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  1. 1. BDPA Cincinnati Chapter Vice President of Strategy & Planning Status Report January 2004 To: BDPA Cincinnati Board of Directors From: Tina Welch I. Business Area Action Items (Board Vote Needed) II. Business Area Expenditures (Board Vote Needed) III. Business Area Status Reports Vice President’s Activities 1. Maintain Corporate Advisory Council during FY2004 Meeting Date Location # Of Attendees January 22, 2004 CSC Consulting 16 2. Create Technology Center to train members and community on IT topics by 12/31/2004  Frank Hill submitted a proposal to the President of the GCUL Sheila Adams (out going), David Lowenstein (in coming) on 8/6/03. The chapter will be working with BETF to secure the appropriate funding for the project. The proposal was submitted to Microsoft in December 2003. A conference call is to be scheduled with Microsoft to discuss details. Rudy Duke of BETF will be the internal champion for this effort. Director’s activities: Alliance Director’s Activities Director: Skip Davis Volunteers: None Department Meeting Date: TBD 1. Monthly marketing update conference held on December 15, 2003. The marketing spreadsheet updated. The conference calls have not been scheduled for 2004. 2. Contacted the following Corporate Sponsors for renewals:  Best IT Solutions – Received $1K check in December and members sent to National BDPA.  Cincinnati Bell – Michael Wills has contacted Wayne to renew discussions around corporate sponsorship for 2004.  Cintas – Frank will contact the new internal champion Brenda Abramovich.  Cinergy – Robert Scott met with Cinergy CTO. Very interested in BDPA Brenda Harris will work with the CTO admin to setup a meeting 1st Quarter to talk about corporate sponsorship program.  Fidelity Investment -- Frank will follow up and setup lunch with internal champion.  Ford – Frank will follow up and setup lunch with internal champion.  The Gap – Tina contacted the Gap. The internal champion, Dana Hartzler, is no longer with the company. Need to find new contact information.  GE Aircraft Engine – Received $5K check in December and members sent to National BDPA.  IBM – Skip created MOU finalizing signatures. Skip to follow up with Gina on status of signatures.  Pitney-Bowes – Unable to participate in corporate sponsorship program in 2003 looking to work with BDPA in 2004. Wayne is the contact person.  TeKSystems – Sent second half of invoice, $1.25K, on January 16, 2004 will follow up in February.  Toyota Motor Mfg North America – Received $3K check in December and members sent to National BDPA. vpstrategy1974.doc Page 1 8/17/10
  2. 2. 3. Working on potential Corporate Sponsors:  ConAir  The Circuit 4. Raise $30K via Corporate Sponsors by 12/31/2004 Total Pledged Total Collected $1,250 $1,500 Total Collected for 2003, $39,500 which was $9,500 over goal.  Renew Corporate Sponsors and secure 3 new corporate sponsors by 12/31/04 Corporate Sponsor Expiration Date Status (New/Renewal/Remove ) Best IT Solutions 12/31/04 R CincyTech USA 1/31/05 R Convergys 1/31/04 R CSC Consulting 3/31/04 R Fifth Third Bancorp 3/31/04 R GE Aircraft Engines 9/30/03 R Global Lead 1/31/04 R Kroger 4/30/04 R Procter & Gamble 7/31/03 R Sara Lee 6/30/04 R TekSystems 7/31/04 N Toyota Motor Mfg North 4/30/04 R America 3. Maintain 10 relationships with external organizations and professional groups during FY2003 Organization Contact Person Date Expiration Signed Date Cincinnati Business Incubator Wayne Hicks 12/31/03 12/31/04 Cincinnati State Technical & Ocie Hammond Community College NSBE-CAE Marena Brown 1/31/03 1/31/04 INROADS Marsha Deering 3/31/03 3/31/04 IBM S.T.R.E.N.G.T.H. Cathy Bean 7/31/03 7/31/04 vpstrategy1974.doc Page 2 8/17/10
  3. 3. Planning Director’s Activities Director: Vacant Volunteers: None Department Meeting Date: TBD  Producing the Annual Report 1. Create goals & measures and distribute to the Cincinnati Board of Directors by 1/31/2004 (MGT) •Place Goals on each VP/Directors monthly status reports for monthly updates and tracking by 3/31/04 (provide date information distributed and name of persons distributed to) 2. Produce Chapter Scoreboard quarterly Quarter Due Date Date Distributed Fourth (Oct, Nov, Dec) January 16, 04 First (Jan, Feb, Mar) April 16, 04 Second (Apr, May, Jun) July 16, 04 Third (Jul, Aug, Sep) October 16, 04 Fourth (Oct, Nov, Dec) January 16, 05 3. Produce Quarterly Reports, the Business Plan and 2003Annual Chapter Report (provide date sent to National BDPA and name of person submitted to) Document Documents Month/Date Submitted to: Method of Due Date: Submitted: Submission: January 16, 04 4Q Report March 31, 04 Business Plan April 16, 04 1Q Report April 30, 04 Annual Report July 16, 04 2Q Report October 16, 04 3Q Report October 31, 04 S&P Session Notes January 16, 05 4Q Report 4. Conduct FY2004 Strategic Planning session by 10/30/2004 (provide event date, location, and number of participants) vpstrategy1974.doc Page 3 8/17/10
  4. 4. Chapter Organization Director’s Activities Director: Vacant Volunteers: None Department Meeting Date: TBD 1. Created letters of Nomination for the National Awards Book 2004: Corporate Sponsor of the Year, Member of the Year, and Contributor of the Year National Nominee Award Name Date Submitted 2. Recognize outstanding members, directors and sponsors on a quarterly and annual base  Provide recognition once quarterly. Identify a Chapter Organization Director for Recognition program Quarter Member Name Contribution Recognition Date First (Jan, Feb, Mar) Second (Apr, May, Jun) Third (Jul, Aug, Sep) Fourth (Oct, Nov, Dec) 3. Recognize outstanding members, directors and sponsors at 02/04 BDPA Awards Luncheon Held the 4th Annual Awards Luncheon on Mach 5, 2004, Bankers Club Name Of Award Award Name Contribution Recognition Winners Date Community Service Award Spirit Award Member of the Year Director of the Year Executive Officer of the Year Founders Award Presidents Award Corporate Supporter of the Year Corporate Sponsor of the Year Note: Nominations are due by Friday, February 6, 2004; please submit your nominations by deadline. vpstrategy1974.doc Page 4 8/17/10