How to Find Foreclosures


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This presentation covers four different ways to find foreclosures; ideal for those who want to invest in foreclosure real estate. Visit for more information and special details.

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How to Find Foreclosures

  1. 1. How to FindForeclosures ContentsThese days everybody is looking for foreclosures Introduction ..…………………………...1because selling prices are down, and there are Public Records..………......…………...2opportunities to make money from them right now.There are several ways to search for bargains and Local Newspaper……………………….2these appear below. Please read right through to the Asset Management Companies...2end. This is because not all the ways mentioned areequally good. Using the Internet………………….....3
  2. 2. 2Search Through Public RecordsThese are available at the County Recorder’s Office for thearea concerned. Everything is there for you to inspect,however, you have to be present in person and they operatestrictly business hours. So no evening or weekend searching,and no cut and paste allowed. Read Local Newspaper Unless you live in the town in question, you may have difficulty getting access to the local newspapers. A further downside is that records are not electronic and that only libraries and publishers keep back-copies. It can also be laborious searching through tiny advertisements. Speak to Asset Management FirmsWhat’s does that mean?For more terms and definitions,check out’sglossary page: These companies contract with banks to manage their repossessed properties, find tenants for them, and try to sell them too. While they will be willing to assist, theirs is only a tiny snapshot and you have to contact all of them to get a complete picture.
  3. 3. 3 Use the InternetForeclosure Deals12550 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 306 Foreclosure websites are available 24 hours a day andMiami, FL 33181FAX: 1-347-402-6620 have none of the disadvantages mentioned. They searchable databases that should ideally update at leastIf it’s not a deal, we won’t list it here! once a day. When you find one that does, then you mayFind us on the Web: have found the ideal way to find foreclosures. is America’s largest foreclosure listing website, and lists at least 95% of the stock available and updates continuously. Opportunities on the Internet have democratized the foreclosure process and put opportunities to make money within everybody’s reach. does not only list more real estate than any other website – it also provides loads of extra advice on choosing properties, and investing wisely too.