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Note: Meeting will be shown on Comcast Channel 96 and at ...


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  • 1. Note: Meeting will be shown on Comcast Channel 96 and at U-Verse 99 on Wednesday, July 21st and Sunday, July 25th at 6:00 p.m. 6:00 P.M. The Town Council of the Town of Berlin will meet at Berlin Town Hall, Council Chambers, 240 Kensington Road, Berlin, CT on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. for the purpose of holding a public hearing on the following proposed ordinance entitled: “AN ORDINANCE REGULATING OFF-ROAD VEHICLES” Copies of said proposed ordinance are on file and open to public inspection at the Office of the Town Clerk. Following the public hearing, the Town Council is expected to consider and act upon the ordinance. TOWN OF BERLIN TOWN COUNCIL MEETING Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Town Council Chambers 7:00 P.M. A. CALL TO ORDER B. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE C. ROLL CALL D. PRESENTATION OF PROCLAMATION Katie Vandrilla – Girl Scout (Gold Award) E. AUDIENCE OF CITIZENS F. MEETING AGENDA – Immediately Following the Audience of Citizens G. CONSENT AGENDA: 1. Topic re: Approve All Night Graduation Committee to sell food and beverages at the Nutmeg State Games to be held at Sage Park July 22- 25, 2010 and July 27 – August 1, 2010 and to waive Sage Park Concession Deposit of $105.00. – Parks and Recreation 2. Topic re: Approve a waiver of fees for Harford Wanderers RFC, and the New Haven Old Black RFC, Charity Match on Saturday, August 21, 2010 in the amount of $1,274.00 and to approve allowing Hartford Wanders RFC to sell water, soda, and Gatorade at this event. – Parks and Recreation 3. Topic re: Authorize the Town Manager to enter into a farm use License Agreement with Terry Hall to utilize a portion of the property located in the Hatchery Brook Conservation Area for haying. – Economic Development 1
  • 2. 4. Topic re: Appropriate and transfer $1,792.00 from Revenue to Summer Programs/Field Trips due to increase in students participating during fiscal year 09/10. – VNA 5. Topic re: Accept a donation of $2,000 from the Budney Overhaul and Aerospace Company and deposit the funds into the Police Dogs & Equipment Account to help pay for the care and maintenance of the two police canines. – Police Department 6. Topic re: Refer the matter of purchase of 44 acres at Map 20-1 Block 71 Lot 36 Chamberlain Highway, Berlin, from the Connecticut Girl Scouts of Connecticut, Inc. for open space use to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a review pursuant to section 8-24 of the Connecticut General Statutes. – Economic Development 7. Topic re: Place the Historic Documents Preservation Grant in the amount of $3,000.00 into account 102 (Special Grant Fund) upon receipt. – Town Clerk 8. Topic re: Approve the request by Lynn S. Potash to refund the Planning and Zoning Commission Site Plan Amendment Application Fee of $195.00 as the application was withdrawn by the applicant. – Development Service 9. Topic re: Accept the donation of $500 from the Joseph Manzi Foundation to the Fire Departments Smoke Detector Program. – Fire Department 10. Topic re: Approve a donation of a round of golf for four, with two carts at Timberlin Golf Course to be used as a raffle prize during the Scalise-Mayer Charity Golf Tournament to be held at Timberlin Golf Course Wednesday, August 11, 2010. - Golf Course 11. Topic re: Approve the refund of $1,200.00 to Mr. Frank Ramsay for his Senior Non-resident Restricted Season Pass due to a medical condition that will prevent him from playing golf in the future. - Golf Course H. NEW BUSINESS: 1. Topic re: Discussion and possible adoption of “AN ORDINANCE REGULATING OFF- ROAD VEHICLES.” – Town Manager 2. Topic re: Rename the Town Hall Complex on Kensington Rd. the Arthur B. Powers Town Hall Complex. – Town Manager 3. Topic re: Award Contract #2011-01 - Routine Repairs and Minor Construction of the Water and Sanitary Sewer System to the primary low bidder, D&S Sewer Contractors of Kensington, CT and secondary bidder E. Aiudi & Sons, Inc. of Kensington, CT and to authorize the Town Manager to enter into agreements with the above parties. The contracts are effective July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. – Water Control 4. Topic re: Waive the bidding requirements to purchase water meters and frequency emitters directly from Ti-Sales, 36 Hudson Road, Sudbury, MA 01776 (the sole-source supplier for Northeast Region) for a cost not to exceed $20,000 since this is in the best interest of the Town. – Water Control 2
  • 3. 5. Topic re: Approve a transfer of $10,000 from Purchase Water to Salaries Operations within the Water Division for 09/10 fiscal year. – Water Control 6. Topic re: Approve a transfer of $4,000.00 from Town Wide Contingency to Golf Course Electrical due to the late closing and early opening of the golf course for the 2009/10 fiscal year. - Golf Course 7. Topic re: Approve a transfer of $20,910.00 from the Police Overtime Account, $15,565.00 from the Dispatcher Salary Account, $19,813.00 from the Police Health Insurance Account and $14,171.35 from the Police Pension Account for a total of $70,459.35 to the Police Personnel Account for the 09/10 fiscal year. – Finance 8. Topic re: Approve a transfer of a total of $7,105.00 from Townwide Contingency, to the Mid-Managers Personnel account in Community Services for fiscal year 09/10. - Finance 9. Topic re: Approve a total transfer of $38,417.52 (per the breakout on the attached spreadsheet which is incorporated by reference) between the health insurance line items of various departments to eliminate budget overage for fiscal year 09/10. – Finance 10. Topic re: Approve a transfer of $10,173.00 to Unemployment Compensation-Schools and $1,548.00 to Unemployment Compensation-Townwide for a total of $11,721.00 from Townwide Contingency due to a higher than anticipated number of former employees receiving benefits as well as extensions of unemployment benefits due to various legislation for fiscal year 09/10. – Finance 11. Topic re: Approve a transfer of $10,728.14 to Pension - Schools from Worker’s Compensation – Schools due to base salary increases within the Board of Education.- Finance 12. Topic re: Waive the Town of Berlin purchasing requirements and award the purchasing of four 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police vehicles, one 2011 F-150 4X4 pick-up, one 2011 Ford F-250 4X4 pick-up and one 2010 Ford Explorer to Morande Ford of Berlin, CT in an amount not to exceed $158,295.00 as this is in the town’s best interest. - Municipal Garage 13. Topic re: Approve a transfer of $37,800.00 from the Natural Gas Account to the Telephones Account to cover the shortfall from Fiscal Year 2009/2010 due to a cut in the requested budget during preparation of the 2009/2010 budget and the additional lines at Pistol Creek and the new Animal Control facility. – Public Maintenance 14. Topic re: Approve a transfer of $13,202.00 from the Health Insurance Account to the Overtime Account to cover the shortfall from Fiscal Year 2009/2010 due to additional overtime expenditures associated with the Indoor Air Quality issues at McGee Middle School. – Public Maintenance 3
  • 4. 15. Topic re: Transfer $4,000.00 from the Health Insurance Account, $4,700.00 from the Water & Sewer Account and $10,200.00 from the Natural Gas Account to cover the shortfall to the Electricity Account for $18,900.00 for fiscal year 2009/2010 due to the addition of Pistol Creek, the new Animal Control facility and an increase in rates. – Public Maintenance 16. Topic re: Approve a transfer of $83,000 from the Highway Blue Collar Personnel Account, Public Works Mid-Manager Account, Highway Storm Related Overtime Account, and Highway Truck Rental Account to the Public Works Refuse Disposal Account to cover fiscal year 2009-2010 shortfalls. – Public Works 17. Topic re: Award Contract #2011-02 (Tree Removal Services) to Asplundh Tree Expert Co. at a cost not to exceed $97.87 per hour, for a total not to exceed $15,000.00. This contract will expire on December 31, 2011. – Public Works 18. Topic re: Award Contract # 2011-03 (Miscellaneous Concrete Sidewalks) to T & S Caminito Concrete LLC of Middletown that will allow for concrete sidewalk construction throughout the Town by various Town departments (including the Board of Education) through established unit prices. Funding will come from established line item accounts within the fiscal year 2011 department budgets. The contract will involve work to be performed through December 30, 2011. – Public Works 19. Topic re: Adopt the attached LOCIP resolution and authorize the Town Manager to apply for a $100,000 LOCIP grant for a Flood Plain Mitigation at the Berlin Veterans Memorial Park and to authorize the transfer of $100,000 from Use of Fund Balance, CNR Fund to LOCIP Veterans Memorial Park Fund. Also authorize the Town Manager to enter into an agreement to award the contract bid #2010-22, Berlin Veterans Memorial Project to LaRosa Earth Group, LLC of Meriden in the amount of $550,000, and authorize the Town Manager to enter into change orders to bring the total construction contract to an amount not to exceed, $595,500. – Economic Development 20. Topic re: Forward the granting of an easement to the State for the Worthington Meetinghouse to the Planning and Zoning Commission for an 8-24 Review per State Statutes and to authorize the Town Manager to execute the easement if the Planning Commission issues a favorable recommendation. – Town Manager I. APPOINTMENTS: 1. Berlin Cemetery Committee – Vacancy – Term would expire on January 31, 2013. Can be filled with a (D), (R) or (U). 2. Inland Wetlands & Water Courses Commission – Vacancy – Term would expire on January 31, 2013. Can be filled with a (D), (R) or (U). 3. Mattabassett District – James McNair’s (D) term expires on August 31, 2010. Reappointment or replacement term would be until August 31, 2013. Can be filled with a (D), (R) or (U). 4
  • 5. 4. Plainville Area Cable Television Advisory Council (PACTAC) - Vacancy – Term would expire on June 30, 2011. Can be filled with a (D) or (U). 5. Youth Service Advisory Board – Service Consumer – Vacancy - Term would expire on January 31, 2013. J. TOWN MANAGER’S REPORT: K. SPECIAL COMMITTEE REPORTS: L. COUNCILORS’ COMMUNICATION: M. ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES: July 6, 2010 N. EXECUTIVE SESSION: 1. Real Estate – C.G.S.S. Sec. 1-200 (6) (D) discussion of the selection of a site, sale or purchase of real estate by the Town – Kensington Road, Farmington Avenue and Mattabassett Pistol Range 2. Pending Litigations – C.G.S.S. Sec. 1-200 (6) (B) strategy and negotiations with respect to pending claims or pending litigation. – SOB Ordinance 3. Collective Bargaining – Conn. General State Statute Sec. 1-200 (6) (E) and Sec. 1-210(9) negotiations with respect to collective bargaining. – Nurses Contract O. ADJOURNMENT 5