Flying in China Flying in China


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Flying in China Flying in China

  1. 1. Issue 3 Connecting Asia Pacific and Africa Flying in China Ford paints the town green New Fiesta sizzles in APA Communicating from the centre
  2. 2. Contents W e just wrapped up a terrific, and by all 3 accounts, very successful and exciting show at Auto Shanghai 2009. This has truly become one of the world’s biggest auto shows in terms of number of 3 Product Watch exhibitors and attendees and certainly global media New Fiesta sizzles in APA interest… and thus it has fast become one of the industry’s most significant and closely watched. I’m certain that our team left no doubt as to where this 4 Driving Skills for Life show and the China market fit into the global strategy of Ford Motor Company. To be more specific, the Ford stand really rocked! And we 6 5 South Africa made a firm statement about our overall vision and plans for China, the APA region 6 Product and globally – with our world-class products and global technologies, and by highlighting China’s position as one of the 7 Technology cornerstones of our global footprint. Ford paints the The recent launch and, so far, runaway success of the town green new Ford Fiesta in China was certainly highlighted – with Putting a dent in the car making a flying entrance on to our stand from auto insurance costs above – in a dramatic live recreation of the popular Fiesta TVC currently playing in that market. The ‘Drive Green, Drive Smart, Drive Safe’ theme of the Ford stand gave the thousands of attendees an up-close 8 8 Cover Story and interactive experience with some of the innovative Flying in China contributions Ford Motor Company is currently making to the global automotive industry. Our EcoBoost engine technology has particular appeal 11 Behind the Scenes to the Chinese audience, who are now sharply focused on How I became a fashion model ways to improve fuel efficiency and be more environmentally friendly. So our announcement that it, and our PowerShift technology, would both arrive in China next year was very 12 Voice of the Customer well received. The Ford SYNC technology showcased our Dan in real life leadership in mobile connectivity, which will arrive soon Communicating from the centre enough in our APA markets. 15 The competitive landscape in China is both tough and unforgiving, but I believe that anyone who stopped by the 14 Global Watch Ford stand at Auto Shanghai 2009 felt the excitement and MAX joins iosis family the confidence of Ford Motor Company as a leader in this 15 market and a stand-out at this Show. Hot News 18 16 CSR John Parker Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific and Africa 17 News Roundup 18 Ford Faces is published for the people of Asia Pacific and Africa, Ford Motor Company, by Ford Communications - 19th Floor, Lake Rajada Office Complex, 193/82-86 Ratchadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand. Director/Publisher: Whitney Foard Small; Managing Editor: Mia Barrett; / Regional Content Team: PRISM; Design/Production: Oakins and Stone Limited. A publication of Ford Communications Network. May 2009. Please send questions and comments on this issue to
  3. 3. product watch New Fiesta sizzles in APA T emperatures have been rising ever since Ford’s global small car drove into the Asia Pacific and Africa region late last year. Building on the worldwide wave of excitement, the new Fiesta is selling like hot cakes in APA, with demand outstripping supply. “Fiesta is selling really well. In fact, our biggest problem is obtaining enough stock to keep up with customer demand,” said Marq Roberts, dealer principal at Fury Sandton in South Africa. As of end April, more than 11,500 units have been sold in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and China. We check out why the customers are drawn to the irresistible Fiesta. Customer No. 1 Penelope Brown, who works for a company that designs websites, is the country’s first Fiesta customer – way before the official sale of the car on April 15. The mother of two was shopping at a Toyota dealership for a Yaris RS when she decided to pop Love at first sight New across the road to South Auckland Motors. Gary Tilston needed a smaller car to The salespeople showed her the Fiesta supplement the SUV that he already ealand Z and she promptly fell in love with it. Said owns. The plan was that his wife will the 33-year-old who breezed right into how use the bigger car as she travels less the car functions: “I love the style and look while he will drive the smaller car for of the car and the technology component his job as a key accounts manager for South Africa was an added extra.” an outdoor advertising company. He looked at many small cars but always found something not to like – until he dropped by Fury Sandton and Object of desire was shown the Fiesta. Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit and Nissan Tiida. “I was blown away at first sight. When Xu Li, 26, tried them all in her two-month you see what you get in the Fiesta, as search for a small car but they were all compared to what the competitors offer, missing something. The young executive the decision to go for the Fiesta was a wanted something that would match her style. no-brainer. I signed the offer to purchase Xu’s friend, who owns a Ford Focus, right away,” said the father of two China brought her to Shanghai Jiu Hua to see toddlers. what was available. She clapped eyes on “At traffic lights, people actually take the new Fiesta and paid a deposit for it a second look at my Fiesta Ambiente. straightaway. She picked the sedan version, The great styling, the decent size, the which is tailored to Chinese customers, comfort levels and the leg space have saying: “I love the kinetic and fashionable all got me hooked onto this car. It’s like interior and exterior of the new Fiesta.” driving a sedan.” Issue 3 / 3
  4. 4. your Ford DSFL DSFL event in Vietnam Driving Skills for Life extends its reach in APA C hina, Taiwan and India will become rapid rise in road accident statistics. won’t be a need to alter the instructions, as the latest markets to launch a In India alone, approximately 100,000 many of the eco-driving techniques are the local Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) people were killed in traffic accidents in 2008, same used for safe driving, such as keeping programme in Asia Pacific and or an estimated 275 people every day. The tyres properly inflated and maintaining uniform Africa (APA), which has already provided Indian Transport Ministry estimates that the engine and driving speeds. safe- and eco-driving training to nearly 5500 number of annual fatalities from road accidents The newly DSFL-equipped trainers will drivers since its launch in the region last year. might climb to 150,000 by 2015. In China, then add any appropriate customisation for Successfully kicked-off in four ASEAN according to the Ministry of Public Security, the local driving environments in their countries, markets in 2008 – Thailand, Indonesia, the one person is killed as the result of a vehicle and act as the training facilitators for the Philippines and Vietnam – DSFL is aiming accident roughly every five minutes. ongoing DSFL sessions in their markets. to become the first region-wide corporate “The numbers are staggering in these China is planning to train at least 3000 social responsibility programme in APA markets – and clearly point to a need for consumers in 15 to 20 tier-1 and tier-2 and an increasingly significant component concerted efforts aimed at helping improve cities, starting from mid-June. Taiwan has of the overall global DSFL campaign. road safety,” said Neal McCarthy, corporate already secured the endorsement and The DSFL APA programme is helping communications director, APA. support of the government’s Road Safety raise awareness of safe driving practices “The expansion of our DSFL programme Supervising Commission and will partner with among Asian drivers, as well as techniques to additional markets underscores Ford’s the Automobile Safety Association to help run to help achieve better fuel efficiency, through overall commitment to the region, and allows the programme. classroom sessions and practical driver us to contribute both our expertise and In India, the programme will be launched training. resources in a way that will directly benefit among Ford’s employees, as well as dealer To help facilitate the DSFL sessions, the these communities.” representatives, before being launched to the participating markets are working with their public later in the year. respective Ford dealer networks to provide Training the trainers Ford vehicles and local venues for the free Professional drive instructors from Germany Keeping the momentum going training, as well as leveraging their local will arrive in China at the end of May to conduct The markets that successfully launched presence to help solicit training participants a train-the-trainers session with a combined DSFL in 2008 are all continuing with regular within their communities. group of Ford training representatives from events throughout this year, with the Philippines China, Taiwan and India. The intensive two-day re-launching its comprehensive and U.N.- Helping reduce the toll workshop will include classroom theory and recognised road safety campaign, formerly Ford is extending the driver education practical driving instructions that cover known as R.I.D.E., under the DSFL umbrella. programme to additional markets this year everything from a reminder to always fasten “Our target is to train at least 7500 drivers in the hope it will help reduce the toll of safety belts to proper techniques for stopping this year across the seven participating road traffic accidents. The exponential on slick road surfaces. markets, with a larger goal to continue growth rate of vehicle ownership in the APA Both Chinese and Indian drivers will also expanding the programme so that it’s running region, combined with a lack of formal driver be equally keen to learn about increasing fuel in all of our APA markets by next year,” education programmes, has meant an equally efficiency and saving at the pump. But there added McCarthy. /
  5. 5. South Africa A s we expected, the 2009 calendar year is shaping up to be challenging in every respect – not only in South Africa but all over the globe. Many analysts are describing present conditions as the worst economic climate since the Great Depression of the 1930s. I don’t know about that (as I missed the 1930s!) but I do believe this recession is very different from a regular cyclical down-turn in a number of significant ways – the recessionary boundaries are global in scope, the access to fresh sources of capital are limited and expensive, and the confidence of both customers and business is severely shaken and will be slow to restore. So is this the end of the economic world as we know it? Nope. Do we give in to fear and despair and fate? Not a chance. Do we resolve ourselves to being a smaller and less significant role in the “ONE Ford” plan? Not in the FMCSA workplan. Quite simply, we must become comfortable being uncomfortable. We must embrace change and allow change to become the catalyst for our transformation. And we must stay emotionally resilient and focused on our plan towards becoming the T6 and Puma Motor Company. Over the next several months, we will be going through some important product and business gateways that will greatly influence our collective future. And despite the multitude of external challenges facing us (and others in our business), I like what I’m seeing and feeling in FMCSA today and how we are rallying together and moving forward around our shared cause. I can see transformation in the assembly plants. I can feel excitement in the dealer body about the new Ford Fiesta and other freshened products like the Bantam, Focus, and Ikon. I can sense a renewed commitment from our Supplier and NUMSA partners who share in our export company vision. This is an exciting time. This is a stimulating business. We work for a company that is getting better and better – each and every day. I look forward to the next phase of our journey and to learning together in these fascinating times. The winds of change are howling – keep the faith, spirit and resolve. Hal Feder President and CEO, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa Issue 3 / 5
  6. 6. product Bantam gets diesel power A fter more than 25 years of service in South Africa, the Ford Bantam range has now been expanded to include a diesel derivative – the1.4-litre turbo diesel. The state of the art DuraTorq TDCi engine utilises a turbocharger and electronically controlled direct injection system to create a peak power output of 50kW at 4000rpm and a maximum torque of 160Nm at 2000rpm. Control’ (APC) – an ingenious system that monitors combustion “Consumers will now have even greater choice when looking noise levels – that makes adjustments every 0.3 milliseconds to the for a new Bantam, while a number of upgrades to the range pilot main injectors, ensuring an incredibly quiet drive. Moreover, further improve on the overall offering,” said Ben Pillay, marketing the body sealing of all models has been improved to ensure a manager, Ford South Africa. comfortable interior environment. The styling of the Bantam also gets a revamp for 2009. The Keep the noise down range will now be offered with a redesigned front bumper and Noise reduction technology makes the 1.4TDCi one of the bonnet, complemented by newly styled front headlamps. The rear smoothest and quietest diesels in its class. The innovative lamp cluster has also been updated, while new 14” alloy wheels technology incorporates a system called ‘Accelerometer Pilot complete the profile. Focus makes a good bet T he upgraded Ford Focus has just upped Inside, the emphasis is on enhancing the overall comfort levels with high- the stakes in the medium car market quality materials and improved ergonomics. USB connectivity and Bluetooth with a fresh exterior and an innovative capability are also available. new engine. The most influential visual enhancement is the Smooth shifts dramatic new front featuring ‘kinetic design’ elements, The Focus now comes with the innovative six-speed PowerShift automatic such as the large trapezoidal opening below the transmission with the potent 2.0-litre DuraTorq turbodiesel engine and delivers bumperline and new bonnet with defined contours. outstanding fuel efficiency without compromising driving performance. The new upper grille with a larger Ford badge, The six-speed PowerShift automatic with double-clutch technology is dominates the new front design. It is more expressive extremely refined and able to shift smoothly through its six-speed gearing more and more athletic. efficiently than a conventional automatic transmission. PowerShift convincingly demonstrates a high degree of driving comfort and agility in congested urban driving. In fact, PowerShift is much more efficient than a conventional torque converter automatic transmission, and this efficiency is evident when noting the fuel consumption figure of 5.8l/100km (combined urban and extra urban according to 1999/100/EC). “We are confident that the new Focus will be a highly competitive player in the medium car market and offer enjoyable dynamic on-road driving qualities which have become a Focus trademark,” said Pillay. 6/
  7. 7. technology Ford paints the town green P ainting vehicles has traditionally been one to scratches than water-borne paint and medium-solids of the auto industry’s biggest environmental solvent-borne paint. challenges, but Ford has come up with an eco-friendly, cost-efficient solution that produces beautifully painted vehicles with long-term durability. The new 3-Wet high-solids technology developed by Ford produces less carbon dioxide emissions and reduces volatile organic compounds emissions by about 20 percent as compared to current medium-solids solvent-borne paints. 3-Wet high-solids paint technology at work. High solids Coming soon to India As the new formulation contains more paint solids, less Ford pioneered the technology at the Avon Lake plant for paint is needed to cover a vehicle than the medium solids trucks in the U.S. in 2007 and will be the only automaker to technology. This technology also eliminates the primer use it in India. The 3-Wet high-solids technology will ovens and primer preparation booth, resulting in significant be used for the first time on passenger cars this August reductions in operational costs and greenhouse emissions. in India and Ford has partnered with paint suppliers BASF Moreover, the paint formulation – which contains new and PPG and robot supplier Dürr for this project. polymers and other additives that minimise running and “It’s not very often that we can deliver quality, cost and sagging during the application process – allows for three coats environmental objectives with a single paint technology,” of wet paint to be applied without baking between coats. said Kalyan Murugan, project manager for Ford India’s paint Laboratory tests have also shown that the high-solids, shop. “We’re excited to launch this breakthrough technology solvent-borne paint provides better long-term resistance in India.” Putting a dent in auto insurance costs I f a car costs less to fix, it’s going Paint and Body Technology Centre To address the issue, Ford developed to cost less to insure. So Ford has will leverage on the combined special front and rear frame section kits opened an industry-first technology expertise of Ford’s repair and safety that can be used instead of replacing centre in Inkster, Michigan, to experts, auto repair technicians and the entire frame. Partial frame repairs develop design solutions and repair insurance companies to provide repair cost at least $2000 less than full frame procedures that will lower repair costs recommendations early in a new vehicle’s replacements. The success of this and ultimately drive down auto insurance development. collaboration led to the decision to open premiums. the new facility. Funded by a US$650,000 investment Starting with the 2009 “We’re now able to prepare repair by collision repair product, equipment Ford F-150 procedure manuals in advance for all and service suppliers, the new Ford Ford repair and safety engineers began of our new vehicles,” said Mark Albrant, collaborating on the new 2009 Ford F-150. customer service engineering supervisor. During the early development period, “This effort saves insurers repair costs engineers realised new materials – so they can reduce consumers’ auto including ultra high-strength steel and insurance premiums. At the same time, boron – made the truck safer but could repairs can be done with safety-approved also make it more expensive to repair procedures that help ensure the vehicle’s after a collision. quality is restored.” Issue 3 / Testing in progress at the new Ford Paint and Body Technology Centre.
  8. 8. cover story Flying in China T his may be the Year of the Ox according to the Showing off in Shanghai Chinese calendar but there must be more to Ford’s While some international automakers scaled down at Auto bullish performance in China than a zodiac sign. Shanghai 2009 last month, Ford confidently displayed its In fact, Ford aims to grow even faster than full China line-up as well as the highly interactive Ford SYNC China’s car market. technology as demonstrated in a Ford Flex with a twin- “If the industry is 10 percent, we will grow more than the turbocharged V6 EcoBoost engine. industry this year,” predicts Nigel Harris, vice-president of Ford A Fiesta hatch was spectacularly flown down onto the stage Motor China and general manager of Changan Ford Mazda accompanied by aerial performers in a reenactment of the Sales Company. dramatic TV advertising campaign in China. Sharing the Why is he so bullish? New Fiesta is the reason, and it is a spotlight was the iosis MAX, a concept vision of a Multi Activity very powerful confidence builder considering it has sold more Vehicle that generated waves at the Geneva Motor Show in than 161,000 units since its global debut last autumn. March. (Meet the iosis MAX designers on the Global Watch page.) Small cars win big The global small car was officially launched across China in early March and has been flying off dealers’ floors at a rate that exceeds expectations. The cheeky Fiesta arrived at a time when the Chinese government unveiled incentives that included halving the purchase tax on smaller cars. This is a savings of at least 4000 yuan (US$585) on the 1.3-litre hatchback. Fiesta makes a grand entrance at Auto Shanghai 2009. 8/
  9. 9. Using interactive and innovative exhibits that wowed visitors to the Ford stand, Ford aimed to show that it is driving towards a greener, smarter and safer future. Drive smart The acclaimed SYNC technology that has won the North American public over with its usability and affordability was previewed to Chinese consumers who had an opportunity to experience the award-winning hands-free communications and entertainment system. Milestones A Fiesta cutaway bodyshell highlighting the 1995 Ford Motor (China) Ltd. was established and extensive use of high-strength steel and boron was headquartered in Beijing. also on display to show journalists and visitors that the Fiesta’s bold exterior styling is supported by a very 1997 Ford increased its share in Jiangling Motors Corporation (JMC) to 29.96%. Both jointly developed well-engineered, rigid and safe structure. There was the China Transit which combines JMC’s powertrain and also a touch table that showcased the car’s mobile- Ford’s European Transit body. phone inspired centre console and where consumers could send images they liked to themselves. 2000 Ford Motor Company and Changan Automotive Group established car manufacturing joint venture Changan Ford Automobile Co. 2002 Ford Motor Company became the first multinational “I love the S-MAX auto company to establish a global sourcing operation because it’s practical in China with Ford Motor China Sourcing Office and functional. This is in Shanghai. my second car and it can do so much more 2003 Changan Ford Automobile Co. started production at than my first one. Use the Chongqing plant with Ford Fiesta, the first it and you’ll know it.” domestically-built Ford car offered in China, in January. Li Qi, 31 2004 Locally-produced Ford Mondeo was launched and Joint venture executive recognised with more than thirty awards in China, including the 2004 COTY award from Auto Trend (China). 2004 The headquarters of Ford Motor China relocated from “Many of my Beijing to Shanghai. colleagues bought 2005 Ford Automotive Finance (China) was officially the Focus. They established in Shanghai. can’t be wrong. I trust them.” 2005 Ford Focus, the first automobile to be honoured as the “car of the year” in both the U.S. and Europe, was Ding Lin, 29 Policewoman launched in China. 2006 Mazda’s investment was approved by the Chinese government and Changan Ford was then renamed Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Co. Ltd (CFMA). 2007 CFMA began production at the Nanjing plant with Mazda2. “I believe in the Mondeo’s 2007 Ford S-MAX and the new Ford Mondeo, the first cars of safety record.” Ford kinetic design were launched in China. Xu Yongfeng, 41 2009 Production of the sedan and hatchback versions of the Businessman new global Fiesta for China began at the Nanjing plant in January and went on sale in March. Issue 3 /
  10. 10. Drive safe Are you a good driver? Visitors to the Ford stand got to take part in a safety driving challenge to pit their driving skills against one another on a timed course around a digital town. They also saw how boron steel is used in Ford cars for improved strength and safety as compared with normal steel. Moreover, the safety touch table told the stories of how Ford vehicles have received praise from independent safety organisations, with the Mondeo and Focus earning C-NCAP five-star ratings for occupant protection. Drive green If seeing is believing, visitors were shown how EcoBoost Show and tell engine technology combines turbocharging with very precise direct gasoline injection to deliver excellent driving performance Feel the Fiesta cutaway, race slot cars and test the strength while also being fuel-efficient and producing less carbon of boron steel – visitors flocked to the Ford stand at Auto dioxide emissions. Shanghai 2009 because there was so much to do. These assets The public also tested it out for themselves by racing a slot help to bring the Ford story of innovation and fuel efficiency car around the track to see how much fuel they would save alive to the public in a fun and interactive way. with the EcoBoost technology which will be making its way to And these assets are not confined to China. They have been China in the future. and will be used in motor shows in the region. There are cutaways A famous Chinese proverb says, “又要马儿跑得好,又要马 and production vehicles for various nameplates, as well as touch 儿不吃草” or “You want your horse to run well but you also want tables to showcase Ford’s safety achievements and fuel-efficient it not to have to eat grass”. And with all the fuel-efficient vehicles technologies like that of the EcoBoost engine. in Ford’s line-up, it just goes to show that the Chinese consumers Contact your Regional Auto Show Stakeholders committee can have their cake and eat it too. member for a complete list of the assets that you can use for your motor show. Selling the Fiesta Ford salesman Zhang Jun has now almost become the face of Fiesta How did the company equip you to sell the new after appearing in a three-minute programme on Channel Young, a TV Fiesta? show aimed at the hip and young, to promote Ford’s global small car. We received very thorough training on every aspect of the car, from Hailing from Anhui province, Zhang has been selling Ford cars for the technology involved to its unique selling points. almost three years and he’s been so busy selling the new Fiesta that How did you feel when you were recording the TV the @Ford team had difficulties programme? pinning him down. Here’s a snippet Actually it was my first time on TV. When I faced the camera, I just of our conversation. spoke as I would when talking to a customer. I felt I had been entrusted with the mission of promoting this perfect little car to What’s so special about the audience. the new Fiesta? The first time I saw it, I couldn’t Has life changed after your TV appearance? help but exclaim how beautiful it Life hasn’t changed much, I’m still a long way off from being a movie is – both inside and outside. It’s completely changed the previous star but I’ll try my best (chuckles). Ford designs, a huge leap forward. The new Fiesta pays a lot of attention to details, you can tell from the interior surfaces and the Tell us about the car you now drive. ambient lighting. The public loves it and I’m sure it’ll sell well. I’ve I drive the previous generation Fiesta. It’s still an energetic already sold five in less than a month. little cannon! Catch Zhang’s TV debut at 10 /
  11. 11. behind the scenes How I became a fashion model It all began when Ford and Wallpaper, Thailand’s top design magazine, worked together on “100 Designs to Save the World” – an environmental exhibition held at one of Bangkok’s Name: Ford Focus (E20) upmarket malls in March. Since I was the only car on Biodata: Sporty. Confident and bold. display – ahem – they got these really famous people to First E20 flex fuel vehicle in Thailand. dress me up for the show! Celebrated fashion designer Issariya Virajsilp went for elegance in motion and dressed me You may know that sugarcane is used in the production in an eco-friendly suit. of ethanol. This is my sugarcane-inspired wrap by renowned architect Vasu Virajsilp who set out to make me look even more athletic and muscular. Using the concept of “In Motion” In the process, the Wallpaper team was so So there we were – two E20s and one for the 12-page spread, they impressed by my kinetic design cues that TDCi with PowerShift – showing off our captured the smooth flowing lines they wanted me to star in a special fashion distinct European design heritage from of my expressive exterior and spread in the April automotive issue! every angle. ergonomic interior. Mission complete. Now, where else will you find a visually exciting car like me other than with dynamic works by top architects such as Heatherwick and Libeskind? Name: E20 Ford Focus Biodata: FASHIONIssue 3 / 11 MODEL Catch behind-the-scenes footage at
  12. 12. voice of the customer Dan in real life D an Morris, Apart from racing, it looks like you’re quite the Ford’s new chief adventure buff – bungee jumping, scuba diving of marketing, and landing in a helicopter on a glacier. What’s sales and service the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life? for Asia Pacific I once drove straight from New York to California – 47 hours, a cup and Africa, likes to push himself of coffee and no sleep. I had a week-long holiday and I wanted to to the limit, be it at work or when get to San Francisco as soon as possible. It became a mental leaping off bridges. What’s he like challenge, not a physical one. You learn about yourself and how outside the office? Here’s a peek you can push yourself through a tough situation to reach the target. into his world. It also taught me the strength of the mind in overcoming your physical limits. What do you think is the key to Ford’s success in these challenging times? If you had an extra eight hours every day, what We have to execute the plan. We have the right plan, now we have would you spend the extra time doing? to execute and deliver it flawlessly. We need to continue to understand Playing baseball with my two boys, who are eight and six. Or going the customer better and to provide the right product and ownership on a family outing. experience so that they want to buy again…and again. In an alternate universe, what would you be? You’ve lived and worked in the U.S., Europe and I’d be playing shortstop for the New York Yankees. I’ve always Asia. Which is your favourite? aspired to play professional baseball, but never had the talent to I’ve moved 15 times in my Ford career. The best place is always play at that level. The sports industry is almost parallel to the the place I’m in. If I approach it with this mindset, it’ll be new, exciting automotive industry. Both are highly competitive and demand and we’ll discover the treasures of the country we’re in. immediate results. How does your intercultural experience help in your job? Biobox I’ve learned to seek out and look for “diversity of thought” by seeking 2009: Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford APA diverse input and encouraging open dialogue. It always yields 2005: Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Marketing, better decisions. My motto has always been to be tough on issues, Sales and Customer Service, Mazda Motor Corporation but respectful of people. 2003: President and CEO, Mazda Motor Europe GmbH 2001: Vice President, Sales, Mazda Motor Europe GmbH We heard you hold racing licences from clubs 1979: Joined Ford as a field trainee and subsequently held a in the U.S. and Japan. Tell us about the most number of senior marketing, sales and service positions memorable race you’ve had. in the company. It was a four-hour endurance race that involved 30 teams in Japan. I was driving the anchor leg during the night time. I had the added Born in the United States, Dan earned a Bachelor of Science handicap of driving a right-hand drive manual. We were in 21st degree in Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology, position when I took over and managed to finish 11th. I was very New York in 1978 and completed a Master in Business pleased with it, but actually it had nothing to do with driving ability, Administration (MBA) degree in 1979 at Clarkson College, it was just that we managed our fuel better while the other teams Potsdam, New York. ran out of gas. Why are people talking about the Indian Fiesta? See the ad on the back cover. 1 /
  13. 13. Communicating from the centre See the difference? Expect more to come as the Asia Pacific and Africa (APA) Communications Strategy Board kicks into action. As the single authority to provide governance for communications strategy, brand direction and the development of assets across all markets in the APA region since January, the board is already seeing the benefits from faster and more strategic decision making. e e for B e r Aft I n the past, individual markets developed the entire For example, Indonesia might not be able to afford high quality go-to-market strategy on their own, which sometimes full-colour ads for a vehicle campaign. But now that the resulted in different messages across different markets. campaigns are being developed with other markets across the But with Ford moving towards more common products region, Indonesia gets the ads it needs and at a much lower based on a common target customer and common product cost (up to 30% less in 2008). positioning, it only makes sense to approach brand “The board is really a process designed to enhance our communications from a common strategy to achieve a greater brand communications and attract more customers,” said consistency and consensus of the message across all Dan Morris, vice president, Marketing, Sales and Service, APA markets. APA. “The key is to showcase the right product with the right Moreover, developing assets centrally means that all the message to the right customer. And the board will ensure this markets can have higher quality campaigns at a lower cost. is done with greater efficiency.” Issue 3 / 13
  14. 14. global watch MAX joins iosis family Designers behind the eye-catching iosis MAX – a concept vision of a Multi Activity Vehicle – explain how they fused style with function to create one of the most talked-about concept cars at the Geneva Motor Show. Martin Smith Ernst Reim Executive design director Chief designer, Interiors The iosis MAX has dramatic, bold, emotive Drawing inspiration from modernist styling. It is also practical and has innovative architecture, lightweight construction door and rear-hatch opening systems and technologies and even the sporting world, a bonnet that folds up onto the screen to we have created an innovative interior which reveal the EcoBoost engine. iosis MAX gives a feeling of spaciousness. It is a look into demonstrates a further development in our the future, showing a new generation of interiors. kinetic design principles, inside and out. It is lightweight and aerodynamic The stylish centre console has touch-sensitive surfaces and a slim with a big focus on sustainability. Although the iosis MAX isn’t a instrument panel. A lightweight spine-like bridge flows from the console to forerunner to a specific production vehicle, it proves that a people- the rear of the vehicle. The seats sit on that ‘bridge’ and seem to float in mover can have emotive, dynamic styling without sacrificing their the air. That allows stowage space under the seats while enhancing the traditional virtues of practicality or efficiency. feeling of roominess. Stefan Lamm Ruth Pauli Chief designer, Exteriors Chief designer, Colour Materials It shows the next leap in kinetic design, The focus on transparent or translucent giving a very modern interpretation of a materials in the vehicle exterior and interior Multi Activity Vehicle. You can see the emphasises the lightweight construction of influence of kinetic design throughout the the vehicle, the colouring of the materials vehicle. In particular, the front-end is very reflects the icy shades found in polar regions. bold with a bold trapezoidal lower grille The Limelight exterior colour is complemented and strong headlamp graphics. At the side, the aerodynamically efficiency by frosted translucent whites and transparent greens of glass and lamp ‘flying buttress’ C-pillar is innovative and distinctive. The shape of the housings, which give the vehicle an overall airy and technical personality. rear end of the vehicle is both stylish and aerodynamic and hints at how our DNA is evolving. Excerpted from the April issue of @Ford Europe. 1 /
  15. 15. hot news A true-blue South African launch E ven Thembo the elephant couldn’t resist checking out the freshened Ford Bantam, especially when it had to lift its food off the back of the rugged pickup, much to the amusement of the journalists who were test driving the Bantam and the facelifted Ford Focus earlier last month. More than 40 motoring, lifestyle and Internet media congregated in the picturesque Mpumalanga region to put the vehicles through their paces during the three-day launch. They attended a business presentation highlighting the positioning and unique selling points of the two nameplates, followed by a presentation by a technical expert who explained and highlighted the advantages of the new PowerShift gearbox. And the media seemed to be as taken by the Bantam as six-tonne Thembo was. “The new Getrag dual-clutch gearbox is a quiet and “The Bantam TDCi was extremely responsive,” said a journalist from a weekly powerful two-litre diesel. It feels lighter and is very accurate community newspaper. “The changes to the Bantam have made it look more modern and stable at speed,” said the editor of a leading and it now looks and feels more like a motor car.” automotive website. Meanwhile, the mountainous nature of Mpumalanga offered the perfect mix of “The twisting, hilly and unfortunately potholed roads roads – smooth and straight to winding and corrugated – to test the dynamic Ford through the mountains of Mpumalanga showed off the Focus new 1.8L engine and 2.0L TDCi PowerShift gearbox. car’s handling prowess admirably.” Team Ford enjoys a solid season debut It was a new vehicle and a minor electrical problem sidelined drivers Neil Woolridge and Kenny Skjoldhammer but the Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCi still exceeded all expectations during the opening round of the 2009 South African National ABSA Off Road Championship at the Eastern Cape 400 last month. “Unfortunately when introducing a new car there are teething problems you have to contend with,” explained Donating old plant bicycles Woolridge. “On a positive note it was to worthy causes only a minor difficulty so hopefully we’ll be able to iron it out before the FMCSA donated 58 bicycles through Hatfield Christian Church next round.” North to various charities, organisations and individuals in Pretoria. Newcomers to the team and the Of the 32 bicycles already handed out, ten were given to Love premier SP class, Thomas Rundle and Hennie ter Stege racing the Ford in Action in Mabopane, seven to Tumelo Hospice in Mabopane, Ranger 4.0 petrol, finished second on their first venture into the premier eight to Wolmer Community Projects, two to Rivoni Missions, two SP class. Baphumze Rubuluza and Khulile Vakalisa got their Class E to Kagisanong Hospice and three to needy school children. campaign off to a good start, finishing third. Issue 3 / 15
  16. 16. CSR Caring for those with HIV/AIDS T he HIV/AIDS epidemic in They regularly visit families where job, the volunteers get ongoing training South Africa has left more a parent or guardian is ill and cannot and debriefing sessions with the social than a million children afford to take care of the children and worker on-site to help them cope. neglected and orphaned. offer services such as teaching home A growing number of children have hygiene, developing a vegetable garden A comprehensive service also had to become the head of the for nutritional support, ensuring full Other than the Iso Labantwana project, household and look after their younger school attendance and assistance Ford Care Centre also runs two other siblings, facing challenges such as with homework, as well as helping to services – a daily support group for food, clothing and lack of support with alleviate the nursing burden on the HIV-positive people where they learn school work. children by accessing medical care. to come to terms with their status and Even when older relatives take over become contributing members of their that role, the problems are far from communities; and the Mothusi project, over. The children could end up being an educational outreach driven by physically and sexually abused, testing women to encourage people to go positive for HIV at a later stage. through HIV testing and to remain HIV-negative. Iso Labantwana Back in 2001, Ford gave the then Ford has helped almost a thousand Pretoria Child and Family Care Society such children since 2005 through the funding to start the care centre to Iso Labantwana project run by the Ford reach out to HIV-positive people in the Care Centre. The 50 trained volunteers The volunteers also adopt a family each Mamelodi area, resulting in a unique in the project identify children at risk and and work with them to develop a care partnership between a business and a provide them with ongoing support and plan for their children, decide on when non-governmental organisation. life skills to prevent them being abused and if to start antiretroviral treatment Ford continues to provide financial or becoming HIV-positive. or provide bereavement counselling to support, a secure home for the project help family members cope with their loss. and hands-on assistance from employees Given the emotional nature of the who donate clothing, blankets and food while the NGO provides staff and social work expertise. 16 /
  17. 17. news roundup Fast and Furious Ford Racer Vaughan Gittin Jr. embarked on a once in a lifetime opportunity in March – drifting a 500- horsepower 2010 Ford Mustang in Japan. Gittin’s adventure took him Ford powers into from Osaka to Tokyo to Ebisu, where he Bangkok Motor Show hit such tracks as Ford Thailand set the bar high in March the Bihoku Highland at the 2009 Bangkok International Motor Circuit and the YZ Show with a full new product line, including Circuit with Japanese the new Ford Ranger line, the new Ford “Drift King” Keiichi Focus MCA E20, the new Ford Focus TDCi and the new Ford Tsuchiya. Focus TDCi with PowerShift automatic transmission. “Not only am I thrilled to drift places I have only dreamed of, but At the Car of the Year awards ceremony that took place at the also to give others the opportunity to experience why I love the motor show, the Ford Focus TDCi won for Best Diesel Hatchback Mustang so much. It is a true honour to have this chance to be able and the Ford Escape for Best Petrol SUV. to experience the home of drifting in a Ford Mustang,” said Gittin. New Focus revs it up Ford Indonesia launched the new Ford Focus to 50 key media at a press conference in Jakarta in March. The launch included both the Focus TDCi with PowerShift and petrol variants. The new Focus’ best-in-class fuel efficiency, performance, refinements and styling improvements received positive feedback from the media. Ford Vietnam celebrates new facility Ford Vietnam celebrated a milestone in March when it opened a new state-of-the-art assembly facility in the northern town of Hai Duong. The new assembly facility is the first of its kind in Vietnam, and utilises the same state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing technology that is employed by Ford’s world-class European and North American operations. Supporting the Earth Ford employees and plants throughout the region showed their support for Earth Hour in March by shutting off lights for one hour. Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa switched off all possible lighting and power at both its Silverton Assembly plant and Struandale Engine plant, while Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Nanjing Company turned off all lights, including lighting at the plant’s gate and all three company signboards. Issue 3 / 1
  18. 18. Ford faces On the line Many countries around the world mark Labour Day this month to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. At Ford, we turn the spotlight on the people who are responsible for putting together the vehicles that roll off the line every day. Sello Papo Vedagiri Punnaikodi Jimmy Sanque Pham Thi Mai Lan Trimline Body Shop Body Shop Paint Shop 5 years with Ford 10.5 years with Ford 7 years with Ford 7 years with Ford South Africa India The Philippines Vietnam Q What does ONE Ford mean to you? A: Someone’s problem shouldn’t be his own. We all work together to achieve A: We’re like a hand. Look at our fingers, each of them is unique but each has a function A: We treat and consider everyone as ONE big family and community. Together, we A: ONE Ford means one team, one united Ford. the same objectives. to fulfil. can achieve our goals. Q Tell us something that most people don’t know A: I’m a caring person. The A: I’m soft-spoken by other side of me can be hurt easily. nature and speak only when required to. A: I’m a very health-conscious A: The only flower that I like is person. I don’t drink or smoke. the orchid. My name also means “orchid”. about you. Q Which is your favourite place in the plant? A: Where I’m working. Every time I see the Sealer Robots malfunctioning, they A: Training Hall – whenever A: Fabrication area – I am I go there, I learn new things which help me in my work and able to experience and observe multiple things happening at A: The paint shop. I’ve been at this place for seven years, from learning the skills on my remind me of how people give me the opportunity to one time. first day at Ford to being also act strangely at times. assist and support others too. a skilful worker now. Q Who are you most grateful to in your life? A: My mother. She’s caring A: My parents, without and understanding. She’s been everything to me. whom I wouldn’t be here. A: My family, my Ford family and on top of all, God. A: The paint shop manager. He supports his staff in training, so I’ve joined training courses which have given me the skills to gain respect and support from my team. Q If Ford Motor Company is a vehicle, which A: Windshield – it stops so many things like wind, noise and rain, and it brings out the A: Body – it not only shields A: Engine – the engine is the and protects the interior components of the vehicle heart of the vehicle that is responsible for the vehicle’s A: I’d be the smooth surface of the car before applying the paint. Only with a spotless part of the beauty in the car. but it also protects the people performance on the road. surface would the car have vehicle are you? inside it. a perfect and appealing “skin” to the customers. Share your thoughts Did you like the article? Did you learn something new? Give your feedback on the articles you read on 181 / / @Ford Online, via the new comments tool.
  19. 19. Indonesia Australia China India International Women’s Big smiles f effort Cookie handover to Multi- at employee Bushfire relie Day celebration party purpose Community Centre Japan Australia Philippines South Africa Explore th International Melbourne e event at La Explorer Fun-filled P Motor Show artner ’s managers’ laport mal l Day celebr ation Health week messages Taiwan Thailand Vietnam Japan sales agers put Marketing and rty Service man dealer meeting at entertain at pa on a show Helping repair a school Staff at Explorer training China Indonesia India Taiwan Fun and games during Outbound team building activity staff gathering Finance ex Sanjeevi Medical Centre visit decorated ecs get by their te ams New Zealand Philippines Australia 2009 Variety Bash 10 year service awards in March New Fiesta transit campaign South Africa Thailand Vietnam Keep the contributions coming! Email your happy snaps to Managers attend Football match with dealers health week meetin Issue 3 / 1 Lending a hand to help children g