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3 energy conservation emap 2011
3 energy conservation emap 2011
3 energy conservation emap 2011
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3 energy conservation emap 2011


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  • 1. Environmental Management Action Plan (EMAP)1. Action Plan Name: Energy Conservation Management Action Plan2. Significant Environmental Aspect 3. Document Control Code: FB-200- 6. Working Group Assigned to: Pollution(s): #3 Energy Consumption EMAP-3 Prevention 4. Date: 19 September 2011 7. EMAP Manager: Energy Conservation Manager 5. Document Approver: Garrison and Pollution Prevention Manager. Commander8. Objective(s) and Targets Resource requirements (personnelObjective(s) Target(s) Performance Indicator(s) and funding)Reduce energy consumption #1 Reduce energy intensity 1. Building retrofitting and commissioning 1. DD 1391 Reporting System forthrough energy efficiency and by 3% annually through the 2. Advanced Power Metering and HVAC ECIP Projectsreduction of greenhouse gas end of FY 2015 or by 30% Control Systems 2. Utilities Consumption Billsemissions total by the end of FY 2015 3. Energy Start equipments 3. US Army Corp of Engineers – (using FY 2003 as the 4. Energy Conservation & Control Measures Energy Support Center, Huntsville baseline) 5. Green House Gas (GHG) reduction District for Energy Partnership #2 Increase 5% (by FY12) 6. Energy trained and certified personnel 4. Fulltime Certified and Trained and 7.5% (by FY13) of 7. Community outreach initiatives Energy Manager. renewable energy generation. 5. Appointed Environmental Compliance Officers (ECOs).9. Reason(s) for Significance: Consumption of fossil fuels to generate electricity10.Potencial Environmental/Organizational Impacts:a. Depletion of natural resourcesb. Air pollutionc. Energy sources limitation and cost increase11. Legal and Other Requirements: a. EO: Executive Order 13423 -- Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management- Reduce energy intensity by 3% annually through the end of FY 2015 or by 30% total by the end of FY 2015 (using FY 2003 as the baseline) b. Executive Order (EO) 13514, "Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance," - the goal of EO 13514 is "to establish an integrated strategy towards sustainability in the Federal Government and to make reduction of GHG a priority for Federal agencies." c. Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EP Act) d. Army Regulation (AR) 420-1, Army Facilities Management (March 2009)12. Program Description: The Energy Conservation Program seeks to support the mission by providing utility and equipment resources whileconserving energy and costs whenever possible. Wireless automatic-control meters have been installed throughout the installation. The meters collectdata and monitor peak demand. Energy data is interpreted to determine energy conservation alternatives for current systems that can be updated and/or Page 1 of 3
  • 2. Environmental Management Action Plan (EMAP)retrofitted for energy efficiency. Energy Star products are required for all construction and renovation products. ECOs are appointed to ensure Garrisonand Tenant activities actively conserve energy.13. Operational Controls Activity/Document Title Responsible Person(s) Monitoring Records Comments Control(s)1. Energy and Water Conservation Plan Projects DPW Energy Manager Measures AEWRS ECIP, ESPC, Inhouse2. Advanced Metering and Controls System Metering DPW Energy Manager Consumption AEWRS IMCOM OPORD14. Action Plan: RequiredTasks/Action Items Priority/Timeframe Responsible Person/Duty Position Status ResourcesMaintain a comprehensive Energy and Annually Energy Manager Energy Audit OngoingWater Conservation Plan and Strategy.Implement Energy Conservation Control Economical Annually Energy Manager and O&M Chief OngoingMeasures (i.e. ECIP, ESPC, Partnerships). AnalysisMaintain and report energy consumption Monthly (monitoring) Advanced Energy Manager Ongoingdata through AEWRS. Quarterly (data reporting) MeteringImplement an Energy Awareness and Annually Energy Manager and ECOs Trainings OngoingTraining ProgramPerform lighting surveys and energy Facility Managers/ Annually Survey Report Ongoingconsumption audits per facilities Energy Manager / Physical SecurityProcure energy saving and As needed if economically feasible Energy Manager / O&M Chief Feasibility Study Ongoingenvironmentally friendly materialsEstablish and identify applicable areas for Annually Energy Manager and ECOs IMCOM / AEC OngoingGHG Reduction Plan development.Establish a Community Outreach such as Annually EMAP Manager and ECOs MWR, DDESS, Ongoinga Community Garden, Earth Day, El PartnershipsMorro, and Civilian Town Hall Meeting.15. Relevant Document(s)/RecordsDocument Name Location Document Custodian1. Energy and Water Conservation Plan DPW Environmental Division DPW Energy Manager2. AEWRS Army Web Based Reporting System DPW Environmental Div. Chief3. Energy Conservation Projects Contracts DPW Energy Manager4. Energy Consumption Reports DPW Energy Manager DPW Energy Manager16. Program Performance Tracking Page 2 of 3
  • 3. Environmental Management Action Plan (EMAP) Annual Total Formula Rationale Amount of energy (Mbtu) consumed annually divided by the amount of energy (Mbtu)Target #1 consumed during the Baseline of year of 2003. Amount of renewable energy (Mbtu) generated annually divided by the amount of renewableTarget #2 energy (Mbtu) generated during the Baseline of year of 2007.17. Document ControlTechnical POC: Chief Environmental Division, Directorate of Public Works, Fort Buchanan PR Telephone: (787) 707-3575 / 3522Upon Garrison Commander concurrence memorandum for approval of this EMAP, the assigned SEMS Working Groups and responsible organizationsmust comply with the requirements established under Tasks/Action Items and core Objective(s) and Targets for the implementation of the EMAPs to thefullest extent possible, provide the EMS Coordinator with performance indicators data and supporting documentation for Program Performance Trackingpurposes. EMAP will be audited for EMS Program conformance and reviewed annually through the EQCC Meeting.18. ApplicabilityThis EMAP will apply to US Army Garrison Fort Buchanan (i.e. Directorates, Units, Tenants, and Commercial activities) including the US ArmyReserve Centers located Island-wide. Page 3 of 3