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Mike Ford - Team Work
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Mike Ford - Team Work


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  • 1. TEAM “ If you don’t know where you are going… You might not get there.” Yogi Berra
  • 2. Agendas
    • The agenda has the power to stimulate the meeting and provide direction and purpose.
    • Planning the agenda requires understanding of the mission, and knowledge of previous achievements.
  • 3.
    • Solicit ideas from officers, directors, and committee chairs.
    • Let board members know how and when they can add items to the agenda.
    • Together with staff, assemble the agenda.
    • Be realistic with how much work can be accomplished. Don’t add more items than the meeting can reasonably consider.
    • If an item needs energy and fresh ideas, put it at the beginning of the agenda.
    • Have committee chairs make monthly reports.
    • Urgent items must come before those that can wait.
    • Send the agenda out ahead of the meeting with any required supporting material.
    • Be sure you resolve old business from previous meetings.
    Creating Great Agendas
  • 4. The purpose of taking minutes is to protect the organization and the people who participate in the meeting. The minutes are not intended to be a record of discussions, nor serve as a newsletter for the organization. Minutes
  • 5. Multimedia Publishing of NC v. Henderson County Court case noted:, “the purpose of minutes is to provide a record of the actions taken by the board and evidence that the actions were taken according to proper procedures. If no action taken, no minutes (other than a record that the meeting occurred) are necessary.” Minutes can be SCARY!
  • 6.
    • Accurate minutes should be kept for all official meetings.
    • Minutes should be a record of what was considered and accomplished at a meeting, not a record of conversations, reports and work assignments.
    • Minutes should indicate the place, date and time of the meeting and the names of all participants at the meeting.
    Minute Tips to Protect
  • 7. Minute Tips to Protect
    • The ultimate legal importance of meeting minutes can be substantial if antitrust, tax, advocacy or other legal issues are raised in litigation or some other context. (In several anti-trust cases, recollections by those who attended meetings were disregarded in the face of official minutes.)
    • Distribute minutes within a reasonable time frame to those who attended, those who were supposed to be at the meeting and then safeguard them in the permanent files of your organization.
  • 8. Minute Tips to Protect
    • What is a reasonable time to distribute minutes?
    • Who do you distribute them to?
    • How do you distribute the minutes?
  • 9. Minute Taking Tips
    • Do not tape record minutes for liability reasons.
    • Record who is in the room.
    • Record motions exactly as they are stated.
    • The name of the maker and the seconder of the motions is not necessary to record.
    • Record the outcome of every motion.
  • 10. Minute Taking Tips
    • Lengthy discussions should not be recorded in detail.
    • Note recesses or breaks
    • If the date and location of the next meeting is set, include that information.
    • The name of the person recording the minutes should be identified at the bottom of the last page.
  • 11. Committee Humor
    • “ A camel is a horse designed by a committee”
    “ A committee is a group that keeps minutes but loses hours.” Milton Berle “ A committee is a group of the unwilling, chosen from the unfit, to do the unnecessary.” Anonymous
  • 12. Mike Ford’s Philosophy of Committees
    • MLS Committee
    • RPAC
    • Education
    • Special Olympics
    • Publicity
    • Special Events
    • Nominating
    • Realtor of the Year
  • 13. Choosing Committee Chairs
    • An effective committee requires an effective chairperson.
    • Because the chair plays such a critical role in completing the work delegated to a committee, it is important to review the qualifications of your candidates carefully.
  • 14. Choosing Committee Chairs
    • Candidates should have:
    • The ability to communicate effectively.
    • The willingness to listen to others.
    • The leadership qualities to motivate people to action.
    • The enthusiasm to take initiative.
    • Knowledge of the area which the committee will address
  • 15. Meetings
  • 16. Making Meetings Great!
    • Market, Market, Market!
    • Send invitations via fax, e-mail, MLS, & in all publications
    • Develop a call tree. Nothing increases participation like a personal invitation.
    • Start a “buddy” program. Have each regular attendee bring someone who does not normally attend.
  • 17. Making Meetings Great!
    • Best way to increase meeting attendance?
    • If the brokers do not attend the meetings, the sales agents will not attend the meetings!
  • 18. Making Meetings Great!
    • Be consistent!
    • Same day of the week/same week of the month
    • Same time of the day
    • Same location except during special events.
  • 19. Making Meetings Great!
    • Create the appropriate business environment
    • Have all committee chairs regularly give oral reports to the board
    • Everyone giving a report should do so from the podium to establish the appropriate business environment.
  • 20. Making Meetings Great!
    • Provide an inviting atmosphere
    • Always have greeters at the door! It makes everyone feel welcome.
    • Recognize members accomplishments at your meetings. Not only professional accomplishments but community and personal accomplishments.
    • Use as many members as possible for activities such as pledge, invocation, greeters, etc.
  • 21. Program Ideas
    • Review past programs
    • Read newspapers and industry magazines to find out current trends
    • Attend conferences & meetings
    • Talk to real estate leaders
    • Contact your Chamber of Commerce
    • Colleges & Universities
    • Ask other local boards
    • Word of Mouth
    • Call Miki at ARA
  • 22. Program Ideas From ARA
    • ARPAC
    • Karen Crowson, Chairman
    • Wally Loveless, Vice Chairman
    • Debbie Rawls, Fundraising Chair
    • Mike Ford, Major Donor Whip
  • 23. Program Ideas From ARA
    • Professional Standards
    • Doyle Yates, Chairman
  • 24. Program Ideas From ARA
    • Real Estate Contract Software
    • David Hudson, ARA Staff
  • 25. Program Ideas From ARA
    • Real Estate Contracts
    • Karen Crowson, Chairman
  • 26. Program Ideas From ARA
    • Legislative Issues
    • Mitch Hart, Chairman
    • Ted Mullenix-lobbyist
    • Julie Grinder-lobbyist
  • 27. Program Ideas From ARA
    • Educational Opportunities
    • Velda Lueders,
    • Professional Development Chairman
    • Arkansas Chapter CRS
    • Miki Bass
    • ARA Staff
  • 28. Program Ideas From ARA
    • Convention
    • Tom Jones, 2010 Chair
    • Miki Bass
    • ARA Staff
  • 29. Program Ideas From ARA
    • Fair Housing
    • Miki Bass
    • ARA Staff
  • 30. Program Ideas From ARA
  • 31.
    • ARA Website & Technology
    • David Hudson
    • ARA Staff
    Program Ideas From ARA
  • 32. Program Ideas From ARA
    • Public Relations
    • Sandy Ebel, Chairman
    • Ethan Nobles, ARA Staff
  • 33. Program Ideas From ARA
    • National Association Activities
    • Doyle Yates, NAR Director
    • Mike Ford, NAR Director
    • Chris Polychron, NAR Director
  • 34. Program Ideas From ARA
    • Past Arkansas Realtors Association Presidents
  • 35. Program Ideas From ARA
    • Past Arkansas Realtors of the Year
  • 36. Program Ideas
    • Don’t forget about…
    • You Mayor
    • County Judge
    • Pres. of your Chamber of Commerce
    • Superintendant of Schools
    • Senators and Representatives
  • 38.
    • Let’s go have a drink!