 Months words like “Mama”, “Dada” or in a book when asked? then left foot)?velopmental screening, which is • Does your baby get into a “baba” (bottle)? • Does your child speak 50 or • Does your child stand on onea procedure used by health care crawling position and start to • Does your baby bang 2 toys more words? foot without holding onto some-professionals and educational crawl? together? • Does your child put things thing?specialists. A developmental • Does your baby sit indepen- • Does your baby use his thumb away where they belong? • Does your child tell you whatscreening will let you know if dently for several minutes with- and forefinger to pick or pinch • Does your child pretend that is happening in a storybook?your child is learning the basic out using her hands for support? small objects like Cheerios? objects such as blocks or boxes • Does your child hold a crayonskills when he/she should, and if • Does your baby respond to her 15 Months are something else? or pencil like an adult?a comprehensive assessment is name by turning her head, smil- • Does your child move around 30 Months • Does your child dress himself?needed to confirm or rule out a ing or looking for you? the house by walking rather • Does your child kick a ball • Does your child use a fork anddevelopmental delay. • Does your baby respond to the than crawling? without hold on to something? spoon with little or no spilling?Website helps transform heroes to hired civiliansBy C. Todd Lopez to-be-separating infantryman trucks. And not everybody thatArmy News Service yields 42 available jobs, for in- has been in infantry needs to be stance. security guard.” WASHINGTON -- A new The site also provides “career The test “qualifies your inter-website championed by the recommendations” to Soldiers, ests and identifies career fieldsArmy is aimed squarely at Sol- based on their Military Occu- you may be more interested in,”diers ready to leave the service, pational Specialty, or MOS. A Mason said. Also on the site isto help them find jobs that best search on the site for careers the option to develop and postmatch their knowledge, skills, that might be suitable for an a resume so that the 50,000abilities and interests. infantryman yields results like employers who have vowed to The website,, “police identification and re- hire veterans can find the mostfor “Hero 2 Hired”, or H2H, is cords officers,” “aircraft cargo classified separating servicepart of a larger, ongoing Army handling supervisors,” and “cor- members. According to Armyeffort to make easier for Sol- rectional officers and jailers.” officials, more than 130,000diers the transition from military The site actually returns 25 Soldiers separated last year. Forlife to civilian life. career recommendations for Soldiers preparing to separate, The Hero 2 Hired site includes that search, and includes aver- the Army is looking for waysmore than 3 million real-time age national pay for each as well to smooth the transition, saidjob listings, said Col. Edward D. as projected number of open- Mason. The H2H website is justMason, chief, Army transition ings available in each field and one part of the Army’s plans to Courtesy Graphicpolicy initiative, who also said growth potential. recreate the process to transi-the “jobs are all relatively fresh The site also includes a “ca- tion Soldiers out of the Army. ously, Soldiers slated to leave date and will ensure ample timeand new.” The colonel said the reer path exploration” option Mason said the Army’s re-engi- the Army might have “fallen to provide Soldiers with thesite uses an algorithm to weed that involves a 14-question test neering of the transition process through the cracks.” Now, Ma- greatest opportunity for successout “stale jobs.” for Soldiers to answer to identi- makes it a “commander’s pro- son said, “we are trying to put after their military service. The site allows Soldiers to fy career choices they might not gram.” That, he said, puts more discipline into the process. And When Soldiers become suc-search in a particular zip code or have thought about before. responsibility on leadership to move it from attendance, to cessful as civilians, Mason said,city for jobs, using their military “A lot of people think if you ensure Soldiers are involved in making it an outcomes-based that’s good also for the Army.occupational specialty as crite- were a truck driver in the Army, transition programs. program.” “Soldiers will be great ambas-ria for the search. A search in you need to be a truck driver “The commanders are re- The transition process, Ma- sadors for the Army, and thatKansas City, Mo., for jobs that outside,” Mason said. “Well, sponsible for tracking their son said, will begin a year be- helps sustain the all-volunteermight be suitable for a soon- maybe you don’t want to drive people,” Mason said. Previ- fore a Soldier’s end-of-service force.”
  • 6. 6April 2012 News The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananRenewable energy comes to the forefront By J.D. Leipold the primary first step and then gy production and it must be much more predictable and that are not project-specific. Army News Service evaluate, repurpose and reuse done in a fiscally responsible routine. “This will allow us to se- energy as well as energy re- manner, which is where the “We have screened more lect who we think are broadly WASHINGTON (March covery.” Energy Initiatives Task Force, than 180 Army and National qualified companies to bid on19, 2012) -- The Army plans Presently, the Army con- or EITF, comes into play. Guard installations and are solar, wind, biomass -- wasteto invest more than $7 billion sumes 2.5 million megawatt The EITF serves as the cen- currently engaged with 15 to energy -- as well as geother-in renewable-energy sources, hours annually. tral managing office to plan different installations at vari- mal projects,” Hammack said.wind, solar, biomass and geo- In addition to energy con- and execute large-scale renew- ous levels of due diligence,” “Once we’ve established thatthermal, and has released a servation, installations will able energy projects of greater he said. “For each of these qualified list, then we’ll be indraft request for proposal, or strive to establish alternative than 10 megawatts (rough- projects, the EITF reviews a a position as projects are qual-RFP, that could allow multiple forms of energy that will al- ly enough to power 30,000 number of critical project suc- ified by the EITF to issue taskprojects to begin nationwide. low them to “island” or con- homes) on Army installations, cess factors that include in- orders.” Speaking at a media round- tinue to operate should the which will be accomplished stallation security and mission The draft RFP for the MA-table March 15, Katherine power grid fail. by leveraging private-sector impacts, expected life-cycle TOC is out for public com-Hammack, assistant secretary “We understand there’s a financing. economics, real-estate access, ment until March 24. Lushet-of the Army for Installations, need to enhance our energy “The EITF was tasked to utility regulations, systems sky said in the last six monthsEnergy & Environment, said security because it’s opera- develop a process that is clear, integration, environmental the EITF has had requests tothe cumulative investment tionally necessary, financially consistent and transparent so permitting and acquisition ap- meet with some 195 compa-will help the Army reach its prudent and critical to our that we can provide the private proach.” nies and financial institutions,goal of having 25 percent of mission,” Hammack said. “We sector with a consistent envi- A renewable-energy project and met with 40 to outline thethe Army’s energy come from know that power grids are in- ronment to engage with the guide will be issued for com- EITF approach and plans.renewable sources by 2025. creasingly vulnerable and ex- Army which will allow EITF ment later in the spring Lush- The EITF plans to have aShe began the roundtable by pose Army operations to risk.” projects to maximize return on etsky said. summit in May to meet withrestating the Army’s “net-zero She noted those risks in- investments for both the Army The task force has been industry and discuss the re-strategy.” clude terrorist attacks as well and industry,” Hammack said. working closely with the U.S. newable- energy development “Specifically, a net-zero en- as natural disasters such as EITF Executive Director Corps of Engineers to develop guide as well as specific proj-ergy installation produces as drought and forest-fire condi- John Lushetsky said that since a request for proposal un- ects.much energy annually as it tions in the west (which some the EITF began operating six der what it calls the Multiple “Long term, the Army isuses, and this does not mean installations are already fac- months ago, it has developed Award Order Contract, or MA- also interested in exploringreplacement of current energy ing) and unstable weather to standard approaches and crite- TOC. the role of micro grids and en-requirements with onsite en- include tornadoes. ria to evaluate different proj- The MATOC provides a ergy storage as those technol-ergy production,” she said. Hammack said the Army’s ect opportunities to make the two-step process. In the first ogies become better defined“It means that installations risk-mitigation strategy in- business of large-scale, re- step, companies submit initial and more affordable,” Lushet-address energy efficiency as volves onsite renewable-ener- newable-energy development proposals and qualifications sky said. Spring Concert Antilles Middle School will be presenting its annual Spring Concert on the evening of Wednesday, May 2 at 7:00 p.m. in the school cafetorium. The performance will feature the AMS Beginning Band in its first performance of the year and the AMS Intermediate Band, as well as the always exciting Antil- les Jazz Ensemble. There will be a wide variety of music from Classical to Gospel to Rock and Jazz. The students in these groups have been working hard since January to prepare for this pro- gram and we invite the entire Fort Buchanan Community to join us for this gala musical event put on by our talented students. As always, admission is free!
  • 7. El MorroFort Buchanan News The Sentinel of the Caribbean 7 April 2012 Deadline for ‘Stop Loss’ pay extended WASHINGTON -- Service The special pay is compensa- members and veterans whose tion for the hardships the invol- military service was involun- untary extensions caused, offi- tarily extended under the “Stop cials said. Eligible members or Loss” program between the their beneficiaries may submit 9/11 terrorist attacks and Sept. a claim to their respective mili- 30, 2009, are eligible for special tary service to receive $500 for retroactive pay, and they now each full or partial month served have more time to apply for it. in a Stop Loss status. Eligible service members, When the special pay began veterans and their beneficiaries on Oct. 21, 2009, the servic- now have until Oct. 21 to apply es estimated 145,000 service for Retroactive Stop Loss Spe- members, veterans and ben- cial Pay, Pentagon officials an- eficiaries were eligible for this nounced today. benefit. “Even with extensive out- Because the majority of those reach efforts and tremendous eligible had separated from the support from the president, military, officials said, the ser- Congress, the [Veterans Af- vices have engaged in extensive fairs Department], veteran and and persistent outreach efforts,Fire Captain Luis Roig (Center) and Firefighter Héctor Rivera and members of Bayamón Boy Scout Troop 25 learn military service organizations, such as multiple direct mailings,about some of the equipment used by the Fort Buchanan Fire Department. and friends and family around public service announcementsBoy Scouts learn about fire fighting the world, some qualified indi- and continuous engagements viduals have not yet applied,” with military and veteran ser- said Juliet Beyler, the Defense vice organizations, social net-By Brad Bowling Department’s acting director works and media outlets. at the fire station wasn’t all Fire Captain Luis RoigFort Buchanan Fire Department of officer and enlisted person- To apply for the pay, or for fun and games. In a normal said “These kids have never nel management. “We highly more information on submis- day crews spend their day had this kind of opportunity encourage anyone who may be sion requirements and service- Recently members from maintaining their equipment, before, the fact that they eligible to apply for this pay. specific links, go to http://www.the Bayamón Boy Scouts, attend training classes, con- were able to actually wear You have earned it.” 25, came to the Fort ducting fire inspections, and the gear and feel what it isBuchanan fire station to visit performing physical train- like to work in the equipmentwith the local firefighters and ing. is different than anythingfound out what it was like to The Scouts wrapped up they have been exposed tobe a firefighter. their visit by participating before.” “The boys had the oppor- in a miniature firefighter While there is a limitedtunity to tour the fire station, challenge consisting of put- community on Fort Buchan-see how the trucks work, and ting on the fire fighting gear an the Fire Department is al-learn about the specialized and performing an obstacle ways engaged in communityequipment used by firefight- course of fire fighting activi- activities and public educa-ers” said Firefighter Héctor ties. tion.Rivera. The Scouts learned howfire fighting has evolved andhow the firefighters do muchmore than people realize. The days of firefightersonly responding to fires haslong past, in today’s firedepartments firefighters re-spond to all sorts of emergen-cies and have to be trained insubjects such as emergencymedicine, technical rescue,hazardous materials, chem-istry, structural engineering,and public education. When asked what do fire-fighters do all day if there are With Engine One in the background, scouts from Bayamón Boy Scout Troop 25 learn about Fort Buchanan fire fighting from members of the departmentno fires, they were surprised like Lydia Rivera a longtime member of the department and one of the fewto find out that a typical day female firefighters in Puerto Rico.
  • 8. 8April 2012 News The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananThe Fort Buchanan Army Earth Day Exposition 2012By Alicia Navedo environmentally acceptable, ergy conservation equipment an extended period of time, eral, State, and local orga-Environmental Specialist Contractor promote resource conserva- and processes in Puerto Rico. up to 25 years. The contrac- nizations. Fort Buchanan The Fort Buchanan’s Earth tion through waste reduction, This contract will benefit Fort tor recoups their investment invites all interested organi-Day activity is scheduled for recycling, pollution preven- Buchanan and 11 Army Re- through an agreed-upon per- zations and agencies to haveFriday, 20 April 2012 at the tion, and energy conserva- serve Centers on the island, centage of guaranteed cost booths at the site to distributeCommunity Club from 9:00 tion. saving. This action is project- savings. promotional and educationalam to 2:00 p.m. This year’s Our Installation is also le- ed to save the Army more than The Army’s Earth Day is material as well as to pres-theme is “Net Zero Energy veraging partnerships with $61 million over the contract an awareness tool that com- ent innovative ideas to the& Water for Resources Con- the private sector through an life. These projects awarded plies with Army Regulation community. If you are in-servation”. Nevertheless, the Energy Savings Performance through the U.S. Army Corps 200-1 and helps terested in participatingtheme is not only a strategy Contract (ESPC) as the pri- of Engineers, Huntsville Dis- us reach our or have any ques-but the Army’s vision to ap- mary tool to achieve energy, trict, Alabama, support the community tions, the point ofpropriately manage our natu- water, and fuel conservation Army’s goal of producing 25 and neigh- contact is Mr.ral resources with a goal of goals. percent of its utility energy bors to Aníbal Negrón,net zero installations. Johnson Controls was requirement from renewable promote Acting Chief According to Fort Bu- awarded a $34 million con- energy sources by 2025. environ- Environmen-chanan’s Environmental tract to install wind and so- Under an ESPC, an energy mental tal Division, atManagement Policy Memo- lar photovoltaic systems, service company provides steward- 787-707-3575,randum #23, we must keep light-emitting diode, or LED, equipment, capital and ex- ship in or e-mail at:our commitment to conduct lighting, energy management pertise to attain a specified partnership anibal.negron1@operations that are safe and control systems, and other en- level of energy savings over with other Fed- brings you alcoholism screeningsBy Myrna Llanos If you answer “yes” to any cate, and raise awareness about need of help to proper resources. or co-worker—please visitPrevention Coordinator the dangers of at-risk drinking If you are drinking too much, our booth. You will be able to of the following questions, you Alcohol is the most com- may have a problem with alco- through anonymous self-as- you can improve your health by speak to someone who will as-monly used drug in the United hol: sessments. The screening will cutting back or quitting. Keep sess your needs and provide in-States (National Institute on •Do you drink alone when you not provide a diagnosis; it will track of how much you drink, formation so that you can helpDrug Abuse). Alcohol is popu- feel angry or sad? help you recognize symptoms avoid places where over drink- yourself and/or help others.lar, socially accepted, and le- •Does your drinking ever make that are consistent with a condi- ing occurs, and find new ways If you have a question aboutgal. Yet it is the most frequent you late for work? tion or concern that would ben- to deal with stress. If you are this article or about substancecause of individual and fam- •Does your drinking worry your efit from further evaluation or concerned about your own alco- abuse in general, please e-mailily pain and suffering. Drink- family? treatment. You will also receive hol use or that of someone you me at myrna.m.llanos.civ@ing too much alcohol can lead •Do you ever drink after telling guidance and connect those in care about—a relative, a friend or call (787) health problems, including yourself you won’t?alcohol poisoning, hangovers, •Do you ever forget what youand an increased risk of heart did while drinking? Fort Buchanan’s organizationaldisease. This April, during Al- •Do you get headaches or have acohol Awareness Month, the hangover after drinking? page is now available on FacebookFt. Buchanan Army Substance Strategies to cut back, quitAbuse Program (ASAP) en- There are many strategies youcourages you to take this time to can try to cut back or quit drink-educate yourself and your loved ing. To get started:ones about the dangers of alco- •Keep track of your drinkinghol abuse. In Puerto Rico alone, and set a drinking limit.the Traffic Safety Commission •Try to avoid places wherereported there have been 110 heavy drinking occurs. Fort Buchanan now has an official page on Facebook. Finddrunk driving accidents during •Ask for help from a doctor, photos, video and important news and event informationthe year 2010. To spread the family, or friends.word and prevent alcohol abuse, •If you keep alcohol in your from us here by logging on and clicking “like” on our page.ASAP is joining other organiza- home, keep only a limited sup- This month look for the snake rescue photo album, whichtions across the country to hon- ply.or Alcohol Awareness Month to National Alcohol Screening documented the recovery and release of an endangeredprevent alcohol abuse in our Ft. Day will be held 5 April, 2012. Puerto Rican Boa.Buchanan community. ASAP Staff at Ft. Buchanan will Alcohol Awareness Month is be conducting voluntary anony-an opportunity to raise aware- mous screenings on that day,ness of alcohol abuse and en- from 0900-1500 at the Main PX From Searchcourage people to make healthy, lobby. National Alcohol Screen- “U.S. Army Garrison Fort Buchanan”safe choices. ing Day (NASD) is designed then find our government organization page.Warning signs of abuse to reduce stigma, inform, edu-
  • 9. El MorroFort Buchanan News The Sentinel of the Caribbean 9 April 2012Criar a los hijos a través del amor y respeto CHILD, From Page 1 conversation with the chil- dren as soon as the undesiredBy Wilda Díaz guridad, reconocer el bien y el sólo recuerde que no hay un y comprometido en la vida de behavior occurs, as childrenFamily Advocacy Program Manager mal; valores (autoestima, res- padre perfecto. De hecho, la sus hijos tanto como sea po- tend to have a short attention Durante el mes de abril, el peto por los demás, la integri- paternidad es una experiencia sible. span. Children also need toPrograma de Apoyo Familiar dad, la lealtad); la estructura; imperfecta. Quiero dejarle con una de express themselves withoutlanza una campaña de sensibi- las responsabilidades; buenos Mi mejor consejo es no es- mis citas/frases favoritas: “Cu- being interrupted. They needlización para la Prevención del hábitos de estudio; la confianza tablecer estándares muy altos ando me acerco a un niño, él/ to feel that parents, teachers,Abuso Infantil. Al igual que en (autoestima saludable); comu- para usted o sus hijos. Disfrute ella me inspira dos sentimien- or/and caretakers are activelyaños anteriores, los invito a re- nicación efectiva. Estas herra- de la aventura de ser padres. tos, sensibilidad por lo que él/ listening to them. During myflexionar por un momento en mientas les enseñan a los niños De acuerdo a T. Berry Bra- ella es, y respeto por lo que él/ years of experience in work-el día en que nació su bebé. mejores formas de reaccionar zelton, “Mantener una visión ella puede llegar a ser.” Louis ing with children, I have Trate de recordar los pensa- ante diferentes situaciones, así amplia en mente es una de las Pasteur learned that they tend to feelmientos y sentimientos cáli- también como para mantener cosas más importantes que los Para información adicional respected when adults stopdos que se sintió la primera un estilo de vida equilibrada padres pueden hacer y también sobre herramientas de crianza what they are doing to look atvez que celebró el nacimiento según van creciendo y con- una de las más difíciles.” Por y manteniendo relaciones fa- them while they are giving annuevo. Tal vez, usted sentía: virtiéndose en adultos. lo tanto, no importa en qué miliares sanas y saludables explanation for their actions.el amor, la ternura, la paz, el Y si usted se siente un poco situación se encuentre, sim- favor de comunicarse con el Besides, children need thesemiedo, la preocupación y /o frustrado durante su experien- plemente sea el mejor padre Programa de Apoyo Familiar a basic concepts: Safety; Righttantos otros sentimientos que cia en la crianza de sus hijos, que pueda ser: este presente través del 787-707-3709/3698. from Wrong; Values (self-probablemente trajo lágrimas respect, respect for others,y/o sonrisas a su rostro. integrity, loyalty); Structure; Como padres sabemos Responsibilities; Good Studyque los niños crecen de una Habits; Confidence (healthymanera rápida. A medida que self-esteem); Effective Com-crecen tienen que aprender el munication Skills.buen comportamiento a través These tools will teach chil-de la disciplina constructiva dren better ways to react toy eficaz. Usar técnicas efecti- different situations as well asvas de disciplina en todas las to maintain a well-balancedetapas de crecimiento de los life style as they becomeniños puede ayudarlos a con- adults.vertirse en adultos maduros And if you get a bit frus-y exitosos. Los fundamentos trated during your parentingson el Amor y Respeto. Es es- journey, just remember thatencial que los niños sepan que there is not a perfect parent.son amados por sobre todas las In fact, parenting is an imper-cosas; que cuando se les esté fect journey.disciplinando también reciban My best advice is not to setuna explicación de su mala ac- high standards for you or yourción o comportamiento. children. Enjoy the adventure Yo recomiendo a los padres of parenting. According to T.y/o cuidadores que tengan una Berry Brazelton, “Keepingconversación con los niños the Big Picture in mind is onetan pronto como el comporta- of the most important thingsmiento no deseado se produce, parents can do, and also oneya que los niños tienden a ten- of the hardest”. Therefore, noer poca retención de atención. matter what situation you en-Los niños también necesitan counter, just be a parent: beexpresarse sin ser interrumpi- fully connected and engageddos. Ellos necesitan sentir que in your children’s life as muchsus padres, maestros, y/o cui- as possible.dadores los están escuchando I want to leave you with onedetenidamente. of my favorite quotes: “When Durante mis años de expe- I approach a child, he/she in-riencia trabajando con niños, spires in me two sentiments;he aprendido que tienden a Tenderness for what he/she is,sentirse respetados cuando los and Respect for what he/sheadultos dejan a un lado lo que may become.” - Louis Pasteurestán haciendo para mirarlos o For additional informationatenderlos mientras ellos están on parenting skills and keep-dando una explicación de sus ing healthy relationships,actos. please contact the Family Ad- Además, los niños necesitan vocacy Program at 787-707-estos conceptos básicos: se- 3709/3698.
  • 10. Superior Unit A10 April 2012 The Sentinel of ASUA, From Page 1 measured without the as- cov sistance from our commu- tim gency Services. nity. The 1st Mission Support call Among the hardest hit fa- Command, the Puerto Rico wh cilities was the Directorate of National Guard, the United wh Public Works building, which States Coast Guard San Juan S housed the offices of the very Sector, the Fort Buchanan she people who would be needed Military Treatment Facility, ter to respond and begin recov- the Federal Bureau of Inves- hot ery efforts. tigation, the government of from For their actions from Oct. Puerto Rico, the Department gue 23 to Nov. 9, 2009 the citation of Defense School, the Com- nize reads, “the U.S. Army Gar- missary, AAFES, the United “ rison Fort Buchanan and its States Army Reserve Com- help subordinate units displayed mand and the Installation A outstanding meritorious ser- Management Command for par vice under extraordinary dan- their contributions during the awo gerous circumstances.” phases of evacuation, disaster was During the ceremony assessment and recovery op- Fire awards were handed out to erations to help restore this A Soldiers and members of the installation to normal opera- and work force at the time of the tion,” he said. dutCol. John D. Cushman, the current garrison commander, and Col. Edwin C. Domingo, the garrison commander dur- incident. Perhaps one of the more to sing the Caribbean Petroleum Corporation fuel farm explosion, share in the honor of placing the Army Superior Unit In his remarks to the audi- dramatic accounts of the ex- lumAward streamer onto the garrison colors, at the Community Club March 28. ence March 28 Domingo put plosion came from Laura “ Col. Edwin C. Domingo, the it another way, “Now, Fort López who, at the time of tice former garrison commander of Buchanan will proudly dis- the explosion was the front ally Fort Buchanan, was the keynote play the Army Superior Unit desk clerk for the El Caney Riv speaker during the Army Superior Award streamer in all cer- Lodge. López initially felt a T Unit Award ceremony held at the emonies representing the he- change in air pressure as she reac Community Club March 28. The garrison received the ASUA for roic actions taken by the Sol- stood behind the counter of pre “outstanding meritorious service diers and Civilians during the the lodge just a split-second cha under extraordinary dangerous CAPECO Fuel Tank explo- before glass, debris and the par circumstances.” front sliding doors came hur- assi sion. This award will also be written in the Fort Buchanan tling toward her. jure lineage,” he said. “I felt the doors like push uati Domingo also gave credit toward me and the they ex- The to the other organizations that ploded and I screamed and hit me were on hand in those trying the ground,” said López. to days, which helped in the re- Thinking that the explosion oth Photo by Luis Delgadillo sponse. was a terrorist attack she fled bin “Our success cannot be the front counter area to seek and Photo by Luis DelgadilloGarrison Command Sergeant Major, Command Sgt. Maj. Derrick T. Simpson, Col. John D. Cushman, the current gar-rison commander, and Col. Edwin C. Domingo, the former garrison commander prepare to affix the Army Superior The view of the fire from above.Unit award Streamer to the garrison colors March 28. During the ceremony Soldiers and members of the work forcealso received the individual Superior Unit Awards.
  • 11. Award Ceremony the Caribbean El Morro Fort Buchanan 11 ver and returned a shortme later to answer phone ls from frantic hotel guestsho were trying to find outhat had happened. Shortly after, López saide printed out the guest ros- and began to evacuate the tel with some assistance m Soldiers who were ests at the lodge and recog-zed the danger. “Seeing them, that really lped me a lot,” said López. Across post at the Fire De- rtment, Héctor Rivera was Photo by Raymond McCormick Photo by Raymond McCormick oken by what he thought Members of the Directorate of Public Works conduct assessments of the The Deputy to the Garrison Commander, Gunnar G.F. Pedersen Jr. and former Fire Chief s a car crashing into the perimeter fence area days after it was destroyed by the fire. Wayne Doherty speak shortly after the fire was extinguished. e Station. After getting his bearing he were finally extinguished. Left: Col. Edwin C. Do- d the other firefighters on Emergency personnel were mingo, speaks to Gov. Luis successful in preventing the Fortuño shortly after the ty that night went outside fires were extinguished at see the towering fireball il- explosions of the remaining the Pedrín Zorilla Coliseum.minating the night sky. fuel storage tanks. “As we got closer we no- “We rediscovered the val- Below: The sliding doors ed that the fire was actu- ues of teamwork, respect and of the El Caney Lodge were blown off their tracks y outside the fence,” said caring. We saw Soldiers, ci- and flew as far as 30 ft., vera. vilians, members of federal narrowly missing the hotel Though they could not agencies and our surround- clerk, Laura López in theach the fire to begin sup- ing community, working to- early morning hours of Oct. gether, hand in hand, to bring 23, 2009.ession methods, Fort Bu- anan Police and Fire De- Fort Buchanan back to where rtment personnel began it was, thus enabling oursisting with the triage of in- Soldiers, their families and ed personnel and the evac- our workforce to come back tion of garrison residents. home safe,” said Domingo. e Puerto Rico Fire Depart- Photo by Raymond McCormickent, which was the first unit respond to the fire, andher federal agencies com-ned efforts to end the blaze d after four days the fires Photo courtesy FBI Photo by Raymond McCormick
  • 12. 12April 2012 Features The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananCASA, hosts Under Secretary of the ArmyBy Ret. Maj. Gen. Félix A. Santoni record to state that the UnderCivilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, Secretary was very impressedPuerto Rico with our cadets and the manner During the period of 15 to in which they handled them-16 March, Puerto Rico had the selves during the event.privilege to have the 30th Un- Considering the importanceder Secretary of the Army Dr. the Army has placed on the ini-Joseph W. Westphal and his tiative to increase the numberwife Linda, visit Puerto Rico, of Hispanic officers, there is nowhere he came to be the main doubt that these cadets are thespeaker at the Taino Warriors future of our Army’s HispanicBattalion Cadet Ball, which leadership. Dr. Westphal eventook place the evening of 15 said that we are contributingMarch at the “Centro de Bellas greatly in addressing an issueArtes” in Caguas, P.R. that the Army needs to attend I had the pleasure of accom- to, as the Hispanic populationpanying him and his wife to of the nation increases and be-the event and can assure you comes a larger percentage ofthat it was an event that made our all look very good. In fact The following day, the Un-Dr. Westphal had this to say, der Secretary visited with the“The entire trip was excellent. President of the University ofI learned much and enjoyed the Puerto Rico and the Chairmanmeetings with the Governor, of the Board of the TrusteesLt. Governor, Congressman, of the UPR System. Both, Dr. Photo by Lt. Col. Rob ManningTAG, and all the many leaders Muñoz and Lcdo. Luis Ber-that I had the pleasure of meet- rios Amadeo, who is also one Under Secretary of the Army Dr. Joseph W. Westphal is hosted during his visit to Puerto Rico by Maj. Gen. (Ret.)Félix of our U.S. Army Reserve am- A. Santoni, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (CASA) for Puerto Rico. Westphal visited the island to delivering. Their welcome and hospi- the keynote address during the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras’ ROTC ball. He also met with key governmenttality was much appreciated by bassadors, discussed with Dr. officials and military leaders from the National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves to discuss key partnerships, unitLinda and I.” Westphal the plans for the new capabilities and Army priorities. Pictured from left to right: Mrs. Carmen I. Santoni, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Félix A. Santoni, I want to commend the pro- building scheduled to be con- Honorable Dr. Joseph W. Westphal and Mrs. Linda Westphal.fessor of military science and structed at the UPR Rio Piedrasbattalion commander of the Campus. The proposed facility the Under Secretary visited requesting his support for the Army stakeholders on the is-Taino Warrior Battalion for will house the ROTC activi- Senator Lucy Arce and was Puerto Rico National Guard land and we strongly feel thatextending the Under Secretary ties. We expect the bids to be presented a Senate resolution and he also stressed the unique we will all benefit from thisthe invitation to come to our is- held very soon the ROTC can honoring his visit. Our Adju- characteristics of its bilin- to be the keynote speaker enjoy facilities they deserve. tant General hosted Dr. West- gual capability that makes the Based on his commentsat this event and want to go on In addition to this meeting, phal and laid out his concerns, Puerto Rico National Guard throughout the visit, he was great. He then, visited with the very impressed with the suc- Governor, our Resident Com- cessful outreach that has been missioner and the Secretary of achieved and gave accolades to State, followed by a visit with the manner in which the Puerto the Commanding General of Rico Fusion Cell organized the 1st Mission Support Com- and executed the visit. mand and the Garrison Com- I want to strongly commend mander of Fort Buchanan. all who were involved in the This culminated with a no- visit and want to express my host activity in his honor hosted most sincere thanks to all who by the yours truly, which was supported this visit. The OIC attended by over 60 individu- of the Puerto Rico Fusion Cell, als, many stakeholders who Lt. Col. José Plaza,did a superb support our Army, the mili- job to ensure that this visit was tary leaders of the island and as successful as it was and I’m which also included five cadets sure that our Army is much from the United States Mili- stronger in our island as the re- tary Academy at West Point sult of this visit. who were visiting our island as To Dr. and Mrs. Westphal part of the Spring Immersion our eternal gratitude for allow- Internship led by the Spanish ing us the opportunity to enjoy professor of the Academy. their company and for giving In my opinion, the Under us the privilege to show the Secretary’s visit to Puerto Rico best of our Army here in Puer- was a total success for all the to Rico.
  • 13. El MorroFort Buchanan Healthy Living The Sentinel of the Caribbean 13 April 2012Fort Buchanan Veterinarian asks: ‘What About Mutts?’By Capt. Taylor Opel, DVM may escape them thanks to relatively cheap business. In ity of a mutt is also a gamble.Fort Buchanan their mixed heritage. This is some cases the animal shelter Purebred dogs are bred to have Fort BuchananVeterinary Treatment Facility called “hybrid vigor” and any will give you the dog free of specific temperaments that are Veterinary Treatment All too often we tend to look geneticist will tell you that it charge. Others simply require predictable, while a mutts’ per- Facilityfor pedigreed, beautiful dogs is a good thing. Some pure- a donation or a nominal adop- sonality is a mystery. Shelterthat cost a fortune to buy and breds have health problems tion fee for the upkeep of the dogs can also have undesir- Building 676 Sallyport St.look after. Mutts, mongrels, simply due to certain exagger- shelter and care of the animals. able behaviors. Some werecross-breeds, mixed-breeds or ated breed traits -- like short Numerous shelters are also never taught basic obedience, Appointments available for Active Duty Military, Retirees,even “designer breed” dogs faced dogs with bulging eyes providing services such as mi- or developed bad habits due to Dependants, Coast Guard,all have one thing in common, tend to have eyes pop out! Or crochipping, spay/neuter waiv- being in the wrong home envi- Army National Guard, Reserv-no papers! Mutts have a bad large breed dogs with sloping ers and even vaccinations that ronment. Some were neglected ists, Fort Buchanan Residents,reputation simply because they backs tend to have hip and are included in your adoption and never learned how to be- GS Employees, Fort Buchananwere born often by accident back problems. A mixed breed fee. Security Personnel, US Cus- have properly around people toms and FBI parents from opposite sides may be less likely to experi- Mixed-breeds often have or other animals. A shelter dogof the tracks, but these dogs ence these breed related prob- the best qualities of each par- may require some extra train- Normal Business Hoursare just as lovable and loyal as lems. Mixed-breeds can also ent breed. Look at the popu- ing and attention to help them Monday to Fridayany purebred. There are many live longer than purebreds. A larity of “labradoodles” -- the become a great pet. 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.advantages to owning a dog healthier dog can live longer personality of a Labrador and The most important reasonof questionable parentage that than a dog that is predisposed the low-shed coat of a Poodle. to consider getting a mutt is to Surgical and Dentalyou can get from your local to major health issues. Genetic You can also be proud of hav- decrease the severe dog over- services availableshelter or rescue group. issues that are caused by reces- ing a completely unique dog, population problem. The Hu- Please call 787-707-2038 to Mixed-breeds are often sive genes may not show up in how many can claim that they mane Society estimates that schedule an appointment.healthier. With purebreds, a cross-breed thanks to other have a Husky / Chihuahua dog 3-4 million dogs and cats arethere are certain health prob- dominant genes from the par- (no kidding, we have one at the euthanized every year in shel-lems that are particular to each ents. clinic)? The endless combina- ters due to overpopulation. You ing for a simple companion,breed. This is one of the big- A shelter pet will cost less tion of traits in the mutt can can help by spaying or neuter- temperament and personalitygest risks purebred than a purebred result in amazingly cute and ing your pets, only obtaining are the most important thingsowners face be- pet. Purebred one-of-a-kind features. dogs from responsible breed- to look for, regardless of thecause the dogs puppies can cost There are some downsides ers, and adopting from your breed. All dogs need plentyoften inherit several hun- to choosing a mutt. Because of local animal shelter or rescue of love and the more you givemedical con- dred to sev- the uncertainty of the dogs an- group. them the happier the dog willditions from eral thousand cestors, you will not know how In the love and care depart- be, and the more love they willtheir parents dollars from a big your puppy will grow nor ment there really is no differ- give in return. For questions ordue to the pureness reputable breeder. Since how it’s going to turn out in the ence whether you own a very to make an appointment at theof the breed. Mixed- most mutts come from looks department. Sometimes expensive purebred dog or an Veterinary Treatment Facilitybreeds may develop animal rescue centers the pup who was only supposed adorable mutt. If you are look- call – 787-707-2038those health prob- and local shelters, to grow to be ten pounds, turnslems, but they getting a dog is a out to be thirty! The personal-
  • 14. 14April 2012 Features The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananLuis Salazar on safety: Entry, speed, brakes & turnsBy Luis SalazarSafety Office Contractor round into the center of the curve espe- on Puerto Rico highways. squeeze and how much pep you put cially if you come in fast. It helps to de- So just how do we go about getting into the front brake lever. Many experi- As we turn the corner on spring and lay the apex of the turn giving you some every curve right every time we ride enced riders forego the use of the fronthead into summer we are beginning extra time and distance yet this should them? The tried and proven method is brake or only minimally use it as partto see more and more motorcycles on be used with great care and with copi- one called SLOW, LOOK, PRESS and of their riding routine. The balance ofthe street. Added to the summer riding ous amounts of wisdom and expertise. ROLL. This procedure is basic and safe truth sides with those riders who doseason the $1.?? per liter prices at the Other things which are somewhat more if you follow all of its steps. Let’s go use the front brake in conjunction withpump also have a magnifying effect as common and could have disastrous re- over this four step scenario and see how the rear brake continually and not as anriders try to beat the gas pump monster. sults if not used correctly in this Hail it can be applied in a turn. Before you optional task. Going back to training,This will bring more riders in contact Mary scenario will be downshifting, come into a curve SLOW down either one of the things that is important inwith the highways and byways of Puer- clutch pulling, adding some amount of by applying brakes, decelerating or correctly using your front brake is howto Rico. brake pressure or even running wide or downshifting smoothly and set up your we squeeze and how much we squeeze It will also take many to our beauti- short while riding in the slot to be able to safe and manageable entry speed for the lever. In other words quantity andful mountain roads where curves will be manage motorcycle speed and complete that specific turn. As you near your en- quality of front brake lever pressure isthe staple diet of a fun ride. One of the the turn. In this installment I would like try point for the curve start using your essential to good management. As youthings that quickly to look at some eyes to LOOK though the turn. Search initially squeeze your front brake levercatches my atten- of the techniques for uneven surface characteristics, take the rider begins to see that a weight bal-tion when I see mo- we have avail- a look at the turn angle of the road and ance occurs gradually by shifting focustorcyclists on the So just how do we go about able to complete scan for additional traffic occupying the to the front tire as the forks compresstwisties is the use of a curve success- turn with you (front, back and to the from the forward weight transfer. As getting every curve right everybrakes and throttle fully from the sides). Choose a good path of travel to you smoothly squeeze the front brakeas they round cor- time we ride them? The tried tried and prov- enter the turn and begin to execute your and after the weight balance occurs theners or ride through and proven method is one called en basic SLPR turn with care. As you begin to ride rider can add more pressure until fulls t r a i g h t - a w a y s Slow, Look, Press and Roll. (Slow, Look, through the turn gently PRESS the han- pressure can be added once the motor-that connect these Press, Roll) to dlebars in the direction you want to go. cycle is straight up and not leaned over.curves. Not an un- Luis Salazar more advanced This technique is called counter steer- If a rider adds quick and full pressure tocommon situation braking tech- ing and it is a recognized way to initiate the front brake before the weight trans-is to see a motorcy- niques. lean to execute and hold a curve. As fer happens results like front tire lockupcle chug a lug their This basic you ride through the curve slowly be- can be achieved with less than happyway through a turn jerking up and down technique is not only important to un- gin to ROLL by gradually accelerating the rider maneuvers his metal steed derstand but effective and safe if utilized and safely achieving a good speed so as It is beneficial for riders to spendin such a way that he does not run off correctly. Running off the road with a to stabilize the motorcycle while at the some time practicing the use of the frontthe road. Other times one is able to see motorcycle is and continues to be the same time exiting the curve. brake lever even with the motorcyclehow a rider uses correct braking tech- #1 cause why riders have single vehicle Correct use of the front brake is criti- parked. Get a feel for the front brakeniques before a turn to set up their entry motorcycle crashes. What does this tell cal to safely managing speed as you by exploring the full range of move-speed and complete the turn smoothly. us? Basically that a rider needs to pay ride. Sometimes riders in their desire ment and pressure on the lever. Mark In motorcycle safety classes I always more attention, increase their skill level to stop quickly in emergencies add so where the front brake lever begins toshare with our students the fact that their and proficiently practice perfect curves much brake pressure that they can lock show drag and where you feel counterability to complete a curve successfully to lower risk level and the inherent dan- up the front brake and go into a fall pressure as this is the place where thewill pretty much be regulated by their gers of unmanaged risk. Riders should scenario. The same thing happens in forward weight transfer begins to takeentry speed into the curve. If you come not give in to the shortcuts and bad hab- a cornering scenario. Your front brake place. After that continue to add pres-in too hot then get ready to do a Hail- its that sometimes are used just to get outside of holding 70% or more of your sure slowly but firmly until maximumMary play before you reach the apex of things done faster. Learning correct use braking power is also a great friend to brake has been attained. After you prac-the curve. Trail braking is a good tool to of your control inputs (throttle, brakes have in speed management. The chal-help set your cornering speeds as you and clutch) is essential to street survival lenge with the front brake is how we SLPR Page 18 Army Traffic Safety Training Program gets a new Web site In an effort to improve the reg- The new address is https:// you in successfully registering istration process for all Soldiers, for courses electronically using the new Web site through the This site will provide on-line a web based browser or smart Army IMCOM Registration Sys- registration and management of phone. To view available cours- tem will make registration for all traffic safety training courses for es, log on to the link above and courses easier to accomplish. the Army Traffic Safety Training select a region and then a garri- Registration is now required Program. You can view course son from the drop down menu. for all driving courses as well as calendars to see what courses From there just choose the date for Motorcycle Safety Founda- are being offered at garrisons in of the course and register. tion courses. your local area. It will also aid
  • 15. 15Success starts at the squad levelBy Sgt. Jose F. Babilonia open, professional commu- From right to left, Capt. Victor Ortiz1st MSC Public Affairs nication between the leaders , commander of the 597th Quarter- master Company, 1st Sgt. Reynaldo and their troops, in order to Milliam-Velazquez from the 432rd Personnel from the 1st resolve problems or conflicts Transportation Corps CompanyMission Support Command’s at the lowest level. and his Commander Capt. Felipe(1st MSC) staff sections “If you fix things at your Abraham pay close attention to the briefers, during the Command Teamand directorates conducted level, we will definitely im- Training Workshop held at the USa Command Team Training prove across the command. Army Reserve-Puerto Rico head-Workshop at the 1st MSC The Commanding General’s quarters , 10-11 March.headquarters, 10-11 Mar. priorities are my priorities” The purpose of the work- said the 1st MSC Commandshop was to provide infor- Sgt. Maj. René Rivera.mation and guidance to the “I think this was a verycompany level leaders about productive event because Icurrent Army Reserve train- learned things that I did noting policies and procedures, know before,” said 1st it relates to individual, Neryannie Figueroa, 271stmedical and training pre- Human Resources Companyparedness, in order to im- (Postal) commander.prove overall command The main focus areasreadiness and mobilization during the workshop wereposture. Duty Military Occupation- “As Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz al Skill Qualified statistics(Chief, Army Reserve and (DMOSQ), Un-satisfacto-Commanding General) said, ry participation (UNSAT),you cannot be a commander pending loss status, readinessone weekend a month,” said codes mismatches, medicalBrig. Gen. Fernando Fernán- and training readiness anddez, 1st MSC commander, retention issues within thewhile explaining the level of command.compromise expected from “We got only one sole mis-commanders at all levels. sion; preparing and training The training workshop our soldiers and units so theytargeted issues that must be can be able to deploy at any-worked at the unit level, pro- time, to anyplace around the Brig. Gen. Fernando Fernández Commanding General of the 1st Mission Support Command addresses the audiencemoting the development of world” added Fernández. during the Command Team Training Workshop held at the US Army Reserve-Puerto Rico headquarters , 10-11 March1st MSC promotes, enforces safety among its ranksBy Sgt. Jose F. Babilonia plementation of risk control Army property against ac-1st MSC Public Affairs measures across the largest cidental loss. It also estab- US Army Reserve command lishes the composite risk Fort Buchanan, PR- The in the Caribbean. management (CRM) as the1st Mission Support Com- “The SOHAC is important Army’s principal risk reduc-mand (1stMSC) conducted because you have the oppor- tion methodology.a Safety and Occupational tunity to bring up the issues “The nature of our work isHealth Advisory Council that need to be addressed and risky (referring to the Army(SOHAC) at the 1st MSC find out in which ways we operations) and we have to beheadquarters, 26 Feb. can handle them moving for- able to deal with it, with the The safety council is con- ward” said Mr. Jesus A. Soto, minimum risk,” added Soto.ducted at least twice a year in Safety and Occupational Spe- The safety council enforc-order to provide a forum for cialist for the 210th Regional es the necessity of programsleaders in the command to Support Group (210th RSG) such as the CRM and thereview safety concerns that The Army safety regula- General Service Administra-affect direct or indirectly our tion (AR 385-10) targets the tion vehicles (GSA) Safety Spc. Jose J. Arroyo and Spc. Nestor Guerra, from the 471st Engineer Com-soldiers. responsibilities, and proce- Training as a valuable tool pany, wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while working at one of the The council also provides a dures of safeguarding and for accident prevention for many Army Reserve engineer community projects around the Puerto Rico. The 1st MSC Safety Council provides a space to review risk control options,space to review risk control preserving Army resources our troops and to better equip to make risk-control-option decisions, and to direct implementation of riskoptions, to make risk control worldwide, to include sol- our soldiers in the decision control measures across the largest US Army Reserve command in the Carib-decisions, and to direct im- diers, Army civilians, and making process. bean.
  • 16. 16Creating memories through a fishing campBy Maj. Carlos M. Cuebas The Army Reserve CYSS1st Mission Support Command strives to build communityPublic Affairs Officer partnerships by outreaching to Ponce, PR-The US Army local, state and federal agenciesReserve-Puerto Rico and the that seek to support militaryArmy Reserve Child Youth families with children. Theseand School Services (CYSS) organizations help to encour-conducted a fishing camp for age and sustain Army Reservesoldiers’ dependents at the Cer- children by offering programsrillos Lake, 3 Mar. that understand the uniqueness “It was a great experience for of being a military child.each one of us. Now, my son “One of the goals of the fish-wants to go to fishing because ing camp was to facilitate ourhe feels like he is an expert,” military families to spend qual-said Sgt. 1st Class Virgen Ro- ity time together, before thedriguez, from the 166th Re- soldiers mobilize in support ofgional Support Group, who the current overseas contingen-attended the camp with her cy operations. This event cre-husband and their 5 year old ated a great opportunity for ourson. families to create new memo- Besides showing the partici- ries that will accompany thempants how to effectively use a during the upcoming mobiliza-fishing pole and other fishing tion period,” said Janeska Bar-devices, the fishing camp had rientos, Army Reserve CYSSthe intent of creating an op- coordinator.portunity for military families The Army Reserve-Puerto A representative from the Puertoto share quality time, develop Rico and the CYSS plan to con- Rico’s Department of Naturalpatience and respect for Mother duct additional fishing camps in Resources and the daughter of oneNature. the upcoming months, at differ- of the US Army Reserve-Puerto Rico soldiers, practice a fishing technique “It is very important to take ent lakes throughout the island. during the command sponsored fish-some time off to expend with Those interested in participat- ing camp held at the Cerrillos Lake ,your loved ones, in special ing must contact Mrs. Barrien- Ponce PR, 3 March.places, and Cerrillos (lake) is a tos at 787-362-6268.special place. Definitely Puerto “Well, it is definitely some- From left to right Lt. Col. Yvette A.Rico has pretty places to en- thing that you cannot let pass, Thomas 1st Mission Support Com-joy,” added Rodriguez. otherwise, you will be sorry to mand Admin. Nurse Surgeon’s Office The fishing camp was con- hear the great adventures that and her daughter Lauren Thomas other people went thru and you trying to catch a fish during the USducted in direct coordination Army Reserve-Puerto Rico’s fishingwith the Natural Resources De- missed it,” recommended Ro- camp held at the Cerrillos lake,partment of Puerto Rico. driguez. Ponce PR, 3 March.1st MSC trains leaders on Suicide-intervention skillsBy Soldiers Readiness our capabilities having dif- The training certifies civil- The same report states thatProcessing Center Unit ferent employees certified, ian workforce leaders in sui- the Army recognizes thatPublic Affairs Representative part of the full time staff sup- cide prevention and interven- each suicide represents a Army Civilians from the port, in order to provide bet- tion skills. family that has suffered an ir-Soldiers Readiness Process- ter services to our supported ASIST is part of the Army’s reparable Center (SRPC) partici- population during time of cri- multi-disciplinary, holistic The 1st Mission Supportpated in the Applied Suicide sis,” said José R. Ruiz-Espa- approach to health promo- Command, US Army Re-Intervention Skills Training da, Supervisor SRPC Fort tion, risk reduction, and sui- serve-Puerto Rico provides(ASIST) during the 1st Mis- Buchanan. cide prevention that accounts confidential counseling re-sion Support Command’s The Army continues to for the many challenges our sources, suicide preventionSuicide Prevention Cam- increase the availability of Soldiers, Families and Army training videos and in-personpaign, February 2012. suicide intervention ASIST Civilians face. training that address a variety “This was a great opportu- training for leaders at all lev- According to the 2010 Ar- of common challenges ournity for our staff to get famil- els and other key personnel, my’s Health Promotion, Risk forces face.iarized and to better under- whose primary duties involve reduction, Suicide prevention For more information andstand the dynamics involved assisting those who are more report, the Army Reserve had resources about suicide pre-within the ASIST program. susceptible to suicide ide- a 34% increase in suicides vention, visit www.prevent-This will definitely enhance ation. (43 cases) in the year 2010.
  • 17. 17 1st MSC Excellence Spotlight: Under Secretary of the Army visits U.S. Army Reserve - Puerto Rico By Maj. Carlos M. Cuebas cade. we provide to the 1st Mission Support Command “Approximately War Against Ter- Public Affairs Officer ninety five percent of our units have Approximately ninety five percent rorism, ouralso in- operations current The Under Secretary of the Army, mobilized since of our units have mobilized since clude annual train- Hon. Dr. Joseph Westphal visited the 1st 9/11. Despite that 9/11. ing exercises, both Mission Support Command, US Army fact, volunteerism in the states and Reserve-Puerto Rico headquarters, 16 in the island contin- Brig. Gen. Fernando Fernández overseas, as well Mar. ues being strong,” Commander, 1st MSC as participation During the visit, Brig. Gen. Fernando said Fernández. in Theater Secu-This Sgt. Jeniffer Ruberté-Laspina Fernández, accompanied by Command During the brief- rity Cooperationsec- Sgt. Maj. René Rivera, briefed Westphal ing to Westphal, missions,” saidtion is dedicated to highlightin the US Time in service: Five years a service about the command’s capabilities, readi- Fernández also explained details about Fernández. Army Reserve- Puerto Rico ness and the support that the largest USmember from our command, in recog- other missions being conducted by the Participation in Theater Security Co- Unit: 311th Quartermaster Company, Army command in the Caribbean hasnition to his/her hard work and dedica- US Army Reserve-Puerto Rico. Aguadilla, PRtion to the mission. Units are encour- provided to the nation during the last de- “Beside the continuous support that WESTPHAL Page 19aged to submit names every month by More local recruits see West Point as an option Home of Record: Ponce, P.R.theCareerof the month. Jeniffer Ruberté 20th Status: Sgt. joined the US Army in 2006 and was assigned to the 271st Human Resourc- By Maj. Carlos M. Cuebas es Company (Postal). She participated 1st Mission Support Command in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007- Public Affairs Officer 2008. After arriving from deployment, Ruberté supported her unit during mo- Alberto Jose Roche-Escalera, 16, bilization, from 2008-2009. a Ponce native and an Antilles High She also worked with the 1st Mis- School senior, became the most recent sion Support Command Mobilization Puerto Rican accepted to the United Team from 2009-2010. Since June States Military Academy West Point. 2010 she has served as an active guard “I did not know how to react after I reserve Soldier assigned to the 311th read the letter of acceptance. I am very, Quarter Master Company, Aguadilla, very happy,” said Roche-Escalera who P.R. as a human resources noncommis- also stated he is very proud of becoming sioned officer. Recently, she was rec- ognized by the Senate of Puerto Rico one of the few Puerto Ricans accepted during the Women Veterans Day. to the Academy. According to West Point officials, Civilian Career: Ruberté graduated there are only two Puerto Ricans attend- from the Pontifical Catholic University ing the Academy this year. of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus, with Admission to West Point is open to all a Bachelor Degree in Science with a young men and women, and is extreme- Concentration in Psychology and a ly competitive. To be considered for ad- Alberto Jose Roche-Escalera, 16, a Ponce native and an Antilles High School senior (left), is Master Degree in Industrial and Orga- mission to West Point, a candidate must greeted by Brig. Gen. Fernando Fernández, senior US Army Reserve officer in the Caribbean nizational Psychology. (right), in moments when Roche-Escalera received notification of his acceptance into West Point, be at least 17 but not yet 23 years old 14 Mar. According to West Point officials, there are currently only two Puerto Ricans cadets at- Future plans: Her short term goal is to on July 1st of the year of admission, be tending the Academy this year. promote to Staff. Sgt. and complete the unmarried, and have no legal obligation Advance Leaders Course before the to support children. Candidates must be 1,300 candidates get selected. Roche-Escalera. end of her first contract. Her long term qualified academically, medically, and “I took the SAT three times, in order Roche-Escalera is scheduled to report goal is to successfully complete 20 physically, and must receive a nomina- to get the highest score possible before to the Academy during the fall 2012 years of service in the Armed Forces. tion from an approved source, such as a sending the application,” added Roche- with an expected graduation date sum- member of Congress. Escalera, while explaining the process mer 2016. He wants to concentrate his Quote: “With God all things are pos- “I am very proud of my son. This is of application. studies in Computer Engineering and to sible.” a clear example that if you really want “It takes a long time. It is not a fast make a career in the Army. 1st MSC Excellence Spotlight: This something, you can achieve it,” said process. My recommendation to others According the Forbes magazine, West section is dedicated to highlight a service member from the US Army Staff Sgt. Alberto Jose Roche-Zayas, fa- interested in applying to West Point is Point is the Best Public College or Uni- Reserve-Puerto Rico, in recognition to ther of the newly accepted West Pointer, to start the process as soon as possible versity in America for undergraduate his/her hard work and dedication to the who is also a US Army recruiter. and not to quit. Do not get overwhelmed education. There is no cost for tuition, mission. Units are encouraged to sub- Being accepted to the United States with the long list of requirements. The or room & board. mit names every month by the 20th of Military Academy is not an easy task. worst that can happen is that they tell Those interested in applying to West the month. The academy receives approximately you no. It is better to try and not get Point can visit 20,000 applications every year. Only accepted, than not trying at all,” added and start the process online.
  • 18. 18April 2012 Around The Post The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananSLPR, From Page 14 that a motorcycle should be as WESTPHAL, From Page 17 straight up as possible in order operation missions has beentice on a parked bike, take the to recoup the traction reserve identified by Army Reservemotorcycle to a parking lot or that was in use by the motor- leaders as one of the possiblea safe strip of road where there cycle lean. ways the Reserve forces couldare no additional dangers from So as you begin to enjoy apply the operational nature ofbad highways and other traffic. those mountain curves this its forces and the institutionalBegin at slow speeds and as summer remember the chal- knowledge gained after thenyou get proficient continue to lenges that you will encoun- years of persistent conflict, onceraise your speed and practice ter. Along with the incredibly the operations in Afghanistanbraking until you reach your beautiful scenes that encom- end.normal working speed on the pass the mountain highways of The future of the Army washighway. As you do this you Puerto Rico you will also face also a subject of discussionwill accomplish correct use of green moss on the roads, pot- during the encounter betweenthe front brake and you will be holes and poor road surfaces. Fernández and to defuse the “Armaged- Curves will be a part of every Under Secretary of the Army Hon. Dr. Joseph Westphal (left) is briefed by “Naturally, as we reshape the Brig. Gen. Fernando Fernández, senior US Army Reserve officer in the Ca-don moment” where nervous beautiful scene. force, we have to be much more ribbean, (right) during the Under Secretary’s visit to the 1st Mission Supportenergy takes over good habit Good use of the brakes and creative in sustaining the readi- Command, US Army Reserve-Puerto Rico headquarters, Fort Buchanan, PR,and incorrect brake pressure is proper cornering technique ness for the Reserve forces. We 16 Mar, while Command Sgt. Maj. Rivera and other staff officers observe.applied. will make the difference in a need to look at the last ten years During the presentation, Fernández explained the command’s capabilities, fun ride or one that will have readiness and the support that the largest US Army command in the Carib- You will go from a grab of combat operations and how bean has provided to the nation during the last decade.and stab technique on the you picking up your bike from you contributed to that effort,front brake lever to a grace- the pavement. May you have what lessons we take from that tinuous ups and downs,” added “It would be easy for theful squeeze that will help you a great summer riding season. and how we need to be ready Westphal. Army to fall back to the precome to a stop with a high de- Any Soldier who is inter- for future challenges, while sus- Before 9/11 the Army Re- 9/11 days, but we do not wantgree of safe handling. All this ested in taking any of our mo- taining the requirements here serve was essentially a strate- to do that,” said Westphal. Thewill be achieved without the torcycle safety courses at Fort in Puerto Rico,” said Westphal, gic force engaged primarily on meeting between the Underdreaded front wheel lockup. At Buchanan please check our while explaining the future of training one weekend a month Secretary of the Army and theall times remember that if your motorcycle safety class cal- the forces, under the current re- and two weeks every year. Af- senior US Army Reserve officerbike is leaned a good part of endar at https://apps.imcom. ality of fiscal constraints. ter 9/11 the Reserves became in the Caribbean took place asyour traction reserve is being Here you can “If you look at the historical an operational force providing the Pentagon prepares to reduceused to keep the bike upright. sign up for courses as well. It’s cycle of funding for the Depart- critical capabilities to the nation spending by $487 billion in theFull use of the brakes requires just that easy. ment of Defense, we had con- in an extended basis. next decade. Fort Buchanan popular phone numbers Fort Buchanan Operator ...................(787) 707-3403 Classifieds To advertise call 787-707-5762 Library ................................................(787) 707-3208 Homes Rental Needed ASAP Timeshare Retired Marine moving to Exchange ...........................................(787) 792-8989 Puerto Rico. I would like to rent, sublet or share an apart- ment or house if it is furnished ID Card Facility ..................................(787) 707-3938 that would be great, close to Fort Buchanan. Commissary .......................................(787) 707-2078 I am planning to make a full move to PR and would Tricare Service Center ......................(787) 707-2665 like to spend 30 days there to look around and get a feel for the place. Stable income, good Religious Support Office ..................(787) 707-3904 credit, Retire Military. El Embassy Dorado Vacation If anyone has anything Club, Capacidad 8 personas en Fitness Center ...................................(787) 707-3767 please contact Don Earl at 209 2 habitaciones, 2 baños. Puede 275-2382 or e-mail me at: ser dividido y utilizado para Located in Juncos, P.R. I have a dos semanas al año. Escucha Army Community Services ..............(787) 707-3804 3 bed, 3 bath, 2 terr, home with ofertas llamando a Rafael al a sunken living rm. New kitch- Miscellaneous 787-272-1174. Auto Shop ..........................................(787) 707-3972 en, pool and much more. For info call Erica: 214-244-7476. Please call Maximina Colón- Frick at (787) 234-4072 if you Community Club ...............................(787) 707-3535 Homes are interested in any of the Yard sale following items for sale: One Propiedad sin dueda consta de Jazzy Pride electric wheel chair 1st Mission Support Command .......(787) 707-4988 317 mts y medio. Urbanizacion Advertise with us for free. If for the handicapped ($600). Extension Caguax, calle Tu you are a current, or retired, One loading ramp for the chair service member or disabled Installation Public Affairs Office ......(787) 707-4486 Rey, V-8, calle sin salida. Tiene ($100). One heavy duty extra 3 cuartos, 1 baño marque fine veteran who wishes to adver- large capacity electric clothes para tres carros. Excelente tise your home, car or the an- Survivor Outreach Services ............(787) 707-3692 dryer - 220 volt (Roper) ($125). condiciones, Studio y baño con nouncement of a yard sale feel One exercise bike - Gym Mas- entrada independiente puede free to contact Luis Delgadillo, ter ($60.00). Family Advocacy Program ...............(787) 707-3709 ser rentado. 787-258-2255 the editor of El Morro.
  • 19. El MorroFort Buchanan Around The Post The Sentinel of the Caribbean 19 April 2012Linda Westphal (center), wife of Under Secretary of the Army, the Honorable Dr. Joseph W. Westphal, visits with staffmembers at the Rodriguez Army Health Clinic at Fort Buchanan, P.R., March 16. While her husband was visitingPuerto Rico dignitaries and Army leaders in San Juan, Mrs. Westphal took time out of her schedule to visit the clinicand later met with Soldiers assigned to Fort Buchanan’s Community Based Warrior Transition Unit. At right: Mrs.Westphal tours the CBWTU escorted by the unit’s 1st Sgt. Juan Waypacheco.Proven professionals: 215th MP Det. upholds standardsBy Capt. Héctor L. Prieto215th MP DETUnit Public Affairs Representative Afghanistan- Soldiers as-signed to the 215th MilitaryPolice Det., US Army Reserve-Puerto Rico, who are currentlydeployed in Afghanistan, havethe responsibility of conductingcustoms inspections as part oftheir mission in country. Before anything crosses overU.S. borders, everything that isshipped back to the States fromAfghanistan must go through athorough customs inspection. Characterized by warmthcustomer service, uncommonlyfound in the current Afghanicold and harsh environment,the 215th troops uphold the in-spection standards, while tryingto make the required process apleasant and amicable experi-ence for the troops being in-spected. According to a recentreport sent by Capt. Hector Prie-to, unit’s Operation Officer, sev-eral customers have expressedgreat satisfaction with the 215thtroops’ professionalism, whileconducting their customs mis-sion, which has made a lastingpositive impression in the mem- Soldiers from the 215th Military Police Det., US Army Reserve-Puerto Rico current deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan havebers of the units being inspected. the responsibility of conducting customs inspections as part of their mission in country.
  • 20. 20April 2012 Around The Post The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananTools and tips for a smooth PCSStory by Adria Lucca for information on moving andRelocation Readiness Manager post-move orientations. At Fort Your Permanent Change of Buchanan we offer assistanceStation (PCS) does not have to with in-transit situations by pro-be overwhelming if you plan viding classes on move-relatedwell and do your research. topics and offer individual PCS According to the calendar it is planning also maintain a loanalmost PCS season, the time be- closet from which Families maytween Memorial Day and Labor borrow basic household goodsDay when the Military moves and small appliances. Officemore than one third of their total is located in Bldg. 390 Craneshipments for the year, which is Loop, suite 101, (DFMWR/about 600,000 across all of the ACS) and can be reached atbranches. (787) 707-3682, from 7:00 a.m. Last summer, the Military to 4:00 p.m., Monday throughmoved 230,000 Families and Friday. To find the relocationthis year, due to base realign- office at your new/next duty sta-ments and closures, the Defense tion, visit www.militaryinstalla-Department’s Personal Property and select the in-Program is estimating an addi- stallation, then go to “programstional 10,000 moves will take and services” and select “Fam-place over the three-month pe- ily Center”. Photo by Luis Delgadilloriod. For some people, it’s all about The Directorate of Logistics’ Transportation Division employees Lillian Cálderon and Gilberto Hernández assist So with an even busier PCS having a plan in place. The Plan Soldiers and civilians with their permanent changes of station.season fast approaching, Ser- My Move application (http://vice Members and their Fami- you can also create travel check- to the actual, physical move. and is called the Defense Per-lies will need to get organized, f?p=MHF:RELO:0), offered lists, arrival checklists, lists of The site can also redirect you sonal Property System (DPS).stay focused and most of all through the DOD’s Military documents to hand-carry and to their Relocation Tool (www. By signing up for and usingremain flexible. Luckily there Community and Family Policy important phone numbers - all aff/ the DPS, you can submit yourare some programs in place that office, is available online to help of which you can print out and militaryonesource/default.aspx) application online, instead ofcan assist Families, whether it is you create a customizable calen- take with you. Best of all, there that gives you access to local traveling to a Transportationtheir first or fourteenth PCS. dar that maps out your upcom- is a Relocation Budget Plan tool crime reports for the area you’re Office, track your shipment, file The first priority should a visit ing PCS. Tasks can be changed, that allows you to create an Ex- moving to (which can influence claims online and receive theto Relocation Readiness Office moved, added or removed and cel spreadsheet to account for all your decision to live on or off full replacement value of lost or of the expenses you will incur, base), school performance re- damaged goods. Plus you can as well as the entitlements you ports and even compares the complete customer satisfaction will receive as part of the PCS. cost of living differences be- surveys on the moving com- And if you think that you have tween your current duty station pany you are assigned. Once a unique question that can’t be and the next one. your things are packed and on covered by the more than 150 To prep your children for the the truck, you might want a re- tip sheets that Plan My Move upcoming relocation, parents source that can help you learn offers, you can visit the PCS fo- and kids alike can check out about your new duty station. rum. The Military Community Military Youth on the Move Lastly, there are a few sites and Family Policy office has ( that can help you figure out created a platform within the psgprod/f?p=MYOM). where you’ll live when you ar- social networking arena (www. Children in elementary school rive at the new duty station. for through high school can view Your BAH rate will most likely Military Families to have dis- the site themselves to get an- change, so visit www.defense- cussions and get answers to their swers to questions or concerns PCS questions. 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There is also a section straight, the DoD sponsored MOS/FindInformation/Catego- for parents to help them handle Automated Housing Referral ry.aspx?CategoryID=141) and the stress that their child may Network at can live help at (800) 342-9647, 24 be feeling.The newest resource help you secure housing off hours a day, seven days a week. offered by the DOD is www. the installation, or you can try Among topics on renting or, which was created in and www. buying a home, spouses finding an effort to make moving a little, which new jobs and the stress of re- bit easier for Military Families both feature homes for sale and locating abroad, Military One- and acts as the internet-based for rent near Military Installa- Source offer step-by-step guides gateway for household goods tions.