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Sailtime Introduction Presentatie 1229379570834075 2


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SailTime - When all you want to do is sail!

SailTime - When all you want to do is sail!

Published in: Sports, Business

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  • 2. What is SailTime?
    • “ SailTime is a global network of fractional sailing bases providing intelligent, no commitment, low cost sailing and smart ownership programs to new and seasoned sailors.
    • Through the use of real-time on-line scheduling and management tools, we make sailing new sailboats practical, cost-effective and easy.”
  • 3. What is SailTime and how does it work?
    • SailTime is a way to get on the water at an affordable and accessible price
    • Each of our customers – or SailTime members joins a boat in a location in their local waterway
    • They can sail a minimum of seven times a month guaranteed and unlimited as available
    • We have two Sail times each day – from 10.30-6.00pm and 6.00pm-10.30am
  • 4. What is SailTime and how does it work?
    • Members can design their own calendar and book the boat whenever they like either from a day’s notice or up to 12 months in advance
    • We offer weekend, weekday, day and evening sailing with possible reservations up to a week long
    • Each boat has a maximum of eight members and they treat the boat as though it was their own
  • 5. What is SailTime and how does it work?
    • They make a reservation – turn up and use the boat – clean it down and leave
    • It’s just like a gym or golf club membership
    • Members pay a one time joining fee, a refundable security deposit and a monthly membership fee starting from $395 per month and increasing dependent upon size of the boat
    • SailTime takes care of all the running fees including insurance, marina fees and maintenance
  • 6. What is SailTime and how does it work?
    • Reservations are managed on-line through the SailTime Scheduler – an interactive internet based booking system
  • 7. Technology on board
    • On board each boat we also have a wireless hand-held PDA – our E-ttendant – which we use to manage and maintain the boats
    • Members check on upon arrival
      • Safety checks and equipment checks
        • Examples – is there water coming out of the engine?
        • Have you briefed your guests on how to use a lifejacket?
        • Is there any noticable damage to the boat
      • Members check off upon departure
        • Is there more than 1/4 tank of fuel?
        • Have you cleaned the boat?
    • This unique interactive system provides real time information to help the base effectively manage the fleet
  • 8. Owner Member program
    • In addition to our Member program we also have an ownership or Owner Member program
    • An Owner member buys a boat and leases it to SailTime for 5 years
    • SailTime takes care of all the operational costs including slip fees, maintenance and insurance
    • The Owner Member sails the boat as a Member a minimum of seven times a month but has no fees
    • After the lease term, the boat is returned to the Owner at which point he can trade it in against a new boat and start again, or keep the boat him/herself
  • 9. Knowledge
    • All SailTime bases are ASA or US sailing affiliated or have a relationship with a local sailing school
    • We also have two significant programs to help develop our members skills
    • SailTime University
      • An online interactive sail theory training program
    • Novice to Captain
      • Allied to SailTime University we provide practical training covering ASA 101 to 106 enabling our customers to become SailTime Skippers to SailTime Commanders
      • Upon Graduating as a SailTime Commander, Members are invited to join SailTime on a graduation flotilla in the BVI’s – giving them a taste and experience of sailing in a totally new and controlled environment
  • 10. What makes SailTime different from Charter operations?
    • Technology
    • Web-based scheduler
    • E-ttendant wireless management system
    • Minimal staffing costs
    • Guaranteed minimum access
    • Unlimited use when available
    • Low fixed monthly cost
    • No hidden costs for the Owner/Member
    • The same people stay on the same boat
    • Pride of Ownership
    • New boats
    • Recurring Income Stream
  • 11. Current Status
    • SailTime currently has approaching 60 yachts in our fleet
    • We have over 30 locations world-wide
    • 29 locations here in North America
    • 4 locations in Europe – including 3 in the UK and 1 in The Netherlands
    • Our business model operates on a licensee basis whereby an entrepreneur starts a base in a local waterway
    • SailTime provide Branding, Marketing support, Sales support, Operations support and Technology – including a comprehensive web presence and business tools including the Scheduler, E-ttendant and CRM systems
  • 12. SailTime’s Vision and Mission
    • Vision – To have a successful SailTime base in every sailing location throughout the world!
    • Mission – Increase the number of people actively involved in the sport of sailing by making fractional sailing of new sailboats practical, cost-effective and easy.