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  1. 1. May 2009 Visit us online at: www.lubbockmustangclub.com The Lubbock Mustang Club is Proud to be an MCA Regional Club! Hello Everyone, CAR OF THE MONTH–May 2009 We had a great time at the Buddy Holly center for the GAPD. There was a great turnout of members, GAPD travelers and even the public. There were some many members involved in the event that I can’t list them all. However, I do want to thank Sylvie and Darin Putman and Jeff Krueger for making most of the arrangements for city council and Gary and Traci Summers bought this 45th Anniversary 2009 Mustang from Gene Messer Ford. museum activities. We had some Gary says-“After making numerous phone calls to very positive response from the Roush, I decided to have my Mustang completely event, along with some fun and rebuilt & customized by Roush. Its unique by being the only glass top Mustang that Roush has ever good food. customized. Working closely with the Roush Please join us at our May 7th technicians we were able to create a one-of-a-kind meeting for food and fellowship. Roush Custom. It is powered by the P51B Roush engine, Roush 2300 supercharger, short throw shifter Chuck will bring us up to date on and Stage 3 suspension. It is the first customized the upcoming car show and Linda Mustang to have the pcm programmed for over has some great events lined up for 550hp with a Ford warranty intact. participation in the coming months. If you want to make sure your car is entered for car of the Thanks again to everyone that month drawings be sure and contact Mike at 794-7443 or e-mail at helped with the GAPD. mscochran@suddenlink.net John
  2. 2. Notes from Q-man I don’t know about anybody else, but Kay and I have been blowin’ and goin’ this whole month. With us preparing for Birmingham and planning to drive the ’74 and not getting it ready, I decided to take the ’67 Fastback, and a big thanks to Charlie for prepping it for the trip. Doug and Teresa Putman and Kay and I first joined the group ‘Mustangs Across America’ (there were about 210 Mustangs) in Amarillo on Monday, April 13 driving to Mustang, OK, where we had a BBQ meal at Wild Horse Park, and spent the night in OKC. The number of Mustangs increased at each stop. Tuesday we headed to Dallas for lunch and on to Bossier City, LA for the night another meal and party furnished by the local Mustang Club. Wednesday, we drove on to Birmingham with approximately 625 Mustangs gathering at a Mall for the final point together before we headed to the motel. Thursday we drove out to Barber Motorsport Park to register for the Show. This is a great setting for Mustangs on display. We joined up with several other drivers with the Great American Pony Drive club. Some of the faces were familiar from our Pony Drive in September 2006 to California and the 40th Anniversary Drive back in 2004, when they came through Lubbock for the first time. We were able to park as a group ‘Great American Pony Drive’. We spent time looking, taking pictures of Mustangs, and visiting with several Mustang Owners from all over, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britton, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and several States here at home. For Kay and I it is our third big Mustang Anniversary Event, Charlotte, NC-1999, Nashville, TN-2004 and now Birmingham, AL. It is an experience and we are already looking forward to the 50th Anniversary in 2014 wherever it will be. There is more but I’ll wait until the next newsletter to add to this ‘Mustangs on the Road Again’ saga. Do take note of the GAPD and Anniversary Party article below. I do want you to take notice of all the new members because of the effort put forth to advertise and prepare for the GAPD. Thanks to Laura for the opportunity to display our Mustangs and share and also for the chance to see the movie ‘Fast and Furious’. There are many ways for you to participate and have fun with the LUBBOCK MUSTNG CLUB. If you miss it, it’s not my fault. I just try to tell you about it, but you must put it on your calendar and plan to join us. The ‘ Qman’ All information, notes, ads, articles, pictures, etc., for the June Newsletter has a DEADLINE of 5/25/09 If you know of someone interested in the Mustang Club invite them to look at the website: www.lubbockmustangclub.com 2
  3. 3. Imagine your Business Logo Right Here! This spot is $25 a year. Get your Business noticed while helping to support The Lubbock Mustang Club. Contact Dennis @ 806-745-4758 or e-mail: qman@nts-online.net Web site and Events Sponsorships available also. Lubbock Mustang Club 2009 Events Calendar (Watch the LMC Hoofbeats Newsletter and http://lubbockmustangclub.com for updated events calendar once planning is complete and/or pick up an updated calendar at the February business meeting) May 7 (Thursday) Monthly LMC Business Meeting, 7:00 PM, Rooftop Café, 82nd & Indiana May 14 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford May 17 (Sunday) Alzheimer’s Benefit Car Show, Odessa (watch website and newsletter) May 21 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford May 28 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford June 4 (Thursday) Monthly LMC Business Meeting, 7:00 PM, Rooftop Café, 82nd & Indiana June 11 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford June 18 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford June 25 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford June 28 (Sunday) Show and Shine, Buffalo Lakes (watch website and newsletter) July 2 (Thursday) Monthly LMC Business Meeting, 7:00 PM, Rooftop Café, 82nd & Indiana July 4 (Saturday) 4th of July Parade (LMC is usually provides cars for dignitaries) July 9 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford July 16 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford July 18 (Saturday) Progressive Dinner (watch website and newsletter) July 23 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford July 30 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford 3
  4. 4. July 31 (Friday) - ? Road Trip to Hobbs, NM for Hobbs August Nites and other Hobbs attractions August 1 (Saturday) ? (tentative - date/event unconfirmed - watch website and newsletter) August 6 (Thursday) Monthly LMC Business Meeting, 7:00 PM, Rooftop Café, 82nd & Indiana August 13 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford August 15 (Saturday) Annual LMC Car Show, Wayland Campus, Loop 289 & N Quaker (watch website and newsletter) August 20 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford August 27 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford September 3 (Thursday) Monthly LMC Business Meeting, 7:00 PM, Rooftop Café, 82nd & Indiana September 6 (Sunday) Drive-In Movie, Stars and Stripes (watch website and newsletter) September 10 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford September 17 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford September 24 (Thursday) Car Clubs Night at the Sonic, 7:00 PM, Sonic, 64th Street & Frankford September 26 and/or 27 Midland Airsho (watch website and newsletter) October 1 (Thursday) Monthly LMC Business Meeting, 7:00 PM, Rooftop Café, 82nd & Indiana October 9-11 (Thurs-Sun) Road Trip to Waco (watch website and newsletter) November 5 (Thursday) Monthly LMC Business Meeting, 7:00 PM, Rooftop Café, 82nd & Indiana November ?? November Club Event (event, date, time tbd - watch website and newsletter) December 11 (Friday) Annual LMC Christmas Party (watch website and newsletter) GOSPEL NIGHT AT ROOFTOP CAFE… TUESDAYS…..In fact… Lets all really give it our best shot to keep the word going out about GOSPEL NIGHT AT ROOFTOP CAFE. We have many "faithful" who come every week but there are still hundreds more right here in Lubbock that would love to join us and enjoy the music, the food and the fellowship. We all have email lists… lets use em to get the word out...Call and invite your friends to meet you there.. Truly...The more the merrier...Speaking of getting the word out.. Does any body have any connections with any Radio and TV media people? How about the Avalanche Journal? Let's be creative in making GOSPEL NIGHT AT ROOFTOP CAFE the HAPPENING PLACE TO BE ON TUESDAYS... Rooftop Cafe.. 3300 82nd Street... Just East of Indiana on North side…7-8:30 PM Tom and Sherry Green...(filling auditoriums coast to coast) God bless...See you all on Tuesday.. LMC MEMBERS CORNER Would you like to see your birthday and anniversary in the Newsletter, then please notify me by sending the information to Lubbock Mustang Club P.O. Box 6154 Lubbock, Texas 79493-6154 or email it to: qman@nts-online.net (If you want me to acknowledge a birthday or anniversary, make sure that I have the info.) May Birthdays Carolyn Jones 5/3 James Baughcum 5/6 David Elkwoitz 5/8 Brad Sexton 5/9 Win Jones 5/12 Alan Fisher 5/13 Bonnie Brooks 5/15 Sharron Howell 5/17 Lynn Nelson 5/19 Neil Thompson 5/21 May Anniversaries James and Shauna Baughcum 5/5 Gary and Traci Summers 5/20 4
  5. 5. Arthur and Debra Woolever 5/21 David and Vanessa Barnett 5/25 NEW MEMBER’S (Check out all the new members this month) Ricky and Latrice Allison – 2005 Roush Stage 2; 2009 Roush Blackjack Brian Childers – 2004 Mustang V-6 Jeff and Amy Hanson – 1966 Mustang Coupe Patrick and Joy Hodgson – No Mustangs now, but had a 1992 GT in the past Steve Lackey – 1967 Coupe HT Andrew Medina – 1998 Cobra Daniel Medrano – 2008 Mach 1 Deepak and Jo Ann Mittal - do not own a Mustang, but maybe in the future Joe Putman – 1996 Convertible; 1999 Convertible 35th Anniversary Model (welcome back) Gary and Traci Summers – 2009 GT Roush Custom 45th Anniversary Edition Anita and Steve Trevino – 2006 GT Roger and De Lyn Wolcott – 2007 Shelby GT 500 Let’s make these new members welcome!!! A Major Sponsor of the Lubbock Mustang Club The Lubbock Mustang Club is an MCA Regional Club. LMC also encourages its members to become members of The Mustang Club of America. We hope that current MCA members will renew for ‘ 09 and new members will join. Contact our MCA Representative at DSNLK94K@aol.com. LMC CLASSIFIEDS-FIND IT - SELL IT - TRADE IT HERE! All ads must be renewed now, or send in new ads to be printed in next Newsletter. Please email Qman your ads at qman@nts-online.net or mail to Lubbock Mustang Club, P.O. Box 6154, Lubbock, TX 79493-6154. FOR SALE: a 351W engine for sale for $400.00 and a 200-6 engine with C-4 automatic for sale for $600.00. Contact Jeff Krueger at 806-548-4521 5
  6. 6. FOR SALE: 1966 289 engine for sale. 2 barrel intake with carb, exhaust manifolds, alternator, flywheel, and torque convertor, needs rebuilding. Asking $350.00 exactly what I paid. David Barnett 806-793-6818 FOR SALE: 302 Heads-vatted and fluxed, hand ported and polished, Trick flow ’double’/Crane (Ford SVO) roller rockers and push rods/Front Air Dam (spoiler) for ’65-’65 Mustang-brand new/Edelbrock ;High Rise’ aluminum intake-ceramic coated- brand new/Edelbrock 600cfm polished carb/ various parts for ’65-’66 Fastback Call Nic LoCascio at 806-778-4918 Classifieds are free for members and $5 for non-members. Ads will run for three (3) months and if you want it to run longer, you must resubmit it. Just get the Ad to the Editor by the deadline date of each month. The DEADLINE for the May 2009 Newsletter is April 25. Send ads to LMC Classifieds at: PO BOX 6154, Lubbock, TX. 79493-6154 or email to qman@nts-online.net Also feel free to post your ads on our free online classifieds.) MCA News There are benefits from continuing to be an Active Regional Member Club. For information on individual/family MCA membership, go to: http://www.mustang.org/index_noflash.html or call 1-850-438-0626. THE GREAT AMERICAN PONY DRIVE 2009 – 45TH ANNIVERSARY Lubbock Mustang Club welcomed The GAPD 45th Anniversary Drive to Lubbock on Tuesday, April 28. The gathering point fir the GAPD Drivers was at the Wal-Mart on South Loop 289. They were escorted to the Buddy Holly Center in the Depot District where several members of the Lubbock Mustang Club waited for their arrival. Our club president, John Robison used the gathering of the Mustangs as a backdrop for the 6:00 PM Weather report for KCBD News. We mingled for a while and then at 6:30 PM Mayor Tom Martin welcomed the Great American Pony Drive members to Lubbock, reading the Declaration from his office on Monday, April 27, 2009 declaring an Official Mustang Day recognizing the Ford Mustang as an American Icon. There was music and entertainment by the Erni Elemento Band. The band of Erni, Dan and Eddie and Roger Wolcott was joined by former member of the Cricketts, Tinker Carlisle, who played for Buddy Holly. Also in attendance, the one and only ‘Peggy Sue’ Gerron of the Buddy Holly hit ‘Peggy Sue’. We also enjoyed the company of Jerry Heasley; well know Photographer and Author of many Mustangs articles and books. All of those in attendance enjoyed a tour of the Buddy Holly Museum had a Mexican meal prepared by Josie’s and continued to socialize while the band played. David Turnbull, the organized of the Great American Pony Drive raffled off many prizes. Dennis and Kay Quattlebaum, registration #14 of the GAPD Club, drove part of the way from Birmingham, but due to a death in the family returned to Lubbock early, and Dennis rejoined the Drive in Snyder and continued on with them to Roswell on Wednesday, returning to Lubbock that evening. He and Kay will rejoin the Drive an May 9, and continue with them to Mustang, Ok and then on to Branson, MO. 6
  7. 7. All of you who helped setting things up and then joining us serving the GAPD group and then cleaning up after deserve a big THANK YOU. We left the area in great shape and received our deposit back, so maybe we can do this again when the Great American Pony Drive comes through Lubbock next time. Dennis said he is already looking forward to the 50th Anniversary Show and the GAPD 50th Anniversary Drive for 2014. How many of you will try to join him and Kay? In the mean time keep the Hoofbeats pounding. Car Shows and Events Links May 17-2009-Crusin’ for Alzheimer’s Car Show, 9:00 AM – 3:00 OM, Lincoln Tower Retirement, 311W. 4th Street, Odessa, Texas, pre=entry $25.00, day of show $30.00. contact: Alexis Stephens, 432-333-1106, 432 648-0221 or email 5166-ec@holidaytouch.com June 5-6-Carlsbad, NM Car Show-entry fee $25.00. Contact: www.carsclubofcarlsbad.com July 18-14th Annual CCCC Rock and Roll Nostalgia Car Show & Cruise, downtown Slaton, Texas on the Square. Contact: http://www.caprockclassiccarclub.org/ For Texas Car Shows go to http://www.runwalkjog.com/carshowstoday/Texas.htm (Copy and paste in browser) Also check out: http://www.cruisinstyle.com/cgibin/carshows/carshowsbrowser.cgi?State=texas or: http://www.oldride.com/events/texas.html or: http://www.carshownews.com/national/TX.htm (If any other Clubs receiving this newsletter would like their Shows listed in our events, I will be happy to do so just email me the info at qman@nts-online.net I am trying to widen our base of Car Clubs, so you know many others will get this info.) NAPA AUTO & TRUCK PARTS WAREHOUSE 4413 50th Street, Lubbock, TX 79414 806-792-6272 104 E. 19th Street, Lubbock, TX 79403 806-747-4166 Toll free 800-333-1148 7
  8. 8. MEMBERSHIP FORM (New or Renewal) Please feel free to use the following form to renew your membership or give it to a prospective member. Please fill out completely and Mail to: Lubbock Mustang Club, P.O. Box 6154, Lubbock, TX 79493-6154 or bring it to the next meeting at The Roof Top Café, 3300 C 82nd Street. Meetings are the first Thursday of every Month. Name____________________________________________________ Spouse ___________________________________________________________________ Other Family Members (Name and relationship)_______________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: _______________________________ City_______________ State____ Zip________ Contact Phone #___________________Cell Phone #___________________ E-mail__________________________________________________________________ Mustang(s) Year & Model___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ MCA # (If applicable) _______________________ Anniversary Date____/____/_____ All Family Members Birthdays_________________ __________________________________________________________________________ What interests you? (Racing, Cruising, Car Shows, etc.)__________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Membership dues are $25.00 for 1 year, due on January 1 of each year, and Pro-rated quarterly. If paid January 1 through March 31- $20.00 Paid April 1 through June 30 - $18.75 Paid July 1 through September 30 – $12.50 Paid October 1 through December 31- $6.25. PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CHECK OR MONEY ORDER 8
  9. 9. Signature________________________________________________Date______________ Be sure and send us a photo of your car for our member’s gallery. (Optional of course) The LUBBOCK MUSTANG CLUB is a social organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Mustang automobile and the fun and fellowship that goes hand in hand with these cars. The only requirement for membership is a love of Mustangs. Where do you think this Mustang now calls home? This is a one of a kind 2005 Mustang it was modified by Car fx of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2005. Jerry Heasley was the first to do a Picture shoot of this V6 for the first Issue (October/November 2005) of 9
  10. 10. Modified Mustang Magazine. If you can lay your hand on a copy of that issue, look on page 30 and see where this Mustang was 5 years ago. There have been many improvements since then. I may have more information on this in a later issue. 2009 LMC Officers President -- John Robison -- president@lubbockmustangclub.com Vice President – Ronnie Brown ronniebrown0405@yahoo.com Events Chairman -- Charlie & Linda Ricks -- charliericks@mail.com Car Show Director -- Chuck Wilson -- wilsonc@diebold.com Car Show Committee -- Jeff Krueger -- jskrueger@worldnet.att.net Mike Cochran -- lbbdoc@gmail.com Neil Thompson -- ants@nts-online.net Ronnie Brown -- ronniebrown0405@yahoo.com Sec/Treasurer – Teresa Putman -- dtputman@valornet.com Historian -- Mike Cochran -- lbbdoc@gmail.com MCA Rep -- Darin and Sylvie Putman -- dsnlk94K@aol.com Web Site -- Mike Cochran -- lbbdoc@gmail.com Ronnie Brown -- ronniebrown0405@yahoo.com Nelson Martin -- nmartin500@aol.com Newsletter – Dennis Quattlebaum -- qman@nts-online.net or qman8744@yahoo.com Visit us online at www.lubbockmustangclub.com Lubbock Mustang Club P.O. Box 6154 Lubbock TX. 79493-6154 Address Service Requested 10