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How to Make Money with Foreclosure Real Estate
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How to Make Money with Foreclosure Real Estate


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Learn how to make money with foreclosure real estate with this presentation from Start to profit from foreclosures for sale.

Learn how to make money with foreclosure real estate with this presentation from Start to profit from foreclosures for sale.

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  • 1. How to MakeMoney withForeclosureReal Estate ContentsPeople have been making good money out of Introduction………………............….…1property across the length and breadth of Neighborhood Values Are anAmerica for centuries, and this is an Absolute............................................2 The Purpose of the Investment.….2opportunity that is truly democratized these Focus on Foreclosure Sales.......…2days. This means that any ordinary American Becoming a Foreclosurecan do it too. Provided, that is, they follow Investor.............................................3these few secrets that the wealthy few hopedthe general population would never learn.
  • 2. 2 Neighborhood Values Are an Absolute This means that only foolish people buy property at the top price paid. There is very little likelihood of making any decent money on a home like that, no matter how much money is spent improving it. Rather split the neighborhood historic price range into four quarters, and buy in the second cheapest one. That way, you are buying bargains, but not cheap rubbish.The Purpose of the InvestmentThe purpose of the investment is equally important. During a recession, foreclosure realestate prices drop sharply from the roller coaster highs they were before. Provided yourintention is to retain a property until good times return, buying in the second mostexpensive quarter may still make sense. If planning to fix-up and flip-on in a matter ofweeks in the depth of a property-price slump though, finding something decent in thecheapest quarter of the neighborhood price range makes more sense.Focus on Foreclosure SalesThere is no point in feeling sorry for a previous ownerwho lost their property to foreclosure, because they havelost it no matter what you do. In fact, foreclosed homesare often bargains in the second lowest quarter, butsometimes worth much, much more. And that is how youcould make lots of money.
  • 3. 3 Becoming a Foreclosure Investor If you follow these three tips, then you could be half-way towards being a successful real estate investor. Anyway, visit today to get much more information on foreclosures real estate.Foreclosure DataBank Happy foreclosure hunting, and good luck with your1602 Alton Road #432 profitable future.Miami Beach, FL biggest foreclosures database on the webFind us on the