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Exploiting tragedies   calling for harassment - multiple id's
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Exploiting tragedies calling for harassment - multiple id's


Lies, Exploitation and Harassment

Lies, Exploitation and Harassment

Published in Business , Education
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  • 1. There are three things you can always count on Lori and her crew to do: Manipulate another tragedy tobring attention to themselves, create new ID’s several times a month to try and make it appear theyhave more support than they do, and to harass anyone – yes, even the FBI – if they do not do theirbidding.Little Ayla Rogers is a toddler who disappeared in the middle of the night in Maine. This is too much forLori to pass up and she immediately exploits the horror of a missing child. On the Huffington Post:
  • 2. BTW, that “20 years of rock solid credibility”? Not according to her former employer upon Lori beingfired:Is it any wonder that the Bangor Maine Daily News has blocked Lori from ever posting on their siteagain??
  • 3. Will not create a false name to post under? Really? To date, we have confirmed these ID’s as beingLori’s: Vickie Montgomery, Willow Tree, Willow T, Saving Mila and mamaofmila – although there are sixMORE ID’s we suspect, but have not proven yet, are her’s. Nearly all of Lori’s supporters have MULTIPLEID’s to try and make it appear that they have support from anyone (some people initially react, join hersite, sign her petition then come to us and say, HOW do I take my name off that petition???? Aftercompleting the full research and seeing Lori and her group in action). Unfortunately for Lori andcompany, they often forget what “clothes” they are wearing and slip up:Note: “He is telling me I don’t see Mila”, signed Willow T. Lori forgot who she was and provided us withconfirmation of yet another fake ID.And, when all else fails, start releasing people’s email addresses and ask that people harass them. Thisincludes the government, who will not play in Lori’s reindeer games:Note: Pritchard has been very clear with Lori. DO NOT contact me anymore. Lori doesn’t understandwhen to stop, and often keeps on pushing – which is exactly why she lost Mila.Next, let’s ask that Waxman’s ex-wife be harassed for asking Lori VERY NICELY, to leave her children outof this vendetta of Lori’s (Lori sent her PI to Waxman’s children’s home!):
  • 4. And when all else fails, ask people to harass Mila’s advocates: