Alleged campbell statement


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Alleged campbell statement

  1. 1. -----Original Message-----From: Diane Dimond <>To: mjwaxy <>Sent: Thu, Mar 1, 2012 3:28 pmSubject: NOW can I get a comment from you, Mr. Waxman? 2nd requestAugusta, MaineMarch 1, 2012 STATEMENT BY POLLY CAMPBELL Director, Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Program State of Maine Attorney General’s OfficeI honor my task to serve the citizens of the State of Maine, recognizing that Government Service meansservice to the people of Maine. I am also a mandatory reporter for child abuse and neglect and it is mylegal obligation to report, in good faith, child abuse of which I am aware.I can no longer remain silent. For nearly three years I have witnessed government officials ignore theevidence of abuse of Mila Malenko, who is now five years old. Law enforcement, judges, the Departmentof Health and Human Services (DHHS) have refused to protect this little girl against molestation andabuse by her biological father.When Mila was two and a half years old she told me about being sexually abused by her father. Myreport to DHHS, and reports by other health care providers, initiated an investigation. Then in August2009, after a forensic evaluation the Spurwink Child Abuse Program team unanimously determined Mila“has been sexually abused by her father” and “strongly recommended that any contact that Mila have withher father be supervised.” Yet, DHHS refused to protect Mila. The judge said there was no evidence ofabuse and Mila was forced to resume seeing her father for long weekends and overnights.Over the next three years DHHS, Cumberland County Family Court, and Maine law enforcement refusedto take action to protect Mila disregarding the following evidence:  Milas continued disclosures of sexual abuse by her father to medical professionals and to her mother, which were reported to DHHS  NMS ( lab results of 56ng of methamphetamine, ten times the reporting level of 5ng, in Mila’s urine; tested after her father was arrested for stealing cough syrup with Mila.  The Head of Maine Poison Control stated in a recorded conversation that this amount was “teeny tiny.” By rejecting the standard medical scale, this public official ignored danger to Mila.  Dr. Carl Baums, Director, Center for Children’s Environmental Toxicology, Yale School of Medicine, in sworn affidavit and testimony to DHHS, validated what easily could have been a near-fatal dose of methamphetamine to Mila
  2. 2.  A disclosure by Mila about how her father was “blowing ‘mith’ in my face”  Mila’s drawing and recorded explanation of how her father and his lawyer “sniff black rocks that make them bad”  A contusion on Mila’s forehead and recorded disclosure that her father hit her in the head with a pan because she was crying, documented by an ER photo and report.  Dr. Eli Newberger, Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, sworn affidavit and testimony to DHHS about the blunt force trauma to Mila’s head and the meth levels, noting Milas "tremendous additional risk"  For the past 10 months Milas father and his lawyer have been destroying Milas maternal bond by illegally withholding Mila from joint custody and visitation with her mother.  Milas father and his lawyer have publicly said they will not comply with the court order. The lawyer has said, in court, "no law enforcement officer is going to take this child from me." Judge Moskowitz, DHHS and law enforcement officials, have refused to enforce the court order.This statement is made under the Maine Whistleblower’s Protection Act.