PPC Fundamentals: Formic Media Seminar Series
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PPC Fundamentals: Formic Media Seminar Series



In order to generate targeted leads, many small businesses are testing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Most companies use Google AdWords to target desirable search terms with specific text ...

In order to generate targeted leads, many small businesses are testing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Most companies use Google AdWords to target desirable search terms with specific text advertising, and only pay for each click (rather than impression). PPC advertising can be very cost-effective when managed properly, due to the ability to target keywords, specific geo-locations, messaging and landing pages. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not have the time or resources to effectively manage PPC campaigns, which can lead to very costly mistakes. The Formic team will walk you through PPC campaign research, planning, implementation and management. You will leave this seminar with sufficient knowledge of how to optimize your existing PPC campaigns or create a new campaign from scratch.



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PPC Fundamentals: Formic Media Seminar Series PPC Fundamentals: Formic Media Seminar Series Presentation Transcript

  • Formic Media Seminar Series:PPC Fundamentals
    Presented by:
    Formic Media, Inc.
    503-260-6700| kent@formicmedia.com
  • Agenda
    • Intro to Paid Search
    • Benefits of Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
    • Google AdWords
    • How it Works
    • Reach More Customers
    • Costs & Budgets
    • Geo-Targeting
    • Measurement
    • Account Structure
    • Keyword Selection
    • Ad Text
    • Elements
    • Ad Targeting
    • Creating Successful Ads
    • Research & Management Tools
    • Yahoo/Bing Search Alliance
  • Intro to Paid Search
    Paid Search Results
    Local Search Results
    Organic Search Results
  • Benefits of Paid Search
    • Branding
    • Targeted traffic
    • Immediate results
    • (Nearly) Real-time tracking
    • Levels the playing field
    • Small initial investment
  • Google AdWords
    How it Works
    • Choose keywords  Create Ad Text
    • People Search Google  Your Ad Appears
    • People Click Your Ad  You Get Traffic & Sales
  • Google AdWords
    Reach More Customers
    • Utilize Google Display Network
    • Contextual
    • Site Targeting
    • Use Text, Image & Video
  • Google AdWords
    Costs & Budget
    • Control Your Own Spending
    • Set a Daily Budget
    • Set Your Maximum Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
    • Only Charged for Clicks
    • Utilize Google’s Traffic Estimator
  • Google AdWords
    • Set Ads to Appear in Specific Locations
    • City, Region, Country
    • Show Address in Ad Text
    • Ads Appear on Google.com & Google Maps
  • Google AdWords
    • Know Your Goals
    • Near Real-Time Metrics
    • 11 Report Types
  • Account Structure
    • Campaigns
    • Contains Ad Groups
    • Set unique budgets
    • Set targeting options
    • Ad Groups
    • Contains keyword list & ad text
  • Keyword Selection
    • Target both broad and specific keywords
    • Broad = Increases reach & visibility
    • Specific = Drives conversions & sales
    • Purchase Cycle / Buying Process
    • Interest
    • “slr cameras”
    • Research
    • “nikonslr cameras”, “canon slr cameras”
    • Purchase
    • “nikon digital slr d3000”
  • Keyword Selection
    • Utilize all Match Types: “digital camera”
    • Broad: digital camera, security camera
    • Phrase: “buy a digital camera”, “digital camera review”
    • Exact: “digital camera”
    • Include all keyword variations (i.e. singular, plural)
    • “camera”, “cameras”, “digital camera”, “digital cameras”
    • Negative keywords
    • -security
    Create Initial List
    Group Similar Words
    Refine & Add Negatives
  • Ad Text
    • Headline: Include keyword(s)
    • Description: Describe key benefits; Call to action
    • Display URL: Displays website URL
    • Destination URL: URL of landing page (not shown in ad text)
  • Ad Text
    Ad Targeting
    • Location & Language
    • Google Network
    • Google Search: Google.com only
    • Search Partners: Google products (Groups, Product Search) & search partners (i.e. AOL, Ask.com)
    • Display Network: Gmail, NYTimes, About.com, etc.
    • Internet Devices: Desktop, Laptop, Mobile
  • Ad Text
    Creating Successful Ads
    • Simple & enticing
    • Include prices & promotions
    • Use strong calls to action
    • Include main keywords in headline/description
    • Choose relevant landing pages
    • Test multiple ads to increase performance
  • PPC Research & Management Tools
    Keyword Research
    • Google Keyword Tool
    • WordTracker
    • Keyword Discovery
    • SEO Book
    PPC Management Tools
    • AdWords Editor
    • AdWords Reports
    • Bid Management Tools (i.e. SearchForce)
  • Yahoo & Bing Search Alliance
    • Yahoo Search Marketing is transitioning to Microsoft AdCenter via the Search Alliance
    • All management will take place within AdCenter
    • Transition Date: Now – Holidays
    • AdCenter begins to power Yahoo PPC ads in fall 2010
    • Deadline: January 2011
    • Additional Information
  • Resources
    • PPC Blog
    • PPC Hero
    • Sphinn
    • AdWords Online Classroom
    • Yahoo: Fine Tune Your Account
    • Microsoft AdCenter Help
    PPC Case Studies
    • Formic Client PPC Case Studies
  • About Formic Media
  • Formic Services
    Formic Media’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services offer small and local businesses the ability to generate visibility within the “paid” search engine listings, utilizing PPC fundamentals and much more.
    Formic Media’s PPC process has been refined over 12 years and customized for small business.
  • Formic Clients
  • Up Next: Formic Media Seminar Series
    9.08: Website Clinic
    • Live, real-time site reviews (audience volunteers)
    • Gain valuable insights/feedback
    Have you ever wondered why your site doesn’t perform like you think it should? Have you racked your brain and spent countless hours trying to understand how to increase your search engine rankings to drive more visits and sales? Curious as to why your social media efforts aren’t generating customers? As part of Formic Media’s free seminar series, the team will be hosting a free website clinic on September 8th to provide insight into all of these questions. The Formic team will take volunteers from the audience, and review their sites in real-time (or you can request a site review upon registration) to uncover valuable insights on how to increase your website traffic, sales/leads or increase social media engagement. Join us at Formic’s offices (300 NE Failing St., Portland, OR, 97212) for this must attend event. Visit our website for more details, and sign up now as space is limited.
  • Questions?
    John McPhee
    503-517-9059 x122| johnm@formicmedia.com