Regeneration of the Mardyke Estate


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Regeneration of the Mardyke Estate

  1. 1. Regeneration of the Mardyke Estate Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Sheet No.06 THE REDEVELOPMENT Q1.Is the Mardyke Estate going to be redeveloped? As part of the proposals for the Stock Transfer of the Mardyke Estate to Old Ford Housing Association, which is part of the Circle Anglia group, it is proposed that most of the estate is redeveloped. The Stock Transfer cannot take place unless the majority of tenants living on the Estate who vote, vote in its favour. If the majority of tenants decide that they do not want the transfer to take place, then this proposed redevelopment would not take place. (See FAQ Sheet No. 02 for details of the ballot.) Q2.When would the redevelopment start? Assuming that tenants vote in favour of the Stock Transfer to Old Ford Housing Association, and the Government approves the transfer, it is expected that planning permission for the redevelopment would be applied for at the end of 2007, or early 2008. Assuming that planning approval is granted, redevelopment could start later in 2008. Q3.What would the redevelopment consist of? The current proposals assume that the majority of the Estate would be demolished and rebuilt. It is currently proposed that only 14-70 Queens Gardens and 32-54 Lower Mardyke Avenue would be retained. These blocks would be refurbished. All the other blocks would be demolished. Q4. What new homes would be built? Three types of homes would be built – properties for renting, properties for sale, and what are known as ‘intermediate’ properties. The properties for renting would be for existing Mardyke Estate tenants and new tenants. The properties for sale would be sold to raise money to pay for the building of the properties for rent and other community benefits. The intermediate properties would provide affordable homes through schemes such as shared ownership, whereby you can part buy, part rent a home (see FAQ No.09, Shared Ownership for more details). Currently it is expected that all the new homes will be flats. This is because at this stage we cannot be sure there would be enough space to replace the homes in the towers and lower blocks with individual houses. If it proves possible to provide some houses for rent, residents will be informed. It is expected that there will 1, 2 and 3 bedroom properties for rent. All these flats would have a larger useable floor space than the existing flats with the same number of bedrooms. It is not proposed that any bedsits will be built. It is regeneration-of-the-mardyke-estate1536.doc 1
  2. 2. expected that the ground floor properties for rent will have private gardens, and that the upper floor flats for rent will have private balconies. There would also be public open space and car parking areas provided. It is also expected that there will be some shops. Q5. What would the redeveloped estate be like? Assuming that tenants vote in favour of the Stock Transfer, the plans and design for the redeveloped Estate will be produced later this year. These designs would be developed in consultation with residents and would have to be submitted for Planning Approval. The plan for the layout of the new estate will depend on the size of the land available for the redevelopment. Redeveloping the Estate The Council and Old Ford Housing Association propose that the new homes can be built on the land that is currently occupied by the Mardyke Estate. All the existing blocks (except for 14-70 Queens Gardens and 32-54 Lower Mardyke Avenue) would be knocked down, and then new homes would be built in their place. The blocks would not be demolished at the same time, but in phases across a number of years. Redeveloping the Estate across a wider area If could be possible to redevelop the estate across a wider area. This could allow more homes for rent to be built and could mean that some houses for rent (rather than just flats) could be provided. It may be possible to build on some of the land to the north of the estate, the land which is known as the Mardyke Farm, however this would only be possible if there is a major change to Havering Council’s planning policies. The Council cannot make this change itself, it must be approved by others. Currently the Mardyke Farm site is classed as part of the Green Belt. This means that no-one is allowed to build homes on it. However the Council is currently revising its planning policies in what is known as its Local Development Framework or LDF. The LDF will set out the planning policies for the borough as a whole, and for individual sites such as the Mardyke Farm. The Council is currently proposing that some of the Mardyke Farm site is moved out of the Green Belt, which could allow homes to be built on it (which would also be subject to planning approval being granted). It is proposed that homes would only be allowed to be built on half of the site, while the other half of the site, in a strip running from the top to the bottom, would have to be redeveloped into a park. However this change to the Green Belt is not a decision that the Council can make alone, the proposal must go through a process of consultation and be considered by an independent inspector. This process will not be completed until late 2007 at the earliest. regeneration-of-the-mardyke-estate1536.doc 2
  3. 3. Even if these changes to the Council’s planning policies are approved, there are other reasons why it may not be possible to rebuild the estate across the extended area. For example, most of the Mardyke Farm site is in private ownership, which means that the Council and Old Ford Housing Association would have reach agreement with the owner of the site on the development of this land. Q6. How long would it take to complete the redevelopment? The redevelopment proposals are at any early stage, but it is expected that Mardyke residents would be rehoused on the new development within about 5 years of work starting. However, the complete redevelopment would take longer than this to fully complete, the time would depend on the area of land that is redeveloped. If only the area of the existing estate is redeveloped, it is expected that the proposal would take about 7 years from start to finish, but if a wider area is redeveloped it could take about 12 years from start to finish. regeneration-of-the-mardyke-estate1536.doc 3
  4. 4. Where can I get more details about the proposals? You can get more information from either of the following: Old Ford Housing Association Old Ford Housing Association, part of the Circle Anglia Group Mardyke Housing Office, Chantry Way, Rainham RM13 8PX Tel: 01708 521057 London Borough of Havering Stock Options Project Team, L.B.Havering, Housing and Health, 2nd Floor, Mercury House, Mercury Gardens, Romford RM1 3SL Tel: 01708 434100, email: This information sheet has been produced by the Council, where can I get a second opinion on these matters? Please contact the Independent Resident Advisor, FIRST Call for independent advice on all aspects of the proposed Stock Transfer. They can be phoned on Freephone 0500 291 999 or be contacted by email at Please note: While it is intended that this information sheet is an accurate statement at the time of printing, it does not represent a formal offer and it does not represent a statement of the law. Residents should read the information that will be provided in the formal Offer Document when it is released. The following FAQ Sheets are being made available: FAQ No.01 Stock Transfer FAQ No.02 The Ballot FAQ No.03 Tenancy Issues (not yet issued) FAQ No.04 Leaseholder Issues (not yet issued) FAQ No.05 Rents and Charges (not yet issued) FAQ No.06 The Redevelopment FAQ No.07 Lettings (not yet issued) FAQ No.08 Property Refurbishment (not yet issued) FAQ No.09 Shared Ownership (not yet issued) FAQ No.10 Leaseholder Properties – Refurbishment (not yet issued) FAQ No.11 Non-Resident Leaseholder Offer (not yet issued) FAQ No.12 Resident Leaseholder Offer (not yet issued) FAQ Sheets can be viewed on the Council’s website Go to Housing, then go Mardyke Estate redevelopment. to Housing, then go Mardyke Estate redevelopment. regeneration-of-the-mardyke-estate1536.doc 4