OAN How To Use Social Media
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OAN How To Use Social Media



An intro to social media usage for small businesses.

An intro to social media usage for small businesses.



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    OAN How To Use Social Media OAN How To Use Social Media Presentation Transcript

    • How to Use Social Media Oregon Association of Nurseries January 12th, 2011 Presented by: Anna Hutson Formic Media, Inc. www.formicmedia.com| anna@formicmedia.com
    • Formic Background Launched in 2008 to service small business & partners Incubated by Anvil Media, enterprise SEM agency Provide SEM, social & website development services 7 employees 35+ clients Strategic partnerships (Microsoft RTG program) Focus on education (monthly Seminar Series)
    • Formic Clients
    • Agenda  Social Media Benefits  How To Use Social Media  Meet the Properties  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  YouTube  Flickr  Creating Efficiencies  Tracking Your Efforts
    • Benefits of Social Media
    • Benefits of Social Media Marketing  Gain industry and constituent insights  Provide affordable customer service  Create or extend brand awareness  Build community & thought leadership  Generate measurable top line revenue
    • Benefits of Social Media Marketing
    • Benefits of Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing Growth
    • How To Use Social Media
    • Social Media: Categories  Networking  Blogs  Reviews  Media Sharing  Bookmarking  Expert Communities  News  Wiki  Microblogging
    • Know Your Goals  What are you after?  Sales/leads  Branding awareness  Customer service  Buzz  Thought leadership
    • Set Expectations  Avoid wasting time & resources  Identify key people within organization who will be in charge.  Take ownership of your social media presence AND success  Observe & listen to how brand is perceived  Capture new opportunities
    • Give Your Customers What They Want  Timely news updates  Deals & Coupons  Special contests & promotions  Demos, tutorials & how-to’s  Testimonials & case studies  Expert content
    • Promotional Strategies  Include in collateral  Business cards  In-store/office signage  Advertising (print, broadcast, outdoor)  Incorporate links online  Website/blog  Other social media profiles  Email newsletters  Email signature file
    • How to Use Social Media
    • How to Respond Using Social Media
    • Meet the Properties
    • Facebook  Sign-up for a ‘Fan’ Page  Fill out business ‘Information’ tab  Add other social media profiles  Use keywords  Include products, services, etc.  Find & claim ‘Place’ Page  These will eventually merge
    • Twitter  Sign-up for Twitter Profile  Make profile public  Claim a branded username  Fill out business ‘Information’ section  Add other social media profiles  Use keywords  Create a custom, branded background  Find influencers  #oan
    • LinkedIn  Sign-up for LinkedIn Personal Profile  Create a Company Page  Link personal profile to company page  Fill out business ‘Information’ sections  Add Twitter profile  Add blog  Add services  Use keywords  Connect with industry professionals
    • YouTube & Flickr  Create a YouTube Channel  Add Facebook and Twitter icons at the beginning and end of each video  Embed videos on your site  Create custom YouTube background  Create Flickr Account  Use keywords in video/photo titles and descriptions to help searchability for SEO  Add Facebook tab
    • Creating Efficiencies
    • 3rd Party Tools: HootSuite/TweetDeck  Spread the Word  Track & Analyze  Collaborate with a Team  Monitor Mentions  Schedule in Advance  Customize Feeds, Networks, etc.
    • 3rd Party Tools: HootSuite/TweetDeck Multiple Profiles Twitter Search Customized Feeds Navigational Menu Type your 140 Tweet & Send
    • 3rd Party Tools: HootSuite/TweetDeck
    • 3rd Party Tools: HootSuite/TweetDeck Spread the Word  Post your message to multiple profiles simultaneously! Set access permissions and send posts to multiple social networks in one click.
    • 3rd Party Tools: HootSuite/TweetDeck Track & Analyze  View stats on re-tweets, clicks on links, popular posts, etc.
    • 3rd Party Tools: HootSuite/TweetDeck Track & Analyze  Pull in Google Analytics data to monitor site traffic from social media campaigns & other mediums.
    • 3rd Party Tools: HootSuite/TweetDeck Collaborate with a Team  Add team members to your account and assign tasks.
    • 3rd Party Tools: HootSuite/TweetDeck Monitor Mentions  Monitor profile mentions, re-tweets & keywords.
    • 3rd Party Tools: HootSuite/TweetDeck Schedule in Advance  Out of the office? Schedule tweets in advance to post to multiple profiles.
    • 3rd Party Tools: HootSuite/TweetDeck Customize Feeds, Networks, etc.  Choose what streams to monitor & what profiles to post to.
    • Automation: Twitter & Facebook Automate Blog Posts on Twitter  Add your RSS feed URL to have new posts automatically update on Twitter.
    • Automation: Twitter & Facebook Networked Blogs on Facebook  Automate blog posts on Facebook. On Your Page’s Wall
    • Tracking Your Efforts
    • Monitoring & Measurement Tools  Google Alerts  HootSuite, TweetDeck, Twitalyzer, Bit.ly, Ow.ly  Facebook Insights  LinkedIn Analytics  YouTube Insights
    • Tracking Your Efforts Track efforts using a combination of tools  Google Analytics  Referral traffic  Utilize utm tracking strings http://www.examplesite.com/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium =social%2Bmedia&utm_campaign=product-promo  HootSuite (or bit.ly)  Clicks on links you have tweeted  See most popular tweets  Facebook Insights  Fan interactions (likes, comments)  Demographics
    • Tracking Your Efforts Choose the right key performance indicators (KPIs)  Focus on engagement metrics first  Revenue-related metrics should come second Interactions Conversions Daily Active Users Conversion Rate Fans/Followers Revenue Comments Return on Investment @Replies
    • Resources  www.formicmedia.com  www.formicmedia.wordpress.com  www.tweetdeck.com  www.hootsuite.com  www.tweetstas.com  www.twitalyzer.com  www.google.com/alerts  http://www.seomoz.org/  http://searchengineland.com/  http://www.searchenginejournal.com/
    • Questions & Answers Contact: Anna Hutson www.formicmedia.com 503-517-9059 x123| anna@formicmedia.com