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  • Introduce the sample activity that Donna is going to lead from Module 6
  • The activity that Donna is going to lead takes place during Activity 4 of Module 6 In Activity 4, students compare different approaches companies take to managing human resources, and analyze the factors that affect different people’s productivity and efficiency.
  • After the activity and debrief, before the student presentations, highlight that Module 7 is distinct from the other modules in that the entire module focuses on students building a business. All three of the students will be presenting business plans they developed during module 7.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Spotlight on Ford PAS Themes: Business and Entrepreneurship
      • Agenda:
        • Introduction of business theme in Ford PAS
        • Sample activity: Module 6: Planning for Efficiency, Activity 4: The Human Factor
        • Student presentations: Business plans
        • Panel discussion: Highlights and challenges of teaching business and entrepreneurship in Ford PAS
    • 2. Spotlight on Ford PAS Theme: Business and Entrepreneurship
      • Facilitators:
          • Jen Clarke, EDC
          • (Brooklyn, NY)
          • Donna Gilley, J. Overton H.S.
          • (Nashville, TN)
          • Cora Landy, EDC
          • (Boston, MA)
    • 3. Why Business and Entrepreneurship ?
      • Wide interest in and popularity of this theme in Ford PAS
      • Improves students’ understanding of career opportunities in business and related fields
      • Teaching entrepreneurship empowers young people to take ownership of their learning and their careers
    • 4. Business Concepts and Skills Taught Throughout Ford PAS
        • Business financing
        • Market research and planning
        • Data-based decision-making
          • Managing resources efficiently (lean thinking)
          • Managing quality (Six sigma)
        • Business ethics
        • Corporate citizenship
        • International business
        • Entrepreneurship
    • 5. Modules That Highlight Business and Entrepreneurship
      • Module 1: From Concept to Consumer
      • Module 2: Media and Messages
      • Module 5: Closing the Environmental Loop
      • Module 6: Planning for Efficiency
      • Module 7: Planning for Business Success
      • Module 8: Ensuring Quality
      • Module 9: From Data to Knowledge
      • Module 14: Markets Without Borders
      • Module 15: Global Citizens
    • 6. Module 6: Planning For Efficiency C ontent Focus
        • Importance of managing resources
        • efficiently in today’s business
        • environment
        • Ways that companies can make the most
        • efficient use of three key resources:
        • time, materials, and people
    • 7. Activity 1: What Is Efficiency? Activity 2: If I Could Save Time in a Bottle . . . Activity 3: Materials and Machines Activity 4: The Human Factor Activity 5: The Lean Pizza Factory Activity 6: Mission: Efficient Module 6 Activities at a Glance
    • 8.
      • Ongoing Project:
      • Students develop a financial and marketing plan for their own business idea
      Module 7: Planning for Business Success
    • 9. Business and Entrepreneurship Student Presentations
      • Ford PAS students:
            • Pedro Ayala, The Met
            • (Providence, RI)
            • A.J. Duarte, The Met
            • (Providence, RI)
            • Wes Sprague, Bath H.S.
            • (Lima, OH)
    • 10. Business and Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion
      • Panelists:
            • Kamilah Banks, Texas Southern University
            • (Houston, TX)
            • Sing-Yi Cheng, The Met
            • (Providence, RI)
            • Steve Wheeler, Romulus H.S.
            • (Romulus, MI)