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Measure Your Marketing Efforts with Google Analytics
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Measure Your Marketing Efforts with Google Analytics


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Is your company tracking digital marketing efforts through a web analytics platform like Google Analytics? If not, you may be wasting your time if you don’t know which strategies are driving traffic …

Is your company tracking digital marketing efforts through a web analytics platform like Google Analytics? If not, you may be wasting your time if you don’t know which strategies are driving traffic and converting visitors to leads or sales. Formic Media will provide you with the essential data your business needs to track in order to improve your business online. The presentation covers initial set-up of Google Analytics, a walk-through of the reporting interface and how to best use the data available to make ongoing improvements and track campaign performance.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Measure Your Marketing Efforts with Google Analytics Presenter: Date: Anna Hutson (@AnnaHutson & @formicmedia) July 10th, 2013
  • 2. Formic Team • Launched in 2008 to service small business & partners • Specializes in localized search, social, and mobile marketing • 100% of Account Team Google AdWords & Google Analytics Certified • 8 employees & 45+ clients • Strategic partnerships (SEMA, AlphaGraphics, etc.) • Focus on education via monthly Seminar Series
  • 3. Agenda Analytics Introduction Google Analytics Interface Report Options Conversion Optimization Q&A
  • 4. Interpreting Google Analytics Why Use Google Analytics? • Enterprise –level analytics software for free* • Robust • Quick & easy to install • Large user-base • Community-supported • Continually evolving and improving • *Apps, Gmail and Analytics offer premium services for a fee
  • 5. What Measure website visitor behavior and performance Why Understand efficacy of marketing & user experience Integrates with AdWords, AdSense & Webmaster Tools How Set up account, drop code onto pages & learn Conversion funnels used to require “thank you” page Who Anyone that has to make decisions about your website, online campaigns and other marketing efforts Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 6. GA Tracking Code
  • 7. Profile Filters
  • 8. Google Analytics Highlights  Utilize custom reports & advanced segments  Create conversion funnels  Factor in e-commerce & goal tracking
  • 9. Custom Dashboard
  • 10. Google Analytics Alerts
  • 11. Google Analytics Key Terms • Conversion Funnel • Business Objectives • Goals • Metrics • Key Performance Indicators • Dimensions • Segments Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 12. Key Term: Conversion Funnel Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 13. Key Term: Conversion Process Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 14. Key Term: Goals Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 15. Key Term: Metrics Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 16. Key Term: Dimensions Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 17. Key Term: Advanced Segmentation Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 18. Key Term: KPI Dashboard • Site-wide Organic Traffic • Total Unique Keywords Driving Organic Traffic • Referral Traffic Growth • Individual Channel Net CPA • Growth in Total Conversion Value Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 19. Report Options
  • 20. Reporting: Top Mediums Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 21. Reporting: Top Content Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 22. Reporting: Top Keywords Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 23. Reporting: Goals Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 24. Reporting: Funnel Visualization Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 25. Reporting: Custom Reports Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 26. Reporting: Ecommerce Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 27. Conversion Optimization
  • 28. Usability Fast Facts • You have <8 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention • 96% of website visitors are not ready to buy • Product videos can increase purchase by 144% • A 1s delay in site speed = 7% reduction in conversions • 61% of companies do less than 5 tests per month • More landing pages = more leads Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 29. Website Conversion by Industry Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 30. A/B Testing Plan • Define the objective/challenge • Develop a hypothesis to test • Select test components • Set up test (software or service) • Analyze the data • Implement the ideal design • Continue to test against benchmark Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 31. A/B Testing Elements • Landing page layout (colors & fonts) • Imagery (banners, logos, people, etc.) • Icons (navigation & CTA buttons) • Headline • Copy (messaging, bullets, short, long) • Call-to-action • Forms • Pricing (discounts/promo) Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 32. Landing Page Template Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 33. Landing Page Best Practices • Start with a simple, proven template • Make unique value propositions clear • Keep copy short and sweet • Utilize short forms liberally • Include trust marks • Incorporate chat/click-to-call • Test price-based messaging ($, %, #) • Segment your visitors • Test multi-step pages to identify weaknesses Interpreting Google Analytics
  • 34. What We Do Services Formic Media's pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services provide small and local businesses guaranteed visibility within targeted search results, via paid "sponsored listings". PAY PER CLICK Formic Media's search engine optimization (SEO) services help small and local businesses to generate visibility within "organic" or “natural" search engine listings. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Formic Media's SEO-friendly website design and development services provide small businesses with an affordable, functional and highly visible Web presence. WEB DESIGN Formic Media's social media marketing (SMM) services enable small and local businesses to leverage free/ low-cost networks to gain increased brand awareness. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING We have created the appropriate processes, tools and methodologies needed to be efficient and cost effective for your team and your clients. PARTNERSHIPS Attend Formic Media's free monthly search engine marketing seminars. Learn the latest and greatest in the search engine marketing industry. FREE SEMINARS
  • 35. Q & A! Contact Anna Hutson for more information 503.517.9059 x123 @AnnaHutson & @formicmedia