Share the Gift of Giving


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Wrap your gifts in creative wrapping paper ideas to surprise and impress your family and friends.

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Share the Gift of Giving

  1. 1. Share the Gift of Giving &
  2. 2. Share the Gift of Giving Don't know what to get that special someone? has you covered with gift ideas for guys and gals. Browse ideas on Items Around the Home Consider recycling items around the home and using items found in nature to wrap your presents this year. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it will add a beautiful and unique look to your gifts that are sure to stand out from all of the others. SUPPLIES: Newspaper, paper bag, or craft paper Pine cones, leaves, twigs, etc. Scissors Tape String DIRECTIONS: 1 Try using newspaper to wrap your presents instead of buying expensive wrapping paper. Also consider using paper bags for paper. Simply cut them to fit your gift and make sure to show the side with no writing. 2 Instead of using bows and lace to finish off your gifts, consider going out and finding pine cones, leaves or twigs to add final touches to your presents.
  3. 3. Share the Gift of Giving Heart-Covered Wrapper For more creative wrapping ideas, visit SUPPLIES: Wax Paper Tissue Paper Holiday Shaped Craft Punch An Iron DIRECTIONS: 1 Heat iron. 2 Punch out desired amount of heart-shaped designs from the tissue paper. 3 Layer the holiday shapes (tree, snowflake, heart, etc) in desired pattern in between 2 layers of wax paper. 4 Iron over the top layer of wax paper to seal the heart-shaped tissue paper cut outs inside. 5 After wax paper has cooled and sealed, wrap baked goods with twine or string. Kraft Paper Wrapping Kraft paper is a great resource for wrapping your gifts for the holidays. It will also save you money, as it is much cheaper than traditional wrapping paper and looks amazing! Not only does it look great, but it is also extremely durable and tear resistant, so it is perfect for long car rides or any traveling that you will need to do. In addition to its durability, it is also 100% recyclable which makes it very environmentally friendly. Use Kraft paper to wrap gifts as you normally would and watch your gifts stand out from all the rest!