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  • Ford was created in 1903 by Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan. I would first like to start of by thanking everyone for coming and welcoming you to this presentation of Ford Motor Company. I am an Engineering Manager for Ford and you are hear today to get a little taste of what Ford is all about. Ford was invented in 1903 and has grown to one of the most major and largest vehicle making company in the world. I am recruiting for the job of engineering manager at a Ford plant. Some of the jobs I will do will be using advanced technical skills to oversee many types of different projects. I will also review plans and contracts and approve proposals. Another important job I do is make decisions about the money and staff needed to complete their projects too. Managers also need good communication skills because they have to coordinate maintenance of their equipment as well.
  • I would like to thank you again for attending and listening to my recruitment seminar. I would like to end by saying Ford is one of the biggest and most trusted car dealerships in the world and my position as a Engineering Manager is an important job needed for this company to run smoothly.

Ford Motor Company Seminar Presented By: Ford Motor Company Seminar Presented By: Presentation Transcript

  • Ford Motor Company Seminar Presented By: Joe Miller
  • History of Ford
    • Henry Ford invented Ford in 1903.
    • The company started making the Model-T in 1903.
    • Ford started in Dearborn, Michigan
  • Ford’s Main Locations Dearborn, Michigan
  • Ford Products
    • Accessories
  • Ford Vehicles
  • Target Market
  • Slogans & Logos
    • Built Ford Tough is one of Ford’s most well known logo
    • There other popular slogan is “have you driven a Ford lately if not, think again.”