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Get the holiday winter wonderland look or incorporate a rustic nature theme in your home. Take the Home for the Holidays Home Tours for more inspirational ideas and tips on how to decorate your home for the holidays.

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Tour Holiday Homes

  1. 1. Tour Holiday Homes &
  2. 2. House of Smiths See Shelley's full home tour on "I love all of the festive décor during the holiday seasons! It's just all around exciting and helps set the stage for celebrating. We have a few fun traditions that we stick to with our immediate family, because our extended family lives so close, we do a bit of "holiday house hopping" to see as many of our loved ones as possible." -Shelley Smith The House of Smiths' Holiday Home Moments 1 2 Bring in both the soft and more rustic elements of nature to get a well-balanced look. By simply adding a few very distinct woodsy elements to our space, we were able to create a woodland theme without going overboard. 3 Have a few repeating pieces to bring your look together. 2 1 Source: 3
  3. 3. Celebrations at Home 1 Choose food that coordinates with your color palette so it becomes part of the decoration. 3 2 1 Serving individually sized desserts makes it easier for guests to handle. 2 Source: 3 Decorate the food table as you would any other area in the home, using ribbon, ornaments, and tabletop trees. Inspired by Chris's holiday decor? See more from Celebrations at Home over on "There's so much to love about the holiday season: parties, great food, seasonal outings, but I think I most love the sparkle of holiday lights. Such a simple tradition just brings the season alive. It's the time of year when I make everything from scratch and overindulge in fat and sugar. I usually like to try a new recipe or two as well, typically a new spin on dressing or a new dessert." - Chris Nease Celebrations At Home's Holiday Home Moments
  4. 4. Pizzazzerie "What I enjoy most about the holiday season is the delicious treats, twinkling lights, and time spent with family! I love to create a sweet spread of treats and hot cocoa in my living room to encourage all the family to gather around and enjoy holiday movies together!" - Courtney Whitmore Pizzazzerie’s Holiday Home Moments 2 3 1 Source: 2 1 Find a color palette or pattern and use it consistently. Giving your décor a theme such as peppermint gives creative direction to the décor. See more of Pizzazzerie's fun entertaining tips on 3 Adding simple centerpieces can go a long way! Here we have peppermints and candy canes in martini glasses.