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Open to University graduate with CELTA & 2+ years experience

Teaching English to adults (and children were possible) of all levels in St Petersburg, Russia.
Max group size = 10
Locations: training centre (39 Rimskogo Korsakova) or at various locations across the city.

In class, we use a learning management system which runs on laptops and tablets and includes a topic library, interactive whiteboard, and online homework. This means we rarely use textbooks and, instead, focus on structured conversation, elicitation, and games in lessons.

Accommodation in SPb
Upon arrival in Saint Petersburg, you will be offered the choice to stay in an apartment until your find your own accommodation, this is not included in the salary and so will have to be paid for. We will do our best to help you secure accommodation in the city.
There are Dormitories with communal living here as cheap as just a few thousand, you'd be spending between 10-15,000RUB for a decent house share, and anything above 20,000RUB and you could be living in your own place.

Issuing an invitation for a visa takes approximately one month. For UK nationals, the visa can then be applied for in either London or Edinburgh. The current cost for a three-month working visa starts at 76.60 GBP which will be paid for by the teacher.
You can find more information about the processing cost, times, and required docs at http://ru.vfsglobal.co.uk/Tourist_visafees.html
In addition to your visa, you will be required to submit an HIV test along with your visa application. This usually takes one week to issue. Please note that they insist on the original document.
This three-month visa can be extended to a full year which will be paid for and submitted by the school upon satisfactory completion of a two-month probationary period.
Please note that the process of issuing a visa takes a minimum of 4 weeks so please allow for 8 weeks from the date of your application for your the role in Saint Petersburg.

For teachers coming to Saint Petersburg we offer base salaries 30-40,000 RUB depending on experience and qualifications.

Your salary provides for:
30 academic hours of teaching a week (15 lessons)
5 hours of planning, marking time
Travel time between lessons

All lessons taught beyond the contracted number of hours will be compensated at 500 RUB per academic hour (with no additional compensation for planning time).

If a teacher teaches fewer than the contracted 30 academic hours per week, the school reserves the right to:
carry the remaining hours into the following week/s
request that the teacher make up their hours for that week by assisting in the development of materials

Upon arrival in Russia, you will be provided with a monthly travel allowance around the city. This can be used on the metro, buses, and trams to get you to and from lessons.

Skype roles: 650 RUB per lesson (60 min)

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