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2008 Annual Reports.doc.doc

  1. 1. January 2009 St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH REPORTS State of the Parish Report The church is the body of Christ, the community of believers. We at St. Andrew’s are profoundly blessed to be a community which is mutually supportive and constituted by varied loving, faithful ministries in God’s service. You will get a sense, from the submissions in the Annual Report, of the breadth and depth of parishioners’ ministries at St. Andrew’s, and I give great thanks for every member of our congregation. As an ordained spiritual leader, I not only lead worship services, but I also seek to find ways to support and foster the ministry of the laity. To that end, vestry meetings have changed significantly during the past year: we continue to begin in communal prayer, with a Eucharist in the chapel. We then spend 30 minutes or so doing a mutual study on parish leadership, in an effort to continue to grow in our understanding both of how we lead here at St. Andrew’s, and of how the leadership of a spiritual community differs from, and is similar to, secular leadership. The bulk of the rest of our time is spent on consideration of one or two specific issues facing the parish at the time. Committee reports, financial reports, prior minutes, and all else that can be read ahead of time, are sent to members in advance of the meeting. Members are asked to seek clarification about any of these reports and to make necessary changes to them before the meeting. This approach to our meetings together, we feel, helps us to spend time on our development as leaders and in discussion of substantive issues, in an effort to be as open as possible to God’s leading of us. You will read elsewhere in these reports descriptions of our Centennial Campaign, led by Jody Greenwood and with help from Rev. Nick Dyke, our diocesan consultant. Despite the ravages of Hurricane Ike, and the serious economic woes of this past fall, the campaign was quite successful, thanks to the faithful and committed participation of so many of you, members of this parish community. Ministering together with all of you continues to be both a privilege and a joy; we have a vital, involved and faithful congregation. I am deeply grateful for the many ways you, in St. Augustine’s words, “preach the Gospel at all times – and, when necessary, use words.” Your actions – in worship, service, outreach, education, prayer, hospitality, conservation and care of property and other material resources, and communication, both internally and with others – speak loudly of God’s love for all people. It is a joy for me to minister among you, and I pray that St. Andrew’s is a source of deep joy for each of you. May God continue to bless us during 2009. Barbara Lewis+ Rector
  2. 2. Senior Warden Report The role of Senior Warden of St. Andrew’s for the year 2008 was more familiar to me since it was my second year to serve in this position. However, with each new year come new challenges and more opportunities for the Vestry to learn to work together to meet these challenges. The budget continued to be tight, partially due to the fact that we re-evaluated our fundraisers. It was decided not to participate in “White Linen Night in the Heights” as a parish fundraiser. Then came September and Hurricane Ike. This devastating storm spared St. Andrew’s for the most part but many of the parishioners suffered greatly. The largest impact of Hurricane Ike on St. Andrew’s was the rescheduling of the Celtic Festival. This was discussed and felt necessary, due to the heavy workload of many key people involved in the Festival, vendors and the community. The Celtic Festival was rescheduled for February 15, 2009. The result of no major fundraisers in 2008 has helped to create a budget shortfall for 2009. One of the biggest projects for 2008 was the Centennial Campaign. In an effort to get St. Andrew’s in ship shape condition for our 100 year celebration in 2011, the vestry decided to work with a consultant and launch a three year capital campaign. Jody Greenwood was selected to be in charge of this project. The campaign was initiated in October 2008. The services and ministries at St. Andrew’s contain to grow and thrive. There is a Taize service on the first Friday evening of each month. During Lent we had programs on Wednesday nights with original plays that were written by a parishioner and the actors were parishioners. In addition, the sack lunch program for the needy is being funded primarily by the congregation. This is as wonderful opportunity for everyone to participate in this ministry. St. Andrew’s School is functioning well. The preliminary accreditation survey has been completed and results are pending. I always enjoy watching the children at play when I am working around the church—Oh to have that much energy. So it is a bittersweet moment for me as my vestry service comes to an end. I want to thank each and every one of you for your support, your time and willingness to help with projects and your service to St. Andrew’s. With God’s help, I will continue to serve Him to the best of my ability. Marianne Haynes Senior Warden, 2008
  3. 3. Jr. Warden Report The Jr. Warden is responsible for the physical fabric of our campus buildings and grounds of our church, plus their maintenance, cleaning, safety, key assignment, improvement, as well as monthly work days. The responsibilities also include the renewal of the Facility Use Agreement with St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. An Assistant Jr. Warden is selected to help with the many areas of responsibilities of this job. Over the course of the year the following major improvements/replacements were made: 1. Elevator Inspection/Phone – Elevator were inspected in February and passed inspection with one exception – the emergency phone line didn’t reach a live voice, or the line dropped. AT&T dropped a new dedicated line and subsequently passed inspection. In reviewing our phone service and adding the line, we are saving $30+/month. 2. Air Conditioning Unit on the South end of the Parish Hall was repaired. Other thermostats were replaced and reprogrammed for ease of use. 3. Air Conditioning Unit on the North end of the Parish Hall required a rebuilt motor. 4. Greenwood King has terminated their parking lot rental agreement, effective 2007. 5. 2005/2006/2007 Property Taxes on the Helfrich House (19th St) were received, protested and lowered with the assistance of Tony Brown, Paul Hardwick and Teri Jo Nicholson. 2008 was received during December, and will be protested in a hearing on Jan. 5, 2009. 6. The entire campus was re-keyed, and a Lock and Key Policy and Procedure was approved by the Vestry. 7. Windows were installed in school classroom doors, per requirements of Safeguarding God’s Children. 8. School windows on north and west sides of 1819 building were re-caulked. 9. Garbage disposer in Parish Hall was replaced. 10. Window shades were installed in the Choir Room, helping to keep that room cooler in the summer. 11. Facility Use Agreement for 1819 and 1811 was revised and approved by the Vestry. 12. SAES Facility & Use Agreement was renewed. I would like to personally thank Mike McCurley for serving as Assistant Jr. Warden, and all who helped take care of our property inside and out. Respectfully submitted, Chris Barker, Jr. Warden Treasurer/Finance Report Not received to date
  4. 4. Christian Education Report The Basics of the Faith class was held the weekend of September 5-7. Due to the hurricane, Rally Day was held September 21 and classes resumed for all levels on September 28. Teachers and/or Coordinators: The Nursery and Godly Play—Janet Matthews Episcopal 101 –Christopher Carl and Richard Boening (We need a helping teacher for this class.) Liturgy for Children—Pam Kletke EYC—Cher and Stephen Duffin Adult Education—Mary Pauline McElroy February 13-March 12--Lenten Supper Programs followed by one-act plays written by Cher Duffin Respectfully submitted, Mary Pauline McElroy Communications Report Monthly Newsletter – We continued production of the church’s monthly newsletter, The Voice. We did miss one issue—September 2008—thanks to Hurricane Ike. Thanks to all those “holy folders” who step in each month to help us get the newsletter out on time. Weekly Parish Emails - We work with the church administrator to coordinate a weekly parish email with pertinent announcements. Parish Event Publicity – Press releases are sent to local newspapers regarding newsworthy parish events. During 2008, we received coverage in the Houston Chronicle Religion and This Week sections as well as the The Leader. We have received coverage for the Lenten Supper series, special holiday services, parish-wide garage sale, Blessing of the Animals, and other special events. Ad Coordination – We supervised production and placement of ads to promote special events throughout the year in various community publications. Website Update – We have made some content and design changes to the website so that information is easier to locate and the site as a whole more user-friendly.
  5. 5. Thanks to Teri Jo Nicholson for providing design services for the newsletter and other church publications throughout the year. In addition to regular church communications, she supported the stewardship and centennial campaigns with outstanding communication design services. And, thanks also to Trish Mehrkam, parish administrator, for assisting with production, mailing and distribution throughout the year. Laurie Hardwick Communications Chair Outreach Report This past year has been one marked by increasing levels of anxiety and stress for us all. From the troubles on Wall Street and the housing market, to the unwelcomed visit from a guy named Ike, a heated and protracted presidential campaign, to the challenges we all must face individually, striking us randomly and at times unequally. In spite of all this, or maybe in part due to it, the generosity in giving of our treasure and time to those in need has not abated. On a monthly basis, we have supported various charitable organizations through our offerings of clothing and other goods. Primarily, donations have gone to Lord of the Streets (LOTS), but also Bridgid’s Hope. Our donations for clothing were down only about 10% from 2007. We have given approximately 475 articles of clothing for men, 58 articles for women; Hygiene: 10 bags; Bottled Water: 14 cases. On Sunday August 17th we compressed two activities into one day. Several parishioners attended the early morning service at Trinity church with the clients of LOTS and following the worship service, all Nine volunteers served breakfast in the Parish Hall to those in need. Later on after the 10:30 service in St. Andrew’s Parish Hall, many hands helped to make 300 sandwiches in record time which were then delivered back to Trinity for distribution throughout the week at Lord of the Streets. In the fall of 2007 we kicked off a new program: “St Andrew’s Service Days at The Beacon”. This activity has really blossomed in 2008. We have served 5 times the past year for 3 to 4 hours on Saturday, roughly once a quarter. All who have served found the experience rewarding and many have gone on to help beyond the scheduled visits arranged through St. Andrew’s Outreach. Finally, once again this past December we prepared 50 Christmas Gift Boxes for The International Seafarers' Center of Houston. These gifts were distributed by the Center’s chaplains to personnel on 484 ships calling at the Port of Houston between Thanksgiving and Epiphany.
  6. 6. The monthly making of 200 sack lunches with contributions from the Parish and assembled by EYC carried faithfully on throughout the year. These lunches were distributed weekly from St. Andrew’s House to the marginalized of our local Heights community. I’m thankful for all the gifts and service given towards Outreach by the people St. Andrew’s in 2008 and feel certain that this spirit of generosity and care will only strengthen in the coming year. Respectfully submitted, Wayne Berry Outreach Committee Chair Liturgy Report Not received to date Parish Events & Fundraising Report This particular Ministry is very important to the Church, year in and year out. We try to have at least one fund-raising event to help off-set any budget deficits that may occur during that year. There are a number of events for which this Ministry is responsible, but we also act as liaison for other activities or events that have Chairpersons in charge. Being a part of this Ministry is a time for fun and fellowship since we usually surround every event with food and drink. The following is a list of events that really brought focus to what this Ministry is all about and my personal journey of inclusion. 1. January 6, 2008: Epiphany Party and de-greening of the Church – Only a single 9:30 a.m. service, followed by a brunch provided by the Second Sunday Breakfast Bunch. The party program included a special rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas, lead by Biz Loeschman, Church School Director, and the Church School children. 2. February 5, 2008: Shrove Tuesday - A joint event with the Men of St. Andrew’s to prepare pancakes and spaghetti dinner. 3. February 13, 2008 - March 12, 2008: Lenten Supper Programs in the Parish Hall, 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. 4. March 19, 2008: Agape Meal.
  7. 7. 5. March 23, 2008: Easter Brunch was presented by the Vestry 6. April 24, 2008 Parish Wide Garage Sale. The Church made about $1900. 7. June 21, July 19, and August 26, 2008: Game Nights in Parish Hall, 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. These included a movie night, an ice cream social, and talent show. 8. October 5, 2008: Celtic Festival was rescheduled for Feb.15, 2009 due to Hurricane Ike. 9. October 18 &19, 2008: Parish Retreat at Camp Allen. This event has been renamed Week-end in the Woods. Camp Allen can accommodate all shapes, sizes, and disabilities. Talk about “FUN & FELLOWSHIP”. Please plan ahead for next year. The dates are October 17 & 18, 2009. 10. November 30, 2008: St. Andrew’s Day; Confirmation; and newly elected Bishop “Andy” Doyle blessed us with his presence by leading our 10:30 service and joining the festivities. 11. December 21, 2008: All parishioners were invited to stay after the 10:30 service for the “greening of St. Andrew’s”, which was followed by a luncheon of soup and chili in Parish Hall. This event was hosted by the Altar Guild. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Parish for your participation in many of these events. When I needed food, you cooked. When I needed help, you were there. Thank you! A very special thank you to Georgia Kirk, who joined the Vestry later in the year. She and I became Co-Chairs of Events. And, to all the Vestry members that stepped up and kept me on track when needed, another big Thank You. Georgia and I would like to invite anyone interested in being involved with planning events, ideas for fundraising, likes to cook, bake or just buy food to join us in the coming year. Respectfully submitted; Co-Chairs: PJ Arendt-Ford Georgia Kirk Stewardship Report The following is the accounting as a result of the 2009 Stewardship Campaign. As of the end of November we had received a total of 81 pledge units (individuals or families) for a total of $184,720.52, or an average of $2,280.50 per pledge. These numbers are down from the 2008 year, where we had a total of 101 pledge units and a total pledges in the amount of $200,802.21. However, the good news is that the average pledge for 2009 is almost $300 higher than the average pledge unit in 2008, which was $1988.14.
  8. 8. In addition, there are 27 families/individuals that pledged in 2008 (totaling $32,534) that have not yet pledged for the 2009 year. We received 7 new pledges for 2009 from individuals/families that had not pledged in 2008, totally $12,060.00. Of the families that pledged in both 2008 and 2009, 35% of these pledges were higher than their prior year, 16% were lower than their prior year pledge and 49% were the same. We look forward to receiving additional pledges from individuals/families as we approach the end of 2008 and embark upon the New Year in 2009. We encourage those that have not pledged to prayerfully consider making a commitment to St. Andrew’s. I would also like to thank all of the individuals of St. Andrew’s who helped with the Stewardship Campaign this year and in particular, Jody Greenwood. Respectfully submitted, Jack C. Ogg Stewardship Chair SAES Board President Report 2009 Board of Trustees––The Reverend Barbara Lewis, Elizabeth McCormick, Max Zimmerman, Bart Altamari, Susan Kelly, Dorothy Yannuzzi, Jon Vaughan, Geoff Poll, Jared Grimley, Janna Charlton 2009 School Administration––Janet M. Matthews, Alicia Perez-Guevara 2009 School Faculty and Staff––Michelle Balch, Bonnie Pena, Amber Reid, Gredel Blanco, Lysely Fermin, Denise Taylor-Joshua, Michael Zimmerman, Marie Webb The school gala, “Heavenly Nights, Earthly Delights,” brought in more than $21,000. The 2009 gala will be held Saturday, May 2. The STAR (Student Tuition Assistance Review) Committee issued $4,000 in tuition assistance to two families. A Committee of Trustees was formed. It is charged with deciding the content of board member books and updates and also with recruiting new board members.
  9. 9. Pending the completion of financial reviews by an auditor, the school is tentatively positioned to receive accreditation from the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools. The Board conducted a self-evaluation at the April 19, 2008, annual retreat. In addition, the Board reviewed recommendations and suggestions made as a result of a site visit by the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools Accreditation Team. Financial information is attached in a separate document. Submitted by, Pamela Kletke SAES Treasurer and State of the School Report The mission of SAES is to enrich children’s lives through respectful exploration of spiritual, cognitive, physical and creative learning while nurturing the environment, the community, the family, and the child. SAES enrollment - full The Vestry/Board, Faculty/Staff End of Year Party will be held on Wednesday, December 17th @ 7 PM at St. Andrew’s House. Everyone is being asked to bring an appetizer or dessert and their favorite wine, beer or other festive beverage to share. a The next Gala Committee meeting will be held on Monday, January 12 @ 9 AM in the Parish Hall. P The toddler playground project (rubber surface laid over concrete areas) is scheduled to take place over Winter Break (December 22 – January 2). t SAES, the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools was contacted in regards to submitting the 05/06 financial review to their accreditation standards committee. The committee would like the 05/06 and 06/07 review submitted together so we are awaiting the completion of the 06/07 review. t Upon request, the September financials are available for viewing. The names and bios of the newly approved board candidates have been submitted to the Vestry secretary by the board of directors. Dates of Interest: December 17 – SAEC/SAES End of Year Party Vestry, Board, Faculty and Staff December 19 – SAES Winter Tea, Noon Dismissal
  10. 10. December 22 through January 2 – W inter Break and Toddler Playground Project December 24 – Christmas Eve services, 5:30 PM Pageant & Family Service, 10:30 PM HE & Choral Service December 25 – Christmas Day service, 9 AM January 2 – Teacher In-service January 5 – Classes Resume January 6 – Epiphany Service 6:30 followed by de-greening of the Parish and a party in the Parish Hall January 7 – Board Finance Committee Meeting, 7 PM at the Oak table January 11 – Annual Parish Meeting after the 10:30 service in the Parish Hall, Lunch to follow January 19 – Holiday, No School, Martin Luther King Day January 20 – SAES Board Meeting, 7 PM at the Oak table Respectfully Submitted, Janet M. Matthews Head of School Nursery Report Not received to date Alms Counters Report Alms counters perform the following vital functions every Sunday following the 10:30 service: • Accurate accounting of the plate offerings • Prepare the bank deposit • Record documentation to enable the Treasurer to credit parishioners pledge accounts and pay ongoing financial obligations The following persons donated their time in 2008 to perform the alms counting duties: Georgia Kirk, Teri Jo Nicholson, Deidre Grawl, Pat Caver, Dale Lee, Lynn Ringh, Kathy Rennie, Mary Rennie, David Rennie, Chris Barker, Laurie Hardwick, Bart Altamari, PJ Arendt-Ford, Cheryl Arendt-Ford Thanks to all of you for your service in 2008. If you would like to serve in this capacity or learn more about it, please contact me. Mary Rennie maryrennie@.sbcglobal.net 281-341-8124
  11. 11. Altar Flower Report The flower fund is established to provide the church with weekly flowers for the altar and other places in church for special occasions. The funds for the flowers on the altar and elsewhere are donated by parishioners, usually to honor someone or for a special occasion. The donations are acknowledged in the weekly liturgy sheets. Among the most frequent dedications for donations are: To glorify God; For Christmas and Easter holiday services; Memorials for loved ones; In celebration of birthdays, weddings, baptisms, and confirmations; To honor family members or other parishioners for special achievements; To honor a church ministry; In thanksgiving for any event in your life, especially when prayers have been answered. The flower calendar is in the parish hall for sign up of a particular week along with a form to fill out with the details of your dedication. The cost per week is $80 which includes two vases. The arrangements are then placed in Chapel and St. Andrew’s house. Thank you for your support in the adornment of the church altar. Altar Flower income $2,500 expense $4,000; reminder letters were sent the week of Thanksgiving and checks are being received. Easter Flowers income $1,080 expense $600.00 Christmas Flowers income approx $900 expense $650.00 Submitted by, Elizabeth McCormick eamack@sbcglobal.net 713-861-4313 Altar Guild Annual Report The dedicated members of St. Mary’s Altar Guild have had a busy year. The Altar Guild does the “behind the scenes “work prior to and following each Holy Eucharist service at St. Andrew’s. We also assist with decorating the church at special times such as Christmas, Easter, weddings and other special occasions. This year the Altar has new brass office candles, a gift of the Quilting Guild. They are so pretty and straight. The Altar Guild is divided into four teams with each team being responsible for the preparation and care of the Altar, Altar linens and vessels for one week each month The Altar Guild is open to women and men who are interested in participating in an active prayerful ministry. For information, please call the church office or contact Marianne Haynes. Submitted by, Marianne Haynes
  12. 12. Anne’s Bookshelf, St. Catherine's Guild Report Anne's Bookshelf is an extension of St. Catherine's Guild in that we can order quantity amounts of publications for an individual or group. The Bookshelf was maintained by Erika Anzaldua and Vanessa Menz without profit. The bank account for The Bookshelf is maintained by the church (St. Andrew's, David Rennie). Respectfully submitted, E. Anzaldua & V. Menz Centennial Capital Campaign In February 2008 the vestry agreed to begin a Capital Campaign at St. Andrew’s to raise special funds needed for improvements to the parish and school leading up to the Centennial Celebration in 2011. Rev. Nick Dyke, a diocesan consultant for capital campaigns, was brought in to provide guidance and structure to the campaign, and I was asked to Chair the campaign using Nick’s material as the foundation. During April and May we solicited feedback from the parish for improvement and expansion ideas as well as what they considered to be the highest priority. This input was reviewed and approved by the vestry, and provided the focus areas for the fundraising and outlined how this money would be used. A group of coordinators came together to head up the various aspects of the campaign, and met bi-weekly during the summer and fall. This group made sure all the necessary invitations, hand-outs and events were well coordinated and stayed on track. This was a great team, and I’m grateful for their service! Rector : Barbara Lewis Vestry Sr. Warden: Marianne Haynes Stewardship Chair: Jack Ogg Print Materials: Teri Jo Nicholson Improvement: Jody Greenwood & Chris Barker Involvement: Diedre Grawl Devotional Booklet: Olivia Jordan Kick-off Meetings: Pat Caver Foundational Gatherings: Elaine Massey Youth: Carly Brown Celebration Event: Georgia Kirk & Addie Smith Children/School: Janet Matthews Communications Team: Izzy Bayles, Elizabeth Cooper & Elizabeth McCormick After a Hurricane Ike delay of one week, the Kick-off event was held on September 21st. The goals of the campaign were outlined and devotional booklets were provided to parishioners and school parents. Two Foundational Gathering Dinners and a Lunch were hosted on September 24th th & 25 amid recovery from the hurricane. Nick Dyke led the program, defining sacrificial
  13. 13. giving, and outlining various ways of giving to a capital campaign. Pledge cards for both the Stewardship and Centennial Campaign were handed out at these events, and mailed to those who couldn’t attend in person. Calls were made to encourage participation in the campaign and to remind everyone about Loyalty Sunday (October 12th). A second round of calls was made leading up to the Celebration Event on November 9th. A banner was designed for the occasion and was part of the processional. A Homecoming Picnic on the front lawn was well attended and fun for all! As of December 9th, pledges and gifts to the campaign total $224,936.46 comprised of:  3-Year Pledges totaling $176,952.00 plus one-time gifts of $20,692.50  Donations from other St. Andrew’s ministries: $15,406.69  Designated funds from Auxiliary Account: $11,885.47 This will allow St. Andrew’s to repair and update the porches/plumbing/electrical in the House and Church/School building, incorporate new signs and banner poles, resurface and repair the parking lot, repair and protect the stained glass windows, level and shade the playground, add a deck to the EYC house, enhance the organ design, and hopefully even more! A special bank account is in place for this purpose and we’ll use a “pay as we go” approach - projects will only be done as money is received. Quarterly updates will be provided so we can all see our progress as we prepare for our Centennial in 2011!! Thanks to all who participated in this amazing undertaking, and to all who have made a sacrificial gift so that we can continue to enhance our ministry for the future. In Peace, Jody Greenwood Children’s Liturgy Report I have been greatly blessed to be able to serve in the Children’s Liturgy this year. We generally have between 5 and 10 children attend each Sunday. At times we have had as many as 20 children attend. Every week our readings follow those of the big church and presenting this material to younger children is an exciting challenge. The consistent structure of Children’s Liturgy containing the readings, homily, Nicene Creed and Prayers of the People has allowed many of the regular attendees to have a good grasp of the elements and order of the liturgy. We also try to tie the lessons in Children’s Liturgy to special events at the main church, such as discussing the role of the Bishop when the Bishop came to St. Andrews. We have been focusing on the concept of symbols, such as candles symbolizing the light of Christ, and the dove representing the Holy Spirit. We have been using song and guitar accompaniment as another way of exploring the idea of song as prayer and the children
  14. 14. seem to particularly enjoy this. We welcome parents to attend and share the service with their children if they wish. We have had good feedback from some of the parents that their children have been talking about what they experience in Children’s Liturgy with their parents. Many of the parents have been generous with their time, attending the Children’s Liturgy and helping the kids stay focused and organized, something which is especially appreciated when we have high attendance (keeping 20 kids sitting and listening can be quite interesting!) . While there hasn’t been a shortage of helpers, it has been challenging to fill the roll of monthly leader for the Children’s Liturgy. Currently two of the four leader spots are open. In the future we would like to integrate what the children are experiencing in other Children’s Ministries like Godly Play and Episcopal 101 into Children’s Liturgy so that the different groups can complement each other. We can build and expand on what the other groups are doing, without needless repetition. This will help give the children a consistent message and keep them better engaged with the material. We would also like to integrate our scheduling with the greater Church calendar to make it easier for folks to help since many of the people who help in one Children’s ministry also help in others. There is also an opportunity for older children to help with Children’s Liturgy, to offer some of their own experiences and perspectives, and to serve as role models for the younger children who look up to them. I feel that the Children’s ministry is very important to the spiritual health of the Church as the children are the future of St. Andrews. The Children’s Liturgy provides a safe place where the children can explore and wonder at the great mystery of God’s Peace and Love at their own level and in a more relaxed environment. I am continually amazed at by some of their comments and how easily they grasp some of the messages that can be difficult for adults. It is truly amazing to experience the Liturgy through a child’s eye. “Let the little Children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the Kingdom of God belongs. Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it.” And he took them up in his arms, laid his hands on them, and blessed them. Mark 10:14b-16 Peace, Hope, Love, and Joy in Christ Steven Stewart Angel Choir Report The Angel Choir continues to support our liturgical worship in myriad ways, and always with skill and good will. The volunteer members (Jerry Galbraith, Kathleen Galbraith, Patricia Golemon, Paul Hardwick, Dale Lee, and Rob Safely) are inspired and reassured
  15. 15. by our paid section leaders, Sandra Johnson and Elizabeth Good. Additional volunteers have expressed interest in joining, and we eagerly anticipate their participation. We thank the non-choir members of the parish who serve on the Organ Fund Advisory Committee—Georgia Kirk, Jim Denzler, and Virginia Lindsay. Expected year-end fund balances at Sterling Bank follow: CD203450 $ 42,218.95 Interest payment of $358.73 Made on 2 November 2008 CD 203810 $ 41,371.54 Sterling Bank 5000234995 $ 2,131.48 As of 31 December 2008 Payment of invoice ($467.50) on 27 September 2008 to St. Dunstan Art Organ Works for organ tuning in December 2007 Note: at interest rates below two percent (the most recent payout on a CD was the result of an interest rate of 1.7 percent), earnings will not cover annual tuning costs. Bill Gilbert Organist/Choirmaster Community of Hope Report This year's C.O.H. class had 3 new members, as well as 2 members from previous classes taking a refresher course. They all went through the 14 week training sessions, with the 3 new members being commissioned on Nov. 23rd. They are now Lay Pastoral Caregivers, belonging to Community of Hope International, which began in the early 1990's, due to the desire of St. Andrews parishioner, Dan Cobb. Once formed, the organization had its beginning in St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, and held its first training class there. That class had 3 St. Andrew's parishioners: Dan Cobb, Helen Jones, and Corinne Dillon. St. Andrews has always held prominent place in C.O.H., which went from being a local Houston group of caregivers, to national, and now to international. Caregivers are always needed; always welcome, and anyone interested in this ministry, please contact Dorothy Yannuzzi. Submitted by Dorothy Yannuzzi
  16. 16. Daughters of the King Report Transfiguration Chapter The Daughters of the King is a praying, religious Order for women and girls in the Episcopal, Anglican Episcopal, Roman Catholic, and Lutheran ELCA Churches. The mission of the Order is evangelism and to the strengthening of the Church. With servant hearts, it is our privilege to pray daily for you, our dear parish family. Anyone can submit their prayer requests by completing the Prayer Request Form found in the plastic holder on the back of the church pew, by contacting the church office, or by contacting any member of the order. You do not have to be a member to attend our meetings, and all are welcomed. We meet the third Sunday of each month at noontime for sharing, learning, and prayer. Over view of Daughters of the King 2008 Practically Christian Study Guide with Mother Barbara- Throughout the 2008 year. Sunday, January 13 - Annual Parish Meeting. DOK assisted with the vote count. Sunday, January 20 - Induction of 2008 DOK Officers. Friday, February 15 - DOK Daughters, Erika Anzaldua and Deidre Grawl provided interpretation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at Council in Galveston, TX. Sunday, February 17 - DOK installation, Chris Barker. Friday, March 21 - DOK hosted Gethsemane Vigil in the Chapel. Saturday, May 24 - DOK Daughters provided interpretation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at the Cathedral for the Bishop's election. Thursday, August 7-10 - Vanessa Menz attends the DOK National Junior Daughter Directress Retreat at Camp Christopher, SC. Sunday, August 17- DOK unanimously votes to contribute $10,000+ to the Centinnial Campaign Friday, September 26-27 - DOK Diocese of Texas Fall Assembly at Camp Allen, Navasota, TX. Saturday, November 22 - DOK Daughters provided interpretation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at St. Martin's for the Bishop's Ordination. Sunday, December 14 - DOK election of 2009 officers. The Transfiguration Chapter of the Daughter's of the King has been very active not only in our own parish but where ever we are called. The Daughters of our parish often go un- noticed but their work is very much seen. Thank you Georgia Kirk and Marianne Haynes for coordinating the numerous receptions and other parish events and thank you to ALL the Daughters who help them set-up and clean up. Thank you Elaine Massey for coordinating the Sack Lunch Ministry. Thank you Daughters for serving on the Altar Guild, Vestry, Choir, Acolyte, Lay Eucharistic Ministry, Community of Hope, Christian Education, Usher, Greeter, Alms Counter, Deaf Ministry, Lay Eucharistic Visitor,
  17. 17. Quilting Guild, Prison Ministry, Lay Reading, Sack Lunch Ministry, and if I missed one I apologize, for your work is far greater than one can keep up with. And a special thank you to all of the 2008 Officers, VP Deidre Grawl, Treasurer Elaine Massey, Secretary Erika Anzaldua, and Chapter Chaplin Mother Barbara Lewis, for your help, advice and support, you have made this year a great year. Congratulations to the 2009 Officers, President Deidre Grawl, VP Elaine Massey and Treasurer Gina Henderson. If you are interested in exploring membership in this Order, please contact the church office and ask to be put in touch with Deidre Grawl. Respectfully submitted, Vanessa Menz Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) Report The past twelve months has been a time of growth and learning for the EYC. We've spent time together, getting to know and trust each other. It's been a year of pizza, flower sales, movie nights and other events - in other words, we've worked on bonding into a tight-knit family, which has proved very valuable. We kicked off 2008 with a ski trip! Six of the EYC members, along with a few parents, traveled with Good Shepherd Episcopal EYC group to ski down the snowy slopes of Copper Mountain. We had a wonderful time together, but wished all our EYC was present for this wonderful experience. Spring brought warmer weather and our Springtime Flower Fundraiser. Every EYC member participated in the flower sales and we consider the effort a success, with leftover flowers being sold at the St. Andrew's Garage Sale. We sold an estimated $1,000 dollars worth of flowers, leaving our net profit at around $300. Claire and Grace Hardwick sold the most flowers and each won a $25 American Express gift card for their efforts. It's worth mentioning that Max and Sam Matte came in a very close second on this event, and that all EYC members participated in this fundraiser, either doing pre- sales or working at the garage sale. With the season of Lent came wonderful new challenges for the EYC members. Almost every single member participated in one, or more, of the Lenten series play readings! Stephen, Naomi, Carly and I are so proud that these fine young people took part in this event. Something that seems simple to an adult can often prove overwhelming for a child - but these kids got up in front of many people and did a magnificent job! Summer afforded us some play time together and we had two EYC movie nights! Pirate movies were the order of the day as we munched pizza, popcorn and sugared up on candy. Everyone had a great time and several of the EYC members brought friends along. We found out that we need a few more beanbag chairs, but that we can actually fit 19 kids and 3 adults into the EYC house! It's crowded but comfy - we are truly blessed that everyone gets along.
  18. 18. Once monthly, the EYC has worked as a team to put together the lunches for the homeless. Although this task seemed monumental at first, the kids have really gotten the hang of it and can quickly put together 200 lunches while simultaneously holding six separate conversations. It is a sight to behold! Since we only meet on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month, and the lunches take up one of those Sundays, we've asked the Daughters of the King to alternate months with us. They have graciously agreed and we are very thankful for the extra time it will give us to do other things on our wish list. December 22nd, the EYC members will attend A Christmas Carol together as a reward for their commitment this year. We will hold a discussion afterward on the importance of making mankind our business and how we can apply this to everyday Christian life. On the 23rd, we will assist with the Greening of the Church and practice the readings for the Christmas Eve service, as several of the older EYC members will participate as Readers in this lovely service. After the Greening, we will celebrate our Anticipation of His birth by eating cookies and punch and watching a heart-warming holiday movie. As for the future, we have many plans! We are planning our work and working our plans. First on the list is the debut of our Celtic Cafe on January 30th. If the Celtic Cafe proves successful, we plan to hold one quarterly and will host a variety of musicians and/ or performances. Earned monies will be utilized in several ways, like; assisting in sending EYC members to Camp Allen for summer camp, helping with the Centennial Campaign, helping finance our organic gardens, and other utilitarian needs as they arise. We had some growth this year as a few more St. Andrew's kids began coming to EYC and, just as exciting, several EYC members regularly bring a friend or two to meetings and events. The more the merrier - we are busting at the seams of the EYC House! The EYC Ministers take this as a positive sign that the kids are not only happy to attend EYC, but are excited enough to bring a friend. We are sad to say farewell to Carly Brown and will miss her lively personality and positive attitude! We are actively searching for the right person to fill her vacancy - it won't be easy! We've found our 'groove' as an EYC family and need to find a person who will compliment our balance, rather than disrupting it, as we are at a critical time in our leadership. Please let us know if you have a recommendation. As for the EYC Ministers, our formula for success includes serving our congregation in various ways and showing, while teaching, the EYC Youth to be value-adding, active members of St. Andrew's Episcopal. We are keenly aware that we are raising future St. Andrew's leaders, and more importantly, impressionable young Christians. Overall, Stephen, Naomi, Carly and I [Cher] have been pleased with the past year. The EYC Ministers Stephen Duffin, Carly Brown, Naomi Villarreal, Cher Duffin 50+ Group Report The following is our calendar year for 2008 trips:
  19. 19. January 08, Logan Road House for lunch & movie, National Treasure February 08, Lunch at Red Onion Café & movie, The Bucket with Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman March 08, The Spindle Top @ Beaumont, Texas for lunch at The Rocking A Café April 08, Blue bonnet trip to Chapel Hill and lunch at Sealand Seafood & Steak in Brenham, Texas. May 08, The new cathedral and lunch at Clebourne Café. June 08, The Fire Museum at 2403 Milam, Houston July 08, Martha’s Bloomers in Navasota, Texas August 08, Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas and lunch at Garden Restaurant and saw the Titanic artifacts and IMAX movie Wild Ocean September 08, Newman’s Bakery in Bellville, Texas October 08, canceled to due Ike November 08, movie and out to eat December 08, Christmas lights and dinner Thanks, Addie Smith Housing Fund Trustee Report This report reflects the most current statements in hand on December 26, 2008. Certificate of Deposit held by Prosperity Bank 11/23/08 136,763.43 YTD earning 5,869.33 Money Market Acct held by Capital One Bank 11/20/08 57,485.82 YTD earning 960.02 Participating Fund held by Episcopal Diocese of Texas 10/31/08 64,917.36 YTD loss -21,791.88-
  20. 20. This report completed by Elaine Massey Housing Fund Committee Member Houston Ground Angels Report The Houston Ground Angels was chartered in July 2005, by founder Kathy Broussard, in Baytown, Texas, to help people in need of free air and ground transportation for medical and humanitarian purposes. Billy Jones takes care of the air by flying qualified patients into, around, and out of the Greater Houston Area….I do the same, but on the ground by automobile. To us, it’s such a rewarding experience, to actually help someone in need. Most of our patients are going to M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital, although others that needed medical help have also been transported. They have so much on their mind… but most have hope….you can just feel it. And they are so very grateful for us getting them to their destination or on their way back home again. It truly brightens our day, knowing that we helped not only with eliminating the extra expense of a taxi, but just bringing some sense of normalcy back to their life by talking and listening to them during this stressful time. They are all so brave and their faith is evidently being tested. If you would like to volunteer and be an Angel… just go to the website, houstongroundangels.org or contact Billy Jones or me. It will make a difference in your life. Respectfully submitted, Billy Jones – Air Angel Lynn Ringh – Ground Angel Ladies Night Out Report The purpose of this group is for the women of St. Andrews to have an opportunity to get to know each other in an informal, social setting. We meet once per month at a local restaurant where we enjoy good food, lively conversation and fellowship. The group is canvassed as to restaurants they would like to try in the future. There is no formal structure to these evenings out. In 2008 we have eaten in several local restaurants including Pronto!, Hickory Hollow, Spaghetti Western and Petronella’s. A great time was had by all. We thank everyone who has participated in these events, and send out a hearty WELCOME to all women of St. Andrews. This is your night out with the girls, so please plan to join us when your schedule allows.
  21. 21. Lay Eucharist Visitor (L.E.V.) Report St. Andrew's has licensed Lay Eucharist Visitors, who take communion each week as needed, to those in the parish that are hospitalized; homebound; in nursing homes, and etc.. The L.E.V.'s visit after the Sunday services, and after the Thursday morning Healing service. The L.E.V.'s are: Elaine Massey, Bill Jones, Deidra Grawl, Erika Anzaldua, Georgia Kirk, Paul Kirk, Susan Young, Pamela Kletke, Christopher Rigdon and Dorothy Yannuzzi. Please let our priest, Barbara, or our secretary, Trish or Dorothy Yannuzzi know if and when you need this service. Submitted by Dorothy Yannuzzi Liturgical Ministers Report Many thanks to the faithful souls who served as lay readers, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, and acolytes at the 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Sunday services and for special services throughout the year. Erika Anzaldua, P.J. Arendt-Ford, Wayne Berry, Don Chevalier, Rosina Chevalier, Elizabeth Cooper, Jim Denzler, Chase Duffin, Cher Duffin, Anne Gallay, Gracie Gallay, Deidre Grawl, Jody Greenwood, Claire Hardwick, Grace Hardwick, Parker Harrison, Marianne Haynes, Bob Johnson, Bill Jones, Haley Jones, Olivia Jordan, Georgia Kirk, Paul Kirk, Dale Lee, Virginia Lindsay, Biz Loeschman, Elaine Massey, Andrew Miner, Jessica Miner, Teri Jo Nicholson, Naomi Pettin, Julie Pettit, Christopher Rigdon, John Stephenson, Susan Young If anyone’s name has been omitted, my deepest apologies! We welcomed several new participants to this ministry in 2008. We rejoice in the faithful service of these parishioners and hope that others will be called to this ministry in the future. If you would like to serve at either service in any capacity, we would love to hear from you. We are happy to provide training. Pat Caver Coordinator 713/500-5170 (work) 713/655-1121 (home) Patricia.E.Caver@uth.tmc.edu
  22. 22. Men of St. Andrew’s Report Greetings to all from the Men. The year 2008 was a glorious year for us as we were finally able to replace the old rusting hulk of a barbecue pit with a grand and brand new version. We are extremely grateful for our good fortune and are indebted to all our carnivore friends for their support during the year, without which I shudder to think of what we would be smoking our delectable meats on. We are not quite finished with our cooking area as we have plans for a cover to protect us and our new pit from the elements when we barbecue and serve for the Celtic Festival. We had hoped to have this complete by now however Hurricane Ike had other plans for us. Time to accomplish this task this year has escaped us but we are planning to have it in place prior to the festival in February. The Men would like to thank all of our supporters this year and hope to satisfy many more palates in the next. Peace and a good rub. Jerry Galbraith President Jack McCormick Vice President William Cordell Treasurer Tony Brown Secretary in Absentia Mike McCurley Maintenance Supervisor Gary Mosley, Steven Stewart, Greg Bayles, Paul Hardwick, John Harrison, Paul Kirk
  23. 23. Parish Hall Gallery Report
  24. 24. Quilting Guild Report March 27, 2008 Donation of $1,500.00 given to the Altar Guild toward the new candlesticks May 10, 2008 Donation of $200.00 given to All Saints’ Catholic church towards their fund to make improvements on church for their 100 year celebration. Purchased food for the lunch bag program in the amount of $200.00 Summer of 2008 Quilting ladies made 50 little hearts (red and green) for the children of the Church School. November 17, 2008 Donation of $400.00 given to St. Andrew’s Church School November 17, 2008 Donation of $1,000.00 given to St. Andrew’s Church for the Centennial Campaign Fund. Submitted by Sarah Salisbury Taize Report Once a month, on the first Friday, there is a Taize service, focused on reconciliation through prayer, held in the church. The service is softly lit by candles, with mantra-like music (short, repetitive refrains); brief scripture readings; prayers, and a few minutes of reflective, meditative silence. There is no communion and no sermon. It is mostly a form of centering prayer and thoughts on God. All are welcome. Those who attend this service, find it quieting and spiritually uplifting. Submitted by Dorothy Yannuzzi Ushers and Greeters Report The year 2008 for the Ushers and Greeters went well, considering the fact that we lost several members of our team, due to relocation and other reasons that kept members from serving. I would like to thank each member of our teams that served when they were scheduled and filled in when others were unable to fill their scheduled time. As always, we should remember that these positions, greeters and ushers, perform an invaluable service to our parish, as these are the first people that visitors and parishioners see when they arrive at St. Andrew’s. In addition to greeting and ushering, responsibilities include keeping the busy bags filled and ready for the children, presenting
  25. 25. the gifts for the Holy Eucharist, gathering the children from children’s chapel and assisting anyone during the service. Ushers also assist with special services throughout the year. If you would like to serve as an usher or greeter, your ministry is more than welcome. And it is easy and rewarding. You only serve one Sunday a month and it allows you to greet newcomers and visitors and also allows you to get to know fellow parishioners. Please contact Teri Jo Nicholson at terijo1@comcast.net for more information. Respectfully submitted, Teri Jo Nicholson