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Chapter Reports, page 8 "Making Others Great" at Microsoft ...


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  • 1. V O L U M E X C I X, No. 2 SPRING 2008 Chapter Reports, page 8 “Making Others Great” at Microsoft, page 16
  • 2. VIEW INT P Director of Communications Jeanne Henning It is remarkable how a familiar several of our collegiate chap- page 25 to learn more about this Assistant Director of smell or bite of a favorite family ters are celebrating anniver- financial opportunity for Alpha Communications recipe can take us back in time saries, including the 100th Gamma Delta. Mary Kay Price to special moments with special anniversary of Delta Chapter, people. Some of our most trea- Epsilon Chapter, Zeta Chapter, As many of our Alpha Gamma Graphics/Web Coordinator sured occasions are celebrated Eta Chapter and Theta Chapter. Delta seniors graduate and Elizabeth Hoover over meals shared with family Congratulations to all chapters pursue their life journeys, it is and friends, and I can still recall achieving significant milestones important to learn about ways to Communications Coordinator so many wonderful memories this year! stay involved in Alpha Gamma Jill Lewman with Alpha Gamma Delta sis- Delta. Junior Circles, Alumnae ters where food is involved. Convention 2008 will be a Chapters and Clubs and the special time for Alpha Gams Volunteer Service Team are per- I hope that some of the same to demonstrate our “unity in fect examples of fun alumnae happy memories come to you action.” In addition to educa- opportunities. Page 26 details Member, College Fraternity Editors Association as you enjoy our food-themed tional workshops and timeless several ways that Alpha Gamma feature article on page two. This traditions like Feast of Roses, Delta members can continue The Quarterly is published four times per article will introduce you to attendees will participate in their dedicated service to the year at 8701 Founders Rd., Indianapolis, some of our sisters making their our first-ever Convention Phi- Fraternity, while developing IN 46268. Send all correspondence to International Headquarters, 8701 way in the culinary world, and I lanthropy Walk. I look forward lasting friendships with sisters Founders Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46268. am confident that you will enjoy to meeting in San Antonio to in the areas they live. When sending marriage or death an- hearing their stories and maybe work together and celebrate our nouncements, please send duplicate information to your collegiate chapter even trying out some of their sisterhood in an effort to build Finally, I would like to extend or alumnae chapter/club so accurate delicious recipes as well. an even more beautiful and re- my appreciation to the outgoing records may be kept. silient Alpha Gamma Delta. International Council officers The Quarterly welcomes editorial submis- As Alpha Gamma Delta ap- for the loyal dedication and sions from freelance writers. Issues focus proaches the one-year anniver- As part of the Fraternity’s focus perseverance they have dis- on themes, so please contact the Com- sary of the historic Volunteer on membership growth and played throughout their tenure. munications Department for guidelines, deadlines and additional information. Service Team structure change, development, the Fraternity is Congratulations to the incoming our sisters have much to cel- proud to announce the recoloni- officers. I am overjoyed that you ebrate! Alpha Gamma Deltas zation of Theta Iota Chapter at have decided to accept a chal- have worked together in their Western Kentucky University in lenging, yet rewarding, position respective provinces and areas fall 2008 and Delta Xi Chapter on International Council. Let’s to unite in Alpha Gamma Delta at Arizona State University in work together to continue to The Quarterly sisterhood. Exemplified by spring 2009. See page 27 and make the Fraternity grow and Magazine Mission province conference calls, the the Fraternity website for more prosper! The Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly emphasis on community within information about how you can Magazine endeavors to: the current Volunteer Service be involved with these upcom- Team structure has enabled ing recolonizations. • Serve as a forum of communication to inspire, educate and challenge each local organization to be members on Fraternity, Greek and managed from a comprehensive In an effort to continue to en- Jackie Brannon Stutts women’s issues. and cohesive standpoint. There hance the collegiate experi- International President • Rekindle, sustain and excite mem- is still much work to do, but we ence, the Fraternity is proud to ber loyalty and interest through cel- are steadily progressing. announce a new relationship ebrating and validating sisterhood with Omega Financial, which and recognizing and acknowledg- ing individual and chapter/club Along with the one-year anni- will ease finances for United accomplishments. versary of the structure change, States collegiate chapters. Read • Serve as a permanent record and archive, documenting the Fraternity.
  • 3. V O L U M E X C I X, No. 2 SPRING 2008 2 Mmm, Mmm Alpha Gam What secret ingredient makes every dish taste a bit sweeter? Sisterhood, of course! Meet some culinary- crazy Alpha Gams and pick up some new recipes for your collection on page 2. 2 2 22 Our Last Trip to Texas International Convention 2008, to be held in San Anto- nio, Texas, is quickly approaching! Take a walk down memory lane and relive our last Texan Convention on 16 page 22. 27 Recolonization News The Fraternity is proud to announce the recolonization of our Theta Iota and Delta Xi Chapters at Western Ken- tucky University and Arizona State University! 22 In every issue … Inside Cover Viewpoint 8 Collegiate News 16 Alumnae News 27 20 Chapter Grand 21 From the Foundation 22 Fraternity Happenings 27 Directory 28 EndNotes
  • 4. Flour, sugar, herbs and seasoning. Stirring, mixing, melting and baking. Each word on its own is an ordinary, even mundane, element or action. But carefully combined and lovingly employed, they become instruments in a symphony of smells and tastes, pleasing not only the palate, but the heart and the mind. Superficially, cooking and baking are the primary means that bring about the nec- essary nourishment of our bodies. But food—and the act of preparing and consuming it—is, and has been for thousands of years, about much more than just sustenance. The act of cooking can set free creative expression. It can serve as a hobby that releases us from the stress of modern life and even a career that brings about professional satisfaction. And in the end, it leaves behind tangible proof of our dedication, our expression and our desire to nurture and care for those around us. The deeper societal meaning of the meal continues to live on long after its creation. Many of the most significant occasions in life are celebrated not only with friends and with family, but also with food. We find comfort in it and with meals shared with the ones we love. Just one familiar bite transports us back to our grandmother’s kitchen, to our chapter house during dinner time, to any number of moments that might otherwise be forgotten. From thoughtfully preparing a meal for family and friends, to owning and operating a bustling restaurant business, to turning kitchen knowledge into a popular cookbook, Alpha Gams across the globe are making their mark in the culinary world, providing others with both meals and experiences that continue to make life taste just a bit sweeter. 2
  • 5. Crème Brûlée with Raspberry Sauce Serves 6 from the kitchen of: Wendy Timson, Zeta Tau–Seton Hall University Turning Dreams Into 6 extra large egg yolks 2 cups sugar (reserve ¼ cup for caramelizing top) 2 vanilla beans, split 1 cup raspberries Puff Pastry Shells Reality For many women, the perfect wedding day is something 3 cups heavy cream Raspberry Sauce Combine egg yolks and 1 3/4 cup sugar in the top half of a double boiler over very that has been mentally put together and taken apart thou- hot water. Whisk (or beat with a hand mixer) until lemon-colored and the consistency of mousse. Remove from heat and set aside. Place cream and vanilla beans in a sands of times before the actual occasion even approaches. heavy saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil and immediately remove from As the catering manager at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle heat. Slowly pour into egg yolks, whisking rapidly as you pour. Return double boiler Creek, a five diamond, five star hotel in Dallas, much to heat and cook, stirring constantly, for about 10 minutes or until mixture is quite of Wendy Timson’s career centers on making those big thick. Remove top half of double boiler and place in a bowl of ice. Stir occasionally dreams come true. while mixture cools until it reaches the consistency of a very thick custard. Spread a single layer of fresh raspberries over the bottom of six baked Puff Pastry shells. Pour cooled crème over raspberries to top of shells. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours (or This is no small task, says Wendy, Zeta Tau–Seton Hall up to 8 hours). When chilled, sprinkle about 2 teaspoons sugar (or more, if neede) University, but for her it pays off when “seeing the happi- over each filled shell and place about 6 inches away from broiler flame for about ness on the bride and groom’s faces at the end of the event 3 minutes or until sugar caramelizes, or use a crème brûlée torch. Do not overcook and knowing that I was a major contributor in making the or crème will melt. Pour Raspberry Sauce over the bottom of each of six dessert plates. Place a Crème Brûlée in the center and serve immediately. day everything they dreamed it would be.” For Raspberry Sauce: Combine 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water in a small, heavy In her position as the catering manager, Wendy, a certified saucepan over high heat. Bring to a boil and boil, stirring constantly, for about meeting planner, guides her clients from the very beginning 3 minutes or until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and cool. Puree 1 cup to the very end. “I deal with the client, say if it’s a bride raspberries in a blender or food processor. When smooth, strain to remove all seeds. Stir sugar and water mixture into raspberry puree until well blended. and a groom, from the day they walk in the door and want to see the space and lead them through everything,” says Wendy. “We form this incredible bond. They hug me at the When she’s not end of the wedding like I’m the one who made everything happen, and then I’m on to the planning events for next person. There’s a constant cycle of new personalities and new dramas.” others, Wendy enjoys making this delicious Though corporate events are also included in Wendy’s responsibilities, weddings and dessert. other social occasions form a more encompassing focus at the hotel, which Wendy says attracts “the elite of Dallas.” Regardless of the nature of the event, though, Wendy is adamant on the role that good food plays in any gathering. “Food makes or breaks it,” she says. “If you do everything, but the food is really bad, people are going to remember that.” The reputation of the hotel enables Wendy to employ great creativity in her events. “People come to us expecting something different constantly,” she explains. “They don’t want the same chicken that you have at every single wedding. Here, because of our chefs and because of our reputation, we can do pretty much anything and we’re usually on the cutting edge of doing it.” Wendy, who has worked in catering since 1998 in a variety of capacities, including a role at American Airlines’s Training and Conference Center, has developed a keen eye for detail and an ability to elegantly deliver under even the most demanding circumstances. “There was one wedding where they called here from Moscow and literally said, ‘We’re coming. We’re going to be there Friday. Other than the dress, we need you to do everything. We’re not going to be able to talk to you until we get there, so just go with what you think is best.’” Armed with just a week’s time and limited input from the bride and groom, Wendy pulled it off. From a small dinner party to a large collegiate chapter function, Wendy’s advice is applicable to nearly any type of event or gathering. “Tackle one thing at time. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed in planning because there are so many details,” she advises. “Delegate. There are people who are planners by nature—find those people.” 3
  • 6. Delta Beta–Washington State University Taking the Cake Photo courtesy of Tricia Gadsden, L Looking back at her childhood, Jennifer Ocheltree Bogart, Omega–University of A Akron, can recall her enjoyment of cooking and baking beginning at an early age, l learning lessons from her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. L Later on in life, as a high school senior, this innate interest prompted her to make a m move that would steer the direction of her life in the years to come. “I decided the last s semester of my senior year that I would join the culinary arts program at Kenmore Dinner Time Rescue H High School,” Jennifer explains. “I fell in love with the atmosphere, the chaos and t the food.” An Alpha Gam sister is serving up convenience and fun through an innovative meal assembly concept spreading across the country. Kelli J Jennifer’s skills were praised by her instructors and proved impressive enough to earn Krook Tolf, Delta Beta–Washington State Uni- h her entrance into the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, but her progression into the field versity and owner of a “Dream Dinners” fran- w was hampered by tuition costs. Undeterred, Jennifer entered the University of Akron, chise location, was first introduced to the chain by j joined Alpha Gamma Delta and continued to work in various food-related positions, another Alpha Gam sister. Dream Dinners allows f from restaurants to catering. Though she enjoyed these positions, she admits that she guests to rotate through fully equipped refriger- still hadn’t found her niche. A Christmas gift soon changed that. s ated recipe stations, complete with chopped and prepared ingredients, to assemble dinners that “For Christmas 2006, my mom paid for me to take a cake decorating class,” she “ can be customized to their family’s tastes. recalls. “I loved it and I was good at it.” The enjoyment of cake decorating grew into r After enjoying the time and money saved by much more than a recreational hobby for Jennifer. “Four courses later, I opened my m utilizing the service, Kelli jumped at the oppor- own cake shop out of my house,” she says. o tunity to open her own location in Bellingham, Washington in 2003. Since then, she has fully em- Today, Jennifer juggles a full time job with her burgeoning cake decorating business, T braced one of the company’s core missions—to dubbed “It’s All About the Cakes.” Jennifer is realistic about the time necessary to d bring families back around the dinner table—and build a solid foundation for her business venture and is approaching the process armed b was even presented with an award recognizing with a long-term set of goals. Beyond more immediate financial aims, Jennifer hopes w her motivation, enthusiasm and overall “team her business will have an even more altruistic effect one day. “My ultimate goal is to h player” mentality at the Dream Dinners National Convention in 2006. give back to the community I grew up in,” Jennifer says. “I would love to have culinary g students from the high school working in my shop. I would like to make extra cookies s Visit the Fraternity website to check out a favorite or muffins and take them up to the ‘Needy Lunch’ at a local church.” o Dream Dinners recipe! As she continues to accomplish her goals one by one, she makes sure to appreciate the happiness that she’s able to bake into each of her creatively constructed cakes. “Every cake I make is special for each customer,” she says. “I love being able to make Jennifer loves using Wilton’s buttercream people happy through what I do.” icing recipe on her home-baked cakes. Wilton’s Buttercream Icing from the kitchen of: Jennifer Ocheltree Bogart, Omega–University of Akron Cooking for the First 1 cup solid vegetable shortening 1 teaspoon butter flavor 1 teaspoon clear vanilla extract 4 cups sifted confectioners’ sugar (approx. 1 lb.) 1 1/2 tablespoons meringue powder Family For some amateur cooks, the mere thought of prepar- 1/4 cup lukewarm water pinch of salt ing a simple meal for family is enough to cause a In large bowl, cream shortening, water, vanilla and butter flavoring with an electric spike in blood pressure or bring about an onslaught mixer. Gradually add sugar, meringue powder and salt one cup at a time, beating well of stress. For Frannie Packard, Zeta–Ohio University, on medium speed. Scrape sides and bottom of bowl often. the concept of making the family meal was kicked up Keep bowl covered with a damp cloth until ready to use. For best results, keep icing to a completely different level during seven years as bowl in refrigerator when not in use. Refrigerated in an airtight container, this icing the chef at the Ohio Governor’s Residence. can be stored 2 weeks. Rewhip before using. YIELD: Makes about 3 cups. It all started when Frannie returned home from France, where she had just received a Grand Diploma from the famous French cooking school La Varenne. 4
  • 7. Risotto Con Il Radicchio Di Treviso from the kitchen of: Frannie Packard, Zeta–Ohio University Frannie, who had always loved cooking and recalls 1 tablespoon butter 5-6 cups light meat stock many attempts at perfecting recipes during summers 1 tablespoon oil 2 cups Vialone nano rice (or Carnaroli 2 oz. diced pancetta or Arborio) home from college, received a phone call urging her to ½ cup chopped onion salt and pepper apply to become the chef for the Governor of Ohio. Generous ½ cup of freshly grated 1 clove garlic, minced 9 oz. radicchio, trimmed and Parmesan cheese “I went for a lengthy interview, and then did a se- cut into strips 1 tablespoon butter (optional) curity clearance,” explains Frannie. “At that point, I Heat butter and oil in a pan and cook the pancetta and onion until fat is almost cooked a State luncheon for the Governor, a dinner rendered and onion is soft, stirring often. Add garlic and cook a couple of minutes for the family that would be comparable to a State more. Add the radicchio and 2 tablespoons of the stock or use a little white wine. dinner, interviewed with the Governor, interviewed Cook for another 10 minutes and then stir in the rice. Cook until rice is shiny—about with his wife and then with his family. Then I got two minutes. Gradually add the boiling stock a ladle at a time, waiting for the rice the job!” Frannie went on to serve as the chef for to absorb the liquid before stirring in more. Stir continually, and when the rice is Governor Dick Celeste as well as Governor George cooked, check the seasoning, cover, turn off heat and let sit for five minutes. Ladle in ½ cup hot stock and the Parmesan cheese and butter. Serve immediately and Voinovich. pass additional Parmesan cheese. In the position, Frannie assumed all of the kitchen duties—meal planning, shopping, cooking, baking, Having previously worked as the chef at the Ohio Governor’s cleaning the kitchen—and loved every minute of it. Mansion, Frannie now lives in Italy and teaches cooking She was responsible for all meals for the family, from classes in her spare time. breakfast to dinner, as well as any State function for visitors. “It was just the most wonderful time of my life. It was not like going to work. It was just getting to do what I love to do every day and in a wonderful kitchen too,” Frannie says. “I met some really wonderful people and cooked for some famous people.” When the time to tackle a new challenge came about, Frannie found it difficult to leave, but a move to Italy helped to sweeten the prospect of change. “I left and moved to Italy to work for the Department of Defense,” she says. “I did not want to leave the job but I so wanted to live in Italy.” Today, Frannie continues to live in Vincenza, Italy, working for the Department’s Excep- tional Family Program and teaching cooking classes in her spare time. “I advocate for all the family members on the base that have a special need. That need could be educational, physical, developmental or medical,” comments Frannie, who had worked as a special edu- cation teacher prior to attending cooking school. “I basically get to help people, make sure they get everything they need and are taken care of.” Frannie continues to expand her culinary repertoire, learning new Italian cooking techniques, like making pasta from scratch. It’s unlikely that this love, which has continued to grow over the years, will ever wane. “I could never learn enough, I could never cook enough,” Frannie says. “I have so many recipes I want to try, I would have to live three life spans to do them all. What can I say—it is just my passion!” Building the Bistro The culinary inspiration found in Europe is credited with giving another Alpha Gam the gusto to pursue her gastronomic goals. Jessica Raia-Long, who was living overseas with her husband, had narrowed down the direction of her graduate studies to two topics— speech pathology and culinary arts. “(Living in Europe) is probably what stimulated me and really pushed me back into the culinary field. The style, the methods, the concept of having a farmers’ market regularly…it’s a completely different way of life,” 5 she says.
  • 8. The NoHo Bistro Salad from the kitchen of: Jessica Raia-Long, Gamma Iota–Mercer University 4 oz. mixed baby greens–spinach, Having made her decision, she and her husband ½ cup blueberries romaine, red leaf, mizuna, frisee, etc. ½ cup sliced strawberries moved back to the United States, where Jessica, 4 tablespoons Gorgonzola Vinaigrette toasted walnuts (for garnish) Gamma Iota–Mercer University, studied at the New (see below) crumbled Gorgonzola (for garnish) England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont. In a medium bowl, place salad greens. Add vinaigrette and toss lightly with gloved Jessica further honed her skills at a variety of res- hands or tongs. Place into a decorative bowl or onto individual plates. Scatter fruit on taurants in New England until her husband’s job top of salad and garnish with walnuts and Gorgonzola. Serve immediately. For a more prompted a move to Tampa, Florida. substantial meal, add prosciutto or grilled chicken to the salad. Gorgonzola Vinaigrette Once in Florida, Jessica was initially unsure what 8 oz. crumbled Gorgonzola cheese 1 tablespoon thyme, fresh direction her career would take. Ultimately, she 3 tablespoons champagne vinegar 1 tablespoon salt and pepper started her own personal chef service, Tonight’s 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar 1/4 cup olive oil Menu, and was excited to see the business take 1 tablespoon white balsamic vinegar 3/4 cup canola oil off. Combine first six ingredients in a blender or food processor. Taste and adjust seasoning. Transfer to a bowl. Whisk in oils until emulsified. Store in an airtight container in the “I would go into people’s homes, I’d prepare their refrigerator. meals for them, leave it in the refrigerator or the freezer with cooking or reheating instructions and that was it,” Jessica says. With sales increasing Jessica advises that a sweet Gorgonzola, or every year, she soon saw the potential for growth. “Gorgonzola dolce,” be used. When a nearby restaurant went up for sale at the right price, Jessica made her next move. “They were selling all the equipment and the busi- ness. I wanted nothing to do with the business. I just wanted to absorb the lease and take on the equipment,” she explains. The space would allow her to prepare more meals and take on even more clients. The neighborhood residents, however, expected something different. “A few months later, people in the neighborhood were knocking on the door asking when we were going to open,” she recalls. Thus, the NoHo Bistro—with seven seats and a limited menu—was born. Today, Jessica has added a business partner and an expanded location and menu for her growing business. The NoHo Bistro, which serves lunch during the day and also encompasses a catering business as well, has grown into an important part of the Tampa community and was recognized as a runner up for the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year award in 2007. Jessica strives to create a unique experience for her customers, offering seasonal menus as well as entertaining events like wine and beer tastings and cooking classes. “At the end of the day, no matter what I’ve cooked or baked, in the end, it’s all about which customers came in that day, smiled and said, ‘This was awesome. This was good,’” says Jessica, who balances the business along with home life with her husband and two children. “I always like to say that art comes in many different forms, and one of them is cooking. Food is an art. It’s a love,” Jessica comments. “When we put it together, when we put it on a plate, we know it’s going out for someone to enjoy. It disappears faster than a painting, obviously, but it’s just the same.” Talking Turkey For 14 years, Renee Spahn Ferguson, Beta Eta–Southern Illinois Uni- versity, answered some of America’s most pressing questions. She wasn’t addressing political policies or environmental concerns, but a stressful situation many families face at least once a year—preparing the holiday turkey. “People get so stressed out because they’re not used to cooking and there’s so much pressure with the holidays,” says Renee, who served as an expert on the Butterball Turkey Talk Line each November and December for 14 years. The knowledge she amassed, as well as the entertaining questions posed by callers, 6
  • 9. prompted the home economics major who had previously worked in buying, sales and promotional marketing, to pen her own cookbook, “Talk Turkey to Me.” As if the process of writing a book weren’t intimidating enough, Renee decided to undertake another challenge. “I decided, after investigating the traditional publish- ing route, that I would self publish the book, just so that I could maintain the control and the rights to the product without giving it up,” explains Renee, who took classes in order to fully comprehend the self-publishing process. And to add yet another re- sponsibility to the list, Renee completed all of the food styling and photography for the cookbook on her own as well. Side Bar Info The hard work has paid off. Following the publication of the book in 2006, Renee has relinquished her position on the Turkey Talk Line, but she’s still taking a turkey- Cooking Contest Queen themed ride into some new and unexpected career developments. For Lisa Menichello Huff, Alpha Beta–Univer- sity of Michigan, a new recipe is more than just “Since that time, I was on the Food Network, I was in Southern Living magazine and another meal option—it’s another opportunity actually right now I’m talking to the History Channel about doing a “Modern Marvels” for some fierce culinary competition. Lisa, who show on the turkey,” says Renee, who also maintains a website at www.turkeytools. grew up experimenting with different dishes in com. “Who would ever think the turkey could take you that far?” the kitchen, has participated in several national cookoffs as well as recipe contests. Several of Lisa’s award-winning recipes can be found online Inexperienced cooks will take comfort in the relatively late blossoming of Renee’s in recipe collections at and culinary skills. “When I met my husband, he invited me over to his apartment for dinner and he gave me a can of green beans. I opened it and said, ‘Well, now what do I do?’” recalls Renee. “I really did not know my way around the kitchen.” “After my grandmother passed away, I took home all of her old recipes and cookbooks. Tucked Over time, she continued to learn and experiment with cooking, which she encourages. away were a few entry forms from the first few “It’s such a creative outlet,” says Renee, who has since passed on this passion to her Pillsbury Bake-Off Contests in the 1940s and two children. “To me, if you can read, you can cook. It’s that simple. It is chemistry, 1950s,” Lisa explains. “Seeing those entry forms sparked my interest and I’ve been competing but it’s fun chemistry because it tastes delicious.” ever since.” Though today, with on-screen battles with the Food Network’s Bobby Flay and a Pictured above: Lisa works the grill while being filmed cookbook behind her, she can definitely be considered an expert, Renee isn’t im- by the Food Network during the National Beef Cook- Off. Her Smoky Cilantro Pesto Beef Crostini recipe was mune to her share of kitchen catastrophes, like the time she was preparing a “beauty the winner in the Small Plates, Big Taste category. bird” for a photo shoot for her book. Renee noticed that the turkey was not cooking as quickly as it should and surmised that it was because the pan was just a bit too large for the oven. “I thought I’d just lock the door so it would seal tight. It went into cleaning mode. I couldn’t get my turkey out of the oven for the photo shoot. It was locked and jammed and I couldn’t get it out for two days,” says Renee. “At midnight I had Renee says, “Alpha Gam chocolate lovers will to run to the store and grill a turkey outside.” scramble to indulge in the sinfully delicious pie.” Luckily, Renee was able to take her own advice— to laugh at her mistake, something she hopes that her cookbook is able to convey to frazzled cooks French Silk Pie across the world. from the kitchen of: Renee Spahn Ferguson, Beta Eta–Southern Illinois University “You have to help them to realize that the best 2 sticks unsalted butter, softened 1 teaspoon vanilla extract thing about the holidays, or any meal that you 2 cups powdered sugar 2 eggs (or egg substitute) 2 ounces (2 squares) unsweetened 1 baked pie shell share with family and friends is just that—you’re chocolate, melted and cooled Chocolate shavings or whipped cream sharing it with family and friends,” she says. “It for garnish doesn’t matter what you cook, as long as you’ve Cream the butter and slowly add the sugar. Beat in chocolate. Add the vanilla got the love around you and people around you. extract and mix well. Add the eggs one at a time, beating thoroughly until well That’s what’s important.” combined. Beat the mixture at high speed for 4 minutes. Spoon the mixture into the baked pie shell and refrigerate. Before serving, garnish Visit to check with chocolate shavings or whipped cream. out even more Alpha Gam recipes! 7
  • 10. collegiate news Spring 2008 Chapter Reports 2007 new member class was research by hosting a big lip This issue features reports submitted from collegiate chapters initiated October 21, 2007 and syncing contest. The contest located in Alabama through Michigan. Chapter Reports for all all were ecstatic about being is open to any Greek organiza- other chapters (Minnesota through West Virginia and Canada) Alpha Gamma Deltas. Our new tion that wants to participate. will appear in the Summer 2008 Quarterly. members were very active as Different teams come up with they participated in fraternity a song and dance routine that ham’s Into the Streets program, swaps and socials. Our chapter goes with a theme that we have alabama where they worked hard to clean up the campus and surround- as a whole stayed busy while helping other organizations on selected. For this year, teams were “kickin’ it old school” with our early hip hop themed Psi– P s i - ing Birmingham area. In the campus raise money for their campus’ Greek Awards, Gamma philanthropies. Our very own event. Alpha Gams closed out Universityof Alabama University of Alabama the evening with an exhibition Psi Chapter welcomed 78 won- Omega Chapter received sev- Haleigh Heinl was named Al- derful women into our sister- eral awards, including National pha Tau Omega’s Miss Valaha, performance. Lip Jam is our hood this fall. Our chapter is Panhellenic Council Highest which was a fund raiser for biggest fund raising event of excited about these new women Grade Point Average Award, the Big Brothers Big Sisters the fall semester, and we raised and anxious to see their other Member Education Program- organization. We raised $4,000 more money at this event than contributions to the chapter. ming Excellence Award and with our annual Fall Fest and at any others. We also had the This November, we hosted our the Dr. Aaron L. Lamar, Junior all money raised went to the best time getting dressed up and annual cookout. We served bar- Student Life Excellence Award. Alpha Gamma Delta Founda- dancing on stage—all in the becue to the community, raising Maurine Speake received the tion. Many of our sisters con- name of philanthropy, of course. almost $3,000 for the Alpha Outstanding Chapter President tributed their time and effort –Savannah Willingham Gamma Delta Foundation. The Award and the 2007 Greek while partnering with Habitat cookout brought smiles to the Woman of the Year. Kristin for Humanity to build a local Johnston received the Dr. Scotty family in Troy a new home. Theta Epsilon– i l o n – Theta Eps faces of the members of Psi Chapter and we know that it McCallum Alumnus of the Year We wrapped up our year with University rof South o f Unive sity will also bring smiles to the Award. Gamma Omega Chapter our annual Christmas Tea at Alabama A l a b a m a South children and families affected made an effort to connect the the Alpha Gamma Delta house Our chapter hosted a week-long by the funds raised. Grades new members with the rest of where sisters and alumnae philanthropy event this year. It have always been a priority for the chapter by hosting a New were invited to attend for food, was named “Squirrel Week” and the women of Psi Chapter. We Member Luau and attending fun and fellowship. Our year included activities such as Kid’s are also getting ready for our a University of Alabama at came to an end when we had Day, a penny drop, our annual spring auction, where we invite Birmingham football game our semi-formal in December. Alpha Gamma Delta spaghetti our parents and other members together. In December, the –Holley Clements dinner and a Big Man on Cam- of the community to bid on entire chapter attended a sister- pus pageant. For Halloween, hood retreat at a skating rink. Gamma a U p s i l o n different items. All proceeds G a m m Upsilon– G a m m a S i g m a - University of Montevallo- we held our Trick-or-Treat for support the Alpha Gamma Diabetes in which we raised Delta Foundation. The fall T r o y U n i v e r s i t y U nsisters of Gammat Upsilon The i v e r s i y l o nearly $200 for our philan- semester of 2008 was another Gamma Sigma– thropy. We placed second in the Troy University Chapter had a great fall 2007 scholarly year. The grade point semester. After a successful annual Chi Omega Songfest. average ranked fifth overall The ladies of Gamma Sigma –Stacy Lawson and fun Formal Recruitment, among all 21 of the National Chapter have had an amazing we focused on our big philan- Panhellenic Conference groups. fall semester. We extended bids thropy event for the semester: –Amanda Giles to over 30 beautiful and talented Lip Jam. Every year, we raise Gamma Omega– young ladies during Formal Recruitment. Our outstanding money for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation and diabetes california University of Alabama at Delta Iota– Birmingham California Stateo t a Delta I - The women of Gamma Omega C h Chico c University, i o Chapter have continued to cre- ate a presence on campus with Our chapter has had an abso- its high regard for scholarship, lutely amazing year! We wel- sisterhood and philanthropic comed 30 new sisters into our activities. The chapter hosted chapter last spring and eight this the 2nd annual Rock-A-Thon, past fall. We raised more than raising over $7,000. In addition, $3,000 cumulatively for spring members of Gamma Omega and fall semesters for the Al- Chapter participated in Uni- pha Gamma Delta Foundation versity of Alabama at Birming- through our bi-annual Charity 8 Delta Iota Chapter sisters pose for a fun photo.
  • 11. collegiate news Denim Sale. In addition, we and exciting as this one has raised more than $300 with our been; with everything we have Big Yellow House Car Wash planned, we know it will be! with proceeds going to the Al- –Caroline Pickett pha Gamma Delta Foundation. We have had mother-daughter and father-daughter weekends, Theta Phi– P h i Theta - as well as numerous sisterhood University of Tampa University of Tampa activities ranging from pumpkin In the past year, Theta Phi Chap- carving to attending Sacramen- ter has become number one in to Kings games. Our chapter’s scholarship of the five sororities cumulative grade point average on campus. We also had our is the highest of all sororities on annual Trick-or-Treating for Ju- campus, our basketball team venile Diabetes on Halloween. pulled first place overall for However, this year we made the third time in the last three our annual event a social with years and our flag football the newly-installed fraternity team placed first among all Delta Rho Chapter takes a break for a photo during recruitment. on campus, Delta Tau Delta. sororities on campus! We also We all had a great time trick-or- Sonoma State continues to Marathon. Our sisters stood received first place for Greek treating in the Bayshore area in grow, so does our chapter. We for 32 hours to raise money for Week dodgeball for the second Tampa Bay with the Delts and initiated nine new members in Children’s Miracle Network. time. Go Alpha Gamma Delta! raised more than $300. Another the spring. A successful spring Next, we participated in Relay –Danielle Miller l l l l l l major event we hosted in the was good practice as we pledged for Life. We walked for our own 37 new members in the fall. The cancer survivor and donated fall semester was a Halloween- fall 2007 new member class is money to the American Cancer themed carnival. Events that e l t Pi– Delta a P i – the largest in our history. Delta Society in hopes of finding a took place at our carnival at the San Francisco State Rho also focused a lot of its cure for cancer. We began fall University of Tampa were palm University time on philanthropy. We held 2007 by welcoming a fantastic reading, graveyard musical Delta Pi Chapter has had such our annual fund raiser, Lip Jam, new member class into our chairs and mummy wrapping. a fun fall semester starting with which raised over $6,000 for the sisterhood. We bonded with We had several of the sorori- our Formal Recruitment, where Alpha Gamma Delta Founda- our new members by having ties and fraternities on campus we gained 33 new members. tion. We also participated in a sisterhood weekend at the participate in the activities and Since then we have had a great the Cystic Fibrosis Walk in San beach. Fall semester was very all proceeds went toward the Al- time getting to know them by Francisco this past spring, as eventful, from Homecoming, pha Gamma Delta Foundation. having sisterhood events ex- well as the annual JDRF Walk to philanthropies to Initiation. –Christina Gandia ploring San Francisco and our in Napa on October 12. Delta Our Greek Idol contestant was annual fall retreat—a relaxing Rho holds the distinction of the impressive, and our chapter having the highest grade point took fourth place in Sigma weekend in Santa Cruz. With our philanthropy, Squeeze for average of all Greek organiza- tions on campus, as well as Chi’s Derby Days! Our winning streak continued with a second georgia Diabetes, a new tradition began. We sold lemonade at our Alpha winning Event of the Year for place finish at Warchant as well Mu– Gamma Delta stand to students on-campus events for Lip Jam. as our sister winning Big Fan Brenau University Our recruitment, leadership, on Campus during Homecom- M u – on campus. This year we raised Mu Chapter has been intensely over $100 for the Alpha Gamma scholarship and various achieve- ing Week. We can only hope ments throughout the year have that next year is as successful involved in recruiting new sis Delta Foundation and we plan to make this a yearly event. We contributed toward Delta Rho maintain our role as the most becoming a Five Star Chapter. spirited organization on campus –Laura Koue from the award we won last spring, National Panhellenic Conference Most Spirited, which we are all so proud of. –Erin O’Leary florida Delta Rho - Gamma Beta– e t a – Gamma B S o Rho– o m a Delta n Florida State University e Florida Stat Sonoma State University The sisters of Gamma Beta Chapter started off 2007 by This has been a fabulous year participating in Florida State for Delta Rho Chapter! As University’s annual Dance Gamma Beta Chapter celebrates sisterhood at the beach. 9
  • 12. collegiate news ters for 2007. In the spring, we with an amazing Pearl Formal gained two new members from which was held at the Buckhead Continuous Open Recruitment Ballroom in Atlanta. During the activities. During Formal Re- summer months many of our cruitment, we recruited ten Alpha members took summer classes, Gams—more new members than while others were orientation any other chapter on campus. We leaders, allowing them to meet have also represented ourselves and get to know many of the new well on Brenau University’s students planning to attend West campus. Mu Chapter earned first Georgia in the fall. Some of our place during the Greek Week members also traveled during Variety Show. We also hold the summer months with a study the second highest grade point abroad program and missionary average of Greeks on campus. work. Another one of our great Mu Chapter has enjoyed several accomplishments was winning sisterhood retreats and socials. Homecoming for a second year This past spring we spent a Mu Chapter sisters have fun at their corn maze sisterhood retreat. in a row. In an attempt to raise weekend in Rabun County, money for our philanthropy, we Georgia, where sisters enjoyed another great recruitment with ter. One of our most memorable kicked the school year off to a hiking and laser tag among other 63 new members to add to the accomplishments of the year great start in raising $1,400 dur- sisterhood-building activities. five new members from the was winning our school’s an- ing our second annual barbecue. We also held the Double Rose spring. The sisters welcomed nual Video Night competition. We also participated in Tiny Formal on St. Patrick’s Day the new women at our sisterhood The competition is a chance Tots, which allows our members and enjoyed visiting with alum- retreat where everyone was able for all the Greek organizations to interact with the parents and nae during May Day weekend. to learn more about their sisters. to participate in a dance-off in children of Carrollton through Through our annual trick-or- In September, Taylor Swift per- the hopes of winning $1,000 games, activities, food and fun. treating and Sugar Strike this formed to a sold-out crowd for in prize money to donate to the Along with all the social events fall, we were able to raise more our annual philanthropy concert. organization’s philanthropy. occurring during the semester, than $600 toward our goal for The girls enjoyed a bustling The theme was the 80s and our including crush parties, socials, the Alpha Gamma Delta Founda- social calendar that included a winning routine consisted of date nights and semi-formal, our tion. We hope to achieve Jewel wonderful spring Formal and dance routines from Pat Benatar, members were able to relax and Chapter status again this year. winter semi-formal. Run DMC and the legendary enjoy eventful evenings together. –Ivey Nash Michael Jackson. The money –Lindsay Walker we won helped us reach Jewel Gamma Alpha – Gammam a University of Georgia G a m Tau– T a u – Chapter status. Other activities Gamma Phi– Gamma Alpha– University of West West that we participated in during the Gamma University of Georgia State University of Georgia spring were intramurals, where Georgia Institute of i Ph Georgia Institute of Tech – The year 2007 was an exciting The women of Gamma Tau we finished first in softball and Technology one for Gamma Alpha Chapter. Chapter have experienced a second in basketball, as well as From sisterhood to philanthro- Spring saw the continuation of very exciting and successful many community philanthropy py, the sisters of Gamma Phi our house renovations. The sis- year. During the spring and fall events, including an Alzheimer’s Chapter have held a constant ters enjoyed a great International semesters of 2007, we initiated walk and a local road race called presence in the Georgia Tech Reunion Day with a strong 19 wonderful women who have A Step at a Time which benefits community. Spring began with alumnae chapter. Fall brought become great assets to our chap- abused women and children. Run for Roses, our annual phi- We finished off the semester lanthropy event for the Alpha 10 Taylor Swift performs a concert for Gamma Alpha’s philanthropy. The women of Gamma Tau Chapter smile for the camera.
  • 13. collegiate news Gamma Delta Foundation. An S i g m a Sigma– – increase in runners, personal and University Illinois University of of Illinois corporate sponsorships enabled Sigma Chapter has been very us to raise $4,000 for the Al- involved in various activities pha Gamma Delta Foundation, including an ice cream social with which brings our yearly total the new members, intramural to $5,000. Gamma Phi Chapter soccer and attending University relaxed a bit with our Beauty of Illinois sporting events. We and the Geek crush party and have had numerous sisterhood some great mixers. Alpha Gams events including going to the at Georgia Tech once again held movies, visiting a local haunted the highest grade point average house, going to an apple orchard out of all sororities. We also and decorating pumpkins for celebrated our chapter’s 35th Halloween. We won Greek anniversary this year. We held Week this year through high many events and many alumnae, attendance at campus speakers, including our chapter’s found- Gamma Phi sisters and “Buzz” host Run for Roses on campus. canning to raise money for ers, came back to celebrate with Habitat for Humanity and us! As Formal Recruitment drew community on campus, Delta attendance at the variety show. closer, Gamma Phi Chapter pre- pared with recruitment training Sigma Chapter joined with the local Kappa Sigma fraternity illinois Sigma Chapter also won Chapter of the Week at the University and Spirit Week. Our hard work and participated in a variety of of Illinois in September. Our paid off and we welcomed 44 events. Between barbecues, chapter also won Sigma Phi amazing new members into our formals and Secret Valentine Xi Chapter– Epsilon’s philanthropy event, chapter! Football games brought dinners, our two groups have Illinois Wesleyan SigEp Presents. This year we many people to our house for our formed an amazing bond. Some University held our annual philanthropy popular pancake breakfasts— of our most accomplished work Xi Chapter has been involved in event, Alpha Gamma Delta fund raisers to raise money to- has centered on our volunteer various activities this year and Water Wars. This year was ward our new house. Our chapter activities. We participated in our have had great visibility on cam- one of our most successful also kept busy with our fall crush campus/community-wide Relay pus. We organized a decades- years. We had close to 40 teams party, four mixers, Homecoming For Life, the annual Juvenile themed mixer, sister-mother participate and raised around week, our Sisterhood Retreat Diabetes Research Foundation outings and hosted a scholarship $5,000. The teams did activities and semi-formal held this year Walk and Greek Week. Our tea for all of our professors. such as tug of war, relay races at the Hard Rock Café. At the proudest moments are those we We also sponsored a successful and water balloon dodgeball. end of December we held our have spent “contributing to the Fraternity Alcohol Awareness Recruitment 2007 was another annual Study Break Party to give world’s work in the community seminar and we won the schol- great year for the Sigma Chapter every sister a chance to relax I am placed.” We strive to live arship trophy this semester. We women! We welcomed 50 while enjoying great food and up to this line in The Purpose. also had great visibility off cam-new members to our chapter. friendship before finals week. pus, trick-or-treating for canned –Jennifer Duffett –Rachael Jacob and Lindsay goods and having sisterhood Brandino events with the Alpha Gamma Deltas at Illinois State Universi- B e t a Beta Eta– E t a – ty and the University of Illinois. S o u t h e r n I l l i n o i s –Megan M. Christensen Southern Illinois hawaii University The women of Beta Eta have been very busy but very success- Delta Sigma– ful this past fall semester. We had University of Hawaii at – a successful recruitment and our Xi Chapter new members were initiated in Manoa early December. Many of them Delta Sigma Chapter has had now hold offices in the chapter. a very busy and productive Not long after recruitment was year! We have had two amazing over, Beta Eta was notified of recruitment periods and have becoming a Five Star chapter initiated a wonderful group of as well as reaching Jewel status women. We have spent much for the 13th year. We also had time together outside of chap- the highest Panhellenic grade ter in activities that include point average for the fourth con- camping, dinners, trips to the secutive year. We participated in beach and movie nights. In an multiple mixers with effort to strengthen the Greek Women from Sigma Chapter make memories on campus. 11
  • 14. collegiate news fraternities and participated in Southern Illinois University’s annual Homecoming parade. Not only have we been vis- ible through Homecoming, but many women hold offices in other on-campus organizations. We also invited our professors and instructors as guests of honor for our Professionals Dinner. Ten of our local profes- sionals came and all were very appreciative of our efforts. Also, the chapter participated in the Beta Iota Chapter welcomes more than 30 new members on Bid Day. Greek Leadership Conference, second overall. Members were nity service projects. We helped awards held a lot of meaning a conference put together by ourmost proud of placing first in coach and were scorekeepers because we were able to see our Inter-Greek Council, where we Greek Sing. The chapter also for the girls’ fifth and sixth hard work pay off. Our year heard from many campus of- placed first in pyramids. The grade basketball teams, wrote to continued to get even better ficials and Greek instructors on chapter was awarded the highest fourth grade pen pals and helped with our women showing their recruitment, positive leadership, annual sorority grade point av- with the annual community superior dance skills by placing academic excellence and risk erage for the year. Spring ended Christmas parade by passing out first at March Madness, a local management. As for our phil- with our traditional Grateful helium balloons to children. We chapter’s philanthropy dance anthropic events, twice a month Gams date party. Returning in ended the year placing second competition. All of the proceeds the chapter would participate inAugust we were thrilled to learn in intramurals and placing first went toward the Make-A-Wish Adopt-A-Spot as well as volun- we were a Strive for Pi chapter in football for the second year Foundation. These two prized teer at campus events like bloodand also had been recognized as in a row. We look forward to events all added up to our most drives. For the Foundation, we a Five Star chapter. Formal Re- another successful year in 2008. successful recruitment ever! We raised a lot of money through cruitment was very successful –Brittany Hardy have a new pledge class of 37 our inaugural Alpha Gam Slam and the chapter reached quota members! These women have volleyball tournament. We also with 33 new members. Beta worked very hard this past se- went trick-or-treating for dia- Beta Omicron–r o n – eta Omic Iota celebrated 47 years with a mester learning and practicing betes and worked at local fairs birthday party with alumnae. In Illinois State University Illinois State University being an Alpha Gam. Many of to raise money. In the future, October our annual teeter tot- The women of Beta Omicron these Alpha Gamma Deltas are we look forward to competing ter marathon raised once again Chapter are proud to end this jumping into officer positions in the Theta Xi Variety Show more than $2,000 for the Alpha year with many achievements. and are very excited to get in- with Tau Kappa Epsilon, con- Gamma Delta Foundation. One of our greatest accom- volved! The year 2007 was one tinuing on with our outstanding This will be for the Jane Peters plishments was receiving many of the best for the women of legacy and moving forward Dawson scholarship endow- honors at Greek Awards. We Alpha Gamma Delta. We have with Alpha Gamma Delta. ment. We held Initiation and received a total of eight awards, had many sisterhoods that have –Kristin DeFiore Feast of Roses in November. including Outstanding New brought us closer as a chapter It was an exciting time and we Member, Scholarship, Member- including a pumpkin carving were proud of our new sisters. ship Development, Membership contest, ropes course, camping B e tIota– I o t a Beta a – Throughout the fall, members Recruitment, Risk Reduction trip and a Mary Kay party. All Illinois University Eastern Illinois University have been involved in many and Management and Most Im- of these sisterhoods enabled 2007 was a great year for Beta philanthropies and commu- proved Chapter Award. These us to learn and grow together Iota Chapter. We began the year as well as create long-lasting with an open house, dinner and friendships. The women of auction for Parents Weekend. Alpha Gamma Delta proudly This is a fun event for members represent themselves on our and parents. In March we held campus and our hometowns a 5K Glory Run in memory of every day. We will be sure to Glorivette Alegria, a member keep all of our alumnae up who passed away a year before. to date on upcoming events! This was very successful and –Keri Currier the funds raised went toward a scholarship in Glorivette’s memory. Beta Iota also raised $500 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital with a spaghetti sup- per. The chapter was very suc- cessful in Greek Week, placing 12 Beta Omicron sisters take a break during recruitment.
  • 15. collegiate news fathers to help celebrate the Beta indiana – Delta Jayhawks’ success! Along with our Homecoming partners, Phi Delta Theta, we participated in week-long events and won first Beta Delta– place with our chalk mural rep- Indiana University resenting the theme “Jayhawk Beta Delta Chapter experienced Nation.” All this led up to the a year full of success and adjust- Homecoming parade and anoth- ments in 2007. In January, Bid er victory for the football team! Day brought 45 new members In November, we initiated 25 who were initiated in March. new members into our chapter International Reunion Day was and celebrated afterward with spent celebrating in Indianapolis the Feast of Roses. Right before with our sisters from Ball State Thanksgiving, Epsilon Beta University. August started a new Chapter received the exciting school year and new changes Epsilon Beta Chapter recruits successfully in their fun western gear. news that we had been chosen to the house. Along with the 45 to perform in the university’s both a Varieties show and Greek Pajama Jam breakfast and once annual Rock Chalk Review, a new members moving into the Week, Rho Chapter also re- again raised over $1,000 for the chapter house, Beta Delta also show benefiting the United Way ceived the President’s Award of Alpha Gamma Delta Founda- of Douglas County. Our direc- received a new house mom— Excellence–the highest honor tion. In between our plethora Mom Lyn. Our annual fountain tors worked tirelessly through given in the Iowa State Uni- of student organization par- the fall semester writing an pictures took place the last versity Greek Community— ticipation, we found time to weekend of September and original musical in hopes of for the 7th year in a row! We host a fall party and a Sunday being chosen to perform. This it is easy to see in the photos held two major social events. afternoon Christmas party. how close all of our members prestigious honor is only of- In April, we welcomed three –Joy Carroll fered to five organizations. We are to each other, especially more women into sisterhood, our graduating seniors as they look forward to spending the and on International Reunion next few months preparing our climbed onto the edge of the Day (IRD), we honored alum- fountain, held hands and jumped into the icy cold water together. nae and graduating seniors. To wrap up the spring semester, kansas musical “Snowed Inn” with our fraternity partners, Pi Kappa Phi. –Elizabeth Hughes The second weekend in October Rho Chapter finished first in Epsilon Beta– ushered in Teeter-Totter-A- grades for all Greek chapters University of–Kansas Epsilon Beta Thon, which raised more than at Iowa State University! In Epsilon Kappa– $4,000. The year was rounded It has been a very exciting year August, we took part in Formal so far for Epsilon Beta Chapter. Pittsburg n KUniversity E p s i l o State a p p a – out with officer elections and Recruitment, extending bids to Epsilon Kappa Chapter had an then IU Dance Marathon, in We kicked off a great year with 24 women and reaching quota fall Formal Recruitment and invigorating semester. It started which six of our women danced plus. Homecoming activities off with a sisterhood canoe trip, for 36 hours straight, helping pledged an amazing group of kept us busy, and we were women. We spent the fall cheer- during which our chapter sur- to raise over a million dollars proud to win first place in the vived a monsoon and became for Riley Hospital for Children. ing the Kansas football team to lawn display competition and their most successful season closer to each other. A run out –Tracie Ortman the overall competition with with the men of Pi Kappa Alpha ever. The chapter hosted tail- our pairing. In October we gating events during two home soon followed in which the la- held our annual Alpha Gam games for our alumnae and our dies of Epsilon Kappa domi iowa Rho– Iowa State University In 2007, Rho Chapter enjoyed continuing the sisterhood of Al- pha Gamma Delta. Rho Chapter participated in philanthropic events, the highlight of which was Rho’s first Mr. Greek com- petition. The event was co- produced with another sorority and raised over $1,000 for the Alpha Gamma Delta Founda- tion! Besides placing third in Epsilon Kappa Chapter gathers together at a canoe trip. 13
  • 16. collegiate news nated in four square. Our chapter put on their plaid pants and held the annual golf tournament, rais- Rock-A-Thon philanthropy event. Weeks prior to the event, sisters were matched up with fra- massachusetts michigan ing more than $2,500 for the Al- ternities and sororities and taught ZetarZeta–t e r P o l y - Alpha Beta– Wo c e s pha Gamma Delta Foundation. them a dance to a sequence of WorcestercPolytechnicu t e University of Michigan techni Instit This is our tenth year as a Jewel songs they were to lip-sync to on Institute 2007 was a phenomenal year Chapter. Homecoming festivi- stage and planned a skit for the This year has been another flour- for Alpha Beta Chapter. After ties kept every girl busy as we Dude Looks Like A Lady com- ishing one for Zeta Zeta Chapter. more than doubling in size last participated in Gorilla Games, petition. Members of the various Our winter Formal was enjoyed year to 62 members, Alpha Beta Yard Art, the parade float and Greek organizations gathered on by the chapter and their guests brought in an amazing class of the prestigious Yell Like Hell, campus to cheer on their broth- in January. Spring came and 31 new members from Formal dance/cheer competition. All ers or sisters. The sisters of the before we knew it, it was time Recruitment who were initi- of these events incorporated the senior class sat around the stage for our biggest philanthropy ated in December. The chapter theme of The Price is Right. A in rocking chairs, clad in crowns event: the annual Teeter-Totter- is continuing to build on these blind date party kept the Epsilon and sashes. Each individually a-Thon with Lambda Chi Alpha wonderful additions to our sis- Kappa women eagerly waiting voted on the best acts and, after Fraternity. The event helped us terhood through Continuous in anticipation to find out who total points for performance, raise a lot of money for the Al- Open Recruitment and is look- their dates would be. The semes- banner, penny and ribbon wars pha Gamma Delta Foundation ing forward to informal recruit- ter wound up with the initiation were combined, the winner of and was a lot of fun despite the ment. Alpha Beta has greatly in- of 23 lovely new members. each division was announced. unpleasant weather. It was made creased its presence on campus –Tiffany Martin After the last jazz square had even more exciting by a visit and in the Greek community. been performed and the music from members of Discovery This fall, Alpha Beta partici- came to a stop, the sisters stayed Channel’s Mythbusters who had pated in exchange dinners with Epsilon Mu– overnight in the Curris Center. been on campus for an event. At other sororities, supported other Forth Hays State We danced, played games, ate the end of last school year, the chapters’ philanthropy events University and shared a fireside chat, mak- Greek Alumni Council awarded and fielded teams in intramurals. The Alpha Gams of Epsilon ing our sisterhood bond that our chapter with eight of 17 Two sisters served as Rho Ome- Mu Chapter have been busy. In much closer. Money made from awards, including Chapter of gas during Formal Recruitment February 2007, we had our crush penny wars, business donations, the Year! Our sisters completed and one was appointed to the In- party in honor of Valentine’s raffle ticket and admission sales ternal Panhellenic Recruitment Day. Greek Week took place many hours of community ser- helped the sisters of Gamma vice. We recently started our sec- Committee. In the recent college in March and we won several Panhellenic elections, an Alpha awards for grades at the Greek Xi contribute $7,400 to the Al- ond annual Bowl-O-Rama fund pha Gamma Delta Foundation. raiser to benefit the Foundation Beta was elected Vice President Week banquet. At the beginning Finance on the Panhellenic Ex- of March 2007, we had a Fall –Jordan Myrick and had large campus partici- Retreat at the chapter house fol- pation. Fall term began with a ecutive Board and three sisters lowed by Mom-Dot Day in April. week of Recruitment Training were elected to major Greek Gamma Omicron– Gamma Omicron – boards. With a sister also on the Also in April, we hosted an In- School which led us to a suc- ternational Reunion Day brunch. E a s t Kentucky K e n - Eastern e r n cessful recruitment. We have 27 Greek Week Steering Commit- In September, we had our fall University tucky University tee, Alpha Beta is now repre- amazing new members! We’re retreat where we played games, The sisters of Gamma Omicron sented on every possible Greek- camped out, roasted marshmal- all excited to see what next Chapter had a wonderful 2007! year has in store for us. l wide campus organization! The lows and had a great time. In We started off the spring semes- chapter had great sisterhood October, we had Initiation and ter by initiating five new women events this fall, including apple Feast of Roses. For Halloween, and holding our annual philan- picking, our annual Barn Dance we went trick-or-treating for the Alpha Gamma Delta Founda- thropy event, Alpha Gam Slam. tion. We finished the year out by During Greek Week, our chapter wrapping presents in November won several awards including and December at the mall to first place in the Greek games raise money for the Foundation. and the All-Sports award for –Krista Coykendall the ninth year in a row. Fall re- cruitment paid off when 17 new members were initiated. Our second annual Twist Off event was held, helping us to raise kentucky money for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation. With 2007 coming to an end, 2008 looks Gamma Xi– Gamma Xi – like a great year for the sisters Murray State University Murray State University of Gamma Omicron as our In November, the Gamma Xi chapter and sisterhood continues Chapter enjoyed our annual to grow! Alpha Beta Chapter increases its visibility on campus with a successful 14 Formal Recruitment. Z e t a Z e t a –
  • 17. collegiate news and Homecoming events. Last year. We started off the new spring, our chapter was involved school year strong with work in winter carnival events, along weekend, Recruitment Training with an alumnae tea and Feast School and freshmen move-in of Roses. Our chapter has had day. Throughout fall term we great campus participation this participated in Rake-a-Differ- year, including numerous Alpha ence and had our first experi- Gams helping out with Make a ence with informal recruitment. Difference Day—a recruitment We gained 10 amazing new event with the dorms called Hall women, which we initiated of Champions, and a number in December. We also hosted of us participating in the Greek several successful philanthropy Leadership Symposium on our events. Many of our sisters campus. We recently received volunteered for the Northwood first place in an all-Greek bowl- University International Auto ing social. We are currently Show and participated in a se- Alpha Pi Chapter shares its sisterhood with new members on Bid Day. getting ready for another busy nior vs. underclassmen powder spring semester with a hopeful puff football game at the end and semi-formal in December. Zeta Alpha– first place in winter carnival. of September. Our winter term We also hosted an alumnae Z e t a Michiganh a Eastern A l p – –Tara Gokey promises to be just as exciting. dinner the weekend of a home University football game and a Mother- Our chapter, Zeta Alpha, has Z e t a O m i c r o n - Daughter Tea during parents’ had an exciting semester. Our Ke t t e r i n g U n ive r s i t y Zeta Omicron– Zeta Upsilon– weekend. We are looking for- semester started off with a very Kettering University Z e t a Michigan l o n - Northern U p s i ward to adding great new sisters successful structured recruit- University Northern Michigan University this spring and filling the chapter ment, resulting in the Initiation The sisters of Zeta Omicron As the members of Zeta Upsilon house next year. Can’t wait to of 11 new members! Through- Chapter have had an amazing Chapter came back to a new see what happens during 2008! out the semester we made fund year! We were very involved school year in the fall, we were –Erica Burdo in various activities this year. raising for the Alpha Gamma It started with an exciting fund recognized as a Jewel Chapter Delta Foundation a top priority. raising event at Cedar Point, one for the 2006-2007 school year. We raised $800 by volunteering of the world’s largest amuse- We raised more than $2,000 to Alpha Pi– at a haunted house through- ment parks. We raised more help the Alpha Gamma Delta A l p h a University – out the month of October. We than $2,000 for the Alpha Gam- Wayne State P i Foundation. We attended the Alpha Pi Chapter has been reached out to other sororities ma Delta Foundation. We also Greek Week barbecue, coor- involved in various activities and fraternities on campus by sold Crush cans for Sweetest dinated our Continuous Open in the past year. These include hosting a Greek Sale. All of Day. Following that, we had Recruitment (COR) activities our annual Bowl-A-Thon, our the sororities and fraternities, quite a few recruitment and with the Greek Week events, and Alumnae Barbecue, visiting the including service fraternities, sisterhood events, including entertained kids while volunteer- Barat House and Boys Meth- contributed to our sale. This fund sisterhood scrapbooking and ing for the Haunted Bog Walk odist Home and participating raiser was very successful with dinners. As always, we main- for Halloween. We participated in many campus events, such a profit of $543. It also gave us tain friendly campus relations in Make A Difference Day and as Homecoming and Warrior an opportunity to get involved with other Greek houses. We helped rake leaves. Our advisor Games. At our third annual on campus. We had many sister- have had game night, dinners hosted a brunch for us that same Bowl-A-Thon, we raised enough hood events this year, includ- and serenading with different day. Three girls were initiated money to make Alpha Pi a Jewel ing a pumpkin carving event fraternities. Also, we held an last semester and we celebrated Chapter again this year. We also where we carved a pumpkin for alumnae retreat to keep in touch. with the Red Rose Formal. visited the Barat House where each sorority and fraternity on After that, we held our annual When our chapter returned we had pizza, played games and campus. Our chapter also won semi-formal and all had a good from winter break, our first big danced with the girls there. At the Panhellenic study hours time. Throughout the year, we task was COR. We coordinated the Boys Methodist Home we competition for the semester had scholarship study sessions meet and greet nights, sled- painted cars and coloring books. with a total of 4,500 hours. l and had seven women decide to ding events and a game night. We are also planning a new –Ashley Conway join our wonderful chapter in the We extended bids to two new philanthropy event to be held on spring! We had an amazing year women. For a philanthropy fund campus called Mr. Alpha Gam and strengthened our sisterhood! raiser, we sold coupon books. to raise money for the Alpha Zeta Epsilon– –Stephanie Hetrick l l l We organized Greek Jeopardy Gamma Delta Foundation. Our Z e t a Michigan E p s i l o n - Technological with the members of Tau Kappa fall Formal Recruitment was a M i c h i g a n University Tech e t a Sigma – Epsilon and a few of the Alpha Zeta Sigma– great success. We gained 14 new Our chapter, Zeta Epsilon, has Northwood University Gams participated in human members this semester and are been involved in many activities Northwood University bowling the following night. looking forward to Initiation. this year, including a sisterhood The Zeta Sigma Chapter has –Kalli Thurgood –Heather Rocca o retreat, Keweenaw Day (K-day) been very busy over the last 15
  • 18. alumnae news Making Others Great Successful Sister Inspires All to Reach for Greatness D Donna smiles after receiving the M ki O h Great award from Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates il f i i h Making Others G df Mi f Ch i G (at left) and Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer (at right) during the 2007 Microsoft Company Meeting at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington. A Career Journey I n September 2007, Donna Yingling Hamilton, Zeta Mu–Richard Stockton College, stood waiting to accept an award. As her name was called, she nervously eyed a flight of stairs leading to the stage, Donna’s career at Microsoft began almost ten years ago. Since then, she has steadily built upon her skills and talents through several silently praying that she wouldn’t trip. different positions in the company. “It’s been almost a natural evolu- tion of skills over time,” she says. This evolution has imparted upon Donna’s trepidation was justifiable. The stairs she climbed led her a unique combination of skills, pairing technical knowledge her to a stage at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington during the with communications and public relations expertise. 2007 Microsoft Company Meeting. The presenters weren’t minor players either, but rather Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Chief Though Donna’s interest in communications dates back to a high Executive Officer Steve Ballmer. And the award presentation was school speech class, which prompted her to major in public rela- witnessed by 20,000 onlookers at the meeting, as well as thousands tions as an undergraduate, her technical aptitude was largely a of others taking part in a studio-cast viewed around the world. result of professional experience post-college. Though nerve-racking, the honor was worth it. Donna, a Senior “I ended up getting hired as a recruiter in a technology consulting Communications Manager at Microsoft, was the first-ever re- firm, so I started my career as a recruiter for technical people,” she cipient of the Microsoft Making Others Great award, one of only says. It was from this position that she was recruited by Microsoft. five awards given within a company boasting more than 80,000 “Because I had that technical aptitude, I ended up going and work- employees worldwide. But while the award validated years of ing on Microsoft’s recruiting systems. Through that experience, I dedication and a natural born sense of enthusiasm and tenacity, was able to couple my communication skills and technical aptitude most anyone could comprehend the value of Donna’s role in her in a way that was not common at Microsoft.” family, her company and her community even without the help of such tangible evidence. It was while working as an Implementation Product Manager in Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division that Donna identi- fied a need for the company and petitioned her ability to fulfill that 16
  • 19. alumnae news need. “I basically created my own job,” she says. “I went to my whole-heartedly with a positive attitude,” she advises. “I think VP and said, ‘You don’t have a communications manager. I really that when everyone goes into their lives every day thinking about think you need this job,’” Donna recalls. “I gave him a description how fortunate they are, it changes your perspective on things. The of the job and what the person could help him to accomplish from a byproduct of that is success.” business perspective and he said, ‘You’ve got it.’” With that, Donna became the first Communications Manager in the division. Making Others Great As the title for the Making Others Great award would indicate, Today, Donna serves as the Senior Communications Manager in Donna feels strongly about the importance of mentoring in gaining the office of Microsoft’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), Tony both personal and professional satisfaction and achievement. She Scott. “I handle all internal employee communications and external contributes much of her own success to the role her own mentor PR for our CIO,” Donna says. “I’m the behind the scenes person played in her life, which prompted her to serve as a mentor for who organizes all of his tours and speaking engagements, press, other women through the Microsoft mentoring program. all that fun stuff.” “ “ Today, Donna has three men- Donna sees the ability to tees and primarily works with recognize her strengths other working mothers, as as a major contributor to I think that when everyone well as Asian Pacific women, her success today. “I’m who she says can struggle in able to identify a need goes into their lives every day the American business world and then understand what talent, experience, thinking about how fortunate because of cultural differenc- es. “I try to focus on diverse motivation can help to they are, it changes your groups of women who I think fill that need,” Donna ex- I can help,” she says. In addi- plains. “It’s finding that perspective on things. The tion to the Microsoft mentor- niche and then filling it byproduct of that is success. ing program, Donna has also like no one else can.” sought to advance women in the field through participation in programs like “Women in A Balancing Act IT” and by leading a Women’s Conference Series podcast. As if a job that can consume 70 to 80 hours a week weren’t enough, Donna also juggles family life with her husband and three children under the age of five with volunteering in her community and It appears that her hard work has paid off. Naomi Sturtz, one of teaching dance lessons. This hectic schedule requires constant re- Donna’s former mentees, submitted Donna’s nomination for the evaluation of priorities and an understanding partnership between Making Others Great award, noting that Donna “is truly my inspira- herself and her husband. tion for reaching beyond my own perceived limits and stretching toward greatness. When I think of greatness, two words come to “For me, it’s all about setting boundaries and being respectful of mind: ‘potential’ and ‘Donna.’” my partner. I time box it,” Donna comments on the long hours required of her in her current position. “I’m willing to do this for Even though several months have passed since Donna successfully two months and then I’m not willing to do this anymore. Then I navigated those Safeco Field stairs and became the first recipient need to shift my priorities—I’ll cut back on the work time and of the Making Others Great award, the memory of the experience focus on the personal time.” and the honor of the award will never escape her. While setting these priorities and balancing a busy, but fulfilling, “What I got awarded for—it doesn’t get any better than that,” she life, one of Donna’s personal philosophies helps her to maintain a says. “It wasn’t for my own accomplishments; it wasn’t for my positive attitude and glean satisfaction from everyday existence. own achievements. It was because when there’s a success train that I’m on, I bring other people with me.” “If there’s one message I can impart on people, it’s that life is about choices. If you make a choice do something, go for it 17
  • 20. alumnae news Sister Supports St. Jude Young Alumna Shines in Current Position Amy didn’t stumble upon her current position by chance. After being an intern for St. Jude for two years and being involved in Up ‘til Dawn throughout college, Amy was offered a position she couldn’t refuse. Being a leader in Alpha Gamma Delta and working with Up ‘til Dawn helped Amy realize that her initial career ambition of being a news anchor was not her ultimate passion; her dream was to strive to achieve the mission of St. Jude. “It is amazing how much you learn about yourself in college and how many people are willing to help you find your path,” Amy says, urging collegians to keep an open mind while choosing a career track. “Take advan- tage of the opportunities to try something new. Alpha Gam has a way of pointing out your areas of strength. By serving as an of- ficer or just noticing the role you seem to take in your chapter, you can find what you Amy Jackson landed her dream job immediately following college graduation. are truly meant to do.” “ “ T oday’s college stu- dents are encouraged to participate in campus Amy has the unique op- portunity to see Alpha activities, apply for in- It i so special to share not only is Gamma Delta sisterhood on a national scale, as ternships and ultimately a mutual love for the mission she meets Alpha Gam prepare themselves for their future careers. The of St. Jude, but also share our collegians and college student affairs profes- competition for jobs Alpha Gamma Delta values. sionals during her travels. is fierce; thousands of The tremendous amount qualified students gradu- of support and sisterhood ate each year. Some graduates, like Amy Jackson, Gamma Zeta- Amy felt in college deepens as she meets Alpha Gams nationwide University of Memphis, stand out among the rest. who are making a difference in their communities. A recent Alpha Gam alumna, Amy landed her dream job imme- “It is so special to share not only a mutual love for the mission diately following graduation. At age 25, Amy is in charge of a of St. Jude, but also share our Alpha Gamma Delta values,” Amy national program called Up ‘til Dawn, in which students at more says. “It never ceases to impress me how these women can inspire than 230 colleges and universities work together to raise support a shared vision on their campuses.” and awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The Up ‘til Dawn program culminates with an all-night event at which Amy has discovered a satisfying profession that enables her to en- students literally stay up until dawn. joy going to work every single day. A balanced college education— maintaining academics, building lifelong friendships and being an “[Up ‘til Dawn] is a night students set aside to honor patients who active Alpha Gam—is an excellent formula for success. have so many sleepless nights while they are at St. Jude,” Amy, whose official title is Senior Collegiate Marketing Representative, says. “It is so exciting to see college students join our effort to fight childhood cancer. It is making such a difference.” 18
  • 21. alumnae news An Uplifting Retirement Alpha Gam Enjoys Ballooning for Twelve Years Ranch, which is the site for the Foundation Event and Dinner at International Convention in San Antonio. They gave over 90 tethered rides to guests that night. Kari has always enjoyed serving others, as evidenced by being a teacher in several states as well as Guam and Ja- pan. In addition, Kari was in charge of the schools in the Hawaii Correctional System and taught in a San Antonio j jail. In her retirement, Kari volunteers at a thrift shop that helps dress disadvantaged children, ushers at a theater and helps out at the local hospice. She also participates in the Gourmet Club, which is a local group that swaps recipes and meals. “I firmly believe that the more we give to others, the happier and more prosperous we become,” Kari said. “The [Alpha Gamma Delta] Purpose expresses this beautifully.” Kari and her husband, Don, are ready for flight. Kari became involved with alumnae life in Alpha Gam after a fellow Kari prepares for one of her sister called her and offered to take K ari Kottke Willenbring’s Alpha Gam sisters at Delta Chapter– University of Minnesota never would have thought that as a timid collegian Kari would become a confident go-getter later in many cruise trips. her to an International Reunion Day celebration in Honolulu. After she life. and her husband retired to San Antonio, Texas, she joined the San Antonio Alumnae Club, where she now currently serves as Perhaps one of the most interesting hobbies Kari and her husband president. You may also meet Kari at International Convention Don have enjoyed in their retirement is being crew chiefs for hot in San Antonio this June, as she is serving as the Local Arrange- air balloon flights. Governed by the Balloon Federation of America ments Chairman. (BFA), one must crew at least 100 times and perform various func- tions of increasing difficulty to be named crew chief. Kari stopped “Alpha Gam took the ‘rough edges’ off this small town, shy girl recording her flights after 250 times. Although they stopped bal- at University of Minnesota,” Kari says. “Twenty-five years [after looning in July 2006 due to arthritis woes, the couple ballooned for graduation], I realized that I could have fun with these women. over a decade. One evening, they had three balloons at the Knibbe Now, these ladies are truly my sisters.” Staff Honored as Alumnae Initiates T hree members of the Alpha Gamma Delta International Headquarters staff and one staff member from the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation were recently invited to alumnae membership in the Fraternity and were initiated on April 4, 2008 as members of Beta Delta Chapter at Indiana University. Tina Green Spraetz, Lisa Straiton Williams and Anne Burton of International Headquarters and Christine Rudduck Fedor of the Alpha Gamma Delta Foun- dation have contributed many years of dedication on staff and each upholds Alumnae initiates, pictured left to right, Christine Rudduck the esteemed values of Alpha Gamma Delta. Please join us in welcoming Fedor, Lisa Straiton Williams, Anne Burton and Tina Green these new members into our circle of sisterhood! Spraetz smile after the ceremony. 19
  • 22. Alpha – Tau – Alpha Iota – Gamma Zeta – Syracuse University University of Toronto Baldwin-Wallace College University of Memphis Helene Brown Armour ‘39 Lynda Haggans Lewis ‘59 Myrtle Moncrief Meriam ‘40 Elisa Bell ‘73 Jane Carruthers Roberts ‘56 Kay Valvik McQueen ‘60 Beta – Doris Webber Rootham ‘43 Alpha Kappa – Joyce Childress Waller ‘49 University of Wisconsin Louise Fraser Steele ‘66 Bowling Green State University Bille Jean Jones Wesche ‘50 Charlotte Woodruff Michels ‘66 Dorothy Pickett Walker ‘67 Upsilon – Gamma Iota – Delta – University of Oklahoma Alpha Lambda – Mercer University University of Minnesota Harriet Baines Breedlove ‘32 The Ohio State University Nancy Turner Truss ‘77 Jean Hagemann Kubon ‘42 Norma Urquhart Fischer ‘46 Phi – Elizabeth Hummon Woodward Delta Beta – Epsilon – Oregon State University ‘48 Washington State University University of Kentucky Betty Zumwalt Boak ‘41 Martha Ralff Turner ‘34 Ruth Dowell Clark ‘35 Louise Melvin Hansen ‘40 Alpha Nu – Lucy Elkinton Rinker ‘52 Lois Edson Harris ‘29 Kent State University Delta Gamma – Bonnie Middleton Voorhees ‘39 Audrey Enger Keicher ‘53 Thalia Hergenroeder Slage ‘53 Montana State University Lysbeth Wallace ‘41 Melba Andrews Murphy ‘37 Ladora Kerr McBride ‘32 Aimee Murray Willmott ‘38 Verna Miller Parker ‘35 Alpha Omicron – Elizabeth “Betty” McCready West Virginia Wesleyan College Delta Delta – Zeta – Rainey ‘46 Gail Miller Jones ‘67 University of Oregon Ohio University Betty Trebelhorn Linn ‘51 Nancy Bean Reed ‘41 Chi – Alpha Rho – Marion Braunlich Walker ‘45 Michigan State University Temple University Delta Epsilon – Barbara Dennison Underwood Joan Martin Fayer ‘59 University of California, Los Angeles Eta – ‘42 Kathyrn Gibbs Cline ‘43 DePauw University Alpha Omega – Lois Niemoeller Murphy ‘41 Anna-Margaret Whiting Fields Psi – Duquesne University Elizabeth Mathison Popenoe ‘44 ‘39 University of Alabama Sondra Fogelson Adezio ‘81 Alice Krueger Rouch ‘47 Sybil Speer Eberdt ‘30 Delta Zeta – Barbara Smith Whaley ‘62 Martha Morrissette Livingston Beta Alpha – University of British Columbia ‘70 Nebraska Wesleyan University Miriam Daysmith Moorhead ‘32 Iota – Irene Clapp Nicol ‘38 Cecile VanSikke Cordner ‘30 University of Washington Delta Theta – Jane Kopriva Fristoe ‘42 Omega – Beta Gamma – University of Idaho University of Akron University of Manitoba Mary McLeod Leitch ‘61 Kappa – Janet Baughman Torrey ‘22 Ruth Ransom Taylor ‘31 Allegheny College Carol McIntyre Trueman ‘35 Epsilon Alpha – Marion McGough Behan ‘27 Alpha Alpha – University of Missouri Margaret Snee Gilmore ‘27 University of Buffalo (The State Beta Delta – Ruth Weaver Arbuckle ‘33 Ruth Manning Hughes ‘34 Univ. of New York) Indiana University Marilyn Mead Gentile ‘52 Frances Stephan Holder ‘32 Kimberly Porter Johnson ‘75 Jean Morrison Schultz ‘49 Lambda – Rhona Garvey Repp ‘36 Judith Butler Van Valer ‘64 Mary “Betty” Hinman Weaver ‘38 Northwestern University Mary Cloos Jefferson ‘49 Alpha Beta – Beta Eta – Epsilon Beta – University of Michigan Southern Illinois University University of Kansas Xi – Vera Hosley Sable ‘48 Frances Smith McDonald ‘58 Mary Thompson Schmitt ‘37 Illinois Wesleyan University Mona Tomlinson Marcec ‘62 Shirley Smith Braman ‘51 Alpha Gamma – Thelma Davidson Page ‘83 Epsilon Gamma – Jane Miller Kitsos ‘51 University of Cincinnati Elaine Rapp ‘94 University of Denver Louise Clark Smith ‘64 Phila Riess Weisbrod ‘38 Mary Lou McAbee Abshire ‘46 Georgianne Mathis Thede ‘34 Beta Iota – Clara Putnam Armstrong ‘29 Nancy Lobdell Weber ‘49 Alpha Delta – Eastern Illinois University Ohio Wesleyan University Heather Cross Bradshaw ‘92 Epsilon Eta – Omicron – Carolyn Clark Ahern ‘71 Texas Christian University University of California, Berkeley Constance Murphy Devitt ‘37 Beta Xi – Diane Smith Myers ‘65 Dorothy Garrick Hendricks ‘53 Purdue University Dona Stovall ‘59 Marlene Kingston Judy ‘52 Alpha Epsilon – Mary Kayser Bodle ‘68 Margaret Bucklin Mayhew ‘39 Westminster College Epsilon Lambda – Beverly Gay Porter ‘46 Imogene Millen Scull ‘30 Gamma Beta – University of Central Missouri Florida State University Velma Sisson Birkhead ‘67 Pi – Alpha Zeta – Frances Bone Cheney ‘60 Coe College McGill University Carolyn Haston Keith ‘42 Epsilon Mu – Jane Newlin Chamberlain ‘44 Kathleen Macculay Killam ‘38 Hilda Akins Mills ‘47 Fort Hays State University Denise Hein Scott ‘74 Rho – Alpha Eta – Gamma Gamma – Iowa State University Dalhousie University Queens University of Charlotte Epsilon Upsilon – Margaret Selman Bossert ‘29 Deborah Duerden McDonald ‘84 Roberta Kilgore Cox ‘36 Tarleton State University Kathleen Martin Mack ‘40 Vivianne Bane Larson ‘38 Carrie Rayburn ‘95 Sigma – University of Illinois Alpha Theta – Gamma Epsilon – Theta Theta – Katherine Doherty LeCat ‘48 Hunter College University of North Carolina Mississippi State University Helen Corey Little ‘41 Eileen Oconner Connelley ‘45 Sandra Sisk Malone ‘50 Michelle Roye ‘97 Correction The Chapter Grand listing in the Winter 2008 issue of the Quarterly incorrectly listed Jean Swingle Cunningham as a member of Delta Gamma Chapter instead of Gamma Delta Chapter. The Fraternity apologizes for any inconvenience this error may have caused. 20
  • 23. collegiate news alumnae news from the foundation fraternity happenings You’re Invited… TO LEARN ABOUT THE ALPHA GAMMA DELTA FOUNDATION Who is the Alpha Gamma Delta Where does the money go? Foundation? • The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation directs meaningful and needed financial assistance to the following and more: • The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) public Grants to our Fraternity—providing essential support charity, was created in 1962 as a way for members and friends for our Fraternity’s education, leadership and training to support our Fraternity and our sisters while receiving a tax programs. deduction. Educational Scholarships—under/graduate awards • Over the past 46 years, the ΑΓΔ Foundation has been the only based on need, scholastic achievement and public charity existing to support our Fraternity and our leadership. members. SIS Grants—assistance toAlpha Gam sisters in emergency • The ΑΓΔ Foundation provides the only outside source of financial need. funding to our Fraternity. Grants to The Leadership Institute–Women with • The ΑΓΔ Foundation is a separate corporation from the Purpose—providing leadership resources for Alpha Gams Fraternity, managed by its own board of directors and staff. and all women. ( Continuing Education Grants—to alumnae members advancing or improving their careers. What does the Foundation do? Philanthropic Grants—grants supporting diabetes research, summer camps and education. • The mission of the Foundation is to impact and enrich our communities by providing essential support for education, philanthropy and leadership. • Within that mission, we support our Fraternity, our members, and organizations committed to our Fraternity’s international Why should I give to the Alpha philanthropy—diabetes mellitus. Gamma Delta Foundation? • The Foundation’s mission can only be accomplished through the financial generosity of our members, our volunteers, our chapters and clubs, our parents and our friends. When making my gift to the • Your gift provides training for emerging Alpha Gam leaders, education for members advancing or improving their careers, Foundation, what are my options? financial support for sisters experiencing a financial emergency and much more. • Unrestricted Annual Fund gifts made during our fiscal year (June 1 to May 31) provide the support necessary for us to fulfill our mission. Annual Fund gifts can be made online, by check (made payable to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation), over the phone, through a stock transfer, or through a matching gift How will my gift help? program. • Your gift is an investment in the future of Alpha Gamma Delta • Endowment gifts to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation are and in the lives of our members. restricted by the donor to support a specific area of the Founda- tion’s mission. These include the following and more: Scholarship Endowments Sisters Income Supplement Endowments For more information about the Foundation, Continuing Education Grant Endowments contact the Foundation Office: Leadership Development Endowments 3905 Vincennes Road, Suite 105 Philanthropic Grant Endowments The Leadership Conference (TLC) and Convention Indianapolis, IN 46268 Endowments 317-879-9328 • Members of our Corinthian Society have chosen to make 317-415-0335 (fax) personal gifts to the Foundation through their bequests, life insurance, trusts or other planned and estate gifts. 21
  • 24. fraternity happenings from the archives Our Last Trip to Texas Days of anticipation continue to pass as we await the Fraternity’s 2008 International Convention. This year, hundreds of Alpha Gams will call San Antonio, Texas home from June 19 to June 22, 2008. Surprisingly, our Convention has only visited the Lone Texas-Sized Star state just once before. The 1989 International Con- Schedule vention convened in Dallas, The Convention itinerary was packed Texas at the Fairmont Hotel with events over five days, including from June 17 to June 21 workshops tackling topics like risk and featured Texan flair management, ethics and values, alumnae and undergraduate throughout the event. With relations and membership building, among many others. the theme “Deep in my Heart,” our thirty-sixth The gathering officially opened with an informal fiesta- Convention was attended style evening which “set the mood for joyous reunions by 226 alumnae mem- and new friendships,” according to the Convention report bers and 469 collegiate in the Fall 1989 Quarterly. Table decorations at the event sisters. included pinatas and painted eggs filled with confetti, and festival dances were performed by children from a cultural center in Dallas. Each day of the Convention offered an opportunity for physical activity with aerobics performed at 7 a.m. pool side. Alpha Gams at our 2008 Convention will have a similar opportunity to build on their health and wellness together as sisters at the first-ever Convention Philanthropy Walk. Rhinestone Round-Up The Founders Memorial Foundation (FMF), or Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation as M it is known today, presented Convention attendees with the “Rhinestone Round-Up” buffet dinner. Sisters dressed for the theme in costumes of glitzy western attire, with awards presented to the “best dressed” cowgirls. Silver cowboy hats served as centerpieces, aw wards “ an anchoring the red “FMF” balloons floating overhead, and packets of Texas blue bonnet nchoring “FMF se seeds were presented as favors. eeds E Entertainment at the event came in the form of humorist Rosemary Rumbley who p performed an interpretive history of Texas, as well as music from country-western band “ “Texas Prime.” Sisters at Convention 2008 will be treated to their own authentic Texas experience at an outing to Knibbe Ranch, presented by the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation. Much like in 1989, sisters will compete to assemble the best western-inspired attire. 22
  • 25. fraternity happenings Taking Care of Business Alph Gams learned “36 Things to do with a Cowboy Bandana” Alpha durin the “AGD Round-Up,” the name given to the collegiate during recognition luncheon. Once again, the Texan theme was well reco represented, with wreaths adorned with red hearts, yellow stars repre and green cactuses decorating each table. Thou the Texas inspiration was playfully carried out through- Though out Convention, the event also included serious discussion on C Fraternity business. Among the six resolutions that were dis- F cussed and adopted was one that allowed for alumnae chapters to be named after geographical areas, like cities or regions, instead of strictly corresponding with collegiate chapter names. Five outstanding alumnae were recognized as Distinguished Citizens at Convention, and Deedee Smith Evans, former Grand Council member, was presented with the Fraternity’s highest honor, the Circle of Epsilon Pi. With greater attention focused on alcohol abuse and hazing on college campuses, the 1980s were a challenging time for Greek organizations. Grand President LaVerne Taylor Flanagan addressed this concern during her Convention keynote address, excerpts of which appear below, with sentiments that remain relevant even 19 years later. “For the Greek world—and consequently, ...Somewhere the idea was abandoned that Alpha Gamma Delta—this is the best of we are our sister’s keeper—that we do have times and the worst of times. an obligation to each other, to our chapter, to our Fraternity. For the entire Greek system, it would ap- pear that the torch is burning brightly... ...Frankly, I am not sure that fraternity Across the board, we are seeing the Greek members drink more or destroy more prop- system growing in numbers. On many erty than other non-Greeks. You say, ‘It campuses, more students than ever before isn’t fair for Greeks to be attacked by the are interested in becoming part of the Greek media.’ I can assure you that life is not system. Consequently, established Greek always fair. Because we are so much in the systems are bringing new groups onto their limelight, we have to be twice as good as campuses. Colleges and universities that the next person. We must be very circum- have never had Greek organizations are spect in all our activities. inviting them to colonize. I challenge each of you—as leaders in your undergraduate chapter, Why then do I say these are the worst of times? The Greek system in your Panhellenic and on your campuses, as advisors who have is ill and faces many challenges. If we want to survive, we must the opportunity to guide and counsel undergraduate chapters, as give close attention to our public behavior, and we must adhere to officers of alumnae chapters and clubs who are role models and set our initiation vows and live by our standards. We must address the the example for undergraduates in your hometowns—I challenge issue that could possibly result in the demise of the entire Greek you today to place Alpha Gamma Delta deep in your hearts and system, which includes Alpha Gamma Delta. by your actions, assure that our Fraternity will be a positive force in the future as it is now and has been in the past. Alpha Gamma Delta—Deep in all our hearts!” 23
  • 26. fraternity happenings Continuous Open Recruitment Spreading Alpha Gam Sisterhood on Campus C ontinuous Open Recruitment is the perfect opportunity for Alpha Gams to celebrate sisterhood together while reaching Show them that Alpha Gams care about the community! out to unaffiliated women on campus. One Target Outstanding Women reason given by women who do not continue Once events are planned, the chapter should also gets with the Formal Recruitment process is that target women on campus who possess the PNMs excited! Do it is too formal and too structured. A small, esteemed qualities of an Alpha Gamma more than just hang informal Continuous Open Recruitment Delta. Take advantage of what the Greek up posters—make a (COR) setting might be a better way to Advisor on campus can offer by asking for positive image on campus. reach these unaffiliated women. With the a list of women who were unmatched or Distribute flyers and business cards, wear proper planning and organization, COR can withdrew from Formal Recruitment. Also, ΑΓΔ letter shirts the week of the event and be a fun process that boosts chapter morale target friends of chapter members in other pass out goodie bags with notes attached while yielding excellent recruitment results. clubs and organizations, as they already have encouraging people to come to the event. While it is true that COR requires some established a relationship with someone in Don’t have time to create posters, flyers and additional planning and organization, the the chapter. Ask permission to speak at stu- business cards? Visit the Recruitment Infor- outcome is worth the effort. If your chapter dent organization meetings to invite unaffili- mation section of the Member Services sec- is not at quota or total, you should participate ated members to one of your chapter’s COR tion of the Fraternity website to download in COR. events. Pass out flyers to inform them of the and print these valuable resources. COR events and give them business cards Involve the Chapter so they can keep in touch with the chapter if A COR event will be successful if the they have any questions. Set Goals and Reward members of the chapter are excited about Deserving Sisters it. Encourage each member to bring three Encourage each chapter member to make a Hard work, dedication and perseverance COR event ideas to a meeting. Make a list of list of five unaffiliated women they would should be rewarded. An increase in mem- everyone’s ideas, get out a calendar and start like to be Alpha Gams. Compile a master bership is always the end goal, but smaller planning! Don’t forget to invite potential new list, called a “wish list,” and reach out to goals set along the way keep motivation members (PNMs) to events that are already these women. Update the wish list monthly; and chapter morale high during the COR on the chapter calendar. Philanthropy and remove the names of those not interested, process. Set goals for your chapter and fund raising events are great ways for a PNM star the names of women who have accepted provide incentives to motivated members. to see chapter activities on or off campus. their bids and continue to add new names. For example, reward the sister who handed After hosting even make sure to follow the events, out 100 business cards in a month or the proper Membership Selection procedures. Members sister who got the most PNMs to come to Follow up with the women who have at- an event with gift cards, movie passes or tended events and encourage them to attend Alpha Gamma Delta apparel. your next event. Once the requirements for membership selection have been met and sele Take advantage of the opportunities that you want her as a member, offer her a bid! COR can offer your chapter. Instead of thinking of COR as a time consuming task, think of it as Creative Opportunities Promote Y Your Chapter to build and Recruit—and watch your Cam on Campus membership grow! Promot Promoting events not only creates awareness of your events but aware COR Event Ideas: Dance Lessons Karaoke Miniature Golf Haunted House Intramurals Pizza Party Zoo or Museum Trip Indoor Picnic Laser Tag Game Night Pottery Class Apple Picking Shopping Holiday Parties 24 Skiing/Sledding Ice Cream Social
  • 27. fraternity happenings Omega Financial Eases Collegiate Finances A lpha Gamma Delta has engaged Omega Financial, Inc. to provide billing and membership management services for all Essentially, Omega’s job is to help chap- ters and their alumnae volunteers manage finances and membership information with Alpha Gamma Delta collegiate chapters in less effort and in less time. As an example, the United States beginning this academic thanks to this new service, the number of year. Alpha Gamma Delta is at the forefront financial reports a chapter will have to file of a national trend to streamline chapter will be reduced from 51 to 18. Additionally, finances and member management for chapter members will have online access our United States chapters by employing to their individual account and will be able financial services for the Fraternity. to pay their chapter bills online. Chapter How does Omega benefit Alpha officers and advisors will have access to Gamma Delta chapters? Omega Financial works with fraternity and real-time information about the chapter’s sorority chapters on 386 college and uni- finances and membership 24/7. Leverag- • The number of financial reports versity campuses across the country. Eight ing Omega’s expertise in technology, this a chapter is required to file will Alpha Gamma Delta chapters have been system will save collegiate leaders and be drastically reduced. working with Omega for several years and alumnae volunteers a great deal of time, give the company great praise for outstand- effort and energy. • Vice Presidents Finance will ing service and a strong culture of customer no longer have to serve as bill support. As Cheryl Thorsten, Finance “For 16 years now, Omega Financial has collectors. Advisor for Mu Chapter, remarked, “Their been an industry leader in providing ser- services are very intuitive and user-friendly, vices to fraternity and sorority members and the staff is extremely helpful.” across the country. We are delighted to have • Each chapter will have a spe- the opportunity to work with them and are cific Omega Account Manager. A task force, chaired by Mariann Babka tremendously excited about the many ben- Gutshall, Finance Specialist for Provinces efits that Alpha Gamma Delta will realize 18 and 19, is working with the company from this partnership,” says International • Using Omega can improve to design and implement Alpha Gamma President Vice President-Finance Joyce a chapter’s cash flow. The Delta’s custom-built solution. This web- Aamot Greene. average collection rate is 97 based program will include billing services percent. for the collection of chapter dues, rents and Omega will have a contingent on hand at miscellaneous fees and will help chapters Convention 2008 in San Antonio this June • Members will have a number manage their membership data. It is also to provide hands-on training for all those of quick and easy ways to pay being designed to improve communication interested. They will be hosting training their bills, including by credit and reporting between chapters, volunteers sessions individually by phone and through card and by check online. and International Headquarters to make the online webinars throughout the summer. To process of managing chapter membership learn more about Omega Financial, visit data much easier, and to streamline the their website at • Detailed billing statements will preparation of the IRS Form 990. be available to members and/or members’ parents. • Chapter leadership and alumnae “Omega Financial, Inc. has helped the Gamma Iota Chapter of Alpha volunteers have online access to Gamma Delta better organize its records and fulfill its financial financial information 24/7. obligations. Omega has greatly improved our collection process, has allowed each member to keep track of her transactions and has • Individual members have online provided guidance to our organization regarding streamlined financial access to their accounts 24/7. responsibilities.” Katie McQueen • Omega will provide hands- Vice President Finance on training at International Gamma Iota–Mercer University Convention 2008, by phone and through online webinars. Omega customer since 2002 25
  • 28. fraternity happenings Alpha Gam for a Lifetime A s you already know, involvement in Alpha Gamma Delta does not end at college graduation. With thousands the Directory section, there is a link to alumnae groups, listed by state or prov- ince. Junior Circles and contacts for of alumnae spanning the continent, alumnae chapters or clubs may be Alpha Gams are continuing to join found on the Member Services sec- together to make a positive impact tion of the Fraternity website under in the communities in which they Chapter and Club Contacts. You can live, while having a lot of fun! also call International Headquarters Melissa Antoszewski, Alumnae at (317) 872-2655 for assistance. Development Specialist for Area G, provides Alpha Gams with informa- How much does it cost to be an alum- tion on being involved as an Alpha Gam nae member? alumna. Alumnae members can give to the Frater- nity by paying alumnae dues each year. These How can Alpha Gams stay involved in the Fraternity after dues cover the cost of providing The Quarterly to our members. graduation? Also, the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation exists to support the Alumnae groups come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Junior Fraternity via tax-deductible donations. Go to the website to Circles and alumnae chapters and clubs provide ongoing social contribute to both of these areas. Your collegiate and alumnae opportunities for alumnae of all ages to get together and participate chapters provide newsletters and programming that need fund- in fun activities. Also, collegiate chapters can always use help ing and welcome assistance with these costs. The financial from alumnae, whether during recruitment, planning a philan- support of our alumnae is extremely important for continuing thropy project, being an advisor or joining the House Association. the valuable experiences we want to provide to our members. What are the benefits of staying involved in the Fraternity How can I be involved if I live in an area with no alumnae after graduation? chapter or club? Benefits include friendship with women of all ages, opportunities You can join a virtual alumnae club called Rose Sisters, a group to participate in community service and philanthropy projects, and where sisters around the world gather online to share experiences of course—fun! If you’ve moved to a new city, Alpha Gam can be and make connections. Also, you can join the Volunteer Service an easy way to feel at home in a strange place. It’s easy, especially Team (VST) and help conduct the business of the Fraternity. since you already have something in common—Alpha Gam! Or, Alumnae with limited time can join the SWATT team (Sisters if you’re interested in professional networking, Alpha Gams may with Available Time and Talent) and can share their talents on refer their sisters to career opportunities. short-term projects such as web design, presentations and career development. Contact Bonnie Brown, Director of Alumnae Devel- How do I find and contact the nearest alumnae group? opment, at or visit the Fraternity Visit the Fraternity website at Within website for more details. Check out our new look! Visit us today at 26
  • 29. Fraternity Announces Recolonization Plans I nternational Council is pleased to announce the recolonization of two Alpha Gamma Delta collegiate chapters: Expanding our sisterhood is a challenging task, and International Theta Iota–Western Kentucky University Council is calling on in fall 2008 and Delta Xi–Arizona State Alpha Gam sisters University in spring 2009. everywhere to help make these recolonizations a “We are thrilled to be represented success. Even if you don’t once again among the strong Greek live near the Western Kentucky or communities at both Western Kentucky Arizona State campuses, you can play and Arizona State and are committed a vital role in the development of these Prater, International Vice President- to providing female students at these chapters by providing financial support Extension, at ivpe@vst.alphagammadelta. campuses with an unparalleled Greek and guidance. For more information about org. More information is also available experience,” says Susan Eberts Prater, how you can help with the recolonization on the Fraternity website at www. International Vice President–Extension. of these chapters, contact Susan Eberts Directory International Council International Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Office International President– Headquarters Foundation Trustees 3905 Vincennes Road, Suite 105 Jackie Brannon Stutts 8701 Founders Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46268 President– Indianapolis, IN 46268 Benita Wilson Dick 317-879-9328 Tuscumbia, Alabama 317-872-2655 Fax: 317-415-0335 International Vice President- Fax: 317-875-5824 Dallas, Texas Office Hours– Alumnae– 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. EDT Paula Gallup Little Office Hours– Vice President– 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. EDT Debbie Douglass Roth Executive Director– Clearwater, Florida Julie Waitman Cretin Executive Director– North Canton, Ohio International Vice President- Kathryn Kish Administrative Manager– Collegians– Director of Accounting and Secretary– Chris Fedor Sharon Dunkman Carruthers Operations– Peggy Kuebler Field Sara Hicks Development Manager– Jamie Sheriff Memphis, Tennessee Director of Chapter Services– Houston, Texas Position Open International Vice President- Treasurer– Membership– Director of Communications– Patricia Tulley Riddiford The Leadership Marie Ford Palmer Jeanne Henning Institute–Women Director of Education– Chicago, Illinois with Purpose, Inc. Lexington, South Carolina Mary Farrell Trustee– Office Hours– International Vice President- Jackie Brannon Stutts 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. EDT Extension– Fraternity Insurance Susan Eberts Prater M-J Insurance, Inc. Executive Director– Tuscumbia, Alabama 9225 Priority Way West Dr., Ste.100 Stephannie Sack Bailey Tecumseh, Michigan P.O. Box 50435 Trustee– Indianapolis, IN 46240 Gail Calkins Duree International Vice President- 888-442-7470 Program Manager– Finance– Colleen Coffey Denver, Colorado Joyce Aamot Greene Trustee– Sequim, Washington Deborah Schmidt Eschenbacher International Vice President- Panhellenic Affairs– Upper Arlington, Ohio Rie Gerah Hoehner Houston, Texas 27
  • 30. Cooking, Alpha Coming Up... Gam Style Convention 2008 Report Are you ready for Convention 2008? Relive the memories and catch up on all the news and happenings of this exciting event in the Summer 2008 Quarterly, which will feature complete Convention coverage. We Need You! The Quarterly staff wants to hear from you! Share your ideas and stories by calling our office at (317) 872-2655 or e-mail- ing After six years of service to Alpha Gamma Delta, our Executive Director Kathryn Kish will be leaving the Fraternity. We are grateful to Kathryn for her faithful service and wish for her all good things in the future. Louise Leonard, Alpha–Syracuse University For information regarding the Executive Director position, please visit the Fraternity website at www. While the hobby of cooking is undoubtedly enjoyed by many or contact Jackie Brannon Stutts, Alpha Gams, most would probably be surprised to learn that the International President, at Fraternity once professionally published its own cookbook, called “The College Woman’s Cookbook,” in 1934. This ambitious undertaking began after witnessing the success of Lambda Chapter at Northwestern University, which had sold cookbooks to raise funds for a new sorority dormitory. After an agreement from Lambda Chapter to transfer all rights and interest in the cookbooks to the international officers of the Fraternity, Louise Leonard, Grand President at the time, spearheaded the project of producing a second edition of the cookbook. She worked closely with the husband of a Lambda Chapter member in her efforts. Funds from this second edition, which featured 428 recipes from Alpha Gams across North America, were to benefit the Fraternity’s philanthropic summer camp program. A quick glance through the pages of “The College Woman’s Cookbook” makes clear how much has changed in the last 74 years, but many recipes, like the ones that 28 follow, might easily find their way onto a twenty-first century menu. 28
  • 31. The following recipes appeared in the second edition of “The College Woman’s Cookbook,” published by the Fraternity in 1934. Macaroni Souffle Best Corn Bread Butterscotch Refrigerator Cookies 1 cup uncooked macaroni, 1 cup corn meal broken 1 cup flour ½ cup butter 1 ½ cups scalding milk 1 tablespoon sugar 1 cup brown sugar 1 ½ cups soft bread crumbs 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 egg ¼ cup butter 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 red pepper or pimento 1 cup milk Nut meats, raisins or coconut chopped fine ½ cup bacon, cut fine (un- 2 cups flour 1 tablespoon chopped parsley cooked) ½ teaspoon cream of tarter 1 tablespoon chopped onion ½ teaspoon baking soda ½ tablespoon grated cheese Sift dry ingredients, beat eggs, 3 eggs add milk and pour into dry Add slightly beaten egg to ingredients, beating thorough- sugar and butter, which have Cook macaroni in two quarts ly. Spread thin in a greased been well blended. Add va- boiling salted water for 15 baking pan and sprinkle bacon nilla. Sift together flour, cream minutes. Drain. Pour boiling on top. Bake at 450° for 15 of tarter and baking soda. Add milk over bread crumbs. Add minutes. Especially good with second mixture to the first. Stir melted butter, pepper, parsley, vegetable plate dinner. well. Add nuts. Mold into roll, onion, salt and cheese. Last, place on floured platter in the add well-beaten eggs. Pour —Hazel Newcomb Livings- refrigerator for overnight. Nut over macaroni and mix well. ton, Delta Beta–Washington meats, etc. may be omitted, Put in buttered ramekins. Set State University also any desired flavoring may in pan of boiling water and be used or white sugar in place bake 40 minutes in moderate of brown. When wanted, cut oven (350°). Turn out of molds Fried Green in thin slices, bake in oven of and serve with a mushroom Tomatoes 400° for eight minutes. Will sauce. keep for a week in refrigerator Slice firm green tomatoes wrapped in waxed paper. “This is my old standby recipe into thin rounds. Dip in well for luncheons. Many friends seasoned flour. Fry in butter —Founder Georgia Otis have praised it.” in hot pan until brown and Chipman, Alpha–Syracuse crisp. Spanish onions, sliced University —Marguerite Sammis Jansky, very thin and fried till crisp, Beta-University of Wisconsin combine well. and wearer of the Circle of Epsilon Pi —Charlotte Bowman Roberts, Alpha Zeta–McGill University 29 29
  • 32. Convention 1972—Phoenix, Arizona See you at Convention! Alpha Gamma Delta International Convention San Antonio, Texas June 19—22, 2008 ✁ Please detach and mail changes to: Moving or Changing Your Name? Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity Name __________________________________ New Name ___________________________________ 8701 Founders Road Indianapolis, IN 46268 Chapter/Year of Initiation ______________________________________________________________ Or e-mail changes to: New Address __________________________________________________________________________ street city state/province ZIP/postal code Notify the Permanent Secretary of New Phone Number ______________________________ E-mail _______________________________ your chapter of any changes. Effective Date ________ Alumnae or Fraternity office currently holding? _______________________ Parents: While your daughter is in college, her magazine is sent to her home address. We hope you enjoy it. If she is no longer in college and is not living at home, please encourage her to update her contact information with the Fraternity. Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity NONPROFIT 8701 Founders Road ORGANIZATION Indianapolis, IN 46268 U.S. Postage PAID Change Service Requested Permit No. 467 Dulles, VA