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Local SEO for Small Business: Formic Media Seminar Series
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Local SEO for Small Business: Formic Media Seminar Series


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How to rank in the Google "7-pack", a tutorial of the basics for small and local businesses.

How to rank in the Google "7-pack", a tutorial of the basics for small and local businesses.

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  • Local search often not differentiated between organic SEOWhen talking about optimizing your website for local search results  geo-modified search queries  different from ranking in local searchTonight, we will uncover what makes Local SEO different, why it’s so important, nuances for rankingEnd result – take home pointers to jumpstart your biz efforts in local search  the details that can help determine if local search is worth hiring professionals
  • Two separate ranking algorithms for organic SEO vs. local SEODon’t need a website to rank in local searchThis of top 3 SEs  have local listing centers  but it’s not just about local listingsQuestion for audience: claimed local listings before?
  • A conglomeration of websites makes up the local search landscapeIt’s a comprehensive, fragmented space peeps looking for business info in a variety of places  some places feed each otherLocal search derived from directories originally  although market share is moving more and more towards major SE local listings  at the center is Google MapsTo be in Google Maps, must have place page
  • In addition to local listings, local search is comprised of other messages/advertising with local intentPPC ads can be highly targeted, highly efficient for capturing the local customerSame with FB
  • Let’s start with arguably the most important local search place to be  the 7 packThe 7 pack pushes the organic rankings down – some below the fold.The Google 7 pack is currently the most coveted real estate in Local Search. This is what searchers see. This is what your clients and customers see.So how do you get there?
  • Google’s goal – return most relevant useful resultsUnderstanding local intentUnderstanding where you are, based on IP addressUnderstanding your search history
  • Between June 2008 and 2009  local market share on Google maps increased significantly – up 11%When classifying local intent, important to include offline advertising  happens not only online, but offline too.
  • Talked about the importance of local search  now we’ll talk about how to do local search.
  • These are the things that local experts generally agree can hurt your rankingsIn Google Maps:Multiple Local Business Listings with different infoNot using a complete street addressNot using a local phone numberDiffering signals from trusted sources of informationAll of this adds up to LOCATION CONFUSION, which seems to be the biggest enemy of ranking well in Maps.
  • Enter business informationSubmit for verification  via phone or postcard  enter PIN
  • As part of the profile completion process…similar to organic SEO
  • Citations help validate that your listing is accurate these are mentions and articles, content about a biz…adds relevancy.Similar to how inbound links count as votes in organic search…Local social media sites, foursquare, loopt, gowalla etc.
  • Casts a wider netAlso good for organic SEO  links/votes to websiteA tedious, daunting task
  • A great service for ensuring biz info is distributed far and wide and accurately is to use UBLFormic works closely with UBL as a partner to help our clients become listed, efficiently and accurately.Paid service
  • Now you’ve submitted…what’s next…management.Track progress, stay up to date, find areas to improve – have all the info in one place.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Local SEO for Small BusinessFormic Media Seminar
      Presented by:
      Anna Hutson
      Account Executive
      Formic Media, Inc.
    • 2. Co-Sponsored By:
      Mike Rasmussen
      503.937.1111 | 503.789.2593
    • 3. What is Local SEO
      Optimizing Locations based on Local Intent
    • 4. What is Local SEO
      Requires a Different Mindset from Traditional SEO:
      • Traditional SEO is about optimizing websites; Local SEO is about optimizing locations
      • 5. Local Search has its own set of ranking factors
      Traditional, Organic Search
    • 6. What is Local SEO
      Local Search
    • 7. What is Local SEO
      Local Paid Search
    • 8. What is Local SEO
      OneBox results (“7 Pack”)
      Traditional organic, geo-targeted result
    • 9. What is Local SEO
      General Ranking Factors for the “7 Pack”:
      • Local Intent
      • 10. Search history
      • 11. IP address targeting
      20% of all Google searches are related to a location – 1.28 BILLION per month
    • 12. Why Local SEO Matters
      Stats & Facts:
      • There are 50 million Place Pages
      • 13. These cover all types of places, ranging from businesses like tailors, restaurants, and optometrists to locations like dog parks, transit stations, and baseball fields.
      • 14. More than 4 million business listings on Google claimed by business owners (using the Local Business Center, now Google Places)
      • 15. Nearly 2 million listings have been claimed in the United States
      • 16. Place Pages are viewed millions of times each day
      40% of ALL online searches have local intent!
    • 17. Why Local SEO Matters
      Local Search Market Share is growing:
      • It is important to have Local Search as part of your overall online and offline marketing strategy.
      • 18. Offline advertising helps to generate the demand for local search intent.
    • Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local
    • 19. Local Search Strategy & Optimization
      Important Elements to Ranking in the “7 Pack”:
      • Claim your local listing
      • 20. Ensure that your company does not have duplicate listings
      • 21. Ensure that your listing is properly categorized
      • 22. Include keywords in the local listing Title
      • 23. Proximity of the business to the city center
      • 24. Google Places service areas
      • 25. Complete local business listing profile
      • 26. Number of citations
    • Claim Your Local Listing
      • Trust is a huge signal for Google
      • 27. Only 2MM claimed in U.S. so far
      • 28.
      • 29. No duplicate listings!
      • 30. Do the same at Yahoo (
      • 31. And the same at Bing (
    • Claim Your Local Listing
      • Enter business info.
      • 32. Verify your listing.
    • Include Keywords in your Title
      Add Keywords to your Title:
      • These will be bolded in results.
      • 33. Help to increase CTR, similar to PPC advertising.
    • Categorize Your Listing
      Add Relevancy Factors:
      • Search Engines use categories to help define your business accurately.
    • Proximity to City Center
      • Having an address in the city and close to the city center helps with local ranking.
      • 34. Importance is determined by competition.
    • Service Areas & Home Based Businesses
      Add Service Areas:
      • Extremely helpful for home based businesses.
      • 35. Good for businesses that serve specific areas.
    • Complete your Local Listing Profile
      Add Profile Content:
    • Off-site Optimization: Get Citations!
      Key Citation Sources:
    • Off-site Optimization: Get Links!
      Submit to Free and/or Paid directories
      Add & verify business information with local Data Providers
    • 49. Off-site Optimization: UBL
      Universal Business Listing (UBL) Services
    • 50. Off-site Optimization: UBL
      Universal Business Listing (UBL) Reporting
    • 51. Tracking Your Local SEO Success
    • 52. Analytics
      Create a Vanity URL: (e.g.
      Use GA Advanced Segments
      Create a Tracking URL
    • 53. Action Items & Takeaways
      • Claim your local listings!
      • 54. Utilize a combination of local optimization tactics, including testing paid search.
      • 55. Stay up-to-date, local search is evolving at a fast pace.
      • 56. Evaluate resources, find a qualified professional to get things done if resources are spread to thin.
      Your Competitor
      Your Competitor
      Your Competitor
      Your Competitor
      Your Competitor
      Your Competitor
    • 57. Resources
      • (Google Places)
      • 58. (Yahoo! Local)
      • 59. (Bing Local)
      • 60. (SEOMoz Blog)
      • 61. (Search Engine Land Blog)
      • 62. (Search Engine Watch Blog)
      • 63. (Google Places Quality Guidelines)
    • Q & A!
      Presented by:
      Anna Hutson
      Account Executive
      Formic Media, Inc.