Bedfordshire, Essex


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Bedfordshire, Essex

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. FOREWORD..........................................................................................................................................................................................3 1.INTRODUCTION......................................................................................................................................................................................4 2.2008/09 CURRENT POSITION................................................................................................................................................................4 3.2009/10 YEAR..........................................................................................................................................................................................5 4.BALANCED SCORECARD......................................................................................................................................................................6 HIGH LEVEL TARGET..............................................................................................................................................................................32 WITNESSES .............................................................................................................................................................................................33 WAITING TIMES.......................................................................................................................................................................................33 CROWN COURT.......................................................................................................................................................................................33 MAGISTRATES COURTS.........................................................................................................................................................................33 OVERALL SATISFACTION......................................................................................................................................................................34 ANNEX B – FINANCE...............................................................................................................................................................................37 ANNEX C – ESTATES STRATEGY..........................................................................................................................................................38 ANNEX D – ORGANISATION CHART.....................................................................................................................................................39 Page 2 of 44
  3. 3. 1. Foreword Welcome to the 2009/10 business plan for HMCS Bedfordshire, Essex and Hertfordshire (BEH), which sets out its aims and plans in its third year of existence, as one of the areas within the South East Region. 2008/09 proved to be a busy and challenging year for us, being the fourth year of unified administration, which brought together the Crown, County and Magistrates’ Courts into one administrative agency, and the second year as the new HMCS Area of BEH. Much progress has been made in bringing together the three counties. They are now operating as a single unified administration within the South East Region of HMCS, which has for the last year been part of the Ministry of Justice and I am grateful to everyone, especially the staff of our organisation, for helping to achieve this. In 2009/10 HMCS BEH must build on the foundations it established in 2007/08 and 2008/09 and at the same time contribute to the savings that are required throughout the MoJ. As an organisation we must continue to make progress and drive forward improvements in the way we deliver our services to those who use our courts. I know that being part of an enlarged Ministry of Justice will assist us in this process by providing a single focus and vision for the future to achieve a truly unified court service providing an effective, efficient and timely service to its users. Key issues for us in 2009/10 will be:-  Supporting and progressing the HMCS Change Programme which brings together the delivery of a number of programmes that will implement modern, national IT systems and infrastructure in and across all our courts (demonstrated specifically by 6.3 of the plan through how we will improve the way we work);  Progressing, at Area level, the work and ethos of Operation Restore, a national project which seeks to improve the management and financial information on which HMCS bases its business decisions, by benchmarking resources across BEH, S.E region and nationally;  Embracing HMCS’s Performance and Efficiency Programme, ensuring improved efficiency, service delivery and value for money by centralising and streamlining our business units and processes across BEH;  Continuing to deliver, within a reduced budget, an efficient, effective, knowledgeable, personalised and readily accessible service to the people of BEH, focusing particularly this year on witnesses and our local communities;  Implementing the Lean programme throughout HMCS BEH to ensure our procedures and processes are as efficient as possible, in order to provide consistent and high quality services to users (LEAN is a methodology of making services focus on the customer needs and eliminating all unnecessary processes that do not add value to the customer);  Continuing to develop the leadership skills of our managers throughout the organisation and providing meaningful investment into our staff;  Providing greater protection for vulnerable children and adults through the family courts by adherence to the national public law outline and, in line with national developments, improve the openness of these courts;  Working with our partners in the criminal justice system to ensure a more effective, transparent and responsive criminal justice system for victims, witnesses, particularly those who are young or otherwise vulnerable and the public;  Continuing to operate the principles of CJSSS, across all courts in BEH;  Implementing the concept of problem solving courts through the provision of specialist domestic violence courts across our Area and contributing to the national Community Justice initiative through our Area Community Engagement Plan;  Promoting an accessible range of dispute resolution channels to help people resolve their disputes in a proportionate way specifically by promoting in-house mediation across BEH; and Page 3 of 44
  4. 4.  Providing a climate across BEH within which the judiciary can better deliver justice by ensuring an effective working relationship with the judiciary. 1. Introduction The purpose of this plan is to set out publicly the business agenda of HMCS BEH in 2009/10, and how in achieving its aims, it will improve the service it provides to its court users. In doing so, it follows a national template so that organisational key priorities are clearly set out within the context of national issues. The main elements of this plan are organised around a balanced scorecard (BSC). The BSC allows for a structured and focused approach to business planning that considers four key elements of how we in BEH deliver our services. These elements, which are set out in greater detail in section 5, are:- Our customers and communities; Our key performance results; The way we improve how we work; and The way we deal with our people and their learning requirements. This plan also sets out the estates strategy for BEH, our budget allocation and how we propose to use our funding. The Risk Register which now is separate from this plan, provides us with a clear focus of the potential challenges that may hinder us in achieving our aims for the forthcoming year. The Register provides suggested strategies to ensure that we are able to react to and overcome such challenges should they arise. This plan has been approved by the BEH Courts Board as required under the Courts Act 2003. The Courts Board is comprised of individuals working within the justice system and people living and working in BEH. The Board work with the Area Director to ensure that the views of local people from the diverse communities within BEH are known and understood. The Board ensures that lines of accountability to the public are strong and courts make connections with local people. They provide us with a range of views to enable us to make effective decisions in relation to our various customer groups. Throughout 2009/10 the Board will provide regular feedback on how they view our performance against this plan and suggest how we can further improve our performance and the service we provide. 2. 2008/09 Current Position 2008/09 has provided us with a firm platform to move into the third year as HMCS BEH. Performance throughout the year remained strong across all aspects of our business with targets met in most areas. Where they have not been met, trends are showing improvement. The Area operated within budget. The new Area benefited from sharing good practice across a range of disciplines and we are confident that the joint working that we have adopted will serve us well for meeting and maintaining performance targets in 2009/10. Many improvements were made to our estate, most notably the improvements at St Albans and Harlow and the completion of the new Hatfield Remand Centre in Herts. The plans for estate improvement made during 2007/08 have progressed well and the forthcoming year will see many of these implemented. Specific details are provided in the Estates Strategy at Annex C. Page 4 of 44
  5. 5. All counties within BEH have now received the new Libra IT system as part of the national roll out of a universal system for all magistrates' courts across the country. The implementation of the system went well despite some IT problems, and has provided us with an enhanced knowledge of the challenges faced by adopting a new system which we are now overcoming. We will use this knowledge and our experience to date of the new system to ensure that during 2009/10 we begin to capitalise on the efficiencies that a single IT system for magistrates' courts should deliver. The Area made great strides in the field of customer service and worked hard towards its application for Customer Service Excellence Accreditation (formerly Charter Mark) and was successful in achieving this month. An excellent performance. Perhaps most importantly, BEH worked together as a single unit of HMCS, focusing on providing an excellent service, sharing best practice and showing a willingness to embrace a single Area approach. This coming together, so quickly, efficiently and professionally will undoubtedly underpin and support the further strides and progress that we need to achieve as set out in this year’s plan, particularly against a backdrop of financial savings requirements. 3. 2009/10 Year The year ahead continues to be challenging with progress in many areas required and financial savings to be delivered. The focus will be to harness the efficiency savings from improvements to IT and the incorporation of Lean in our workings, and the need to make the necessary financial savings required at local, and in turn, regional and national level. I highlight the many initiatives that are being developed for County Courts in BEH, including the centralised County Administration Centre and Area Telephone Helpdesk as well as centralisation plans within BEH Magistrates' Courts as evidence of our efforts to become more efficient. This year, the Area is keen to embrace further community engagement and our experience to date has enabled us to reflect on what we are doing and how it is received by our customers. The proposals for 2009/10 will hopefully take this to an even higher level than has been achieved to date. I draw your attention to the section on Customers and the Community and, as always, would be delighted to receive comments and thoughts on this developing area of work. Please direct any such thoughts to me, or my senior managers, using the contact details at the end of this plan. I know that with the continued support of the Courts Board, the effective relationship that HMCS BEH shares with the LCJBs and with the judiciary and the professional and hardworking managers and staff of our organisation, we are well positioned for a successful and rewarding year ahead despite the financial challenges. MIKE LITTLEWOOD OBE Date: 31 March 09 AREA DIRECTOR Page 5 of 44
  6. 6. 4. Balanced Scorecard HMCS also uses a Balanced Scorecard approach to measuring its performance. This reflects the fact that, whilst our, Public Service Agreement (PSA) and financial targets are very important, to build for the future we also need to focus on more than just the current performance targets. We need to build our reputation with our customers and the wider community, we need to develop improved ways of working and we need to invest in our staff and their development. The summary sheet overleaf sets out the summary Balanced Scorecard indicators against which we will judge our success in the year ahead and the following table details the initiatives we are undertaking. Page 6 of 44
  7. 7. 1 Customers and the Community • Deliv ering serv ices well to customers 1. Customers • The way our customers see us and the • The way the community at large sees us • The way we manage our customers and community relationships community 2 Key Performance Results • Deliv ering the key perf ormance outcomes Gov ernments is seeking f rom us and any others we hav e decided upon 2. Key • Mana ging our f inancial and other (non -people) resources well Performance • Identify ing and managing key risks Results 3. Improving 3 Improving the Way We Work 4. People and the Way • Identify ing and prioritising opportunities f or improv ement and Learning We work deliv ering those improv ements • Harnessing the creativ e and innov ativ e talents of our people • Eff ectiv ely harnessing partnerships and our suppliers in dev eloping improv ements • Inv olv ing stakeholders throughout the improv ement process 4 People and Learning • Planning, managin g and improv ing our people resources to meet our business needs • Identify ing, dev eloping and sustaining the competencies we need • Inv olv ing, empowering and communicating with our people • Rev iewing, rewarding and recog nising our peopl e • The way in which our people see us Page 7 of 44
  8. 8. Balanced Scorecard 6.1 Customers and the Community Delivering services well to our customers The way our customers see us The way the community at large sees us The way we manage our customers and community relationships Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 1.1 We will consolidate The Customer Service/ Consistent customer Maintain Customer Quarterly CSAT Chair our successful Customer Service related policies Service customers and application for Excellence Action Team implemented, Excellence community (C+C) Customer Service (CSAT) will continue to monitored and standard through report to AMB Excellence (CSE) implement best practice reviewed across the year. and Courts Board accreditation and consolidate the Area to raise the by CSAT achievement of the standards of service Customer Service and support the Link between Excellence standard. Customer Service CSAT Chair and Areas of weakness to Excellence Lean Area be identified for Lean standard. Change Agent workshops so that they (LACA). can be reviewed and improved. 1.2 We will achieve and We will use the national Targets to be met/ Analysis report CSAT quarterly CSAT chair maintain national User Surveys and maintained published Customer Satisfaction publish an analysis throughout 2009 and quarterly. AMB – monthly Area Business Targets. Targets to be report to address where flexible a using Café Change and met/maintained weaknesses identified reduction in the complaints Performance throughout 2009 and by survey results. number of justifiable reporting system Manager where feasible action Areas of weakness complaints received (ABC&PM) taken to reduce the picked up by CSAT. or where not met level of justifiable survey results show (LACA) complaints an improving trend when compared with 08/09 results. Page 8 of 44
  9. 9. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 1.3 We will meet the We will monitor the type Complaints 90% of complaints AMB – monthly ABC&PM national target of 85% and volume of responded to within answered within using café of complaints complaints, including 10 working days at target times and complaints Lead Operational responded to within those where Court Level and 10 where achieved system Managers target times and compensation paid, working days at increase the % of (LOMs) and JCs where feasible, raise identify trends and take Area level. complaints across the Area the % action to address the responded to Monitor use of CSAT of complaints same. Given the within target. systems by each responded to within performance of and every target. complaints handling, in magistrates relation to magistrates' courts. courts during 2008/09, we will specifically focus Improving trend in on this area, retrain relation to where appropriate and complaints handling address poor by Magistrates' performance Courts. immediately. Page 9 of 44
  10. 10. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 1.4 We will focus CSAT to develop a Creation and July 2009 Quarterly reports CSAT Chair specifically on the specific witness plan as implementation of to AMB and needs of witnesses part of its general plan. Courts Board. Witness (including young customer service plan - Champions people or otherwise to monitor, review and vulnerable who are recommend action in witnesses) throughout the identified areas. 2009/10 as an identified customer CSAT to conduct group and in witness experience particular work in mapping (point 1). conjunction with LCJBs in relation to:- CSAT to regularly liaise with and support the 1. Improving the LCJB Victim and experience of Witnesses Subgroups to Collection of October 2009 witnesses using take identified action accurate and our services. (points 2). informative data 2. Investigate the relating to points 1-9 reasons for non CSAT and Witness with CSAT attendance of Champions to oversee producing witnesses and work in relation to points recommendations share this info with 3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. and actions arising partner agencies from analysis of the with a view to data. improving attendance. 3. Availability and location of video links (to include the potential use of remote links for taking testimony of vulnerable witnesses) Page 10 of 44
  11. 11. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 4. Availability and location of special measures facilities (in addition to video links) 5. Audit of Witness Access/ Accommodation/ Facilities 6. Maximising the use of Court User groups in relation to witness issues. Positive feedback March 2010 7. Witness Waiting received from Times witnesses and 8. Listing recommended 9. Specialist actions Domestic Violence implemented. Courts 1.5 We will continue to We will work with LCJB Meet or exceed CJB Participation in all Quarterly reports AD support Local partners through active Confidence Targets LCJB community from LCJBs to Criminal Justice participation in inter events Area Director Board (LCJB) agency action teams to initiatives to build support initiatives to Annual LCJB confidence and build confidence such update to Courts evidence all as participating in Board. confidence work community engagements events Page 11 of 44
  12. 12. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 1.6 We will undertake We will facilitate and Successful Implementation of Community SRO for active and meaningful organise a number of community Community Engagement Community community community engagement engagement events Engagement Plan Events timetable Engagement engagement and events throughout the held at regular during 2009/10. published by Plan/ Board. evidence all year, publish a timetable interval between 1 May 2009 community for such events and 1 April 2009 and engagement work make information about 31 March 2010 Quarterly C+C through the them widely available. reports to Courts implementation of our We will encourage Board comprehensive participation from Community community members Engagement Plan and aim to remove the barriers to volunteering by highlighting to, and facilitating volunteers connecting with organisations who would benefit from their skills and in particular encouraging diverse magistrate recruitment particularly in relation to magistrate recruitment. Engagement to include:  Attendance of Magistrates and Legal Advisers at joint agency meetings with local communities.  Working with Magistrates' in the community project to support events such as:-  Mock Trials for local Page 12 of 44
  13. 13. schools Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements  To facilitate work experience and job shadowing  Contribute to schools projects  Contribute to Inside Justice Weeks  Host court open days We will monitor, Consider for each Qualitative data Data collection wherever feasible, the community engagement collection and following each outcomes of our event the best way to analysis following event, to include:- community capture the outcome/ each event with engagement and use impact. Monitoring to learning points and  numbers of this information to include:- recommendations members of further shape our for improvement public future engagement. Surveys shared throughout attending  Face to Face the organisation.  positive  Telephone feedback  Written  negative feedback and Experience Mapping resulting actions. 1.7 We will monitor the Half yearly feedback on Identification and March 2010 Lead Operational CSAT Chair effectiveness and actions arising from successful Managers and outcomes of Court Court User Groups and implementations of CSAT Chair User Groups and whether they were actions from CUG. disseminate good successfully taken practice Area wide. forward. Annual Annual report to satisfaction survey of Survey results show September 2009 Courts Board as attendees at Court User CUG are meeting part of C+C Groups (CUG). users needs and/or Report. identify improvements required. Page 13 of 44
  14. 14. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 1.8 We will monitor To action/implement Appropriate action Quarterly updates AD & JCs decisions taken and appropriate issues by taken to views to AMB views expressed by sharing best practice or expressed or issues Justice Issues Groups adopting Area protocols raised. and Area Judicial to improve and Forums to identify standardise the service issues which may we provide have application across the Area Page 14 of 44
  15. 15. 6.2 Key Performance Results Delivering the key performance outcomes Government is seeking from us and any others we have decided on Managing our financial and other (non people) resources well Identify and managing key risks Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 2.1(i) We will aim to meet, We will work with the Targets met or Action Teams and Action Team AD maintain and improve judiciary, criminal justice exceeded by Responsible SRO to provide our performance agencies and other 31 March 2010. Officers (ROs)to quarterly Lead Operational against the 2008 stakeholders to maintain Where targets not monitor progress reports Managers HMCS national and or improve performance achieved, an performance and to AMB/LCJBs. (LOMs) and JCs local KPIs. In addition in priority areas such as improving trend on take appropriate Performance we will continue to ineffective trials, 08/09 outturn by 31 action to improve, reports and Area Business support Local timeliness, Persistent March 2010. measuring analyses Change and Criminal Justice Young Offenders, PPOs performance provided to AMB Performance Board (LCJB) targets enforcement, family against targets on monthly Manager thereby working with (public law) and a monthly basis (ABC&PM) our CJ partners to mediation and reporting the Reporting to and achieve and improve results. review by Courts against the overall Board on PSA targets. See performance Annex A for details of quarterly. targets 2.1(ii) We will improve We will work with Targets met or Creation of National Witness LOMs, JCs, witness waiting times Criminal Justice Board exceeded by witness plan by Waiting Times ABC&PM in the criminal courts partners to review 31 March 2010. July 2009 to survey and accurately witness warning Where targets not complement the measure the time protocols and listing achieved, an national witness Reporting to spent waiting. protocols to reduce the improving trend on charter. Courts Board on (see also 1.4) number of witnesses 08/09 outturn by 31 quarterly basis as that attend Court March 2010. part of witness unnecessarily and wait report. longer than the target time as part of our specific witness plan. Page 15 of 44
  16. 16. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 2.1(iii) Effectively operate Follow best practice in A reduction in the Jury utilisation to Lead Crown LOM – Crown jury summoning to relation to Jury cost per juror from be a regular item Court Manager to Court improve utilisation Summoning and 09/10 baseline and/ on the Crown analyse utilisation and reduce jury costs utilisation in order to or a reduction in the Court Manager's on a monthly continue to improve total jury costs. meeting agenda basis. average utilisation for discussion as Reporting to across the Area to performance Courts Board and improvement annually as part actions required. of Performance Report. 2.1(iv) Effectively operate Continue to operate On average, from LOMs to provide LOMs & JCs CJSSS and CJSSS across BEH change to disposal a monthly updates demonstrate ensuring that all courts simple case should to AMB and efficiency savings are adhering to the be completed within LCJBs from its agreed protocols and 6 weeks, with an implementation operating efficiently average of 2.25 hearings.  Pilot measures to ascertain the most  Report on CPO Pilot conducted by LOM and CPO LOMs and AMB. effective use of pilots by end August 2009. Working Group. Case Progression August 2009. Officers (CPOs). Implement agreed Reporting to recommendation Courts Board s by September quarterly as part 2009. of Performance Report. Page 16 of 44
  17. 17. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 2.1(v) Review use of Libra LOMs and LACA to Standard and best Monthly reports LOMs across BEH and use apply Lean practice on Libra from Lean strategies to methodology to Libra implemented across LOMs and LACA LACA ensure best use is processes. BEH in relation to and monthly made of the system. Libra operating performance procedures. With analysis. analysis of the Reporting to resulting Courts Board improvements to twice annually. customer/ staff or cost savings. 2.2 We will provide a cost Delegate budgets and Achievement of the Implementation of Monthly meetings Area Finance effective service that provide monthly LEAN deployment deployment plan. between AD and Manager (AFM) meets key monitoring reports for plan. Demonstrable LACA. and AMB performance targets managers to measure efficiencies and by operating within savings achieved. savings are Monthly reports to LACA. our reduced budget delivered. AMB and and make efficiency The programme of Lean LEAN programme to quarterly to savings through Lean workshops and other include evaluation of Courts Board on that can be reinvested process changes will efficiency savings or LEAN progress. back into the business free up staff time improvements to through reducing waste. service standards This will reduce and where possible workload allowing translated to savings to be made monetary savings. through reducing overtime worked and temporary staff employed to clear backlogs in work. Page 17 of 44
  18. 18. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 2.3 We will continue to We will continue to Estate strategy for Pre-planned Monthly reporting Area Director develop and implement our estate 2009/10 estate work for to AMB from implement the agreed strategy which will implemented to time 2009/10 relevant Relevant Estates Strategy review and improve the and budget by successfully Operational Operational across Bedfordshire, quality, flexibility and 31 March 2010 or completed to Managers Managers Essex and accessibility of our appropriate timetable and Hertfordshire estate and we will amendments made budget Quarterly Estates Estates See annex C below conduct an audit of our to strategy to reflect reports to Courts Managers facilities for their changing business Board adequacy from a needs. witness perspective. Where feasible, reduce the cost per square foot of accommodation – see Estates Strategy. New Build projects completed to timetable and budget Page 18 of 44
  19. 19. 6.3 Improving the way we work Identifying and prioritising opportunities for improvement and delivering those improvements Harnessing the creative and innovative talents of our people Effectively harnessing partnerships and our suppliers in development opportunities Involving stakeholders throughout the improvement process Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 3.1(I) Successfully deliver We will maintain and Increase the Local mediation Monthly LOMs – County process change – endeavour to improve proportion of procedures performance Court Mediation the administrative defended small operating with information to efficiency of dealing with claims that are regular monitoring AMB Small claims civil claims including the completed otherwise and review of their in-house use of the National than by a hearing to effectiveness Mediator Mediation Helpline and achieve a 65% use of the Area Small settlement rate. Claims Mediation Service 3.1(ii) Successfully deliver Continue to operate the To increase the Meet national Monthly reviews LOMs – County process change – statutory guidance in proportion of care targets for and feedback to Court Public Law Outline partnership with the and supervision timeliness AMB (PLO) judiciary and partner orders completed agencies. within 40 weeks by 10% in the FPC (target >56%) and 10 % in the County Court (target >48%). Page 19 of 44
  20. 20. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 3.1(iii) Successfully deliver To promote the use of Specific liaison with Reduction in Quarterly LOM – Crown process change – PROGRESS by users prosecution and paperwork monitoring by Court PROGRESS specifically in relation to defence service to communication. LOM – Crown use by defence increase their use of Increase in Court advocates. PROGRESS and electronic maximise efficiency communication. savings from the No ascertainable system difference seen in 2008/09. Further engagement with defence advocates planned for 2009/10 to contribute to target. 3.1(iv) Successfully deliver We will support and SUPS is To meet the Quarterly IT AIM and LCMS. process change – deliver the rollout of implemented in all implementation update to AMB Service Upgrade SUPS across all county county courts plan. Project (SUPS) and IT courts. according to national Monthly review by roll out. Area Area telephone Implementation helpdesk is Manager (AIM) implemented (see and LCMS. 3.4) 3.1(v) Successfully deliver To liaise with courts To ascertain This IT project is LOM – Crown LOM – Crown process change – piloting DARTS – BEH information/ not anticipated to Court to liaise Court Digital Audio is not subject to pilot knowledge on impact on BEH and receive Recording status benefits/disbenefits during 09/10. feedback from Transcribing and of DARTS and make pilot courts Storage (DARTS) appropriate when available. arrangements to prepare BEH for DARTS. Page 20 of 44
  21. 21. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 3.1(vi) Successfully deliver We will improve the Magistrates Provisional "go Quarterly reports LCMs - process change – speed with which Courts-80% of live" timetable-: to AMB. Magistrates and Bichard 7 Magistrates Courts and results automatically Beds Mags - July Crown Court Crown Court results transfer to Bichard 09 reach the PNC by portal Essex Mags - implementing the Crown Court-30% of April 09 recommendations of results automatically Herts Mags - May Bichard 7. transfer to the 09 Bichard portal, Crown Court - thereby improving TBN the speed that information is shared with partner agencies. 3.1(vii) Successfully deliver To liaise with courts To ascertain National rollout to LOM - Crown LCM - Crown process change – piloting Crown Court information/ be complete by Court to liaise Court Crown Court means means testing - BEH is knowledge on end of March and receive testing not subject to pilot procedure and 2010. feedback from status. ensure staff are well pilot courts. informed and receive necessary training in order for successful implementation in BEH. 3.1(viii) Successfully develop Maintain the profile and User feedback and Quarterly LOMs & JCs – Special Domestic use of these courts and satisfaction levels feedback from Magistrates’ Violence Courts where appropriate reinforce the value LOMs, external Courts (See also 1.4) establish additional of these courts stakeholders and courts users to AMB Page 21 of 44
  22. 22. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 3.1(ix) Review the location Extend the availability Internal and external LOMs monitor LOMs – Crown and use of – Video and use of video links user feedback use and provide and Magistrates’ Links both internally and to reports satisfaction feedback to AMB Courts & JCs (See also 1.4) CJS partners and with ability to access investigate the potential and use facilities use of remote links for when not in use by taking testimony of courts vulnerable witnesses. 3.2 Implement Lean Publish a programme of Cost and service Lean programme Monthly LACA methodology across Lean Workshops across improvements made published by May discussions and BEH magistrates, crown and through more 2009. Workshops assessments LOMs county courts. Hold efficient and cost held at regular made at AMB workshops and effective working, intervals - with implement findings. improvements results captured through implemented and Train BEH Lean monitoring and subsequently Facilitators. analysis by LACA. reviewed through 2009/10. Lean Facilitators trained by May 2009. 3.3 Centralise Create a centralisation Successful Project Team to Monthly reports to Area Project Magistrates' Courts project team who will centralisation of identify suitable AMB. Officer (PO). services and identify suitable processes with business areas/ processes across BEH business areas and ascertainable and processes by April AMB where centralisation processes that would identified benefits 2009. Processes will have ascertainable benefit from a to:- streamlined/ LACA benefits to our centralised/ streamlined centralised customers, staff approach.  Customers throughout efficiency and costs.  Staff 2009/10.  Cost  Efficiency Page 22 of 44
  23. 23. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 3.4 Streamline the  Review the  Review  Monthly review Quarterly reports Lead Officer services offered by operation and demonstrates to AMB County Courts in BEH, effectiveness of the cost and LOMs - County building on the County Court efficiency Court Centralisation that Administration savings. occurred in 2008/09. Centre and increase usage.  Improvements  March 2009 for staff and  Implement the Area customers in Telephone Helpdesk telephone communication.  Findings of pilot  March 2010 reported.  Pilot for 12 months the devolution of District Judge work  Increase in use  Sept 2010 to admin staff. of secure e-mail.  Promote use of secure e-mail for Civil work. 3.5 We will endeavour to Hold Energy Saving Reduction in energy September 2009 Report from AFM reduce our energy Workshop and appoint consumption by workshop to consumption in line Energy Champions to 10% on 2008/9 AMB. with the need to make highlight ways of using consumption. financial savings. energy more efficiently and avoiding waste. Page 23 of 44
  24. 24. 6.4 People and Learning Planning, managing and improving our people resources to meet our business needs Identifying, developing and sustaining the competences we need Involving, empowering and communication with our people Reviewing, rewarding and recognising our people The way in which our people see us Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 4.1(i) Staff are managed in All managers are No justifiable Human Resource Review and Area Director accordance with the informed about all key complaints Business Partners discussion at Lead Managers law and good HR people management (HRBP) will AMB on quarterly Human practice policies and processes Staff Engagement provide monthly basis Resources and they know who to Survey results show statistical data on Business Partner Human Resources contact with queries. staff satisfaction is in absence and will (HRBP) (HR) Policies at line with or better monitor the National and Area Lead Managers ensure than national operation of the Human Level are implemented that these policies and averages Performance Resources Action effectively and processes are Management Team (HRAT) consistently. implemented effectively Data is submitted on Scheme and consistently in their time bi-annually. Emphasis is placed on area of the business those policies and that deadlines for The level of MOJ sickness designed to ensure returns of data are met. unplanned absences absence target of that staff attend work is reduced, with 7.5 days per and perform Emphasis is placed on reference to the employee per year effectively. the effective operation MOJ sickness is achieved by of absence absence target of March 2010 Managers are management, probation, 7.5 days per informed and and managing poor employee per year Recruitment supported to enable performance policies. by 2010 campaigns are this. completed in 8 Managers are weeks from date supported in operating of authorisation to policies by HR, through fill a vacancy. coaching & advice as required. Page 24 of 44
  25. 25. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 4.1(ii) Employee relations Management engages Regular meetings On-going Minutes and Area Director are maintained or, if effectively with the TUS and agreed actions actions flowing necessary, improved, and works with them taken forward from meetings HRBP to facilitate the through regular with TUS smooth running of the meetings and informal Responses to business liaison and discussion queries are given within 3 working Regular meetings are days of receipt scheduled with the TUS and responses are There are no provided to their queries avoidable employee within 3 working days of relations problems receipt Page 25 of 44
  26. 26. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 4.2 Staff receive adequate Learning and Regional Training The Learning & The BEH Area Training training, learning and development needs are meetings show Development Plan Learning & Co-ordinator/ development identified by managers positive input from for BEH is in place Development Training interventions to and staff through the the Area in by April 2009. Plan is reviewed Manager enable them to carry Performance establishing system quarterly by the out their functions Management Scheme for delivering timely Plans are in place HRAT. HRBP effectively, and meet and on an ongoing training in all to embed learning the changing needs of basis. business areas to from the HRAT business delivery, reduce complaints Leadership whilst developing to Priority is given to and improve Programme and their potential within a Induction, Business efficiency. develop leadership reasonable timescale Skills and Management skills in Team and cost Skills training, including There are no Leaders & Leadership. justifiable complaints Managers who about learning and have not attended Constructive input is development needs the programme made to the SE Training not being met, and Committee to ensure staff receive the that the Area’s needs training they need to are met. do their jobs well. Continue to develop All managers attend the Managers improve Ongoing training Review/ Appraisal AD the leadership skills of national leadership and hone their skills completed by our managers. course. as a result of March 2010. attendance - demonstrated by working practices and review/ appraisal. Page 26 of 44
  27. 27. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements The Area has a strategy to meet these needs where they cannot be met locally or nationally. Legal Staff are Local legal adviser JSB self JCs. provided with plans are prepared and assessment and specialist training implemented monitoring and required under the evaluation minimum training process. agreement between the JSB and HMCS. 4.3 All staff have We will ensure that all Objectives agreed to April – May AMB Quarterly LCMs, JCs objectives linked to staff have objectives set support the business appraisal meetings HRAT the business plan and using the Performance and Performance held for 100% staff Bi-annual return in line with the Management system Management across BEH. to HRBP. organisation’s and are related to meetings held within performance Business Plan Priorities national timeframes. 100% of staff management system (Band A to D) will Managers will have Mid and End-of-Year have at least 2 objectives to ensure that returns of indicative development they manage absence, and actual objectives performance and staff performance development effectively markings are made Mid year reviews within deadlines to held in October/ the HRBP to collate November to them for the AD. assess likely performance mark Page 27 of 44
  28. 28. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 4.4 Staff contributions to Managers will use the All budget is R&R budgets are AMB quarterly HRAT HMCS BEH are national “Celebrating allocated, with determined & AFM (budget recognised and Success” policy and approx 50% to staff allocated by May allocation) rewarded in an Area guidance to in Bands E & F 2009 appropriate and timely ensure that deserving fashion staff are appropriately Positive feedback rewarded from Staff Budget for Engagement Survey Recognition & Reward To ensure fairness & is managed effectively consistency, for 2009-2010 benchmarking of small Approx 50% of the gifts takes place, & budget is allocated to small & special bonuses staff in Bands E & F require AD’s approval 4.5(i) Staff receive effective A timetable & guidance Team Briefs are Staff satisfaction AMB half-yearly HRAT and regular for Team Briefs is delivered on time in shown through communication about established by April accordance with Staff Engagement LCMs & JCs Area, Regional & 2009. timetable and co- Survey that timely National matters ordinated at Area and appropriate which affect them and We will hold Team Level. information the organisation, and Briefs in accordance received have an opportunity to with our published Staff know where to give feedback about timetable and find information in them continually update the their offices and on Area staff Intranet the Intranet. Page 28 of 44
  29. 29. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 4.5(ii) Staff satisfaction and Staff will be encouraged Staff Engagement National time AMB quarterly HRAT engagement is to take part in the survey held and scale for Staff measured and national Staff action plan Engagement Annual Report to LCMs & JCs monitored and steps Engagement Survey in published thereafter Survey action Courts Board on are taken to improve accordance with with time scales for planning from Staff Satisfaction it/them. national time scales. actions. 2008 results Survey. The response rate The Staff Engagement Managers and staff will for BEH exceeds National time Survey is supported contribute to the action that for 2008. scale for 2009 by managers and staff planning process arising survey are encouraged to from the Staff take part. Engagement Survey effectively and within Staff Engagement timescales. actions are achieved within national timescales. Page 29 of 44
  30. 30. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 4.6 Staffing numbers are Staffing needs for Staffing costs are Staffing budgets Discussion and AD, LCMs, JCs, sufficient to meet the current and known within the Area’s are agreed and review at Core AFM, HRBP current and known future business are allocated budget plans are made to AMB at least future needs of the identified. manage the work quarterly. business whilst If staff shortages within the remaining within Factors affecting staff arise from funding available staffing budget, and staff are deployment are issues the work levels by April deployed effectively. identified and analysed, continues to be 2009 e.g. skills, managed effectively. Structural, accommodation, IT, Timescales within organisational, travelling time. Staff with the right the Managing location and working skills are in the right Organisational methods changes are Plans are devised to place at the right Change managed effectively match staff to business time as far as Framework are for the organisation needs, including possible given met and individuals developing future available resources. managers and ‘experts’, and reducing the use of agency staff where appropriate. Changes, and the processes used to achieve them, are All changes are reviewed to ensure managed in accordance that they achieve with the Managing their stated Organisational Change objectives Framework Page 30 of 44
  31. 31. Ref What we'll do How we'll do it Measure of Target/Milestone Monitoring Lead Officer success Arrangements 4.7 We will proactively Effective diversity Actions are Target dates are Annually report to AMB contribute to the policies, practices and completed in contained in the AMB HRAT national diversity procedures are accordance within BEH Equality & CSAT objectives operated using the BEH agreed timescales Diversity Action Equality & Diversity Plan Action Plan Annually report to Courts Board. Equality Impact Stakeholders Timelines will be Assessments will be (internal and established for prepared whenever external) are each project changes are proposed consulted and individually which may have an involved in the impact on staff and/or preparation of EIAs service to the public 4.8 All magistrates in the Justices' Clerk will, in Feedback from the Training Plan is Quarterly Justices' Clerks Area are provided with liaison with the Monitoring and submitted to the meetings of TDCs training required Magistrates' Area Evaluation team of JSB by end April, and MATC under the minimum Training Committee and the JSB Annual Report is training agreement Local Training lodged with JSB between the JSB and Committees develop by end September HMCS in accordance consistent working with the principles of practices and protocols the Magistrates' for the development of National Training and implementation of a Initiative 2 Justices' Training Plan which meets the needs of all justices in all jurisdictions Page 31 of 44
  32. 32. ANNEX A: TABLE OF PERFORMANCE MEASURES & SUPPORTING INDICATORS 2009/10 Our commitment to Crime and Enforcement are: Reduce the time taken to deal with cases in the Crown Court, so that the majority of case are commenced and concluded within 16 weeks. Simplify and speed up criminal cases in the Magistrates’ courts so that the majority of simple charged cases take from a day to 6 weeks (on average) from charge to disposal. Embed the underlying principles behind community justice in all Magistrates Courts, ensuring local courts improve their awareness and take account of local issues, particularly when dealing with low level crime. Relevant PSA High Level Target Target Supports indicator % cases commenced Crime 1 PSA 24 within target Timeliness Crown Courts Improve the percentage of defendants’ cases that commence within a specific time in the Crown Court so that: 78% committed for trial commence within 16 weeks of committal 78% sent for trial commence within 26 weeks of sending 78% of appeals commence within 14 weeks 78% of committals for sentence commence within 10 weeks Supporting Indicators Ineffective trial rate target 11.9% or 2008-9 outturn figure whichever is lower Cracked trial rate no target Effective trial rate no target % juror sitting days to attendance/non attendance days (target yet to be determined) Page 32 of 44
  33. 33. Supports indicator Simplify and speed up Magistrates’ Courts 1 PSA 24 criminal cases in the Average time simple charged case takes from charge to disposal target < 6 weeks magistrates’ courts Supporting Indicators Average number of hearings for a case 2.25 Ineffective trial rate target 18.3% or 2008-9 outturn whichever is lower Effective trial rate no target Cracked trial rate no target Vacated trial rate no target Registers Time taken to produce and send court results to Police 95% within 3 working days 100% within 6 working days Supporting Indicators Time taken from receipt of properly completed Rights to Representation applications to despatch of decision :- - 90% by COP 2nd working day - 95% by COP 3rd working day - 100% by COP 6th working day Witnesses Supports indicator Waiting Times 3 PSA 24 Crown Court - 60% called within 2 hours - Average waiting time 2 hours 30 minutes Magistrates Courts - 60% called in 1 hour or less - 80% called within 2 hours (Waiting times calculated from the time a witness is advised to attend) Page 33 of 44
  34. 34. Overall Satisfaction Based on 08-09 performance aim to increase overall satisfaction rate in WAVES survey to:- Beds – 85% Essex – 81% (83% by 2011) Herts – 81% Supports indicator Enforcement 5 PSA24 Payment rate – (target yet to be determined) Supporting Indicators - number of offenders annually who pay their fine as a proportion of number of offenders who have had fine imposed in a year - % of fines by value imposed in the year that they are collected - proportion of fines annually that require enforcement action - annual change in arrears - number and value of administrative cancellations broken down by reason for cancellations Community Penalty Breaches - 60% of all community penalty breaches to be resolved within 25 working days of the relevant failure to comply Supporting Indicators - Average of 35 working days from relevant unacceptable failure to comply to resolution of the Case - 75% of community penalty breach warrants to be executed within 20 working days for adults and 10 working days for youths - Reduce the proportion on unresolved CPB cases over 35 working days old. Local targets to be set and managed by LCJBs. Confiscation Orders This is now a target owned by LCJBs and local targets have yet to be set. Page 34 of 44
  35. 35. Our commitments to Civil, Family and Customer Service are: Give greater priority to Public Law cases often involving issues such as whether children should be taken into care, with a view to ensuring that the matter is resolved in less than 40 weeks or such later time as the judge or magistrate deems appropriate. Encourage more families to resolve issues themselves through providing in-court conciliation or directing parties to mediation where it is appropriate and safe to do so. Provide a simpler and quicker service in the county courts through introducing a presumption that all but the most complex small claims are dealt with by way of mediation. Put in place systems and incentives to ensure that the vast majority of civil business is initiated online. Provide a knowledgeable, personalised and readily accessible service, keeping users informed about the progress of their case. ` FAMILY Supports PSA4 To increase the proportion of care and supervision orders completed within 40 weeks by 10% in Family proceedings Courts by 2009/10 – target >56% To increase the proportion of care and supervision orders completed within 40 weeks by 10% in County Courts by 2009/10 – target >48% Supporting indicators To increase the proportion of residence and contact orders made by consent in the County Courts (excluding cases involving allegations of harm) - % of consent orders to be at a minimum level of 37% - % section 31 Children Act applications (Care and Supervision) completed, by any disposal, within 50 weeks County Courts - Less than 30% cases over 40 weeks - Less than 10% cases over 75 weeks Magistrates’ Courts - Less than 20% cases over 40 weeks - Less than 5% cases over 75 weeks Page 35 of 44
  36. 36. CIVIL - Increase the proportion of defended small claims that are completed otherwise than by a hearing to achieve 65% settlement rate - Increase the proportion of defended small claims that are completed (from issue to final hearing) within the target time of 30 weeks to at least 70% - Increase the amount of civil work initiated online as follows:- - 65% of eligible possession claims to be commenced through PCOL - 75% of eligible money claims to be commenced through MCOL Supporting indicator - 78% of defended fast track cases to be completed within 30 weeks (allocation to final hearing) - 78% of defended multi track cases to be completed within 50 weeks (allocation to final hearing) - Increase the proportion of defended fast and multi-track cases that are completed otherwise than by a hearing to achieve a 65% settlement rate Customer Service (Area Level) - 90% of complaints to be processed within 10 working days at court and Area level - To improve against the “very satisfied” element of the HMCS Court User Survey results from the 2008-9 baseline – local targets yet to be set - To maintain “overall satisfaction” performance at or above the 2008/9 survey result level – local targets yet to be set Page 36 of 44
  37. 37. ANNEX B – FINANCE Budget Head (£000) Other Income -1,050,000 Judicial Salaries 4,000,000 Staff Salaries 21,000,000 Estates 3,600,000 Operating Leases 60,000 PFI Suppliers 0 Court Costs 3,000,000 Other Judicial Costs 900,000 Other Staff Costs 500,000 Other Operating Costs 2,500,000 Net Total 34,510,000 Page 37 of 44
  38. 38. ANNEX C – ESTATES STRATEGY Our overall aim, in applying the Estates Strategy, is not only to continue to maintain or raise the standard of our court sites, but to improve the overall utilisation in the new Area of Beds, Essex and Herts. Detailed below is a summary of the main projects being undertaken in the Area which includes the replacing of those courts in need of upgrading, reviewing the use of existing sites and providing improved facilities wherever need and feasibility presents. • The scheme for new court houses for Chelmsford and Colchester Magistrates’ Courts will continue with Crown Court and Coroner facilities being incorporated within the Chelmsford new build. The project is currently out to bidders with construction starting this Autumn and completion in 2012. • The move of Bedford County Court into Bedford Magistrates' Court and additional improvements to the Shire Hall should be completed by June 2009. To continue to seek opportunities to advance the case for a new Magistrates and County Court building in Bedford. • Long term, to take any opportunities to advance the case for a new Stevenage Magistrates’ Court that would include Crown Court courtrooms, as well as taking forward the case for a new court for Central and West Herts. • Review the future of Cheshunt Magistrates’ Court by September 2009. • Conduct an audit of our facilities for their adequacy from a witness perspective. Page 38 of 44
  39. 39. ANNEX D – ORGANISATION CHART Area Director Mike Littlewood Support Services HR & Estates CIVIL/FAMILY CROWN COURT MAGISTRATES COURT Essex Beds & Herts Beds, Essex Essex Beds Herts Justices' Clerks LCM LCM & Herts Central Admin Office LCM Band A LCM Band A & Legal Teams Band A Band A Band A LCM 2 x LCM Band A and Accountable and Accountable Jan Foster/ Manager Manager Beds – Denise Yvonne Veronica Reed Marian James David McDonald Yvonne David Gibbs Hutchings McKenna-Young McKenna Young Essex – Accountable Tessa Szagun Manager Herts – Jan Foster Paul Fellingham Basildon Cty Bedford Cty Basildon Crn Basildon Bedford Cheshunt Chelmsford Cty Hertford Cty Chelmsford Crn Chelmsford Luton Hatfield Colchester Cty Hitchin Cty Luton Crn Colchester Hemel Hempstead Harlow Cty Luton Cty Southend Crn Epping Hertford Southend Cty St Albans Cty St Albans Crn Grays St Albans Watford Cty Harlow Stevenage Harwich Watford Southend Witham Area Director's Office Area Finance Manager Area Business Performance Manager Vicky Whitfield Sandra Glenister Page 39 of 44