'Lost soul' animatic


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'Lost soul' animatic

  1. 1. Animatic For ‘Lost Soul’ By Hannah, Charlotte and Hannah.
  2. 2. Graphic shot of global The graph shot last 23-25institution 1 – Alliance. seconds; we will edit this and either speed it up of shorten the sequence.
  3. 3. Graphic shot of globalinstitution 2 – IM Global. The graph shot last around 12 seconds; we will either leave the intro as it is or quicken it.
  4. 4. The trailer begins with a mid-shot of one character beginningto tell the story of the hauntedmansion. The shot will last around 10 seconds before it fades away to the next shot; her voice will be sound-bridged over the next shot.
  5. 5. This shot will zoom into theentrance to the house, either a The low-shot will either begate or an arch. shown very quick, making it look daunting or rather slowly, representing the fact that you shouldn’t go there.
  6. 6. This shot starts as an The shot then becomes a panning shot ofestablishing shot of the house; the surrounding grounds; which lastslasting for about 5 seconds. longer than the previous shot as this is where most of the trailer will centre. Throughout this shot, the voiceover is still playing.
  7. 7. It then cuts back to a mid-shot ofthe group of friends – all silent. There is then a close-up of another character daring the friends. Before there is another close-up of a character agreeing to the dare following a few seconds of silence.
  8. 8. There is then a high-shot of the Followed by a long-shot of thecharacters walking into the ground. characters setting up camp.
  9. 9. There is the same long-shot, just afew hours later. The shadow ofsomeone is then reflected in the tent– loud music sounds and a characterstirs.
  10. 10. The camera then tracks as one characterleaves the tent to check outside, withthe others peering out feebly. The shot remains as she tells her friends there is nothing outside.
  11. 11. A panning close-upfrom the protagonistspoint of view (POV)suddenly stops to showthe ghost girl – thecharacter then screams.
  12. 12. A mid-shot then shows the other friendsscramble out of the tent, screaming andrunning away though the grounds. This could then lead on to an over-the-shoulder shot of the ghost girl, watching her victims run.
  13. 13. After following one character runningthough the grounds, she hides fromthe ghost.
  14. 14. The camera gets close and theghost suddenly appears frombehind; dragging the characteraway screaming.
  15. 15. There will then be a montageof short shots of severaldifferent scenes which will runfor around 30 seconds.
  16. 16. The non-digetic sounds will then suddenlystop and ‘Lost Soul’ will suddenly fadeinto the screen. This title card will then fade out and be replaced by one that reads ‘Coming Soon’. Following the second title card, there will be another shot. The picture will begin black before a character switches a torch onto her face and screams ‘Boo’, before it fades out with her laughing.