John large from small minds comes a great deal of hatred


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John Large and his contradictions

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John large from small minds comes a great deal of hatred

  1. 1. Why does John Large support Lori? Is it because he truly cares about the alleged peril this little girl is in?No. Why then???John has two groups of people that he hates with a passion: Women and attorneys. After using one ofour member’s tragic loss as a tool to manipulate her and then seriously wound her (see post at the topof this page), Michael Waxman, Igor’s attorney speaks up. Not only does John bring up his point of hatefor all attorney’s – a bitter ex-wife that had an attorney until the money ran out – and warp another ofWaxman’s cases to try to anger Waxman, but then he makes his hatred of women clear (and not for thefirst time): We are all stupid bitches.
  2. 2. Ironically, while attacking Waxman for having worked FOR FREE for Igor for the past 3+ years (pro bonowork, while Lori, with a 6 figure annual income is now on her 10th or 11th attorney), just like another ofLori’s ardent supporters, Truth About Extreme Father’s Rights, here he states EMPHATICALLY that noattorney works for free (once again, Lori’s followers are showing they cannot keep up with theirattempts to manipulate people):
  3. 3. (Note: Dawn Henderson had not threatened legal action – yet another way that Lori’s group distortswhat is said to fit their own reality. Dawn said that a journalist (turns out she is not a journalist, just ablog writer) should do ALL the research prior to making malicious claims and failure to do so (She hadadmitted she only read Lori’s site and did ZERO research on court records, etc) equates to trashjournalism and COULD LEAD to a lawsuit. Here is the post as proof):As you can see, John Large is one very angry, angry man. Any question on how angry he is? John hasbeen trying to locate the home addresses of everyone of the child advocates working for Mila for sometime now, threatening them harm. Here he boasts on Lori’s Facebook page, hoping he has provokedWaxman enough so that he will show up at John’s front door (THAT would NEVER happen) so that Johncan, quite literally, murder him:So getting back to the prior topic…Then after claiming NO attorney works for free, you will note in the first screenshot on here, Large blastsWaxman for doing EXACTLY that: working for free.
  4. 4. So what exactly propels John Large in his rabid support of Lori Handrahan? Pure and simple, it is not thetruth, it is HATE. Hate for attorneys and hate for most women. Supporting Lori provides him theopportunity to attack, threaten and abuse BOTH.John Large is NOT about protecting Mila, keeping her safe from predators on the web that her motherexposes her to. John Large is not about protecting Mila’s emotional health, and the devastating impacton that emotional health when she signs on one day and finds her mother has made her the poster childof sexual abuse.Lori has offered John the opportunity to show the world how sociopathic he is, while Lori and hersupporters cheer on his absolutely vile behavior.