The beginner's guide to finding a foreclosure


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The beginner's guide to finding a foreclosure

  1. 1. [Volume 1, Issue 6]TheBeginner’sGuide toFinding aForeclosure ContentsYou do not have to be overwhelmed by Introduction……………………. 1the vast number of foreclosure listings Finding a Foreclosure………....2you may find in your area. Having a wideselection of foreclosed homes to choose Contact Info………………………. 3from is preferable for you as thehomebuyer. The foreclosure rate is ashigh as ever, making this a buyer’smarket. You just need to know what kindof home you are looking for amongvarious foreclosures for sale.
  2. 2. 2 You’ve narrowed down your foreclosed houses selection to those that are in your price range. You’ve read through all the details and viewed every photo of these foreclosure properties and are ready to see them in person. You may be wondering, “How will I know which of the homes is right for me?” This guide will show you what to look for when visiting foreclosures: Know your needs: Homebuyers will want a home in which they know they can be living comfortably. A larger family needs more space than a single person or childless couple. Investors need to choose a house that they know they can rent or sell reasonably. They may be more interested in commercial foreclosure properties rather than a residential foreclosure. The cost of repairs: A foreclosed home might be in some state of disrepair. That does not mean the home will not be worth the discount, but it does mean you should hire a contractor. You should also run a title search on foreclosure properties and hire an appraiser. Remember, government foreclosures are sometimes better maintained than other real estate foreclosures. Explore the neighborhood: Find out the proximity of the house to shops, business, schools, parks and public transportation. Investors especially want foreclosure properties close to these. Research the local crime rate and the ranking of public schools in the area to help you determine the quality of the neighborhood.
  3. 3. 3 Most people have an idea of what they want in mind for aForeclosure DataBank house, such as the size, amount of land, cost, etc. However, not everyone takes the quality of the neighborhood or the1602 Alton Road #432 cost of repairs into consideration. Keep the proximity toMiami Beach, FL 331391-888-596-9279 neighborhood commodities and how much it will cost fix repairs and liens in mind when visiting foreclosures.The biggest foreclosures database onthe webFind us on the Do you need to know more about finding foreclosure properties? Our blog may be very helpful to you: tm