Facebook settings and privacy changes you may want to be aware of

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Privacy Setting on Facebook including screen shots and options to fix. Blog post referencing slideshow at …

Privacy Setting on Facebook including screen shots and options to fix. Blog post referencing slideshow at http://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/privacy-settings-on-facebook-you-may-not-be-aware-of/

Not mentioned in the powerpoint but important!

One, if you lock down everything and then change your banner profile, it WILL show up as a new post on your page (even with everything else taken off) so any comments or likes made on that banner image will be visible to ANYONE logged into facebook. Please see page 15 on the slides.

Two, very important for fan/business page owners, if you have yourself set as the page owner publically on your fan page it’s viewable.

On your fan page in the admin panel, under “manage” then “edit page” then “featured” if you have yourself set as “a featured page owner” this information shows up on your personal profile (even with ALL info locked down) and it says “admin” of the page.

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  • 1. Facebook settings andprivacy changesyou may want to be aware of
  • 2. Even if you have ALL of your information locked down, if you have answered questions it stillshows up on your profile to anyone logged into facebook
  • 3. This is what a totallylocked down profile lookslike, with the exception itshows questions if notdeleted or hid
  • 4. Find this information in your activity feed,if you are on your own page, its “activitylog” located on the right, beneath where the banner header would be Two options to delete if you don’t want information public, go to log and then hide from timeline, second option see next page
  • 5. Second option for deleting from viewable feed, each question (with answers) has a unique URL, go to the url and unselect what question you answered, apparently sometimes itdoesn’t delete it, it doubles the question on your feed so try option one first
  • 6. When someone is not logged into Facebook this is what your URL/profile address should come up with
  • 7. Quite a lot of people have thisapparently enabled and may not realize it
  • 8. Find thisoption here
  • 9. This is whatyour profile(timeline notenabled) lookslike to the publicnot logged intofacebook, If thatsetting isenabled
  • 10. This iswhatyourprofilelookslike tothepublicnotloggedintofacebookIf thatsetting isenabled
  • 11. This is what your profile lookslike to the public not loggedinto facebook If that setting isenabled even if everything istotally locked down, peoplecan still see your profilepicture, your name and yourbanner image
  • 12. When switched over to timeline, people may not be aware thatposts published prior to the timeline change may still be visible publically to anyone logged into facebook. Even if you had logged into settings and made posts only viewable to “friends”
  • 13. This option is under Privacy settings
  • 14. On timeline you can see info onpeople you are not connected to
  • 15. Even if your profile is locked down, people logged into facebook cansee any comments and likes if theyclick on your banner profile picture
  • 16. Recommendation if you are going to have a banner image on yourpersonal page on timeline, make it something that people can’t get information from and ask people not to comment or like it
  • 17. Apparently if you have thesubscribers option enabled, some posts are viewable, NOT logged into Facebook and viewable to Google
  • 18. Not logged intoFacebook Also clickable likes and comments viewable to the public (literally) with pictures and names
  • 19. To fixUnder General Account Settings